Primark August Sale Haul

Primark is a store which we all think of been cheap anyway which as I have said in the past means that it is great for toddler clothing because you do not really mind should it become ruined by something such as paint which will not end up washing out. This month actually see’s Jess move upstairs at nursury which means she will be painting more and there is more chance of her ruining outfits. With this in mind and the fact that the weather currently is pretty hit and miss I popped into primark little did I know they had a sale on. I picked these two tshirts which are long sleeved great for the colder weather we will be having for only £2. I love the cat print on this because Jess really likes animals so this cat will really suit her. The other one which came in the set was this my daddy says I am really really awsome which I am sure he would say. These are going to be great teamed with leggings on a cooler day and then for £2 I do not mind if Jess hardly wears them. 

The next item which I picked up may seem really random for a haul in August all I can say is they must have been selling some of there old stock off because it is this sweatshirt in grey which says Daddy’s Girl. It is pretty thick meaning it is going to be great when you need just something on to keep your arms warm but something easy to remove when it becomes warmer. I think this was only £1. I can imagining teaming this with some bright leggings due to the fact that the sweatshirt is not a very bright colour. For sure nobody can deny that Jess is a Daddy’s Girl she still shouts for him at least daily and he has now been gone 3 whole months it is safe to say she has not forgotten about him one bit. I think she is actually proud to be a little daddy’s girl.

The next item I picked up was thse twin pack of dress’s as you might know I think I have spoken about them in the past Jess has some amazing Minnie mouse swing dress’s which were from Primark however, they are now starting to get a little bit small for her but they have washed amazing. So when I saw that these two were reduced to £3 I coud not leave them. The pink one has like a navy heart pattern all over and the navy one has a pink pattern all over it. .These are going to be great for nursury because she can at the moment wear them bare legged and then when it becomes a little bit colder they can be paired with tights. I hope that these are going to get as much love as the Minnie ones. 
Stop the press I managed to pick this tshirt up for only 50p so this for sure is one which I do not mind if it gets ruined about the first time that she wears it. I know that this one for sure is going to be used for nursury no doubt with some patterned leggings because I seem to love them. This top is a really nice shade of pik and in the heart it says I love Daddy which I know she is going to love because of the fact that she really does love him. I think he might actually get a big head if he reads this post because it shows how much she does love him. Does anyone else wish that they could get a tshirt for this price in their own size?

The final item in this little sale haul is this black/navy summer dress which for some reason was reduced to only £3 and it still is the height of summer. If you didn’t know I don’t think you would know it was from Primark I think it looks a little bit more expensive. I can see Jess wearing this should there be any family occasion coming up and I don’t want her to ruin a dress which may have cost a lot more than this. In the summer she can wear it bare legged of course and then when the weather starts to changed and it becomes a bit colder it is one which I could team with a cardigan and tights and then she will still be able to get plenty of wear out of it. 
Have you picked up any bargin’s recently?
Charlotte x

May Primark Haul

Primark is not a shop which I found myself in a lot when Jess was a younger, however, since she actually started nursery and the Primark in the centre of York opened it is a shop which I have found myself purchasing more and more from for her. I think one of the reasons why this may happen is as I have said before it is cheap which means that I am not that bothered if for some reason it becomes ruined by paint or something else which she may get on it at nursery. 
The first item which I purchased for Jess was this yellow t-shirt because yellow is not something which Jess wears a lot of but it is a colour which really suits her. I think that this looks super summery and will even look amazing should she have darker leggings on the bottom half. I love how it does actually have some small little details including the flowers and butterflies which are around the girl. I could not believe that this was only £1.30 this meant that I had to go and look at all of the others in this range. 
Since her hair has been getting longer I have found myself wanting to use clips a hell of a lot more. When I was in primark I saw this amazing clips which have the princess’s on and you might know I call Jess my little princess and I am so trying to get her into Disney. I have already achieved her saying Minnie and she seems to love her so we are trying to introduce the princess. I kind of can’t wait to see who her favourite is. These clips for 5 were only £2 which means that I am not that bothered as I would be if they were more expensive and became broken. 
The next thing which I picked up was this dark blue t-shirt which says happy little thing in pink on it. As you know I do not have a problem with Jess wearing dark clothes because I think that it is amazing because I will let her wear what she wants I am always wearing dark clothes so why shouldn’t she be able to. If you know me or follow me on social media you will know that the majority of the time Jess is actually a little happy thing so I think that this top was very apt for her. It was only £1.30 so I think that this will be amazing with some of the brighter leggings which I have picked up.  This for sure is going to be a nursery staple because it is one of my favourites, 
As some of you make know Jess has an amazing relationship with her Grandad it is because she see’s him all of the time and he is almost like a second dad to her, This more so since Daddy has gone it is amazing she has so many amazing male influences in her life. So when I saw this top in the £1.30 range which says I love my Grandad I could not leave it on the shelf.  I am sure that it is going to be a top which is just going to boost Grandad’s ego even more if that’s possible because he claims he is a good looking Grandad that’s how big his ego is. 
This top is one which I actually picked up in a bigger size for some reason but this does not matter because Jess will still end up wearing it because it monochrome which if you know me is one of my favourite things. I can see me teaming this with a lovely bright pair of leggings or jeans and really getting the wear out of this. 
What is your favourite item out of this £1.30 tshirt haul?
Charlotte x

