Our Favourite Toddler Snacks

With the summer nearly over now I thought I would share with you some of our favouite toddler snacks because we all know that after a long day exploring there is something nothing better than been able to give your whining toddler a snack to tide them along till the next meal. This is something which we have had to do a number of times this summer because we have been exploring and that sometimes means that meals times do get pushed backwards.

Toddler snacks are not something new to us we have been using them since we started weaning of course we do try and use things like fruit as snacks but sometimes when you are always on the go like we see to be. We have to resort to snacks which come in packs which can be easy put into bags and had when someone is about to have a temper tantrum.

We really love the brand Organix we have used them since day one and have found that the bags which they come in are a perfect size which means they do not spoil a meal should they have them close to the time you may be eating. They have no nasties in them which is always a positive because if you are like me you do not want to pump your child with food which will not be good for them and send them super hyper. As you can see from the picture we love the crackers we also love the gingerbread men which they do carrot sticks, tomato crosses and they also do an amazing flapjack style bar. Can you tell that they are one of our favourite brands they are a name which we have come to trust and if we are out and about and we have no snacks with us and Jess needs something we would try and head in a shop and get an Organix snack.

Little Dish are a new company to us I think we tried them first around Easter time when we have been travelling. Jess had tried the Go Go biscuits which are wholegain, oats, flax and chai seeds biscuits. Which means that there is no rubbish in them which again is something which we love these are some snacks which I will admit I have actually tried myself and thought these were tasty. They come in a pack of 5 which means that you can always have some spare in the cupboards and they are individually wrapped so can pop them in the bag very easy. We have only tried the coconut and raspberry ones I need to keep my eyes out for the other ones because I am sure Jess will love them.

Ella’s Kitchen are another brand which we love as well if you haven’t heard of them they are another company who do not like to put naties in food and are very proud of that fact. Jess has not tried a lot from their snack range I think she has tried some of the crisps which she demolished which must mean that she actually likes them. However, the product that I really recommend is the nibbly fingers which are also like a flapjack treat which is great because I like that they are small which means Jess can actually hold them which is a problem with some of the larger snack she can not get her little hands around them. I would recommend Ella’s Kitchen as you may remember I reviewed their cereal a while back.

The final brand which we love is Kiddylicous who make the most amazing wafers for sure these are something which we repurchase time and time again. The ones which Jess seems to love the most is the blueberry ones. Inside the pack you get two wafers which means that you can always give your child one now and then give them one at another stage during the day. They can easily be broken down which means that you child doesn’t have to hold the whole wafer and make it very sticky and it also saves it been dropped and another tantrum occurring which is the last thing we all want.

What are toddler’s favouite snack?

Charlotte x

Bye bye Dummy

If you have ever seen a picture of Jess or read my blog you will know since she has been born she has had had a dummy. This was not a choice I was actually given because of the circumstances and how ill I was shortly after having her she was actually in NICU. It was there that the lovely nurses decided to give her a dummy because they didn’t know if she had reflex and there decided to give her a dummy to help.

I don’t know if the choice was down to me if I would have actually given her a dummy so this maybe be something which I don’t do should we have another child. I look back now and maybe I should have actually removed the dummy from her when she left the hospital but has kept her quiet for several times when I am glad and thankful for it.It is not something which I regret her having it is something which I am thankful for but I wish that maybe so many of the pictures did not have it in but this is something to know for the future.

However, since Daddy left way back in May we had just made that she was becoming a bigger girl and she only needed it when she was tired and needed to go to sleep. This was the first stage of weaning her off the dummy because I didn’t want her to be a child who was addicted and wouldn’t stop. Since then she has only been using it for bed and when she has been traveling on trains because usually she is tired as we travel early morning and towards bedtime.

This is something which I would recommend instead of going cold turkey with is to cut it to certain times when you think they need it the most it seemed to work for us. However, one day back in July Jess decided that she was going to throw her dummy this was usually me hunting for it on the train, however, this day we managed to lose it. This meant that Jess had to go to nursery without a dummy and they didn’t give her a spare for the first time which Jess did not mind. She has been taking it out and putting it on the side when she has been playing so this proved to us that she did not actually need when she was there and was kept busy whether it be with other children or the workers in the room.

I took this as a sign that she was ready to stop having a dummy full stop and since that day I have not given her one. I believe that children tell you when they are ready and because we want to keep them small for a long as we can we do not want to push them to have no dummy. Since that day there is only one occasion where I cracked and that was because she was actually poorly. When she now asked for her dummy we say haven’t the birds taken it so they can look after there little ones and then she no longer wants a dummy as she thinks of babies with them.

