Living Arrows #1 – New Year

This is the year where I am going to take more pictures of Jess because I have realised that since she went to nursery I rarely take pictures of her which mean I have so many gaps in my albums when I look back on her life. This is for sure something which I really want to change because I can not stand it she is growing up so fast and I want to be able to remember it for as long as possible. We all know that time does not stand still and in the future when she is all grown up I want to be able to look back on them.

Each week I have decided that I am going to take apart in the living arrows which was created by the lovely Donna. The idea is to share one or more pictures which you have taken of your child/children that week and share them some which otherwise would go forgotten. Sometimes these pictures may be ones which I have not had time to share to my Instagram yet other times they may be ones which you have seen who knows. 

Family means so much to me I feel like everyone says this just after Christmas however, personal things which have occurred makes me realise how we should cherish every moment and make sure we tell love ones how much we love them. This photo is of Jess and her amazing Daddy on New Year’s Day after food that’s what is around Jess’s mouth if you wondered. I love this photo so much because it looks like Jess is taking a selfie and also it is one of the only pictures I have which I actually love of her and Daddy. This just made me realise we have not had a family picture in over a year I feel like this needs to change at some stage soon. 
Can you tell my Daughter loves looking in the mirror this picture was not actually even staged we gave her a mirror and this is what happened. I am glad even at her young age she loves what she looks like because I know I do not always and we should all remember we are beautiful the way we are. This picture actually made me realise how much of a little poser she is. 
We have been having a lot of baths while at Nanny and Grandad’s house mainly because Jess is getting super dirty and it sometimes is so much easier to give her a bath. Something we have started doing is giving her lush baths as a treat. This weekend she had one as she was not feeling amazing so we thought we would give her one and hopefully it may help her sleep. As you can see she has lots of toys in the bath to play with and in this actual bath she has a little bit of Sunnyside bubble bar and Intergalactic so it was one super glittery bath. This bath sure wore her out and I think we on for the best sleep of the whole time we have been down as I said she has not been sleeping great.  

Living Arrows

Do you wish you took more photographs to document your life?
Charlotte x