Bedtime Reading With Miffy

Bedtime is a time which some parents dread I know sometimes because I have a toddler who does not like to go to bed for the fear of missing something while she is asleep it can be a right old battle. At the moment she seems to want screen time just before going upstairs and this can mean we have a tantrum when we removed the iPad from her before bed. At the moment in order to win the battle with her we have been saying shall we go upstairs and read a story before bed.

This means that I am getting to give her a cuddle and she is having a little bit of quiet time before going off to sleep meaning, in theory, it should be easier for her to drift off to sleep. I have also have fond memories of reading before bed and I think this is what has made me want to read more for pleasure as an adult hopefully this is something which Jess will benefit from as well. I even seem to think when I was a young child that I had some of the miffy books as well so it is great to see an old character still around now. I have noticed since we have been reading stories before bed that she has learnt more words which is great because it means she has a wide range of words to choose from and her speech is coming on amazing this is something I am so proud of her for.

We were very lucky to be sent miffy at the gallery and Miffy the fairy to read as part of our bedtime routine and this is something which we are so grateful for. In the miffy at the gallery, she goes off and visits the art gallery as you would expect this is a story which is not too long in length meaning it is perfect at keeping her short attention span and also can be read in one go.

Miffy the fairy is a story of when miffy shares with us all the things which she would do if she was a fairy and all of the spells she could cast upon people. I wonder what different spells Jess would do if she had the powers to be able to do whatever she wanted. Actually, I bet I do not want to know this.

These Miffy books have a very good colourful illustration on the page next to them which means that the child’s interest is always maintained which is good if you have children with short attention spans like Jess. I also find the length of these books amazing there are around 30 pages which means that it does not take too long to do the bedtime story before I scoop her into her cot and usually she is just about to drift off.

I love that these books actually allow us to spend a period of time together reading and away from all distractions it feels like it is a proper little bit of Mummy and Jess time which is amazing because sometimes I feel like we do not get enough of this at all. This is something we try and do most nights if Jess is not too tired and grumpy. I think I might have to hunt out more Miffy books in the future because I am really enjoying the two which we have currently

Whyourare you favourite books to read before bed?

Charlotte x
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