Commuting With A Toddler

For most people this week will have seen them getting back into their routine which means that everyone has to be a little bit more organised.We all have to be out of the door with our children at some crazy early time. As some of you may know if you have read my blog for a long, you will know that I go to university an hour away from my house and commute on the train. This is something which common for some people because house prices are so high in York that it is cheaper for a lot of people to commute into the city.
Something which may shock you I take my two-year-old Jess on the commute as well the reasoning behind this is because I have lectures which start at 9 am and currently have to get the train around 6.30-7.20am depending on which station I get on at. If you have children who go to a private nursery, you may know that you can struggle to find one which is open before 7 am. I think the ones around here there is only one of them which I know about. Another factor is that I can have lectures until past 5 pm and would have to ask a member of my family to pick her up which would make me feel like I was not part of her nursery experience. Whereas at the moment I can pick her up most nights and her Daddy works in York so can pick her up if I am unable to due to finishing too late.
Of course, taking your toddler on the commute comes with challenges, of course, one of the first ones is that you have to make sure that she is ready in the morning. This can be hard when she wants to stay at home and play with toys. Instead of getting ready for nursery which is not going to arrive at for a couple of hours but I think at the moment she is pleased to do it because they have a lot more toys there that I can ever give her at home. I know this is something which could change because at the moment loves going to nursery but over the summer when Daddy was away this is something which she struggled with.
Regarding being able to keep her entertained while she is on the train of course when it is bright which at the moment is it not very often, we can play games like what can we see outside the windows. We are lucky there are some different places which have animals on the side of the tracks. So we know where to look for horses, sheep and chickens this is a game which Jess loves to play. Of course because some of the year like at the moment when we get on the train it is dark and this is not a game we can play we play peek a boo where she throws a blanket over her head and pretends that’s she can not see me which is always a fun game.Sometimes this can go on for the whole hour, and we have even had people who sit next to us join in.
Since she has gone upstairs into the big room singing is something which they do a lot more of so, of course, we have to have renditions of songs such as the wheels on the bus and old MacDonald. She does seem to get very annoyed if I get the words wrong I love been able to watch her grow up and learn more new songs some which I am surprised she can sing as they are complicated. Once she even got a random lady who was sat a few rows behind us kept joining in on the songs.
Apps are another great way to keep her entertained at the moment she is still really enjoying playing on the Appelsin Town app which I reviewed way back in the summer. She has now learnt how to do more things on the app which means she is enjoying it a hell of a lot more than she was previously. I am always looking for apps which are educational for her I have an iPhone so it does mean that she can play on my iPad which means she does not drain my battery or use my data because for sure I know she would try and get on youtube or Netflix and watch either Peppa or paw patrol.
Do you commute with your toddler or frequently do train journey’s how do you keep them entertained.


Charlotte xx

Protecting those precious teeth 

Getting your toddler to brush their teeth can be a huge struggle this is something we have found usually when Jess is teething that she does not want to. Let’s face it who would like to be put their toothbrush on an area which is already very sore thank gosh we do not actually remember what it is like when we get our teeth. I am very lucky having a child like Jess who actually really does like to brush her teeth and sometimes she will ask randomly during the day to brush her teeth.

Usually Jess will brush her teeth in a morning after she gets washed which is around the same time as I manage to brush mine I think it is important to do it at the same time every day as it gets her used to it been part of the routine and something which she is not going to forget to do. I know as she is growing up will put a small amount of the toothpaste we actually used adult ones but check that it is suitable for under 6-year-olds. This is something I was told I could do from my dentist as people can find to remove their child from children’s toothpaste after the age of 6 because they are used to sweet flavours and not the harsh mint flavour. This is a tip which I would pass on to any other parent because for sure it is one which has saved us money not having to have two lots of toothpaste.

I let Jess brush her teeth herself the first time because I feel like it gives her a little bit more independence. This is not something which she needs more of but it helps her to feel like she is a big girl and something which she loves. Of course, because brushing her teeth is such a big job I do take some more toothpaste and make sure that she has done a good job because tooth decay is something which I do not want her to struggle with in the future.