March Primark Haul

Recently I have seen a number of people do Primark hauls and I have always noticed that they have some amazing clothing in for children at not very high prices which is always amazing when you have a child in nursery as things can get ruined easily when they are painting and doing other messy activities.  
Dresses are something which I love to send Jess to in nursery because they are so simple to style because all you need is some tights and they look really stylish. These skater style dresses are my favourites she has a couple of smock dress from Disney which I hauled way back in August which is is always wearing. So I knew I needed to purchase some more in the next size up I saw these which are a pack of two one is a dark blue/black dress with white spots. The other one which you got in the pack was this lovely grey dress with cats that are white and pink on it which i am sure that Jess is going to adore because of the fact it is animals. These dresses do not have sleeves so it is going to be amazing for the summer months when the weather gets a little bit warmer. For the pack of two they were only £8 which I think is a steal for something which she is going to wear so much, 
Carrying on with the cat theme I picked up this grey tshirt which has a cat on as well. This I think will look beautiful with some really bright leggings which will make them less dull. These tops are only £1.30 which means that I really do not mind if these manage to get ruined why doing some messy play at nursery or something like that. I might have to pop back and see if they have any more in this cheap range which we already do not own. 
Another £1.30 tshirt which picked up is this lovely white one which says Daddy’s Little Lady because anyone who knows Jess will know that she really is a  Daddy’s little girl we wake up in a morning and one of her first words most mornings is Dada which is hard sometimes because we know that is her hardly ever there in a morning.  This top is going to be fit her in the summer months which is when her Daddy is not going to be here which means that she can show that she still loves him even though she may not be seeing him a lot. 
Another person Jess really loves is her Grandma because as if you may know her Grandma does do so much for Jess which is amazing because they have one of the closest relationship which I know. This top is actually in 18/24 months because when I went to Primark there was none of them in stock in any smaller sizes and because it was in this amazing Lemon colour and the price it meant that I could not leave it. I am sure that it is going to be one which she is going to get so much wear out of because it will be teamed with dark leggings which will mean that it does not look to summery should she end up growing into this when it is the autumn/winter. 
As I mentioned previously in my Next haul  sometimes for the summer months I want something lighter than denim coloured jeans so when I saw these blush pink with white spots I knew had to pick them up. These were only £5 and I think they they will look amazing teamed with with either a dark coloured top or even something which is very light. I think that these might end up lasting her into the autumn as well because of the fact that she does not grow that much and they are so seem to be pretty large but that may just be my judgement. 
 The final item from this Primark trip is this lovely pink tshirt which again is part of their £1.30 range and it says on it in silver I wish I was a unicorn. I picked this one up because of the fact that I think that unicorns are amazing and they seem to be so popular at the moment which I am not surprised about. I almost wish they had this in adult sizes because it is something which I would wear. I think this one will be teamed with some darker leggings and them she will be off. I am sure that Jess is going to love the items I picked up.
What is your favoutite item from this haul? Also what else do I need to pick up which I might have missed?
Charlotte x

Small August Primark Haul

Hi Guys

Today I am going to share with you a small primark haul. I decided that I was going to pop in on Friday. I did get one more item on this haul but that is clothing for Jess so will be featured in my Jess August clothing haul which will be coming up at the end of the month.

The first item I purchased was a pair of marvel pjs. I decided to get these for a number of reasons the first was because there shorts and the weather in the uk has been meaning I want to wear not a lot to bed. Another reason is because they are marvel and I am a huge marvel addict who wouldn’t want to go to bed with the superheroes on there body. The final reason is because these were reduced from £8 to only £4 so this is why I picked them up I hate the fact that the are slightly to short on me but I can deal with them. They are going to stay at my boyfriends after all. 
The next item I picked up was this coral pair of flip flops the reasoning behind purchasing them at the start of August was due to me damaging my toes and having them swollen and strapped. This has made it really hard for me to wear shoes because everything is tight so I needed some flip flops. I decided to check primark due do the fact I am not bothered if these don’t last very long and only wanted to pay as little as possible as I don’t wear flip flops all year long these were only £3. I am sure I will get a lot of wear out of them this summer
The next purchase is a random one we was going to the till in the children’s section when we saw this adoreable unicorn. Unfortunately it really don’t photograph that well because it had flecks which changes colour. I made the fatal mistake of showing Jess who was in her pram who started kissing it and looked like she really adored it. So I had to add it to my basket and now it is something which has been added to her travel cot at daddy’s house and she cuddling it as well as shleepy in her sleep. I will post a picture on Instagram of her doing this when I can get one. But how can anyone say no to a unicorn which is cuddly gives your child pleasure and only costs £3 well I couldn’t. 
Another till purchase was this set of 3 bath finger puppets. I have never seen bath puppets before but Jess loves having baths and doesn’t have many toys at daddy’s for the bath. Her fingers are to small to put in the holes but mummy makes story’s with them. We have Zoe zebra Leo lion and Tommy tiger. They all seem to make Jess laugh her head off. The. She try’s to drown them when they are in the bath maybe it is her away of giving them a bath and cleaning them. These adoreable 3 puppets only cost £2.80 but I feel like they are going to bring so much pleasure and laughs. If you have ever seen anymore bath puppets let me know I would love to build our little collection. 

The final item I purchased was a DVD which I have wanted since it came out and that is zootropolis I meant to preorder it on amazon but forgot. So I picked it up when I saw it and hopefully am going to sit down one night with some snacks and cuddles and enjoy this film. I heard some amazing reviews of the film when it came out but I never actually had the time to go and see it in the cinema this is why I picked it up. It was only £10 the same price as it was in tesco and cheaper than two adults going to see it in the cinema. 
Have you been to primark recently if so what did you purchase?
Charlotte x