Lush Don’t Look At Me Facemask – Review

As some of you may know I am obsessed with Lush for me it is not only the bath products which I adore it is all the other products. Today I am sharing one of my favourite fresh face masks I love the fact that this is one of the most citrusy products which Lush do and ask you may know citrus is favourite kind of scent.  Don’t look at me face mask is such a pastal blue colour which may put a few of you off I know it did when I first saw this product because of the fact that it is like nothing on the market that I know of from any other brands and I know Lush do not do any facemasks in this colour.

The main ingredient for this product is actually Lemon and Grapefruit oil so this is why it could be so citrus like however, it does not smell like cleaning products to me which is always a great bonus. This reminds me of a product which is going to wake you up which is great for this time of year because my skin is terrible from all the cold weather we have been having it has taken such a beating.Murumuru butter and Kaolin are the ingredients which keep the skin feeling soft and clean which is one of the reasons why I have been using it so much in the past couple of weeks because my skin is terrible. I love it when I can feel a facemask doing something because I know I am getting the most out of my money.

I have found that as well as moisturising my skin it also exfoliates which is another benefit for me who can be way to lazy to exfoliate. The reason why this occurs is because Don’t look at me face mask actually has rice syrup, rice milk and ground white rice within it’s ingredient list. This should mean that my skin has had the dirt removed from it as well as the dead skin cells which may be lurking in my pores.

The texture of this product can only be described as grainy which it something to be aware of because you do not want to layer this product too much more so if you have sensitive skin because it could irritate it. The texture does remind me slightly of a body scrub so this is something to be aware of if you are purchasing this facemask.

Once the mask has been applied, you’re supposed to leave it on your face for a good 15 – 20 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. What you’re left with is a clean, clear and rather radiant looking complexion, that is smooth to touch and ready to face the day ahead. I loved how refreshed and uplifted it made my face feel after use.

I would recommend that you go and try this facemask because it has worked wonders for my skin. It is £7.95 a for a pot however, if you have 5 black pots from Lush you can take them back and recycle and receive a fresh face mask .

Have you tried a Lush facemask? If so which one is your favourite?

Charlotte x

Favourite Winter Candles

Hi Guys

I have decided to share today my favourite candles for the Winter they are not all just Christmassy ones due to the go the fact that I know that I will be burning these way into January and I feel like this is not something you can do if they are all Christmas scents.

The first one which I am sharing with you is the B&M Winter Mist which cost only £2.99. This is one of the dupes for bath and body works, however, I have never tried them. The reason that it is one of my favourite is due to the fact that it smells so clean it reminds me of them crisp winter mornings without it been so cold which is always a bonus. I feel like this is one which you could burn at any time of the year because it is so clean and fresh. I may have to have another trip to B&M to see if I can get any more of these because they are super cheap as well.

The second one is also from B&M and another dupe which cost £2.99 this is frosted cranberry which reminds me of a berry smoothie for some reason, however, you rarely see cranberries in one of these. Cranberries are meant to be festive so this is the reason I have included it in this again this is one which could be burnt at any time of the year it smells clean and fruity for me. This is one again which I may go on the hunt for to stock up on as they are so cheap  and I know that I may not be able to get my hands on them for very long knowing B&M.

The next candle which I am loving is the Yankee Candle Snow In Love which reminds me of a man and women getting ready for a night out like you do in the festive period and the perfume and aftershave which they are spraying. This is one which I am so glad has come back this year because I adore it. The reason I feel like is because it reminds me of when I used to go on nights out I do not go out as much anymore due to having Jess.

The final Yankee candle which I have love is Christmas Eve which to me just smells just like Christmas if I had to just describe one note I can smell Orange but like a heated warm orange scent if this makes any sense at all. I know this is not the greatest scent description so if you are lucky to live close to a Yankee store or somewhere which stocks Yankee go and have a sniff of this one.  The large Yankee candles are £21.99, however, they can actually be found sometimes cheaper in the outlet stores.

