Jess At 2 Months

Hi Guys

I know that I have seriously slacked when it comes to doing updates on Jess since she has been born. I have been creating this blog as well as having an amazing time with her and seeing her develop into a right little character she certainly is developing a cheeky personality. I hope you forgive me I promise I will be doing more of these updates more regularly.

Every time I seem to take a picture of her I seem to notice that she has changed so much and considering I take her a picture every single day usually on snapchat so her Daddy can see her and is not missing out on her developing while he is away. I cannot believe that she has been in the world for 10 whole weeks now it seems to have gone so quickly.
Jess has periods were she is very alert and loves to stand on you babbling away which makes me smile because it reminds me she is a real life baby and not a doll. She can do this for about 5/10 minutes and then just gives you the most beautiful smiles. She loves to suck her fingers which is something apparently she has inherited from her Daddy. As well as this she has got his pet lip which he used to do when he didn’t get his own way and she already has got the puppy eyes to work on him and sure has him wrapped around her little finger when we go down to visit him and his family.

(Sorry for the bad light on this picture)

Currently she is still in her 0-3 month clothes and some of it still looks pretty big on her. She is still using the size 2 nappies but will be going up in size soon because last week when she was weighed she was 10lb 12oz.

Jess is not a baby who lets you know when she has a wet nappy at all she is happy so this is something which you have to keep checking for to make sure that she does not leak through. She lets me know when she needs a bottle however she is happy to go over the 4 hours which she usually does it does really depend how she is feeling currently she is taking 7oz every 4/5 hours.

Most people don’t believe me when I say that she has been sleeping through the night since around 7 weeks old. She used to sleep from around 10pm till 6.30 however this has now increased and she sleeps till around 7.30. On the weekend she comes into Mummy’s bed for cuddles which she really seems to love.

I am not trying to diet to lose the rest of my baby weight due to the fact that when I had 6 week post-natal check I had only gained 8kg from before I was pregnant. This is something which I think I will be able to lose without really trying however I am looking forward to being able to exercise after Christmas. I am also looking forward to spending my first Christmas as a mum and then having another one at New Year when her Daddy is not at work and we can go down and visit him and his family where I am sure my Princess will be spoilt again.7

I hope you enjoyed the update 

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