How did you get your little one to stop using a dummy?

Charlotte x

Keeping a Toddler Entertained Indoors

If anyone has a toddler like mine who loves to play outside. You will know how hard it is to keep them entertained when they are unable to  get outside because it is raining outside. Jess for one really hates been inside. There is only so many cartoons she can watch on the tv before she starts to her really bored and she doesn’t have the attention span yet to be able to watch films.

Since the weather this summer seems to have been really hit and miss one day she will be able to go outside and enjoy the sun and the next day it will be horrible and have to be a day in. At the moment she is going to nursery around 3 days a week which is great and really handy should the weather be really rubbish them days as nursery can keep her entertained . However, on the days that it is horrible I have had to become creative and have some ideas of what to do because we can not be running to soft play like everyone else because those places give mummy a headache and are also bad for her bank balance.

Due to the fact that Jess is hardly in it does mean that some days she will be very content just playing with her toys because they are all new again to her and ones which she might not have played with for a while. I recommend rotating your child’s toys around every couple of months so that they get to play with everything and it doesn’t always mean you have to fork out for new toys.

Having fun with paints is something which we have done as well. A while ago I think it might have actually been way back at Easter time we popped to Asda and they had large rolls of paper for around £1 and also had some finger paints reduced due to a battered box. We decided that we would tape the paper to the floor so that did not end up moving and Jess ending up painting all over the floor. I would recommend getting some paints and some coloured pencils because it helps children become so creative and i know it is something which keeps Jess occupied for a long time on a rainy day.

Yes this picture is from nursery and I promise she was not crying because she was in the ball pit she just didn’t want to leave nursery. Jess is lucky to have a ball pool at her nannys unfortunately currently we don’t have the room for her to have one at our house which is a shame because she loves playing it in so much. She will pick the balls up and tell you the colours of the balls as well as playing pass with you and having a whale of a time. You can pick ball pools up for around the £10 mark and then it is just getting the balls I would recommend around 100-200 for the chad valley one that is the one which she has at the grandparents house.

Blowing bubbles is another fun thing to do if it raining sometimes we will blow them in the house and sometimes when Jess has a bath. There is nothing more that she loves that to chase them and help try and pop bubbles. I managed to pick this huge litre bottle of mixture from the works which is not a place I would normally have thought to visit looking for bubble mixture.  I recommend looking in stores such as this home bargains , B&M and such for cheap toys and activities. I must admit I am always keeping my eye out in these kind of stores for things to keep Jess busy.

Speaking of baths sometimes we have a lot of fun when it’s raining by treating her to a lush bath bomb and then getting her bath toys out . I have known her stay in the bath for up to an hour and half which then makes her so tired and she has to go for a nap which means that she is entertained for even longer. Sometimes we do not even use lush we use her normal bubble bath because we keep lush for a treat.

What do you do to keep your toddler entertained when the weather is rubbish?

Charlotte x

Dear Dada- Billy Big Feet

Dear Dada

Wow this week has been a busy old one for us we have has a lot of fun. The week saw us having a Monday at home which means mummy going through my wardrobe looking what I have outgrown now and putting anything in good condition on eBay to sell. You would be proud because she has managed to sell some bits which she really loves rather than keep them in case I have a sister in the future.  While she did this I got to watch some Netflix because I was been such a good girl like I always am see there is a bonus of behaving.

Then I had to Tuesday to Friday at nursery which is more than I have been doing because since mummy finished uni I haven’t been going Monday or Friday but mummy had to work for Granddad this week and earn some pennies for a special trip when you get home.  Granddad actually picked me up with mummy on Friday which was strange it reminded me of when you come to pick me up on a Friday I miss that maybe that’s why mummy doesn’t make me do Friday’s anymore. I think they also went to do a little bit of shopping and went out for lunch which sounds exactly like you and mummy do.

It was great Nan’s birthday on Saturday so on Friday morning while on the train to York me and Mummy played on Moonpig and managed to make a special card for her because we know how much she loves having pictures of me on the front. Don’t worry we even put your name on the card and then we organised some flowers because she is so special she deserves something but they are only from me because we all know that I am her favourite.

To make up for not having a extra day with Mummy I got treated to a girls day with mummy and grandma on saturday which was nice just been with them too. We went into town which  as you know is something we really do not do very often. I got my feet measured because my shoes has become tight and I didn’t want them on anymore I now have size 6 feet. Everyone keeps calling me billy big feet for some reason is that another strange northern thing? Zara is also closing down here which meant that mummy had to pop in and then I managed to get a hell of a lot more clothes a lot of them are Disney. Don’t worry I will make mummy do a haul on here soon so you can see what I got. I think she spent about £70 on me which makes me a spoilt princess.