The final candle which I have is Secret Santa from Bomb Cosmetics this is one which Joe decided that he liked the smell of so I purchase it, yes I am that shallow when it comes to candles. This reminds me of the warm smell of Christmas and being all cosy for some reason it must be the hint of ginger.  I managed to pick this up at a local store however you can purchase this one online. It would actually make an amazing secret Santa present and is around £8 for this size tin picture, unfortunately, they only do one size.

What are you favourite Christmas candle?

Charlotte x

What We Did In November

Hi Guys

I know is has been a couple of months since I last did one of these and that is due to the fact that I am so busy I forget that it is the end of a month when I remember I feel like it is too late to upload and post them. Before we get started in sharing what we have done this month we have an exciting announcement tomorrow we will be starting Blogmas however this is not like a normal one due to having two Christmas’s we are going all the way until New Years Day.

The start of this month feels like an age ago,however, it saw Jess get her first pair of shoes well actually she managed to get two a pair of boots and a pair of patent black shoes they are amazing they actually light up. When we tried to get her feet measured the first time she was having none of it she scrunched her feet up and cried. We needed to go shopping else were in town this means she had time to have a nap and then on the way back she played ball and got shoes. Jess at once stage did not like anything on her feet not even socks and now she doesn’t like taking them off she even wears slippers at Nanny’s house and if she is lucky she may get some for Christmas for our house.

Also at the start of the month,it was Bonfire night the first year we though Jess may enjoy the bright flashes because last year she was so small and hated the bangs. We took her to a local organised display which was so nice even though it had started to rain and was cold as a result of this Jess managed to get way to cosy in her pram and fell asleep missing the whole display maybe next year she will manage to see some. At least me and Joe really enjoyed it even if the hot chocolate after was very disappointing.

During the week Jess is in nursery 5 days due to the fact that we are either at university or working which means that we try and do something with her every single weekend because we both feel like it is the only time we actually get to spend with her. As she wants to go to bed when we get in from nursery during the week because she is so tired.

The next weekend we had real pants weather which meant we needed to do something indoors, however, my parents offered to look after Jess which meant that me and Joe could have some us time. We took this opportunity and went to see Dr Strnge which is the latest Marvel film as you may know we are both huge fans. I feel like the film was different for Marvel, however, we have all just become to expect the avengers from them and this was not it kept been very trippy and made you think about what you was actually watching.  There is going to be a sequel so it will be interesting to see how they do it. We do haver to wait a while for the next Marvel film, however, Star Wars is out very soon and we have tickets for the first day. I have not told Joe yet so if your reading it surprise.

During the week I had time off University for reading week which meant I was not taking Jess to nursery resulting in us having some fun time together just chilling, We also managed to meet up with one of my best friends in Costa were Jess developed a love for hot chocolate. However, with it begin Children in Need nursery had two dress up day’s and this is something Jess loves so for one of the days my Mum came with us and we went shopping while she was there which resulted in me getting most of my secret Santa presents done we managed to have some lunch at Zizzi’s upgrade my phone and then pick Jess up. We had one more surprise that day though as Joe had finished work and he was very close by he decided to come and met us and Jess had her first baby chococino you should have seen the mess which was created all I can say is at least she enjoyed it.

Due to the fact that one set of Jess’s grandparents only get to see her every 6 weeks or so we had to go and visit them the following weekend. This time was different as we actually had plans and went on a nice family outting to Birmingham Christmas Market, however. it was super busy in the bullring and some people in the party couldn’t keep with the pace we ended up splitting up and meeting  again at a set time. That day was not good for my bank balance as I went a little bit crazy in Nars and Victoria’s Secret but a girl has to treat herself after I had two panic attacks that day which was not nice at all one I have no clue why it occured.  Later that night Joe had to leave which was not nice I as you can imagine there were plenty of tears knowing I would not see him for two whole weeks and I had to spend another day with his parents alone scary for someone who only met them a year ago after having their grandchild.

