August Favoruites

I know only a couple of weeks ago maybe it was not even that long at the moment time is passing very fast for me I shared the products which I class as my summer essentials however, this did not include any make up or anything else. Since it is close to the end of the month I though that I would share the make up which I have been loving this month.

The first product which I have been loving is this quad from Fleur De Force I think the name of it is actually called Cosmic Bronze. I purchased this at the start of the year because I thought I would get a bit of wear out of it and it was reduced. I am not a huge fan of the youtuber hype I would not purchase it just because a youtuber has brought out a range of new products. However, this pallete has an amazing pigmentation and I have noticed that it does last all day I can apply this early in the morning and then when I take my make up off at the day and then it is still on. I use every single shade out of the quad and then one which I used the most is the bottom left which I have found a shade like no other that I own. I would love to try other products the range because I have not been left disappointed by this product. I wish Fleur would bring out more quads as I know she only has two and they are so affordable. 
Another reason why I may have been loving the quad so much maybe because of the Urban Decay Primer Potion which helps your eyeshadow stay on and look as vivid as the moment you applied it. This is something which I have needed because of the fact that this month it has been warm which means that the make up is close to sweating off and when it has been raining this product also helps it stay on your face. I am also giving the stay all night setting spray a mention even though I have run out of it now it is something which I have been using every single time I have been wearing makeup. 

For a while I have not found a base which I have loved but recently I finished my colourstay and have been trailing a few bases since then and this is when I found my love again for the boujois healthy mix serum. This foundation gives me a healthy glow which is something which I look for it is not drying or too matte for me it almost gives you a dewy finish which means that it does look like you have a healthy glow in the summer this is something I am looking for. The coverage is a medium one which can be built up if you are looking for a higher coverage which I have done when I have been going out. This is one which I know that I am going to repurchase however, the fact that my lid does not stay on the foundation is one thing which really bugs me because I feel like I could lose so much of the foundation because of it pumping when it is in my makeup bag.

The final two items are lipsticks which I love this month. The first one is a blogging cult classic and it is the Rimmel 107 which is a staple autumn lipstick however, I have decided that I would crack it out this month because of the fact that we have had some dull days I and I decicided that I wanted to cheer myself up by wearing one of my favourite lipsticks. I even have cracked out my leather jacket out which I usually only have in the autumn months. This is an amazing berry shade and it seems to last a long time as well you can eat and drink and the lipstick can still be seen and it doesn’t have horrible wear line.

The final item which I have loved this month is a lipstick from Lush come on you did not think I could do a favouites without including a lush product did you. I know make up is not what we think of them doing however, Desire is one of their liquid lipsticks which I have worn for over 6 hours without reapplying and touching up and it has still been on my lips. Yes it does mean that you have a little bit of wear but it still looks amazing it keeps so bright as well. It is a classic red which you can pair with anything it does smudge a little bit if you touch it too much before you let it dry so this is something to be aware of. I love how easy it is to wear it is not too drying which is great you do not need to make sure that your lips are in amazing condition to pull of this lipstick unlike with other liquid lipsticks.

What have your favouites been this month?

