Maintain Your Car

Spending hours upon end in the car is something the majority of us find ourselves doing over the summer months.  Many of us parents dread spending a long period of time in the car how are we going to entertain the little ones that amount of time or like me you may worry about them been sick. Jess suffers from car sickness however, usually it is shorter journeys which she struggles on rather than longer ones.
The majority of us do not think about the dangers of driving in the summer and how to avoid them. As someone travels in the car daily on short trips as well as undertaking longer road trips regularly I will admit I do not even think about the dangers when getting into the car. As someone who worries a lot about things this is very surprising.
Recently I have noticed more people broken down at the side of the road maybe this is due to the fact that I have been travelling further or because there are more people out in cars enjoying the nice sunny weather.  So, in this post I am going to highlight 3 problems which could occur to you this summer and then you can make sure you check them before going on a road trip. We don’t want a day out with the family ruined because of car trouble.
Flat tyres are a common problem many of us do not actually go and check that we have the correct pressure in them before travelling. Don’t forget if you are driving fully loaded the pressure may need to be higher make sure you check your book for the pressure that your tyres need. Make sure that you check them regularly because you do not want to end up with a flat tyre and end up broken down. Make sure that they are not over filled because of the problem of exploding so make sure that you do not have them too over filled or under filled. You can purchase tyres with no online payment at Point S for reserving tyres in Surrey

You need to also make sure that your tyres are not too bald because this could cause your problems with the police which could see you having a fine which is not something which you would want. The balder your tyres are as well the more likely you are likely to get something in them which could cause a flat tire. The legal limit is 1.6 millimeters but for safety reasons you could replace them before they reach the legal limit. Make sure you check your tread once a month so you do not get caught for a fine we do now want that or it could ruin the day out.
The final thing which I would chance before going on a road trip is making sure that there is no chips in your windscreen because if there is and you are travelling at speed or long distance there is a chance that the chip could get larger. This could end up with you having to fork out for a replacement windscreen and hours of waiting for someone to come out and mend it for you a quick check of the windscreen.  Once maybe ever few days make sure that there are no cracks and if there is maybe you should get someone out to replace it there is nothing worse than putting your family and your own life at risk because you was too lazy to do a simple job.
Do you maintain your car regularly?

Charlotte x
This post is in collaboration with Point S