On Sunday the weather was not very nice either but we had to go out of the house without a car sear it meant we could not go very far.  We decided that we would take a walk into the town centre which leads to Jess being spoilt I think she had around £60 spent on her and we only went to get out the house. I may do a haul showing you what she got during Blogmas because I have not had time to do this yet.  All I can say is this girl now has a way more stylish wardrobe than her Mummy.

This weekend there was a food and drink festival in a nearby town which I had seen advertised and mentioned to my Mum. Last week we had barely seen each other due to work and uni so it was nice to spend some time with her something I feel like we do not do enough anymore we used to spend so much time.  We had fun walking around and trying some of the samples from the stalls which lead to us purchasing a few bits for Christmas it was nice to have a few hours with my Mum and we even managed to go out for lunch. Jess stayed at home with Grandad due to the fact that she is full of cold I had only just started feeling better from it and we didn’t want to drag her out.

We have a few plans already made for December we have a quiz, cinema trip, weekend away and then two Christmas’s so next month is looking very exciting.

What have you been up to this month?

Charlotte x

November Flamingo Candle Scent Box- First Impressions

Hi Guys

Today I have another subscription box but this one is for the parents. This is one from Flamingo Candle which is where you get 8 wax tart melts every month for only £9.99 which is such a bargain including the postage as well as getting 20% for been a member of there scent box. Without any further a do I will share my first impressions with this months box

The first tart I put my hands on this month was the Hot Fudge which to me smells very sweet however I feel like it is not something which is too sweet for me as some of them can be. This is something which I can imagine burning when I come home from uni and it is cold and this will warm my house up and make it smell amazing.

Rhubarb and Pear is one which I really adore out of this box and I think it could be one of my favourites to me I can smell the rhubarb. It makes me think of the crumbles which people bake this is something which is very warming and brings back so many memories of my mums rhubarb crumbles.

The next one is one which I will admit I am not a massive fan of and it is popcorn. I think this is due to the fact that it is a little bit too sweet for me however sometimes you have to burn them then make an opinion on them. I am hoping that this is going to be one which surprises me and becomes one which I actually like. I will let you know when I am burning it my opinion.

Chai Tea Latte was the next one which I found in the box now I will admit I really don’t know what a Chai tea latte smells like. So this is going to be one which I am going to have to burn in order to be able to decide if I like it or not however this is not something which offended me straight away when I gave it a sniff.

Black Raspberry and Vanilla is one of those which if I had to choose a favouite out of the whole box it would be this one it smells amazing. I really get the scent of raspberry first then a slight hint of vanilla this is going to be one which I will be burning as soon as I can and have a tart burner free to do this hopefully this is not going to be very long.

The next one which I found in the box was Banana pancakes this is one which I would never have purchased because banana is not one of my favouite. This smells really a lot of banana as the name suggests however hopefully when I go to burn this it is not going to be overpowering and I can stand to burn it. I guess time will tell.

Strawberry and geranium this is one which is an usually scent for me due to the fact that it is floral as well as been fruity however I get more of the floral scents which is something I actually like. This is one which is growing on me the more time time I smell it. This is not one which I would have purchased however it is one which is welcomed in this house hold.

The final tart which I received in this cranberry, orange and cinnamon this is one which I would have purchased myself because it smells like christmas in a candle to me. The reason I think this is due to the fact that it has scents which I think of when I think of christmas. This is one which I can not wait to burn very soon before it becomes past christmas.

Which one of these is your favourite from this box

Charlotte x

Jess at 10 Months


Hi Guys

Today I am going to share with you Jess’s 10 month update.  I have decided to do this update in a different style more like an entry into a diary so Jess can look back at it in the future and see what she was like.

Dear Jess

I can’t believe that it is 10 months since I brought you home next thing we know it will be your birthday damm that has gone so quick.

You certainly have developed a personality in the last couple of months your now rarely seen without your tongue stuck out or a cheeky grin on your face proud of the latest piece of havoc you have created. I guess you do have to keep that uncle in line and show him your the boss around here because after all you are a princess.