Since Jess has had teeth we have used the wisdom toothbrushes. The reason for this is that they are small enough that toddlers can grip them meaning that they can have more control of the toothbrush making their cleaning skills even better which is always something that you want as a parent. I make sure that she does go to the dentist every 6 months one so that she gets used to having to go and doesn’t become scared like I am. Also due to the fact that they can check her teeth which makes double sure that together we are doing a good job.

Taking care of your teeth is something important as they are the teeth you have for the rest of your life and you do not get a chance to change them without huge costs. This is something which I hope Jess keeps up as she grows and hopefully the products she uses to continue to work for her.

What do you use to clean your little one’s teeth?

Charlotte x

Nail Care Routine

Since I announced that I was going to take part in project polish I have been contacted by a number of you asking how I am going to be able to keep my nails in a good condition which will allow me to continue painting my nails throughout the year. I have a nail routine which hopefully is actually helping make them stronger. 

The first product which I use is the Nail HQ All in One which is amazing as this works a product which makes my nails so much stronger than they would normally be. I would compare this product to the nail envy from OPI  however, this product is actually a fraction of the price it is only £7.99. This product is semi matte which means that it could be used by men as well because I know a lot of guys who have nails which split and can cause them problems. I have really weak nails at the moment which keep cracking the reason behind this could be due to the fact that I am painting my nails so much. 
The next step in my nail care is applying my base coat for this currently, I am using is the Essie all in one base coat. This is one which I have a very small amount left I have had this bottle for a fair few years and it has stopped nail polish which used to stain my nails from doing so. Even the bright colours and the blacks which I used to be obsessed with. This again is a product which is supposed strengthen nails and as well as smooth your nails, I can not say which product is making my nails stronger, however, I can say that this one is making my nails smooth as then my nails polish colour goes on so much smoother which makes them look so much nicer. 
The next step for me is to apply usually two coats of nail polish colour this can actually change it does depend on the formulae as some do actually need more coats. This is in order not to look to sheer all of the polishes which I have in my project polish only need a couple of coats. I prefer not having to use too many layers of polish as it can take a long time to dry which can mean that I am more likely to smudge my nails. The colour polish in the picture on this post is actually the Essie Haute in the heat. 
The final product which I have is the Sally Hansen Nail Shine Top Coat this is one of my favourite top coats due to the fact that this can make my nail polish last for up to a week. This polish does actually claim it can make your nails stay for up to 10 days however, I do not think I have a polish which has lasted this long.  This top coat does actually make your nails shine which is a good thing for me because I have a few polishes which are Matte shades which I want to make like normal glossy polishes. This polish I do believe has actually been discontinued and can only be purchased from Nail Polish Direct however, I do not know how long this will be able to be purchased. 
What do you have in your nail care routine if you have one?
Charlotte x
This post included a PR sample however, all views are my own. 

How I Clean My Make Up Brushes

Hi Guys

Today I am going to share with you how I clean my make up brushes. Cleaning my brushes is something which I have got better at over the past few months I now clean them every Sunday as long as I am not busy because this is a day I tend to give my skin a break and not wear make up so it does not matter if my brushes are not available to me.

Back in May time I picked up the Primark Facial Cleansing Pad I never had any intention of using it for it’s given use. I wanted to use it for cleaning my brushes only because I had read on blogs that it was a cheap way to deep clean your brushes as these are only £1.50.

I stick this pad on my sink which stays because of the fact that it has a suction pad. I then apply a small amount of Baby Shampoo to the pad and in circular motions I rub the brush against the cleansing pad. This is when the make up starts coming out of the brush and this makes you cringe how dirty your brushes get if you don’t clean them regular.

This is a cheap way of cleaning your brushes but it is an effective way. I have seen so many brush cleansers but always wonder if they work as effective as this method. This takes me no longer than around 15 minutes to do the brushes which I have used in that week this is something which I like to keep on top of.

How do you clean your brushes?

Charlotte x