What Was On My Face February

Hi Guys
I thought that today I was going to show you the products which I have been using in the month of Febuary when I have been doing my makeup.  I have decided to do this instead of choosing to do monthly favourite posts for now as I find it hard to remember what I have been loving from the start of the month.

For base produces there has been 3 which I have been using every time 2 concealers and one which is a CC cream. The CC Cream is Bell Cosmetics Hypoallergenic in the lightest shade which they do. I have a review of this product coming up soon but I am going to stop using this due to the fact that you now no longer can get this product in the UK, The reason is because I don’t want to use it all up I used to get this product from Beauty Crowd but no longer can find them on the website, 
The two concealers that I have been using is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in the shade Ivory for under my eyes to hide the dark circles that I have as a result of Jess not being very well. Then on any spots which I have use the Collection Lasting Perfection in Medium 2 because I have not been 
As Blush I have been using the Sleek Rose Gold this is a shade which I have had for what seems like the longest time. As you can tell I have really loved this product due to the fact that I have hit pan. This shade is a very subtle peach/gold shade it is meant to be a dupe for Nars Orgasm however I have never tried that I have only swatched it.  
On my eyes I have been using Walk Of Shame and Naked 2 from Naked Basics pallete. I decided that this was a pallete which I had not been using that much and I have not been showing the love so I decided that this year I was going use up as many products as I can make up wise starting with this one. 
For Mascara it is the only one which I have used for around a year now and that is the Maybelline Lash Sensational I think this mascara may just be my holy grail product. I just love what it does to my lashes it seems to lengthen them and give them volume something which I crave. 
The Lipstick which I have been using this month is the Rimmel lipstick but for some unknown reason I have managed to get the sticker off it and this just makes me want to use it up because I can’t tell you what I have been loving because I really don’t even have a clue myself. 
What was you using in the month of February?

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Review

Hi Guys

Today I have decided that I am going to share with you a mascara which I have mentioned previously on my blog. It is one which has been hyped so much in the blogging world and sometimes this makes me very skeptical of if a product really is any good.

However this mascara I would say is one of the best that I have ever tried, I can be very fickle with mascara and just use whichever is closest to me on that day. However this mascara has been the one which I have reached for every time I want to apply something to my horrid eyelashes.

This mascara transforms my eyelashes from looking normal to looking like I almost have fake eyelashes on which is good because nobody has time for applying them however one or two coats of this on your lashes and your good to go with the false look. However if you want a more natural look just one coat and you will have the look which you are trying to achieve.

When this tube runs out I may try the waterproof version due to preferring waterproof mascara however when I purchase this a waterproof version was not out yet. This mascara does stay all day however and can be seen when I am removing my make up on a night after a whole day on my face.

Have you tried this mascara if so what did you think?

Charlotte x