Use 17 in 17 update 1

As you may remember way back at the start of the year I wanted to use up 17 products in 2017. I didn’t do an update in February due to the fact that I did not manage to use as much of the products as I thought I might and I felt like there was no progress. I will admit I have managed to lose one of the products because Jess had the Soap and Glory Lipstick in Pompom. I am sure that I am going to find it at some stage in the future and actually will be able to use it all up. Another product which you may notice is missing is the collection lasting perfection concealer this is because I have managed to complete this already I have one in my stash which I will be using in the next few months but I am glad my old one has been completed.

The first product which I am going to share with you is one which I know that I haven’t used at all in the two months which is really annoying because I am never going to finish if I don’t use it. The product which I am talking about is the Revlon Colourstay foundation. I feel like this is a product which I am going to use this more when I need a foundation to last all day I am sure this is one which I will be using for the grand national which I will be attending at the start of next month. My aim is to start using this in the next couple of months.

The next item is one which I can see the difference in and it is the Sleek Rose Gold Blush I can see the pan has grown on the left which is always good because more pan means that I am using the product up. I can also see that the right side is starting to thin out as well. I am unsure if I am going to be able to finish the whole blush in the time but I am glad that I can see more pan. Because of the colour, this is one which I am sure will be used more in the summer months because it is such an easy colour to wear and it makes me look like I have been in the sun.

Urban decay primer potion is one which I have not been reaching for a lot because I have not been wearing too much eyeshadow. I think that I have really only this once but this will change when I have more time on my hands in the mornings I will be able to do more eyeshadow my aim for this product is to use it a couple of times and I am sure this is something I will be doing as I have some exciting things coming up next month which may see me using more eyeshadow so I will be reaching for my primer.

Benefit porefessional is one product that I really can not stand it just seems to leave a horrible film on my skin which I can not be dealing with. However, with this been said I have used this a handful of times because of the fact that I do want this product to be gone. I have used half of this so I am sure that if I put my mind to it I will be able to finish it up in the next couple of months.

This is another product which I did not think that I had used a lot but when I look back on the pictures I can tell that some have been made as I have gone down to the E now and was on the a The highlight is naturally something which I reach for in the summer months so this is something which in the next few months I am sure you will be able to see a change in. I really want this product to be gone before September and I am sure it is achievable.

The pigmentation in this eyeshadow pallete is poor for me which makes me not want to go and reach for it because every time I do I seem to be very disappointed which is never a good thing. This is the Avon 8 in 1 pallete if you was not aware of it. I think I have used it a handful of times because I have others which I love more but in order to start using this I think I am going to have to use it at least once a week so I can make some dents in it. This is a product which I really do not think I will have finished before the end of the year I think is a step too far for me but only time will tell. 

ELF SPF 15 Lip Balm is a product which I will admit I have actually been reaching for at least 3/4 times a week which is a great way to make progress. I don’t feel like you can see that I have made that much progress because of the fact you don’t need a lot of it and also because it is clear. This is one which I am going to try and maintain because I am sure that it can be finished before the end of the year which is going to be a huge achievement for someone like me who doesn’t use a lot of lipbalm. I think this is one which I would repurchase if I found it again

The powder is a product which I seem to reach for more in the summer months so I do not go oily but as you can see I have made a little bit of progress on the Essence stay all day powder because I have now hit a small amount of pan. This is one which will start going faster when the weather becomes warmer because if you are in the UK you will know how cold it has been and I do not need much powder. I have decided that if I have not completed this before the end of the year I may end up throwing it away because of the broken packaging.

When I started the project the NYC lip stain in smooch proof was close to the L in lip stain and now it is closer to the S. It is really hard to see how much of this you have used in on the picture but I promise that is how much I have. I have found that I have come to love these products because they are so easy to wear even for university which means that I am reaching for them quite a lot at the moment. I would love to be half way up the stain part by the next update and I am confident of using that much if I maintain the rate I am currently working at.

Again it is hard to see how much of the stain I have used but I was about the same as the one in smooch proof but I think I am actually up to the T in stain in this one which is the shade rock on ruby. If I have not been using smooch proof I have been using this one I am confident that I can make more progress on these due to the fact that I am loving them so much. I would love to use to the end of the word stain in this product by the next update this may be setting myself a really hard challenge but only time will tell.

The Rimmel scandleyes in Nude is another one which I do not think I have sharpened which means that it will not have got any smaller. I am unsure if I actually reached for this item this is something which I really need to change because I loved it so much. It might make me look more awake which is something which I need at this time when I have so many assignments which need completing. So look out for some progress on this item in the next update.

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Black Fever this is a product which I know I have only used once and I was not too impressed with it which is the reason why I have not used it again At least I have managed to get a small amount of progress but the aim for time item is to use it a handful of times before the next update in order for progress to be made.