Next have opened an outlet now as well which is even more dangerous for mummy’s bank balance because it is staying and you know how much mummy loves next.  I can see mummy visiting the town more because she always seems to get some amazing bargains in there and I love trying to look my best. I even got to go out for lunch at ASK and I managed to demolish a 3 course meal you would be so proud of me because I am doing so well with my eating.

Today we are just having another chill day before another week of crazy times. I do not know what we have planned yet but I am sure that it is going to be jam packed because Mummy likes to keep busy because then the time seems to pass even quicker.

I miss and love you so much

Jess xxxxxx

Dear Dada- The House of Virus

Dear Dadda

Well, this week has been super eventful after having to run for the train from Nanny’s to York literally we got out the lift as the train was coming. Jess decided that she was going to throw up 3 times between Retford and York. I think she knew that she was going to be poorly though because she managed to lean forward avoiding her whole pram and herself and threw up all over the actual train. Sorry, Virgin I did not have anything that she could be sick into.

Due to the fact that Jess was not getting any better, it meant that we had to take a trip to the doctors because she did not want to eat a lot which as you know is not like Jess. She wanted a hell of a lot of cuddles which meant that we couldn’t get on with a lot because of fo the fact that I constantly had a Jess attached. During this week I think I watched enough Paw Patrol for a life time no joke I actually think I got sick of it.

Luckily she managed to perk up by the end of the week because at one stage I thought that she would not have been able to go on her holiday which would have been horrible because I know how much your parents no doubt have been looking forward to their time with her.  I really don’t know where this week has gone maybe it is because I have been at home all week and been keeping myself busy by doing jobs that I have not had time to do in months. I have even started listing some of Jess’s old clothes on eBay because of the fact that she has a lot of clothing which has started not to fit her so I want the room as well as some pennys for all these adventures we might go on this summer if Jess is lucky.

The end of this week was really challenging because as you know I love purchasing Jess clothes so it means that even at the tender age of 1 she has a better wardrobe than her mummy. I struggled to know what to pack for her because I currently don’t know what fits her as it has been a while since we have has some nice weather so I found some bits I could pass on to other people.  As well as the fact I do not know what Jess is going to get up to while she is away. Another thing which I struggled with was getting in around 11pm at night on Friday due to the fact we had rugby and then having to be dressed and ready for your parents coming at 9am which they end up turning up late and you know this is something which I hate.

Saturday I ended up chilling with a friend and staying over because why not when you haven’t got Jess you can go back to your old lifestyle. Meeting people having takeaway, drinks and late nights.
The next week is going to be hard because it is the longest time that I have gone away from Jess usually I get pictures when she is with you and we know that this is not going to happen.  Let’s hope Jess has an amazing holiday and makes some great memories with the grandparents

Love you Dada

From Charlotte & Jess xxxxxx

March Primark Haul

Recently I have seen a number of people do Primark hauls and I have always noticed that they have some amazing clothing in for children at not very high prices which is always amazing when you have a child in nursery as things can get ruined easily when they are painting and doing other messy activities.  
Dresses are something which I love to send Jess to in nursery because they are so simple to style because all you need is some tights and they look really stylish. These skater style dresses are my favourites she has a couple of smock dress from Disney which I hauled way back in August which is is always wearing. So I knew I needed to purchase some more in the next size up I saw these which are a pack of two one is a dark blue/black dress with white spots. The other one which you got in the pack was this lovely grey dress with cats that are white and pink on it which i am sure that Jess is going to adore because of the fact it is animals. These dresses do not have sleeves so it is going to be amazing for the summer months when the weather gets a little bit warmer. For the pack of two they were only £8 which I think is a steal for something which she is going to wear so much, 
Carrying on with the cat theme I picked up this grey tshirt which has a cat on as well. This I think will look beautiful with some really bright leggings which will make them less dull. These tops are only £1.30 which means that I really do not mind if these manage to get ruined why doing some messy play at nursery or something like that. I might have to pop back and see if they have any more in this cheap range which we already do not own. 
Another £1.30 tshirt which picked up is this lovely white one which says Daddy’s Little Lady because anyone who knows Jess will know that she really is a  Daddy’s little girl we wake up in a morning and one of her first words most mornings is Dada which is hard sometimes because we know that is her hardly ever there in a morning.  This top is going to be fit her in the summer months which is when her Daddy is not going to be here which means that she can show that she still loves him even though she may not be seeing him a lot. 
Another person Jess really loves is her Grandma because as if you may know her Grandma does do so much for Jess which is amazing because they have one of the closest relationship which I know. This top is actually in 18/24 months because when I went to Primark there was none of them in stock in any smaller sizes and because it was in this amazing Lemon colour and the price it meant that I could not leave it. I am sure that it is going to be one which she is going to get so much wear out of because it will be teamed with dark leggings which will mean that it does not look to summery should she end up growing into this when it is the autumn/winter. 
As I mentioned previously in my Next haul  sometimes for the summer months I want something lighter than denim coloured jeans so when I saw these blush pink with white spots I knew had to pick them up. These were only £5 and I think they they will look amazing teamed with with either a dark coloured top or even something which is very light. I think that these might end up lasting her into the autumn as well because of the fact that she does not grow that much and they are so seem to be pretty large but that may just be my judgement. 
 The final item from this Primark trip is this lovely pink tshirt which again is part of their £1.30 range and it says on it in silver I wish I was a unicorn. I picked this one up because of the fact that I think that unicorns are amazing and they seem to be so popular at the moment which I am not surprised about. I almost wish they had this in adult sizes because it is something which I would wear. I think this one will be teamed with some darker leggings and them she will be off. I am sure that Jess is going to love the items I picked up.
What is your favoutite item from this haul? Also what else do I need to pick up which I might have missed?
Charlotte x