Jess you really have a developed a love for food you always are after things which other people have.One of your favourite meals at the moment seems pasta bolognese. Pinapple and strawberries also seem to be a bit hit with you. This month you had your first proper ice cream you loved it so much you woke up at 3am wanting a man man which is an ice cream to you. I told you it was closed you rolled over and went back to sleep must have been dreaming about them. You have really found your love for snacks when your in your pram again and keep munching on Organixs sweetcorn rings and carrot puffs or the rice cakes in apple.

You have decided that your so cool now you only have to hold one handle of your sippy cup when your drinking your juice this means that sometime you do end up spilling it and getting it all down yourself which you don’t really seem impressed about.



This month saw you finally get your first teeth one appeared and then the next day the second one came next to it. It seems you don’t do things in ones at all. They are both the bottom front ones but by next month I can see you having a few more come through.

In terms of clothing you are only just going into your 6-9 months now which means you can finally have some of your summery clothes out for all the hot days we are dreaming of. You are still only in your size 3 nappies but I don’t think it will be long till you move up a size.

You go to bed between 7-9pm and don’t wake up at all through the night till around 7am in the morning your like your mummy don’t really like the mornings but that’s going to have to change soon when we have to go to nursery and university. You still have a nap in a morning and one in the afternoon of anywhere between and hour and a couple of hours.


You have decided that crawling is not for you and you shuffle everywhere on your bum and use your leg as a leaver under you to get some speed up. Your so fast we can hardly keep up with you but it sure does wear you out.You really don’t like to be sat still anymore you want to be up and about whether it’s dancing or exploring you don’t like to be sat.

This month you have learnt to shake hands and also to clap which is so adorable waving seems to be another thing which you have just grasped as well it does make my heart melt when you do these things.

You still have that dirty laugh which we all adore and this month you have started saying mama not as much as you used to say dada but I am sure you will start saying dada more when you start seeing him again when he is not busy with work.

Until next month when you will have been on your first holiday with Mummy and Daddy.

Love You Lots

Mummy xx

The Love Hate Tag

Hi Guys

Today I thought I would share with you a tag which I read a lot recently on blogs and one which looked very fun to take part in which is the the love/hate tag. I did this one on my old blog but seen as I have some new readers now I have decided to do it again.

1. Painting my nails
2. Caffeine I need it so much now been a new mum
3. Sims this is something I have got into playing again thanks boyfriend
4. Lush bath bombs there is something just nice about relaxing
5. Candles Yankee ones I seem to be loving right now
6. Candy crush this is something which I have got into recently again
7. Organising this is something which I have done more since getting my blog planner this is a reason you are seeing more and more posts now.
8.  Youtube I now watch more Youtube I think than I do normal TV this maybe because I can relate to Youtubers more than I can people on TV,
9. Instagram this is something which I am loving more and more and I must say I am now seeing the benefits of it. If you want to follow me I am @cupsofcharlotte. I share a lot of pictures of Jess over there.
10. Giving gifts there is something I don’t know what it is but recently I have loved giving presents to people and them really appreciate what they have received
1. Chipped nail varnish
2. Black pudding it is just wrong to me
3. People been late it is just a pet peeve of mine
4.Tea there is something about it
5. Rats they just full on give me the creeps
6. Follow for follow on social media if you want to follow me great but you don’t expect for me to follow back because I don’t always I am sorry about it.
7. Not sleeping I am someone who needs to sleep otherwise I am not good to function at the moment I am not getting a lot of sleep so by around 8pm I am needing my bed.
8. Low battery I hate been on charge it makes me feel like I am stuck because I have to be so close to the plug damm apple and their short wires.
9. Having to say goodbye for 2 weeks after an amazing week being a family being a long distance family really does suck sometimes,
10. Not thinking that I am good enough which makes me doubt a lot of things not just on my blog but also in relationships.

What do you love and hate let me know

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