I think I have used this a few times but due to the fact I have been reaching for the ELF lip balm, it means I have not been reaching for this one as a much. However, I can see that I have made a tiny bit of pan but for me, this lip balm is way to sticky and this is why I do not reach for it more even though I really should.  I want to make the sides go down a little bit in the next few months and then this will prove to me that this product is going down.

Cream eyeshadow is something which I love because to me it means that I can swipe the colour all the way over the eyes. However, this is a product which you do not use a lot of which means that these products seem to last for a long time. I have been using this product every couple of days but they does not seem to be much different but I do aim to use a lot more of this product when it is the summer months.

Since I managed to finish one product I have decided to add another one this is the Lush santa lip scrub which I know is out of date but this is not something which bothers me at all. I love the way that this polishes my lips and makes sure that there are no dead skin on my lips which makes applying lipsticks easier. This product you need the smallest amount of so it is going to take a while I just want to see how much progress I can make in the year.

Are you trying to use up some products this year?

Charlotte x

Use 17 in 2017

I realised this year that I have way to many products not just beauty which I am always using but make up.I never seem to get through a product due to the fact that I am always chopping and changing products. I blame being a blogger for this and always wanting to try new things.

This year I have decided that I want to try and use up 17 make up products some of these have had plenty of love which should mean that there no reason why these products should not be finished up. Some of the other items are ones which I really have not shown enough love to and have had too long so I need to either use them up or throw them away. I decided I would rather use them than actually throw them away.

The first item which I had in my use 6 by Christmas challenge was the body shop lip balm in Cranberry. This I did not manage to finish however, I did use it a handful of times I used to adore the lip balm but as time has gone on I find it way to sticky. There is a small amount of pan which is showing but there is a fair amount up the sides. This is the only one of two lip balm I am working on so this should be gone this year. At the moment I am applying this before bed so that it does not bother me how sticky the product is.

The other lip balm which I am trying to use it the ELF SPF 15 Lip Balm this is one which has hardly been touched but I much have had for a fair few years now. This product has not gone bad but I would love to use before it does. I can see myself using this when I want a less sticky lip balm I ordered this because I wanted the SPF in it for a holiday however, after coming back I did not reach for it because I didn’t feel the SPF was needed in the UK. This I feel like may be used up in the summer months. This may be added to my uni bag for the start of the year so I get a head start on it before the summer.

Benefit Porefessional is a product which I have had sample size for a ages I managed to use half of the product as you can see this is when I realised I didn’t feel like it was actually doing a lot for me. After this I just stopped using it which is the worst thing I could have done because I have half left I feel like if I use this a handful of times a month it should be finished in no time. This is one which I will not be repurchasing for sure.

Another sample size product I want get through this year is the Benefit High Beam I have only tried this a couple of times however, I want to be able to form an opinion on this product. I do not have many sample size products so I thought I would include this in the challenge before I actually lose it for it never to be found again. Who knows I might find that I actually really love this product and end up purchasing it.

While on base/face products I thought I would include them. I have decided to try and use up two of my concealers the first is the Essence Pure Skin Anti-Spot cover stick  in shade 2 Sand this is something which I used to use a lot when I first receive this, I have a feeling that I stopped using this due to it been in stick form. I would say that around half of this product has been used I am actually looking forward to seeing if this is something I can fall in love with again.

The other concealer which I would love to finish is the Collection Lasting Perfection in shade 3 Medium. The reason I stopped using this is due to it becoming too dark for me however, I have decided that I could use it when I have a tan as there really only is a small amount left. I can not find how much there is too mark this product but by feeling it I know that it is not very much at all.I already have a back up for when it runs out and that is the shade 2 one instead which hopefully will suit me better.

Revlon Colourstay foundation is another product which I would like to use this is not one which I use every day as I find it a bit too much coverage for me, The real reason I want to use this up is because it now come with a pump and mine doesn’t I have a feeling it maybe used a hell of a lot more if I had a pump because I would not feel like I was wasting as much of the product.  I have this in the shade Buff again this a product which I can not show you how much of is left because it does not settle. I have a feeling because I know how much I have used that there is around half left but this is just a guess there could be more they could be less.

The final base product I want to use is Essence Stay all day powder in Matt Beige the reason behind this is the packaging is broken when means that is is annoying to travel with as you can see it has marks from brush handles in now, There is a dip in the middle of this product which feels to be deep in one section, I love this powder nearly as much as I liked the Rimmel Stay Matte one. So this should not be too much of an issue to finish up this year however, I feel like it could be a challenge one which I am going to enjoy.