Living Arrows #10 – Brum Brum

I don’t know about you guys but I can not believe how fast this year is going 10 weeks have already flown by and before we know it it will be Christmas. This week I have not been feeling the greatest it is for a couple of reasons but I think that I will share that at another date. We have not done a lot this week because I have been at university and it is getting close to my deadlines which means that I am becoming a little bit stressed. As a treat on Saturday we decided to go for a walk around a local retail park just to make sure that I got some fresh air and then Joe decided that he was going to treat me and Jess to a cheeky Mcdonald’s just look at her face how happy she was when she knew that she was going to get some chicken nuggets.

As a result of doing to the shops we ended up locked out because silly mummy forgot to take her keys out which means that we had to wait for either grandad or grandma to come home because of this Jess decided that she was going to try and drive the car for the first time do this is her with her hands on the wheel . For any of you wondering no she does not have the engine on at all so it is safe she could not do anything. She was such a natural she knew were to put her hands straight away I don’t know if this is something I should be proud of or something I should be concerned about all the amount of time we spend in the car.

I think that this picture has to be one of my favourites that I have ever taken of Jess because we only pointed at the gear stick and straight away we saw her put her hand and check the road in front. I am sure that once this little girl turns 17 we will not be able to stop her leaning to drive and she might even have her test passed in no time. I say this because I think she is such a natural but I know that only time will tell. I am not wishing her life away

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Charlotte x

Next March Sale Haul

I know that one of my most viewed posts are when I share what I have purchased clothes for Jess I have a feeling that this is because everyone seems to love baby/toddler clothing.  As I think I have mentioned in previous hauls Jess is not in the clothes which she should be for her age she currently is in 9-12 months even though she is 18 months old.

The first item which I have purchased for Jess is these beautiful coral shorts I am well aware that they look more red on the picture I realise. These I picked up for the bargain price of £3 and I got them in 12-18 months this then means that she will be able to wear them in the summer when it is warm. These will be great for either day when we go out to the park or the beach even nursery because she loves to be outside.

I also purchased another pair of shorts however these one are in a light blue colour which have a little whale on them, The reason why I purchased them is because I know that when the summer months come Jess will need a lot of shorts because she loves been outdoors which means that she needs bottoms which are really practical. These are in the bigger size because of when we want to use them I think they will look beautiful with pattern tops or either really plain ones which could be bright. These again were only £3.

I also purchased some blush jeans which I think look a little bit less harsh than the typical denim jeans in the summer months. These feel a little it think which means that they will be great for the cooler days wich we know we have in the summer months. I am sure these could be dressed up in the summer with means that this could be paired with a really nice top which would be perfect for a family mean as because of the fact that she is doing really well without getting super messy when eating it means that this could be an option. These jeans I think were £10 I am unsure because they no longer have the tag on but these were not a sales purchase but I purchased at the same time as when I picked up my sale items.

This cat Gillet was purchased because Jess loves animals so I thought that it would be perfect for when it is a little bit chilly but you do not want something on your arms,  This is something which is a little bit thick but I am sure this is going to be used a lot in the late summer/autumn because me and Jess do leave the house early in the mornings and this will be perfect for this. I love the mint colour I feel like we should have more baby clothes in this colour because it is one of my favourite for little people. This I picked this again up in 12/18 months so that it is something which will be used in a few months time, I picked this up for the bargain price of £8 instead of £16.