Charlotte x

Dear Dada- I’m on Holiday Again

Dear Dada 
Another week has gone racing by woo not long now and you will be home don’t forget when you come home it is going to be close to my birthday so that’s just an excuse for you to spoil me even though I know mummy will go mad at you.  This week has gone super fast due to the fact that I have been at Nanny and Grandad’s house which means there has been no nursery just fun all day of course I have loved it because it means playing when I want no having to get up early in the morning to get a train nothing like that. They spoil em and let me eat whatever I want which of course is another bonus. 
Don’t worry about Mummy she has been a super busy girl because as you know she has to keep herself busy so that she does not actually miss us to much because we do not want her to ever get down. The day I went away she went out with a few friends and checked out a couple of new burger places in town which one of them she might make you try because she thinks you might actually like it because we all know you like your food. Mummy also had work this week which was one of the reasons why she couldn’t come with me which is always gutting but I know she has to work because it means that I get treated. It was Ladies day which means that mummy actually wore a dress which is a shock for anyone who knows her but I bet she looked stunning because she is my mummy. Again she went out with friends went for a nice drive it loved just trying to forget the world and all the worries which she has because as you know she worries for England even if we tell her not to. 
Mummy has been trying to use some of that huge lush stash that she has while I have been away because it means that she can have a long bath in peace without me trying to get in which is always a bonus. I think she even managed to read a book which as you know is super rare because she is always on the go. Even though I have been a way it did not stop her looking for some more clothes for me she blames the fact that there was a sale and the weather has become colder which means that I am going to need some warmer clothes. Don’t worry you will be able to see them soon because I will make sure that she hauls them. 
The weekend saw Mummy work again which is never a good thing but at least I was at home when she came home so I think that is a huge bonus because who doesn’t want to see me after a long day at work when I am hyper. Nanny and Grandad managed to get me Marshall and Zuma which means that I had to attack her with them. I think I only need Everest and Rocky and I will have them all. I will be seeing Nanny and Grandad again next week because Mummy is going to Wembley which means that I get some time spent with them. 
I miss you so much Daddy 
Jess xxxx

Cleeve Candles Haul

Lush and candles if you have read my blog in the past you will know is two things which I adore so over a year ago when I found a little company who did lush scents in wax tart form I was all over it. I knew that I would be purchasing more and more from them that company is Cleeve Candles. They are a store which can be found on etsy and at the moment are only selling one day a month on what they call restock day to find out when the next one is you will have to visit their site, however, I can tell you it will be towards the end of September now.

These are items which I managed to pick up in the restock night back in June I meant to share these with you before however, have just not got round to it which seems to be the story of my blog at the moment and for that I apologise. The first item which I picked up was this huge pie which is a blend of 3 of lushies ultimate fragrance which if I remember correctly is 29 high street, calacas and snow twilight which if you know me is a few of my favourite scents from the company. I am going to be ableto break this huge pie into a lot of different pieces which means that I am going to get a lot of burning time into my wax burner. I think a huge pie like this is around the £11 mark I may be a little bit wrong.

In the summer months is there anything better than the smell of suncream been applied well I do not think so this was one of the reasons behind me purchasing this wax. I think it is one which I am going to adore burning when the weather is been typically British and not that warm even though it is summer. On dry sniff it smells a little bit different to what I thought it was going to but hopefully when I actually end up burning a chunk of this I will like it if not I will end up selling it on so that someone else can get the joy out of this wax.

One of my favourite scents from Lush is Calcas which is a scent which was out a few halloween’s ago now it is the scent of monster ball for anyone who may have tried that last year. I adore this scent and could not think of anything better than my whole house smelling of the scent the only way I can kind of describe this is sour gummy worms if you are fan of these sweets then maybe this one if for you. I have a few tubs of this because I love the scent so much and they are not available every single destash night. I can not wait for the weather to change a little bit so I can start burning wax more and more.

Lime cooler is one which I thought I would pick up as well due to the fact that you do not see much wax which is a lime scented at all. I love lime for some reason the name of this makes me think of Costa maybe because a lot of their cool drinks are called coolers. You can sure tell when you get this that there is a hell of a lot of lime in it almost makes me want to eat it even though I know that would be a stupid idea and no doubt very dangerous. I think this is going to be one which I am going to burn when I am missing the summer rather than one I am going to burn right now give it a couple of weeks to a month and I can see this been one which I am burning. For some reason, I have managed to already lose the picture of this which is never good and I already have started to burn this.

Mango and Pineapples are a couple of fruits which I love to consume in the summer months so when I saw that Cleeves was doing a blend of them in wax tart form I knew I had to have some. If a couple of fruits scream summer to me more than these I do not know what it is. I can smell more mango than I can pineapple but this is not something which bothers me at all. I think that the blend is not too overpowering like some of the other companies which I have tried. This for sure is one which I am going to be burning in the near future.

