Vintage Inns – The Three Cups – Stamford Bridge Food Review

A few months ago now after a day at the beach, we were heading back towards York in need of food. When we drove through a village called Stamford Bridge which is close to York. I think we had a couple of moments to have a look at the menu before they stopped serving food as it was around 9 pm. The food which we choose was of a very high standard that we decided that we would return in the future.

A couple of weeks ago now we actually made the returning visit. As we were child free for the night and looking for somewhere to have some high-quality food and we knew this is something which would find at the three cups in Stamford Bridge. As you can see from the menu they do have a vast array of food which you can choose from. All which is cooked fresh when you order as you would expect. One thing which I would state is the food is not that expensive I think for a two-course meal for two it came to around £40 this included drinks.

I choose to have the pate as a starter which is something that I am highly fond of anyway. It came with a small amount of toasted bread which of course was delicious I managed to spread it over the bread. However as with pate when you have eaten it you walkways wish there was more this something which I really enjoy. This for sure is something which I would have again if I returned I think it might have been what I had on my initial visit as well.

My partner, on the other hand, a prawn cocktail which is something that I am not a huge fan of anyway. However, this did make me jealous because I think for sure I could have had this. It looked like it had the right amount of sauce this is something which I find rare when you order a prawn cocktail as usually, you get either a large number of prawns and a lack of sauce or the other way around. This is for sure one which he would recommend as it is the second time he has had this meal when we have dined at this pub. I think if we returned it may be something which I order because of how nice it does look which say a lot because I really do like the pate.

Burgers are something which a lot of restaurants/pubs serve, however, it can be hard to find one which is of high quality with succulent meat. This is for sure something which you can find at the three cups as you see the size of the burgers are large enough that they should fill you up. For example my partner who can eat so much found this filling even if I did steal his onion ring which was amazing as it was made with proper onion which means that it was so fresh. I think I could just have consumed a bowl of them on there own and not even been sorry. I think that this is something which most people would enjoy no matter if they are a picky eater or not.

Me on the other hand fancied something different this is why I choose the salmon as it is a dish which I do not have often. This came with potatoes and vegetables and a lovely source which for the life of me I can not remember what it was at all. This is something which I would recommend because of you are someone like me who does not always want something so filling like a burger, of course this is a little bit more of a healthy option. I think this for sure is something which I which I would have again in the future should I be returning to this restaurant. We can not comment on the drinks because of the fact that the fact that we both had a pint of coke.


This for sure is a place which we would visit again due to the fact that we have had great service both times we have been. The food had been of amazing quality which made up really want to go back I think there is still so much which I still want to try on the menu.  This means that I am going to have to go back there I think this meal actually only cost us around the £40 mark and this was for drinks and a two course meal. I know that the vintage inn is a chain so I might have to visit some of the other branches.

Have you been to a Vintage Inn for food?

Charlotte xx

Lush- American Cream Conditioner Review


This conditioner is the only one I have been purchasing for over a years now I just keep repurchasing it you could say that it is a product which I could not live without. It does amazing things for my hair along with being one of my favouite scents which Lush do which is always a bonus.  It smells like a creamy vanilla milkshake maybe with a hint of strawberries this is one which does smell that nice you might actually want to drink it but this is something which I would not recommend doing.

When I used this conditioner I have found that I do not have to apply as much which means that it lasts longer than your regular conditioner which makes up for the price difference because I seem to remember but I seem to think that this conditioner for a 250g bottle is around the £10 mark. It actually lasts me around 3-4 months which is a hell of a lot longer than the an normal bottle of conditioner. I should inform you though that I only wash my hair currently once a week which means yours may not last as long as mine.

The consistency of this conditioner is not too thick meaning you are unable to wash it out however, this is not to thin which means that you do not have to use a lot of this product. It leaves your hair super soft and does not actually weigh the hair down.

Even though you do not need more than one squeeze of the bottle it leaves your hair mositurised and really nourishes which is good for me because I have dry ends which need as much moisture as they can get. I also have hair which can become very frizzy which this conditioner does manage to sure out and I can smell the this for a few days after I have washed my hair. Even when you have got rained on and have used this product you can smell it which is amazing as it cheers up a dull day.

Have you tried this conditioner if so what did you think of it?

Charlotte x

Day’s Out – Chester Zoo Review 

Way back at Easter time when we visited Liverpool/ Chester with my family on Easter Sunday. We had to change our plans as she was recovering from chicken pox. So we decided not to take her too see the member of family instead we headed to Chester Zoo.