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold is one which I have adored for a number of years now I have a feeling it is nearly one of the only products I own from this brand. As you can see there is a huge amount of pan showing on this product and the sides are actually thinning out from use. I have decided that I want to see if I can use this up so I can possibly buy the palette which 3 blushes in from Sleek and I am sure that this one is in that so I would like to move this out first.

Another item which I have a similar reason for wanting to finish is the urban decay eye primer potion I have feeling that this is the travel size however I actually have two of these. I would rather get through one of them so that they do not end up going bad, I know that this is going to be a super challenge as you only need the smallest amount of this product and I am yet to make a dent into this product, This may be doable if I use the product often I will have to use this in order to be able to use some of the other items in the challenge.

I have decided to add a pallete into this challenge to make it even harder I have chosen the Avon 8 in 1 neutral tones. I have had this for a long time longer than I want to actually admit so I have decided because it is not the most highly pigmented product I want to get through it. As you may be able to tell there is dips in a lot fair amount of the shades. I do not know how deep these pans are but I feel like there is not a lot to them. I feel like I could get a lot of use out of this and have my first eyeshadow actually finished.

Another eyeshadow I want to use up is the Maybelline colour tattoo in on and on bronze I have a fear that it may dry out as i have had this for a couple of years well maybe 18 months. However I ant to try and get it all used up and gone before then, Currently there is a slightly dip in this product but it is one which I do use pretty often so I would love to have it completed before the end of the year. I have heard that these are really tricky to pan so lets see how this goes for me.

I have chose to include two eyeliners into the project in an attempt to make me wear it more often as this has become something I have neglected now I have to be out of the door fast in a morning. The first one is Rimmel Scandleyes in Nude this is a product I love that much I already actually have a back up for and this one has only been sharped around twice so there is plenty left. I used to tightline with this to make my eyes look wider and more awake something I could do with doing on them early uni mornings.

The other eyeliner I have added I am unsure if I have ever used before it is the Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Black Fever. This really is going to be a challenge due to the fact I am not sure yet if I ever like the product hopefully I do and I will get it completely used up if I don’t end up loving it I could always swap it for another black eyeliner I have in my huge collection.

I have decided to add 3 lip products in this challenge two been the same however they are different shades they are the NYC Smooch Proof lipstain’s, These used to be one of my faviourites but have not been used in a long time as you can tell from my markings there is still loads left of them. This is not a problem as they can be applied on the go and I feel like need topping up after a few hours of wear. The shades I have are Rock on Ruby and Smooch Proof I can see myself teaming these with other lip products to use them up and create shades which are going to last.

The final product which I am trying to use up this year is the Soap and Glory lipstick in Pom Pom for ages this used to be one of my favourite shades to wear on a night out. Since having Jess there has not been as many of them I have a feeling that this shade is around 5 years old so is one which needs to get more love and maybe finished.  I think that there is around half again of this product left hopefully this is one I will rekindle my love for again

I am also going to be trying to use some nail polish up this year that post will be up next week so please keep an eye out for that

Are you trying to use products up this year?

Charlotte x

Use 6 by Christmas – Update 2

Hi Guys

It has been about a month since I last posted about this challenge were I am trying to use 6 products up before Christmas now we are in the final month and I am becoming scared that I am not going to get everything finished. This is ok with me as I have made progress on them and can always roll them over into the next seasonal challenge I do.

Before we start as you might imagine I actually finished four of these products which I am so happy about however. I am unsure if I will actually finish the other items off if this makes sense.

The first product which I used up was the Body shop Love etc perfume which I can not repurchase due to the fact that it has been discontinued I think it was like 3 years ago which shows how long I have had this product. I have decided that I am going to use up another perfume which I have had for a while which is the Fergie Outspoken Intense perfume this is going to be my everyday perfume for now until it has been used up and it is nearly full.

The next is The Body Shop Lip Balm in Cranberry I have hardly used this product again this month I feel like I have used it a couple of times because it really is too sticky for me. I have put this next to my bed in order to see if it makes me use any more of it up. Hopefully it will because it is a product which I really want to use up very soon as I have had it so long but I don’t see myself using it all before Christmas so this may be in my next seasonal challenge.

John Freida bleach blonde shampoo is another one which I have used up this month. I only have to use this once a week it means I don’t get through a lot of this. I actually am going to miss this product and this started out as once which I didn’t like and wanted to completely use it up but now I like it that much that I may purchase it after I have used all the shampoos which I have in the house.  I have now decided that I am going to try the Lush Big shampoo I will let you know how I get on with this 

The Lush Salted Coconut scrub is the third item and this is one which I am glad out of my bathroom because I really am not a fan of the the scent this reminds me of playdough so this will not be repurchased and the fact I know I have a ton of other scrubs to use which was not helping me want to use it up. I have decided to use a Ted Baker scrub up next again this is not my favouite however I got in for Christmas a few years ago so I want use it before it goes bad if that is possible. 