My favourite I think I am going to claim from the whole of my haul is this little wax melt which is Slushie yes it is based on the blue raspberry slush puppy’s that you used to be able to get when I was a growing up. I am unsure if you can still purchase them now I don’t think I have seen them in a while. This smells just spot on I can not believe how much even on dry sniff I thought it smelt like this. It almost makes me want to hunt down a slush right now because they smell that amazing, Even Jess keeps stealing this sniffing it and going nice so it much is a firm favourite. This is going to be one which was soon as my tart burner has some room I am going to be burning. Just look how pretty it is how could anyone say no.

Have you tried Cleeve Candles? Could you recommend any other companies who make so amazing wax tarts?


5 Beauty Mummy Summer Essentials

A few weeks ago now I did a post which was my toddler summer essentials post which went down pretty well thank you so much because your support means everything to me. Sometimes I do feel like nobody is reading my blog but so many of you at the moment have been sharing my post which is making me feel like I have my own little community so thank you so much  So today I have decided that I am going to share with you 5 of my beauty essentials to survive the rest of the summer.

The first product is one which you may not class as a beauty essential but it kind of fits in this catergory and that is a antibacterial hand gel this one is actually designed for kids and smells like strawberries which makes me just want to use the product even more. With having a little one it means that your hands always become messy and horrible because they like to pass you things like half eaten food and all sorts of other rubbish. Sometimes I don’t have wet wipes to hand so I use the hand gel I even have Jess using it and due to the fact it smells nice she is constantly wanting to use it. I do not have one brand which I love more than another I think currently I have 3 open and on the go all with fruity scents. I can not leave the house without some of this gel it is so handy all year long not just for the summer when you seem to eat outside more.

The next product which is an essential to me is a body spray because of the fact that when it is warmer you seem to sweat more and you always want to smell your best I find myself reaching for a body spray. The reason behind this is because I can reapply this more often than I would a perfume and it is one which can be stored in your handbag pretty easy and in some cases can cool you down a little bit. I love been able to change the scent that I am wearing throught the day which is not something which you can do if you are wearing perfume. I am loving this one which I picked up in superdrug for £3 a while ago but I do have my eyes on a couple of lush ones which I might have to get in the future.

Talking of Lush it could not be a favouites/essentials without one of their products now could it however, one of the products which I love in the summer is part of their Christmas collection and that means I have to stash it half of the year. Mr Standman is a dusting powder which means that it is a more natural version of talc powder and this one actually shares it’s scent with twilight which for me is amazing I think this is fast becoming one of my favourite scents. I use this powder to help with chub rub and it actually works it also helps take the excess oil off when you have used a body lotion it means that is is less sticky and you can put your clothes on straight away. This is great if you are a busy person like me and need to get ready quickly a bottle of this stuff lasts a long time so is well worth the money. I would keep an eye out for it when it comes out this year in fact I may do a full review closer to the time.

I find that I need something to help my make up stay on all day and I have found that if I use a couple of sprays of the Urban Decay stay all night setting spray my make up does not melt of my face as quick is a bonus when you are applying it for over 12 hours. I love how long a small bottle lasts I think I have had this one way over a year and it is only just starting to run out which makes me sad because I am going to have to repurchase this very soon. I have found that it makes my base stay on a lot longer when usually it would have been looking horrible and like it needed to be removed. Unfortunately this is not the cheapest but because it is effective it does mean I am more likely to repurchase.

The final item which is a must have for me is dry shampoo as some of you may know I only wash my hair around once a week which means that once maybe twice a week I need to use dry shampoo. This is when it is starting to look a little bit greasy and I do not have time to wash my hair.  At the moment I am using the the Pixie Lott bapsite dry shampoo however, this is not my favoutite scent I do prefer the tropical one but I am just using up some which I have in my collection before I repurchase this one. If you rub it in a little bit you do not get the white streaks you do with other dry shampoos which is amazing when you need to be out the door about 5 mins ago.