Jess was born in Chester so my brother kept joking she was actually going back home. 4 of us made the trip to the zoo me, Joe, my brother, and Jess. I booked the tickets in advance and I think it cost around £70 for the three adults. Jess was free because she is under the age of 3. I would recommend booking online as you then do not have to queue when you get there.You also actually get a 10% discount should you book online as well.

Chester is one of the largest zoo’s in the UK it is set in 125 acres.  Which means that there is a lot of walking so you may want to take a pram should you have little legs.  You can also hire them if you decided during the day you need a pram. We took our own otherwise I would have hired one they are £7 for one day. I did not think that this was too expensive it still save you having to listen to all the moaning from a child whose legs ache.

If your child is a bit older you may want to go to the monorail it does give you a view from above of the animals. This saves everyone legs this is £4 for all day. I think we may go back and do the monorail I am unsure. It does manage to cover most of the park which is a bonus. As you may know some zoo’s that have a monorail do not always allow you to see all the animals from the monorail.

There are over 500 species of wildlife and over 15,000 animals which mean there is plenty to see.  Even with Jess we arrived at the zoo around 10.30 am and actually left the park as it closed at 6pm. This is the summer openings so you may want to check them if you are visiting. For me because the amount of time we spent there I would say there is plenty to see. We felt like we did not rush the day and we had seen everything we wanted. We even managed to visit some of our favourite animals twice. This was great because Jess loved the rhinos and Chester has plenty of them.
Another thing which we would recommend doing is making sure that you get a map because then you will not miss any of the animals. It also means that you can go in the quickest route instead of walking around in circles.  Chester Zoo now also have an app which is free to download. It actually tells you when the keepers are doing a talk about the animals. This is something which we used and due to going on a Sunday we saw Jaguars Feeding. Apparently it is hard to see them and we managed it which is a huge bonus. I found the talks very interesting and they are something I would recommend checking out. The talks are free so you may as well because they experts do know what they are talking about. I have found them to be super useful and always able to answer your questions.
We were there over lunch and only took snacks in for Jess meaning that she would not be as grouchy. We had to eat which is something which we try not to do at places . I know some places can be super expensive because you have not choice to pay it. My brother had a huge bowl of pasta which was freshly cooked. There was a whole range of food which you choose from  including pizza, pasta and fish and chips. If you where not that hungry there was also sandwiches which were slightly expensive. There is plenty for kids to eat there is a children meal size. This is better portions for the small ones as adults are very large and filling.
We all ended up loving a different animal and moment at the zoo. There is a wide range of different animals so I am sure that they are going to have your favourite for me I love seeing Giraffe’s. Jess on the other hand loves Rhinos and some of the bigger cats. I did like the fact we could let Jess walk around on her reins which meant she got to see things which she wouldn’t at normal pram height.
I would recommend visiting Chester Zoo even if you have been before like me the animals change. There is always plenty to see. They are always getting new animals from other zoos along side their own breeding programmes. I know Chester has one of the best Giraffe breeding programmes in the UK. At the time of our visit they had some baby Rhinos. I know Jess would like to go back and see them when they have grown a bit more. She actually cried when we left because the zoo had close. I think this is a sign we might have to visit again.
Have you visited Chester Zoo if so what did you think?
Charlotte x

Lush Plum Rain Shower Gel – Review

Recently it hit me that I had not tried Plum Rain in a long time which is shocking because as you know if you read my blog a lot I love Lush. Plum Rain came out in stores this year so it is the newest shower gel Lush have currently. I had already tried this because it had been released in there flagship Oxford street store.  
The first thing which you notice when you see this shower gel is how vivid the purple the shower gel I can not remember a lot of shower gels which are actually purple and as some of you may know I do actually like this colour. This is one of the things which attracts me to this shower gel. 
The scent of Plum Rain is one which is very unique and is not one which a has it own scent family at lush which I know is really common for Lush. Plum Rain has Umeboshi in which apparently translates into Japanese Salt Plum this is what gives it a sweet, salty and sour scent which I know sounds really crazy.  To me when I smell this scent I think of the freshness when it is a fresh crisp morning for some reason. However, when I use this in the shower I get a different scent however, this is not something which I can put my finger on. I will admit that on dry sniff this is not one of my favourite shower gels however, this can change when I am using it in the shower due to the scent change when it comes into contact with water.  Umeboshi is meant to help reduce the feelings of fatigue and supports the immune system to get body of coughs and colds; mandarin oil uses its citrus powers to brighten the skin and revive your senses, so it’s an well-rounded crowd pleaser. So this may be one which you want to use in the winter months.