The next item I have is the Lush Mask of Magnanimity I think I have only used this product once in the whole of this month this may be due to not having time to take baths and this is when I use this product. I am not going to finish this time unless I use is a hell of lot this month. Because I love it would rather enjoy it rather than just use it up because of this challenge but I may actually make a dent in this because I am going to be off uni which means that I can treat my skin more as i will have only more time

The final item which I used up was  the Lush let the good time roll cleanser which I feel like only lasted a couple of days after the last update, I have repurchased however, I decided to try the limited edition Buche de Noel which Joe helped me pick out and to be honest I am loving so that’s some boyfriend points for him.  

Are you doing a challenge like this, if so how are you getting on?

Charlotte x

Use 6 by Christmas

Hi Guys

I know some of you may be cringing at the title because I have mentioned that dreaded C word. I am sorry about that but there is a reason for that and let me explain that one to you. I have decided that I know I get a number of new beauty products as gifts however I still have loads and I need to use some up before they go bad. For around a year now I have been aware of the panning community on Youtube and it is something I have always said that I was going to do however until now I have never but now seems the right time for me, So I have careful selected 6 items out of my collection that I want to use up by Christmas. I hopefully will be doing monthly updates on these products,

I first product I have selected is this Body Shop perfume in the scent Love ETC as you can see I have used just to above the writing which I would say is around half way due to the fact that there is some thick glass on the bottom before the product starts, I received this in a set a few years ago and have used a bit of it however I have a fair few perfumes right now and I decided that I really need to target one which I am going to use up so I choose this one as it has the most used out of it. I have started to use this daily if I am going out of the house in order to try and get it used up so hopefully this will work as I am out of the house usually 6 days a week. To use this up may be a challenge but I would love to make a huge dent in using it up. 

The next product is also one from the body shop and it is one of there lip balms in Cranberry this also is a year old at least due to the fact I remember picking this up in the winter months when it was cold. As you can see I have hit a small amount of pan on this but it is not worn even there is a lot of product up the sides which really needs using up. I have a fair amount of lip balms to use and due to the fact that these are in a pot I don’t take them out with me so I find it really hard to use them up. I am going to try and apply this before I go to sleep on a night and in a morning if I am not going to be wearing anything on my lips just to moisturize them from the cold weather I can imagine is coming .

I have chosen a shampoo which may seem really random to some people because you would think I would get through shampoo easy. However I picked up the wrong one and I don’t like it due to the fact it is not suited to my hair as you can see it is the John Fredia Cool Dip Bleach Blonde. If you have seen my hair you will know that is is not bleach blonde. I would say I still have about 1/4 of this left because I am only using it once a week, I am rotating it with another shampoo I don’t just wash my hair once a week. I have been using this since around the start of the year so as you can imagine I really do want this out of my collection.

Next you may think is a strange one due to the fact it is almost full yes this is true I have only used it a handful of times the maximum of around 5. The reason I have decided that I want to use up Lush’s  Salted Coconut Scrub is the fact that I am unsure if I love the product anymore and I know that Lush products are best used fresh. This product actually makes me think of playdough which is not something that I want to be using in the shower if I can help it as it is not the nicest scent. I might change my opinon on this product as time goes on and I use it more. I tend to use a scrub around twice a week once when I have a bath and the other time usually in the shower. I am unsure if I will get through it all but I want to make a huge dent.I have a fair few scrubs to use up before I can purchase my holy grail which is Ocean Salt from Lush. 

You can see a pattern emerging I am trying to use this Lush Facemask up as well it is the mask of magnanimity.  The reason I want to use this up is due to the fact I have had it open way longer than I should have an it is starting to get a bit gross on the outside maybe because I leave it in the bathroom. Around half of this product has been used up so I only have another half to go roughly as you can see. I use this around once a week when I am having a bath I really do love this product and would repurchase however I may get a smaller tub next time so it doesn’t go like this one has. I love how minty this is and how it really helps with any breakouts I have so if you have not tried it this is one which I would recommend.

The final product that I have to use up is another Lush product and it is the Let the good times roll cleanser. This smells like cake mixture to me as you can see I have not used a huge amount of this one either and if I don’t watch it will go off. I have popped this tub in my shower to motivate me to use it when I am in the shower. It isn’t really one I would repurchase because of the smell it is a bit to sweet for me when I am using it early morning however I guess I could start using it on a night instead . We will see how I feel when if I manage to use it up before Christmas
Have you ever attempted a challenge like this or want to join me let me know below in the comments.
Charlotte x