What are your beauty summer essentials even if you are not a busy mummy?

Charlotte x

Keeping a Toddler Entertained Indoors

If anyone has a toddler like mine who loves to play outside. You will know how hard it is to keep them entertained when they are unable to  get outside because it is raining outside. Jess for one really hates been inside. There is only so many cartoons she can watch on the tv before she starts to her really bored and she doesn’t have the attention span yet to be able to watch films.

Since the weather this summer seems to have been really hit and miss one day she will be able to go outside and enjoy the sun and the next day it will be horrible and have to be a day in. At the moment she is going to nursery around 3 days a week which is great and really handy should the weather be really rubbish them days as nursery can keep her entertained . However, on the days that it is horrible I have had to become creative and have some ideas of what to do because we can not be running to soft play like everyone else because those places give mummy a headache and are also bad for her bank balance.

Due to the fact that Jess is hardly in it does mean that some days she will be very content just playing with her toys because they are all new again to her and ones which she might not have played with for a while. I recommend rotating your child’s toys around every couple of months so that they get to play with everything and it doesn’t always mean you have to fork out for new toys.

Having fun with paints is something which we have done as well. A while ago I think it might have actually been way back at Easter time we popped to Asda and they had large rolls of paper for around £1 and also had some finger paints reduced due to a battered box. We decided that we would tape the paper to the floor so that did not end up moving and Jess ending up painting all over the floor. I would recommend getting some paints and some coloured pencils because it helps children become so creative and i know it is something which keeps Jess occupied for a long time on a rainy day.

Yes this picture is from nursery and I promise she was not crying because she was in the ball pit she just didn’t want to leave nursery. Jess is lucky to have a ball pool at her nannys unfortunately currently we don’t have the room for her to have one at our house which is a shame because she loves playing it in so much. She will pick the balls up and tell you the colours of the balls as well as playing pass with you and having a whale of a time. You can pick ball pools up for around the £10 mark and then it is just getting the balls I would recommend around 100-200 for the chad valley one that is the one which she has at the grandparents house.

Blowing bubbles is another fun thing to do if it raining sometimes we will blow them in the house and sometimes when Jess has a bath. There is nothing more that she loves that to chase them and help try and pop bubbles. I managed to pick this huge litre bottle of mixture from the works which is not a place I would normally have thought to visit looking for bubble mixture.  I recommend looking in stores such as this home bargains , B&M and such for cheap toys and activities. I must admit I am always keeping my eye out in these kind of stores for things to keep Jess busy.

Speaking of baths sometimes we have a lot of fun when it’s raining by treating her to a lush bath bomb and then getting her bath toys out . I have known her stay in the bath for up to an hour and half which then makes her so tired and she has to go for a nap which means that she is entertained for even longer. Sometimes we do not even use lush we use her normal bubble bath because we keep lush for a treat.

What do you do to keep your toddler entertained when the weather is rubbish?

Charlotte x

Top 5 Summer Nail Polish

Painting my nails is something which I love to do as some of know I think I have tried to do project polish for the last couple of years and have ended up failing which I know is not very good. I might actually do it next year if I end up having enough time. This month has seen me use my first ever full nail polish though so this is a huge achievement for me. When the summer comes around it just makes me want to pain my nails even more and I even start painting my toe nails which is something which I never end up doing in the winter months. Today I am going to share with you some of my favourite shades for the summer months.

