GAP, TU & Mothercare Toddler Clothing Haul

Clothing is something which Jess needs more of at the moment because the seasons has changed and it is a little bit cold to wear some of the things which she has been wearing while the weather has not been that cold.To coincide with this Jess has actually gone up a size in clothing she is now in the 12-18 month section which means that of course, she needs more clothing.  The first item is something which we picked up when TU had their 25% off and this was these 5 long sleeved tops which are going to be great for teaming with leggings and jeans for nursery they seem to be of good quality which means that they are going to be able to withstand all the hammer which Jess will end up giving them. I love how they are so bright which means that they are going to be able to be teamed with some of her darker bottoms. I think in totally these cost me something like £8 which I thought was a bargain for such a staple. 

The next item is actually out of season and it is from Gap and it is these amazing looney tunes pajamas I saw these had had to pick them up because they remind me of something which I would have worn when I was little. I think that the grey makes the characters pop out even more which is something that I actually like. I have purchased these in 18-24 months which that they may fit her in the spring summer but I had to get them now because they were reduced to £3.99 something which I though was a bargain for this time of item. They are going to be something which Jess is going to get a lot of wear out of because she loves PJ’s and she can even wear it if it is cold outside because she has a duvet and the heating will be on as well.

The next item is something which I purchased from Sainsbury’s when they had their sale on and it was these fleecy pajamas which have Skye and Everest on the front. These are going to be perfect for when it is a little bit cooler than it is currently because they are going to keep Jess super snuggle and warm I almost which that they did them in my size because I would love a pair of these. I think she is going to love them because for one they are paw patrol and she still seems to be obsessed with the show. Anything at the moment which makes her want to put on pajamas is a bonus because she never seems to want to put them on for the fear of being sent to bed. I think I picked these up for around the £8 mark which does seem expensive however, I hope they are going to last very well and she is going to get plenty of wear out of them. 

Mothercare is not a store which I visit a lot for clothing for Jess however, we popped in to get her feet measured and this was when I picked up this shower raincoat. I did actually purchase it in the size 2-3 years which means that it is not going to fit her for a while however, this is something which she is always needing because living in the North of England you never know when it is going to rain. I love how this is not too thin because it means it is going to protect her from the wind as well. Jess is not a child who owns a lot of pink at the moment I thought this wouild be perfect for her. This was reduced from £17 to £11 and is going to be something which Jess gets plenty of wear from. 

The next item which I purchased for Jess was this beautiful swing dress from Sainsbury’s which is a grey dress covered in Skye from Paw Patrol. Jess’s favourite character is Skye so when I saw this online I knew I had to pick it up you may have actually seen Jess wearing this because of the fact she wore it on her birthday. This is one which we adore because it looks amazing on her it has long sleeves which means that her arms do not get cold and it can be paired with tights and boots and look like an amazing outfit that we have thought about it. This is something which she is going to get a lot of wear out of and when it becomes a little bit too short for her we can put leggings under and she will still be able to wear it. I think I picked this up for around £5 which is amazing because it is going to be one of our favourites dress we have in this age.

These leggings are again from GAP I saw them in the window and had to go in and find them if you can not tell they are snow white leggings. I adore the print that there is all over them I wish they did them in pajamas bottoms for adults because they are sure something which I would purchase. I adore these they are in a white/beige colour I think that these are going to be able to be teamed with a bright top or something plain. This is going to be something which she is going to get a lot of wear out of these on a weekend because Jess would ruin them in a nursury way to quickly which is not fun. These were on 30% off which means that there wear around £7. It reminds me that Gap is another shop which I need to visit more because they do some amazing toddler clothing.

These are another bargain which I picked up off in Mothercare and there were these 3 pairs of leggings I actually got them in 18-24 months because Jess has so many in 12-18 so she can grow into these. They were only £6 which means that she is going to be able to wear them for nursery because of the fact that I am not that bothered should they get ruined. I love the white pair which is very floral and butterfly they would look amazing with some of her plainer tops. The other two pairs are very plain a light blue pair and a pink which she is going to be able to wear with some of her busier tops. I am sure we will be getting a hell of a lot of wear out of these when they fit her which could be the springtime. I would recommend looking in mothercare as you can get some amazing bargains like we have I must visit more often because I forget how nice some of their clothing is. 

The final item which I picked up in Mothercare is these wintery pajamas which are very soft and have an almost fleecy bottom which makes me want them in my size as well. I think that these are going to be great for around the Christmas period because of the fact that they look so wintery. I can see Jess wearing these a lot in December and hopefully we will be allowed some pajama days which means that she can get even more wear out of them. I think it is essential to have some nice pajamas it is something you want to be comfy in as it helps you have a better nights sleep I have found. I think these were reduced to around £5 because of the fact they are from last Christmas rather than this season which is great because we would never know and it is such a bargain.

Have you picked up any nice toddler clothes recently?

Charlotte x