Hoot Snacks Review

I was really lucky to review a huge box full of Hoots snacks just before Christmas the reason behind this was because as some of you may know I am a Hull blogger. Hoots are a company who are based here in Hull and to celebrate been the UK City of Culture I was send a box of there tasty snacks to review.

Hoots are a crouton style baked snacks which makes them a lot more crunchy than a bag of normal crisps. They almost remind me of the garlic bread snacks which you used to be able to get I don’t think you can actually get them any longer.  Hoots as I stated previously are baked not fried which makes the a healthier alternative to crisps as well as they have no added flavour, preservatives, colours or nuts which is great as this means that Jess can snack on these as well.

There currently is only a range of 4 flavours which are smokey bacon, cheese and onion, pickled onion and also salt and pepper.  I would say that I loved the cheese and onion ones the most because they actually tasted as close to cheese and onion crisps as you are going to get they were very cheese without been too much which is something I liked. I do not want to be made to feel like I am eating too healthy even when I am for some strange reason.

The smokey bacon ones reminded me of frazzles which you can purchase because they were very bacon like this is something which Joe loved because of the fact he really likes smokey bacon flavours. For me they were a little bit too strong but this is just me. If you like smokey bacon you will really love this product.

Pickled onion ones reminded me a little bit of the monster munch which we have in the UK I am unsure if you have them anywhere else in the world. These are not very pickled which means that they you can really taste the onion which is something which I love. I would not give Jess these because of the fact that I don’t think that she would actually like them.

Salt and Pepper hoots are very strong to me you can really taste the pepper which may not to be everyones taste. I know that when I offered these to my Dad he didn’t actually like them at all because of this, This is not something which bothered me usually products can be too vinegary which is not something I love because this product doesn’t have any in.

Overall I love this product I love that it is healthier than crisps however. you still manage to get all the flavour and more than you do from normal ones. The only thing which makes puts me off purchasing them again is that it is hard to get hold of the products.

Have you tried these snacks? If so what did you think

Charlotte x
This post contains a PR sample however this does not affect my thoughts