The first shade which I reach for is this Barry M shade in Coral it is one of their standard line nail polishes so can be picked up for around £3. This is not a full on orange colour but has a baseline orange colour however, it is one which looks amazing with a tan so this is one of the reasons why I gravate to this colour at this time of the year. It is one which looks amazing on either the finger nails or the toes and it can last for between 3-5 days with a top coat without a top coat I find the formula of this polish poor and I can chip it within 24 hours. 
The next shade is another one from Barry M which I think is around £4 because it is from the Gelly Hi shine range this polish is the shade I think Pink Punch however, I have used this so much that the the shade name has actually rubbed off . If anyone knows the shade of this can you please leave me a comment. This shade is another one which I can get between 3-5 days without fully on chipping however, this is not one which I end up putting a top coat over the top. I think I might have to have a look at the rest of the range and pick some more up because I love this so much.
When I originally started blogging Mint Candy Apple by Essie which you could not get for love nor money do this is when I picked up this shade my Model’s Own which is called Apple Pie and it is slightly scented which you can not really smell due to the polish smelling so chemically. This is one which I love to wear on my toes all year round but only seem to reach for this in the spring/summer months for my fingers. This again is one which I have to use with a top coat because otherwise I find can chip pretty easy but I feel like I can get between 3-5 days with a top coat before I either need to change the polish or reapply. This polish is £4.99 and is part of the model’s own scented collection. It may be an oldie but for me it is still a classic which I reach for.
I will admit this one you may class as cheating because of the fact that it is a little mini polish however, it is one of my favourites which is called Bond with whom ever from Essie. This for sure is going to be a shade which I am going to repurchase in full size should the shade still be available. I love this because it is not a vivid purple shade it is one which is very muted and its almost an amazing lilac colour so if you are someone who does not love vivid colours all summer and still love pastel colours it is one for you. Essie can be found cheap sometimes on websites such as fragrance direct. I love this shade and then it lasts for up to 5 days with a top coat which is amazing. I have been known to reapply this nail polish after having it on before. 
The final shade which I am going to share with you today is the Ruffle and Feather’s shade from Essie which is a shade which I find really hard to describe it is a beautiful Green kind of colour but not to dull which would make you think of the winter. I love this shade because we all need a bit of a change from the bright shades and the pastels every so often so this is one which I am reaching for. I love this and again I get between 4-5 days wear with this without chipping which is amazing I do but a top coat on but can manage 2-3 days without. 
What are your favourite summer nail polish shades?
Charlotte x

Preparing For A Roadtrip

Recently I did a post which was all about maintaining your car for the summer and thank you for all of the support I have had within that post. Today I am going to share with you things which I do before going on a road trip. As I said travelling in the car is something which we do regularly and with it been the summer it means we have even more planned now if you have ever travelled with a young child like Jess you will know you have to prepare. We have a number of short trips coming up which are going to mean that there is a fair few hours spent in the car

The first thing which we do before going on a road trip is to make sure that we clear out all the old bottles and rubbish which is in the car. I can tell you it soon mounts up I swear we must nearly get a bagful every single time we do it and I promise you we do actually do it regularly. After we have done this, of course, we have to fill the car up again because Jess can be horrible if she doesn’t have a drink or snacks in the car when we are travelling for a long period of time. I am going to do a post of Jess’s favourites snacks.

We also have to make sure that we have enjoy supplies should we breakdown because this is something which fears me being stuck in the middle of nowhere for a couple of hours until we can get rescued. I always have to make sure that there is things such as drinks and a first aid kit in the car as well because I am prone to making myself injured and with me you never know when you are going to need something stupid like a plaster. This reminds me I probably need to check the first aid kit because they may be things which are out of date and be of no use for us should we actually need them.

If you have been a long time reader you may remember my emergancy sick bag for Jess we have to make sure that this is stocked up because you never know when we will need that. Even though she is a year older this does not mean that she has not stopped been sick in the car sometimes she is sicker when we do shorter journey’s. We have updates it a little bit because there is somethings that as she has grown we need to add which we didn’t need when she was smaller.

