Hi Guys 
I have decided that today I am going to join in with a campaign which the lovely John from www.johnsroadtovolunteering.com started. The campaign is all to do with why you blog. There is multiple reasons why people blog and we all have really different reasons there is not a right reason or a wrong reason. 

#iblogbecause I want to look back in the future at what I was doing and have my memories all written down. You could do then in a book but let’s face it we all start them but then after not very long we give up because we have other things to do. 
#iblogbecause I have met some amazing people through this community and without them I would not be as confident as a mummy. Some people I have met through this commutity have given me great advice meaning I don’t have to feel like I am asking people close to me all the time and then bugging them. 
#iblogbecause it is a hobby which fits around having a baby and the life which I have now. I couldn’t constantly be out without Jess because of the way my life is and I am almost a single mummy with the support of my parents for most of the time because of the situation with my boyfriend. I can’t wait till the day we have a family house and don’t have this any longer. 
#iblogbecause it’s a way of making me take pictures this is not something I mean in a bad way at all. If it wasn’t for my blog and the various social media I have like Instagram I don’t I would take half the pictures of Jess. This makes me so happy because unlike most children Jess has a lot of her childhood in photographs which means that when she gets older she can look back and see what she looked like. Plus it allows me to take lots of photographs and get them printed so I can fill in her photo albums which I wouldn’t normally do as I would get busy and not do it. 
The final reason #iblogbecause it’s a really good way of learning and developing new skills. Most people wouldn’t have a clue how to do a lot of the coding about SEO. However due to running a blog I have learnt all about this some of it been self taught and some of it been what I have learnt off other people. This is something which could help me in the future with jobs or something but it’s always a useful skill to have.
You can join in with the #iblogbecause campaign during the month of August by either writing a blog post about why you blog or doing a short video. For more information about this pop over to www.johnsroadtovolunteering.com. I would really love to read the reasons why other people blog. 
Charlotte X