Peppa Pig Mouldable Foam Soap Review

Hi Guys

Today I am going to share with you a product which I purchased on a whim from the Poundshop for Jess and we have both come to love it. She really need some body wash as she was about to run out so I decided to see what the Poundshop had on offer as I didn’t have a lot of money on me at the time.

This body wash is different to anything we have every had before maybe due to the fact that it is a mouldable foam soap which is meant to be used in the bath however we do use it every morning when Jess gets washed.  One pump of this lovely soap and it foams up so much a disadvantage to this however is the fact that you never seem to be able to get the same amount some mornings we have had way to much and had to wash it away.

The consistency of this can only be described as shaving foam this is really what this product reminds me of maybe this is due to the colour of the soap as well as it coming in similar packaging and dispensing in the way it does. The product smells super fruity however I can not put my finger on what it actually smells of it is a strange one but one which Jess seems to be enjoying.

We have been using this product daily and we can see no sign of it getting empty which is good after using it for 6 weeks. The only thing which I can say is you really do need to shake it up before you use the product because then it works more effectively.

Jess has started to clean herself using this product as well she gets a little bit of me and then cleans her tummy so this product as well as cleaning her is also teaching her how to clean her body. This is something which amazes me at one year she want to be so dependent and do everything for herself.

I know that this product is still available online it is £2 I have found it on Amazon and also Tesco. I feel like I was so lucky to find such an amazing product which is different in the poundshop. This would make a nice stocking filler for a little one this christmas.

What is your child’s faviourite body wash or your’s for that matter?