I always make sure that if we are going on a long journey we make sure that we know how much fuel we have in the car and where the local shell is should we need to fill up because we never want to be without fuel. I think that this would be one of my nightmares allow with breaking down/ being in an accident. We have to use Shell because the other half treats the car like his second child don’t worry it is also a girl apparently.

The final thing which we check is our battery is not flat because of the fact that they are not something which we want to breaking down because of because as I have said this is one of my worst nightmares more so when I am travelling with Jess because she can be a handful. One good tip is to make sure that you have turned you inside light off in the car when you get out as recently it caused my mother in law’s car battery to be drained that been left on all night. Should you need a car battery in the London area, there are many places to help out with not only new battery fittings but also repairs in case something is damaged – one of the companies is – DAT tyres who supply car batteries in London.

What do you have to do before a roadtrip?

Charlotte x

Lush – Volcano Foot Mask Review

Once the summer months approach I think about taking care of my feet which I have neglected for the majority of the winter. The reason behind this is because I think about wearing sandals or dolly shoes and nobody wants to have horrible feet. I try and remove a lot of the dead horrible skin using an amazing foot mask which I treated my mum to one birthday. I am someone who spends a lot of hours on my feet should it be walking or just not resting that much because that’s hard to do when you have a nearly two-year-old in toe. The foot mask, of course, is from Lush and it is the Volcano. I will admit it is not one of the prettiest products Lush do.

This is an ice cool mint foot mask which contains Pumice which allows you to run the dead skin away making your feet look amazing. It also has Kaolin on which helps to clean and repair skin and then finally papaya which helps digest dead skin ready for removal. This little pot is amazing and does save you a hell of a lot of time because it would take a lot of treatments to do a lot these elements.
Volcano also helps deodorise, cool and simulation the feet this is due to the tomatoes, menthol and the lemon and cinnamon which is in the mask. This allows you to be able to treat your feet which are hot and have been in your shoes all day which they deserve should you hammer them like I do.

The way I use this mask is to cover my whole foot with the mask I make sure that I apply plenty of it. I then wrap my feet tightly in cling film which helps you to lock the moisture and soften the skin. I do this before I shower as I am able to rinse it off.

I have found that my feet are a hell of a lot softer and some of the dead skin has disappeared. It helped with my roughness which is a problem which I do suffer for and I have found that it did help. I think that this is a product which I am going to be reaching for a lot more now the summer is here I could be using at least once a week just before I paint my nails to give my feet a full on pamper session.

Do you have a favourite foot mask? If so what is it I would love to be able to try some of the others?

Charlotte x

Toddler Summer Essentials

You can not have failed to notice how warm the UK has been in the past few weeks. As a person who doesn’t mind the heat this has not actually been bothering me too much, however, when you have a little person like Jess heat can become a problem. Living in the UK we are not used to having to protect them from such high temperatures unless we take them away abroad. I am going to share with you what I have been using to keep Jess cool and our summer essentials.

The first item which Jess has been using is a hat because she now does have a head full of fine hair which is getting thicker it would be easy for her to get her head burnt. This is not something which we want to have to deal with and because she is a little bit pale skinned she could burn fast. She has a number of hats one which says at nursery for when she goes out and plays there and then she has a couple at home which both are paw patrol because we can not get her to keep them on without having to involve them pups. Secretly I will do anything for a quiet life I didn’t actually purchase her them both sets of grandparents did I know one is from Morrisons and I am unsure where the other hat was from.

Making sure Jess does not burn means that I have had to apply sun cream to her. I have found that the rollerball applicators are the best when you have a small child who wants to be outside as soon as they can. I love this because you can see where you have applied the cream and where isn’t protected from the sun. The one which we have is the Nivea roll on however I know Superdrug do one from Solait because this is the ones which we have taken to nursery both are as good as each other.  I would recommend this should you need to purchase some suncream this summer.