Bottoms are a thing what with Jess I can’t seem to get enough of for some reason she seems to always have them changes. I know I said that I preferred the blush jeans that is true but I decided that Jess did need some of the actual denim ones. They are super smart or I think that they are and they can be made really casual if this is something that I want to be able to do. These are the again in the size 12/18 months which means that they will probably last till around the Christmas period if she does not have a growth spurt. Again I think that these were around the £10 mark which for me is not bad for jeans which I know are going to last because they are from Next.

I don’t know if these pyjamas may look too festive for people I have purchased these in the size 12/18 weeks I think they may actually be the size above which means that they are going to fit her in the winter months. They are very nice cotton bottoms which are something which I have loads of if I am honest I adore the checked print of these I wish they did the bottoms in my size.  The top is a cream thick and fluffy top on the outside, however, it is a little bit thinner inside which means that she is not going to boil when she is sleeping because Jess is the kind of child who is always really warm if this makes sense. I am unsure on the price of these however, I think that they were close to the £8 mark however, I could be incorrect.

The final item in this haul is something which you may have seen because it is in 9-12 months. It is a beautiful grey stripped tunic/top it has bunny on the front which has rabbits on with butterflies and has a couple of mushrooms on. I picked this top up because it is actually dull as such as it sounds bad but it is not because Jess has some really bright leggings it means that sometimes I want duller tops so that Jess does not look too bright and stand out.  Jess loves this one for some reason maybe because it has animals on and we know that Jess loves them. This top was onlu £4.50 and I think that this is one of  favouite ones in the warerobe at the moment she has been wearing it a lot recently and it’s perfect for the spring weather we are having because it is long sleeved which means that she can deal with the chill in the air.
Did you pick any bargins up in the Next sale?

Charlotte x

Living Arrow #9- Time to Dress Up

This week saw us celebrate work book day and due to the fact that Jess goes to nursery we had to get an outfit. With her name been Jess we decided that we was going to send her as Jessie from Toy Story I am unsure if it is actually a book now.  The picture above was taken on the way home from nursery because she was becoming very bored on the train so I had to detract her by using snapchat. So Jessie turned into a bunny which I think is adorable I love how you can see the nose on her ear as well from the filter.

I thought I would share a picture of her with her outfit in full we actually managed to pick this up in a sale at the start of December and we knew that it would come in, I can believe how grown up she looks and she adored been dressed up I am sure that this will not the only time we see Jess in fancy dress this year, I am sure it is going to be a trend. The facial impression which she has is one which cracks me up this is something which she is constantly pulling at the moment. I also can’t believe looking at this picture how much her hair has grown I will admit soon I am going to have to invest in some hair clips so it is not in her way.

 The final picture which we I am going to share is this picture where she looks so cheeky for some reason I think it was due to the fact that she was laughing at me because she has just managed to splash me seconds before this and drench me. I think she is going to be such a water baby because I can never get her out of the bath when I want to she always seems to be in there over an hour. I can’t wait till I have some time off which will mean that I can take her swimming even more.

What have you done this week?

Charlotte x

Living Arrows #8 – Dada Dada

Dada Dada are words which I swear the words which I have heard so much this month no matter what Jess is doing at the moment she seems to always want her Daddy. I think that this is because they are best friends but I know how much it hurts her when he goes away which is something which she is going to have to deal with a lot in the next few months, As you can see from the picture above sleeping seems to make Jess better when she is missing Daddy maybe this is because of the fact that she knows the more she sleeps the quicker she see’s him. I swear I end up saying Friday as she sees’s him on the weekends because during the week we are so busy. She must really look forward to the weekend so much because she gets to see both her parents which she does do a lot during the week.

Recently we have had to get Jess out of the pram for a number of reasons when we are on the train which is sometimes not the best because of the fact that there has either been a number of prams or disabled people. This means that I have had to entertain her more so this weeks she has started using snap chart filters a lot more because for some reason they are so funny to her this is one of my favourites which we have taken this week because she is so posing for the picture. I love how serious she looks because of the fact that this is her naturally when she is grumpy but over the time of using snapchat she seemed to be getting a lot happier.

Jess this weekend has not been too well it meant that she wanted plenty of cuddles and because of the fact that she has been sick it meant that she had to have a couple of baths which she always seems to love. As you can see here she is feeling a lot better because of the fact that she has such a cheeky luck on her face. I swear since the start of this year she has not been a lucky bunny she keeps managing to get every bug and illness hopefully this is the last once which she is going to get and now she is going to be healthy.

What have you done this week?

Charlotte x