This shower gel is very thick even thicker than some of Lush’s normal shower gels which as you is hard as a lot of them are very thick. It is also a shower which lathers very well which means that it is going to a long way. I think this little bottle actually ended up lasting me between 4-6 weeks which is amazing because I used it every single day and sometimes ended up using it twice a day. 

Overall this is one shower gel which I would love to repurchase again in the future however, I do have a couple of 250g of shower gel in this scent so it is going to be one which will be seen in my shower again in the future. 

Have you tried a Plum scented shower gel?

Charlotte x

Appelsin Town App Review 


Recently I was contacted by the lovely people at Appelsin Town which is an app created for young people between the age of 2-5 years. As some of you eagle people may realise Jess is not two until September so some of this may be a little bit too old for her however she has had great fun testing out the app.

We have been using the app the most when we have been commuting on the train too and from nursery as it is an hours train ride. More on that another day. Due to it been close to th my summer holidays it means that the trains are super busy meaning Jess has had to sit on my knee for a few journeys now and I need something to keep her entertained this is where the app has come in.

When you purchase the app which is £1.99 you get the of the lands, however, I am only going to review the first one as this is the one which I think is most appropriate to Jess and her current age. I am sure we will be playing with some of the others in the future when she grows into the app as it is designed for children between the ages of 2-5 years so there still is some growing room into this app.

One of the first lands you get is this one which has a giraffe. You can design you own cupcakes which is something Jess has loved doing you can put sprinkles on them and add the different fruit and veg which you can see on the cart before feeding it to the giraffe. I will admit we have had some strange combinations going on such as carrots on the cupcakes. I have been using it as an educational tool by asking Jess colours and trying to get her to say the fruit or veg name as well.

The one which it’s the rabbit I think it maybe our favourite you can get the zebra to come and deliver the mail. Which is something Jess likes because there are always people delivering parcels to our house. You can water the carrots using the watering can which you can’t see the van as we were playing on this when the screenshots were taken and then you feed the rabbit. You can even make the rabbit move we have had him on the roof and everything.

The final area which for some reason I can not add a photograph for is a sheep which is having a picnic. You can get the items out of the picnic basket and give them to the sheep. Jess love sure able to play with the balloons on this one it keeps her entertained for a while.

Overall I really like this app because it allows children to do things such as feed the animals and learn along with letting them use their creative minds creating scenarios. We have had it were the sheep is having a picnic for his birthday and I have asked Jess to feed him certain foods which she has managed to do. For £1.99 this is an app I would recommend and it is available on the App Store so you could have it on the iPad which I am sure would make this even more enjoyable.

Have you heard of this app if so what do you think of it?

Charlotte x

This app was gifted to us, however, all words are my own 

Caketoppers- Personalised Cupcake Review

I am going to admit this I am sharing these today because tomorrow is my birthday, A few months back I was lucky to be contacted by Caketoppers. Caketoppers are a company who specialise in cakes, cupcakes and printed icing which is edible for delivery across the UK.  They actually get delivered to your door which is great if you have an upcoming birthday like me, anniversary or any other special occasion. This is something which I could see us possibly using should Jess ever been christened.

I was lucky to be sent two of the amazing cupcakes which you can personalise and have any print on that you want, however, because I was unsure of how good the cupcakes would be should you use something which has a lot of small details. You can have text on these cupcakes as well you do not have to have just pure pictures. Caketoppers offer a next day delivery service which is great if you are like me and sometimes nearly forget to order presents or extras such as these amazing cupcakes.

Another element which I like it’s the fast that you do not have to resize the picture which is a bonus because this means that you do not have to do anything. This means that you do not have to be technical in order to order some of these amazing cupcakes. Caketoppers do this for you and then they actually print them for yourself.

I used my cake tester Joe who as you may remember helped review Bakerdays for me around valentines. I love the way that these are personalised because it means that I could send them to people who I am not going to see around a special occasion. I was kindly sent both the chocolate and plain cupcake range to try.  I found that the icing which has a layer of frosting on top of an amazingly fresh baked, creamy cupcake. 

As the picture above shows the way you receive your cupcake they are well packaged which should mean that it is really hard to squash the cupcakes, Which is something that you do not want should you be sending them as a gift.  I could not believe how fresh these actually were because of the fact that they had come through the post I didn’t expect them to the best. I am glad that I have been proved wrong about this though. 

The cupcakes were a good size for a lovely little treat and were actually bigger than I expected. Caketoppers do not scrimp on the size or quality of the products.

If you would like to order your own cupcakes you can here

What are your thoughts on getting cupcakes through the post?

Charlotte x
This post includes a PR sample however, all views are my own