Toddlerbike 2 Review

Recently we was contacted by the lovely people at Toddlerbike who asked us if we would like to review their toddlerbike 2. Jess is one of those children who love to be outside even when it is a little bit chilly and she loves been on ride on’s she even got on one and started driving around mothercare on one of out most recent visits.

I was not actually in when the box which this bike arrives in and my parents thought that it was an empty box because it actually weight 0.8kg which is around 3x times lighter than other toddler bikes such as the Scuttlebug.  This means that it is not too heavy for toddlers to carry I have found Jess carrying her own which is always good because she can take it out herself in the summer. You could throw it under the pram and take it to the park should you want and should you have to pop in the car it would fit in with a pram in the boot as well.

This bike is designed for toddlers between the age of 18 months to 3 years so Jess is slap bang in the middle of the age that this is designed for as a two year old. This bike is really easy to control it has really narrow wheels and I think this could be the reason why Jess seems to be able to turn corners very easily meaning she for sure can get a speed on so I have to be careful she does not run me over.

The height of the bike is perfect Jess she can reach the handle bars without having to bend over too much or have to stretch which must mean that it is very comfortable for her which means she want to stay on it for longer which is always a bonus.  This bike is so hard wearing plastic and we have had mud on it and all I did was wipe it with a baby wipe so I would say it is super easy to clean which is great if like us you are still using it outdoors.If you have the space unfortunately we do not you could use this indoors.

Toddlerbike are waterproof, toddler proof and also come with a 3 year guarantee which is always handy with crazy toddlers like Jess who could break anything very easy.  I will be recommending these bikes to friends who have children younger than Jess because they are something which I think everyone will love and they are a small business who deserve more love.

The bike comes in three different colours  midnight blue, pinky pink and racing red. It does not break the bank coming in at £23.95 with free shipping to UK and Ireland. These would make a great Christmas present and should you want to order one I have a discount code for 10% off with the code Blog17.

Do you know anyone who would like this bike?

Charlotte x
 I was sent the product for the purpose of this review. As always opinion and photos are 100% my own.

Problems Of Having An Outdoor Child In Autumn/Winter

Jess, as you may know, if you have read some of my previous posts, is a girl who really loves to be outdoors, however, at the moment there is getting an increasing number of days where she is unable to play outside due to the fact that the grass is wet and it is taking longer to dry out. Or it is raining because if it is cold we can just put another layer on, however, when it is raining sometimes it is just fully unpleasant. 
Currently, at home with have grass in the front garden as well as the back which is great because this means that we can do so much and have so much fun in the garden. Due to the fact that we well Jess spends a hell of a lot of the time in the garden, and the outdoors it means that we have a lot of clothes which has grass stains as well of covered in mud should it have been raining in the last couple of days in as well as Jess falling over on the concrete which means that she has a lot of bumps and grazed knees. This means that sometimes her clothes do have to be washed multiple times in order to get the stains removed so if you have any tips to remove stains please leave them in the comments. 
Nursery, on the other hand, does have an outdoor area which Jess plays in, however, this is not grassed it is actually has had an rubber playground surface installed. This means that it does not take as long to dry it out and there is no mud to get covered in when it rains because Jess is one of those children who attract dirt. So this is perfect for her because it doe s means that she can get out as soon as it has dried a little bit so that if she does fall over because she is always running around like a crazy person she will not get drenched. It also means that I have less watching to do and fewer clothes are ruined because of the fact that here is not the stains or the mud which if you ask any parent is an added bonus. 
There is less grazes because of the fact that there is no concrete which is something which I love because I am sure that people must think that I am always pushing my child over or something because if her knees are not grazed or bruises usually there is something wrong. This is because she runs everywhere and does not realise the danger and even falls over her own feet which are never a good thing. 
I think that when we get out own house I may be tempted to look in to be getting artificial grass because it would mean that Jess would be able to play out more often which is something which she loves and I will tell you that she is not the greatest person to be with when it is raining. She just does not know what to do with herself so this would be something that keeps her entertained. One of my friends has this installed and I am always jealous because it looks amazing and of course you get no weeds and you do not have to do a lot of maintenance. 
How do you cope having an outdoors child in the autumn/winter months?
Charlotte x
This post includes which I have recieved payment for however, all views, however, are my own.