Another item which I would recommend is Clark’s Doodles which are canvas shoes which can be washed which are amazing. In the summer you do not want to have to wear socks so your feet end up sweating which is not nice so been able to wash them is amazing because then they do not smell. It also means that you can et them wet so should you want to go to the beach and run to the sea you do not have to worry about them drying horrible I am sure that this is something which Jess is going to end up doing at some stage this summer. She has become really obsessed with water recently they are amazing for nursery as well because you do not have to worry about them become ruined.

Wet wipes are something which I wouldn’t be without with a number of ice creams and finger foods which Jess has over the summer months. They come in so handy to wipe her face or her hands because she is not really into washing her hands that much yet, however, I have got some amazing antibacterial hand wash which smells like strawberries. This is another essential for me because when you are going to places such as the park and they may not be a lot of running water it allows you to kill germs.  Meaning Jess may get less ill which is always something I want.

I would also recommend getting some outdoor toys since Jess has had her scutterbug and her rocking horse she always wants to be outdoors. I have found that if she has items which are designed for play outdoors it gives her a change from there normal toys. I have even purchased a bubble machine because another thing which Jess is obsessed with is bubbles. It all started with her playing with them in the bath.
The final item which I would say was essential for the summer is a twin bag Jess is currently the age where she wants to walk everywhere. However, she doesn’t always want to hold your hand all the time but if she has the bag on it means that you have control so that they do not run into the road or run away from you however the child does have some freedom. We have a couple of the rein bags and I could not be without them now we have one which lives at our house and another one which Daddy usually has in his car when he is home.

I will be doing a review a full review scuttlebug, rein bags in the future so keep your eyes open for that.

What are your summer essentials?

Charlotte x

Maintain Your Car

Spending hours upon end in the car is something the majority of us find ourselves doing over the summer months.  Many of us parents dread spending a long period of time in the car how are we going to entertain the little ones that amount of time or like me you may worry about them been sick. Jess suffers from car sickness however, usually it is shorter journeys which she struggles on rather than longer ones.
The majority of us do not think about the dangers of driving in the summer and how to avoid them. As someone travels in the car daily on short trips as well as undertaking longer road trips regularly I will admit I do not even think about the dangers when getting into the car. As someone who worries a lot about things this is very surprising.
Recently I have noticed more people broken down at the side of the road maybe this is due to the fact that I have been travelling further or because there are more people out in cars enjoying the nice sunny weather.  So, in this post I am going to highlight 3 problems which could occur to you this summer and then you can make sure you check them before going on a road trip. We don’t want a day out with the family ruined because of car trouble.
Flat tyres are a common problem many of us do not actually go and check that we have the correct pressure in them before travelling. Don’t forget if you are driving fully loaded the pressure may need to be higher make sure you check your book for the pressure that your tyres need. Make sure that you check them regularly because you do not want to end up with a flat tyre and end up broken down. Make sure that they are not over filled because of the problem of exploding so make sure that you do not have them too over filled or under filled. You can purchase tyres with no online payment at Point S for reserving tyres in Surrey

You need to also make sure that your tyres are not too bald because this could cause your problems with the police which could see you having a fine which is not something which you would want. The balder your tyres are as well the more likely you are likely to get something in them which could cause a flat tire. The legal limit is 1.6 millimeters but for safety reasons you could replace them before they reach the legal limit. Make sure you check your tread once a month so you do not get caught for a fine we do now want that or it could ruin the day out.
The final thing which I would chance before going on a road trip is making sure that there is no chips in your windscreen because if there is and you are travelling at speed or long distance there is a chance that the chip could get larger. This could end up with you having to fork out for a replacement windscreen and hours of waiting for someone to come out and mend it for you a quick check of the windscreen.  Once maybe ever few days make sure that there are no cracks and if there is maybe you should get someone out to replace it there is nothing worse than putting your family and your own life at risk because you was too lazy to do a simple job.
Do you maintain your car regularly?

Charlotte x
This post is in collaboration with Point S