Dear Dada- Happy Father’s Day

Dear Dada

Another week has passed can you believe that we are already about 6 weeks into the 6 months I think there is only about another 20 weeks if that and you hopefully will be home for a long period of time because I miss you so much.  I can’t wait to be able to get my hands on you and give you a big cuddle but knowing me I will end up killing it because I will burp in your face or pump because mummy says I am your girl.

This week start with a day at home on Monday because we are not doing 5 whole days at nursery at the moment because mummy doesn’t need to be in uni anymore We have decided that we are going to have Monday’s well most of them until September as Mummy and Jess days even though at the moment all we seem to do is chill and watch tv during them because we can be so tired from the weekend. This week we managed to play in the garden for a while and while I napped I know mummy took some pictures for the blog on her new camera. It has only taken her a few months to finally use it.

Shock horror I actually went back to nursery on Tuesday after 3 weeks off I finally managed to go and you should be proud I managed to do 3 whole days. I could have done 4 but Mummy told me I had to have the day at home with her on Friday because she would be working all weekend and she wanted to do a few things before. I was that excited about going back to nursery I managed to wake up at 5.15am which is 30 minutes before I needed to be awake I don’t think this pleased mummy very much. I told her I was too excited to see my little friends I was glad they hadn’t forgotten about me and they still all wanted to play with me. It was good to play with them and toys which are not at home. Do not worry nursery even asked about you see you are loved and they haven’t forgotten all about you, unlike some people.

On Wednesday I thought I was a big girl because I got to go upstairs at nursery because they were not a lot of my friends and I was the first one in and I did not get in any earlier than normal. Due to the fact me been the first one in and the big ones were painting they let me go upstairs but nobody put the apron on me and instead of actually painting the paper like a normal person I painted my t-shirt. I think mummy was glad that it was one of my old t-shirts because she might have been super grumpy if it had been one of my newer ones.

Don’t worry I made Mummy got to lush because you ordered some to be sent to you I picked out a few products which I thought you should try while it is the winter out there. I am sure you will like them and mummy even let me go in her stash and pick some items for you and 3 of them were actually limited edition stuff that must mean that she likes you a little bit because you know what she is like with the limited stuff. On Friday I finally found a box which I gave so many kisses and then I gave it to the nice lady at the post office who hopefully will have sent it to you it might take a while to get to you but make sure you keep your eye open for my parcel. It tells you what my secret project which is I keep mentioning. Don’t worry you should know in the next month what it is o like to keep you waiting.

The weekend saw me spend a lot of time in doors with grandma because it was way too hot for me to play outside. Mummy was at work which meant I couldn’t play with her so I decided to play with some of my toys and have a few long naps because this hot weather makes me sleepy because I’m not used to it. I think Mummy will have shown you how brown she is I am so jealous I know you will be. At least she earnt some money which she will be able to spend some on amazing times for me and maybe for you when you finally come back. Hope you loved my father’s day card I spent a little bit of time playing on moonpig it’s hard for us to choose out favourite pictures.

This week see’s me being in nursery 4 days this week because mummy is working for Grandad in the mornings which means that she can not have me so I have to go on Friday too. Bonus though Grandad is actually going to pick me up on Friday I think it is because Mummy is buying him lunch for father’s day on Friday.  We actually have a weekend free with no long plans yet t which is great because sometimes these are the best kind of times because we end up going and doing things randomly. I know Mummy wants to go strawberry picking but I don’t know if that will happen this weekend or not.

Hope you have a good week Daddy I miss you so much

Love Jess xxxxxx