September Favourites

I do not know about you but I can not believe that the whole month of September has gone I think that I blinked and this month went it has been one of my favourite months which we have has I am unsure if this was because of the fact that Joe came home so we spent some time with him and it also, of course, was Jess’s second birthday. I can not believe that I am now a mummy to a two-year-old I am not loving how fast my baby girl is growing up.

This month I have one of the most random collection of items which both me and Jess have been loving in the month of September.  The first item which Jess has loved is having this penguin cuddly toy I think that the reason that Jess loves it so much is that Daddy got this for Jess while he has been away so when she sleeps with it she now thinks of Daddy. I think every single night that she goes to be she will be cuddling it I have even seen her with this under her arm which is one of the cutest things I am sure this is going to be something which she loves more now that he has gone away. She loves that she can attack us with the penguin a little bit and I, of course, have seen her cook a meal for the penguin she tried to share breakfast with him the other day.

Another favourite of Jess’s has been the book Dear Zoo this is one which I think that I have read a couple of times at least a night when she wants a bedtime story no doubt one at least this book. I think she has made me read it that many times that I know all of the words and I think it has got to the stage that Jess is the same with this book. I love that she is loving reading because it is something which I love for her to do because reading is an important skill which she is going to have for life. I remember always reading before bed.

One of my own favourites this month has been my planners I do actually have two I have one which is just for university which is a personal planner. This has all of my deadlines in so that I know when my work has to be in and then I also see when I have to be in if I did not have this diary I think I would be lost because I would never know where I needed to be at all. I have that much on sometimes I think I need my own PA. I also would like to mention that I do use a busy bee diary as well which helps me get organised on my blog because I do not have that much time to blog so I am scheduling a lot of post I am planning Halloween at the moment and Christmas without my planner I do not think I would be able to blog at all.

Jess has been loving a youtube channel which is called little baby brum this is a channel I think I first found them for her on netflix which shows nursery rhythms and this is something which she loves because they have started been to sing them even more at nursery. At the moment she is really loving the wheels on the bus and wind the bobbin up because I think they may be something which they sing a lot. While she has been watching this is she has started to learn even songs we did not know and she has even started to learn colours because of other videos which she has found on youtube I think she watches things which are been dipped into paint and then they say the colours. This is something which I have found to enhance Jess’s learning and it is something which I am proud of her for.

The next couple of favouites I have to blame Joe for the first is the TV show shock I know I actually watched a normal tv show and that was the programme naked attraction. If you have not seen this is a show were you chose the person you want to take on a date and you see them fully naked. There are 6 people to start with and you whittle them down to one who you take on the date. I love watching this show because I feel like you can play along when you are watching it at home because you can say who you would get rid of. I think in a week we managed to watch something like 5 episodes I am sure this is going to be something which we end up watching more when Joe is back. I do not like watching it alone because it is not as half as fun.

The final item which I have been loving is the app fallout shelter this is something which I have had on my phone for a long period of time however, it was not until Joe came home and had been playing it I needed to play again. You have to build a shelter and make sure that you have enough power, water, and food you have to get weapons because there can be some attacks and you can not allow them to die. You can send them on some quests which allow you to get the weapons and the armor. This is an app which I will tell you it does actually drain your battery but it is one which I adore playing on the commute because I want a better valut when Joe comes back.

What have you been loving this month?

Charlotte x

The September Melt Box – Flamingo Candles ’17

One thing which I am always looking forward to when a new month started is that there is going to be a new melt box arriving as you know I am someone who loves burning candles and tarts. With this weather which is coming colder, I can see myself burning some of these fast. Today I am going to share with you September’s edition I know this is super early for me to put one of these up but I have some amazing content which is going to be coming up in the next few weeks.

If you are unsure what the melt box is it is a monthly subscription box from flamingo candles each box has 8 wax tart melts. They are a combination of old favorites, current scents and some which are still yet to be launched as well as some exclusives to the melt crowd. As a member, you receive a wax burner with your first box which allows you to burn the wax as well as a 20% discount code with every box which is useful for us candle addicts.

Bubblegum is not one which I would have selected should I have gone into a shop which sells the wax tarts because of the fact that I am not a huge fan of sweet scents. This does actually remind me of the scent of the cheap chewing gum which I used to get when I was younger. This does mean that I am going to be more likely to actually burn this at some stage in the future maybe before Christmas. If you love sweet scents this for sure one is which you will love more than me. I do love that this month because the theme is Grl Powr it comes with really cute little saying to make yourself feel better about yourself. I do love thinking I am magical and this is something which I think a lot of people are going to love. 

Black Raspberry and Vanilla which is one which for sure is one of my favourites the reason behind this is because I like vanilla however for me it has to be mixed with something otherwise I find it a little bit too bland and boring. The black raspberry in this tart gives me something which actually which is not too fruity it gives it an element which I love that I can not describe but it is almost like a spicy edge, however, it can not be but this is what makes me actually love this. This for sure is going to be one which I am going to be burning very soon because we all know that I cannot wait once I have my tarts.  I also feel like I have a life at the moment and that is very rare for me because I do not usually have my shit together.

Cherry is a scent which I love as long as it does not smell too artificial which is a problem which I have found with a lot of cherry scented candle products which I have had in the past and usually I tend to go for more black cherry scents. I do not know if flamingo have managed to crack the cherry scent or if it is the amaretto which makes me adore this scent but for sure it does make me think that I am going to have to burn it very soon because it is amazing and one of my favourites in the collection which we received this month. Which technically is a sweet one which is surprising because as I am sure you are aware I prefer fruity and fresh to sweet scents. 
The next scent which I got in the box is the lime and black pepper which is not one which I think I would have thought as a candle scent instead it is something which reminds me of the crisps which I think it is walkers who do. This scents one which is very clean with a hint of something which means that it is not too fresh this must be the black pepper element. This for sure is not one which I would have picked up if I had not been sent it, however, it one which I am actually liking andthis I am going to end up burning this in the next couple of months while the weather comes cooler.
This one I am not going to lie to you is one which for sure I was unsure about because of the fact that I know I love the smell of new books there is nothing more I love than actually sitting down and reading a new book, however, old books just makes me think of a library and the smell of that. This scent is one which I kind of am not going to be able to do justice because I can not put my finger on what it actually smells of. This is one which I am going to say is not unpleasant at all it is far from it but it is not one of my favouites from this box. I do not want to put the candles down though because it is really nice.  

Lilac to me is actually a colour not a scent so when I received this one I did not know what to actually think about the scent.I still am unsure what I think this smell like I think it is very floralish. I don’t think I actually like the scent too much because of the fact I do not know what it does actually smell of an I think I actually like to know what a scent is before I burn it because there is nothing worse than burning a candle which you do not actually like in the end. This is going to be one which I am not going to be burning for a while. 
I love thunderstorms which are in the weather they are amazing I do not know what this scent smells of as well because of the fact that I do not think that thunderstorms actually have a scent, however, every single time I smell this scent I can actually smell something different every single time I actually dry sniff this. I am unsure what I am decided if I adore this scent it could be because of the fact that every time I smell it I get a different vibe. I am sure if actually burn this candles I will find out if I do love this because I should get its true scent. This for sure is going to be one which I do not burn for a while because there are ones which I love more. 
This box is not one of my favourites I think that I have had months which have been of more appeal to me however, I know this is personal preference. I am looking forward to the next box because October I think could be an amazing box because after all it is going to be Halloween and techincally Autumn. 
Have you tried out this box if so what is your thoughts?
Charlotte x