Half Year Goals

As some of you may remember at the start of the year I set some goals of what I wanted to achieve on my blog in 2017. Now we are nearly half way through the year, yes I know it has gone super fast I almost can not believe how fast it has gone.  I have managed to achieve one of my goals which means that I think that I am going to make my target a little bit higher so that I have something to aim for the rest of the 6 months.

Without any further, ado I am going to start

Start 2017: 998
Now: 1260
Target: 2000

As you can see I have managed to gain almost 300 followers in 6 months and I have had huge periods where I have not been using Twitter for some reason I actually fell out of love with it and it used to be my favourite social media. I am sure that if I take part in more chats and actually use my Twitter more I may be able to gain the just over 700 followers which and achieve the goal this year I can tell this one may take a little bit of work but I love interacting with you guys.

Start 2017: 498
Now: 743

This is has overtaken Twitter for me as my favouite social media I have found myself using the stories more which I think is a great way to interact with other people I know I have followed people because of it. I am sure that this is a goal which I am going to achieve because I am only 250 off this target and I have some fun things planned which I will be sharing on Instagram. This is a platform which I struggled to grow on but in the past six months, it is one which I have managed to do pretty well on.

Start 2017:180
Now: 198

After all of the drama with bloglovin I have found it hard to grow because of the fact that so many people have quit the platform which has meant that I have lost some followers even though you may be unable to tell because of the fact that the numbers have actually managed to grow.  I am unsure if I will get 250 followers by the end of the year but we can only hope.

Start 2017:8

This is one platform which I had only just started at the start of the year which is the reason why I only had 8 followers as you can see I have managed already to double my target which is something I am so proud of. As personally Facebook is something which I rarely use. I am going to up my goal to 200 because this looks like something which at the current rate could be achievable.

I also had some non follower related goals which were getting pinterest for my blog this is still something which I have not looked into this is something which I may look into over the summer as I have heard people say it is a great way of getting more traffic to your blog.  So keep your eyes peeled for that I will share on social media if this is something which I do.

I have just got my new camera which I got for my birthday it is not something which I have had out of the box and played with yet so my photography will not have improved that much yet but I am loving been able to use natural light instead of articial with all of the nice weather we have been having.

Do you have any goals for the rest of the year?

Charlotte x

2017 Blogging Goals

I have decided that 2017 is the year which I am going to be consistent on my blog. I was doing blogmas however, life got very manic for me there have been some amazing highs this month and I am glad that so many of you have stuck around with me even though I have not been an amazing blogger.

I am one of those people who love to set goals it gives me something to I don’t want to set my goals way above what I’ll ever reach I want them to be realistic and ones which I can reach. 


Currently 998
I really need to start taking part in more of the chats again because this is the way I met so many of my amazing friends. I also feel like it does feel as lonely blogging when you are part of a community. Who knows if I will be able to double and more my following in a year. 

I really want to start posting more on my Instagram at the moment I can see my following going up but there are a lot of people who are playing to follow unfollow game which is really annoying. This year I have gone from around 100 followers to this so I think this is actually possible. 

Currently :180
I really want this to grow my blog a little bit even though I know not many people are currently using bloglovin this is something which I have seen my following slowly grow on this year. I would love it to see more of you following my small section of the internet. 

I really don’t use my facebook page very much however, 2017 is going to be the year this changes I have seen so many people state that they get some grteat interaction from people on there that I now want a piece of the action as well.  I am setting my goal small because I really don’t know how long this one will last.

There are also some things which I would love to do which are not follower related 

I would love to get Pinterest for my blog and really get it going this is one of the elements of social media which I do not use and this is something I really want to change. I have heard that they can bring a lot of traffic to your blog which is something which I would like to experience as well. 

Improve my photography this is an area which I know I really lack in and over the Christmas period have done something about. Currently, I can not justify having a new camera even though I really would love a Cannon G7X but I feel like this is something which I may invest in during the summer months if I am still enjoying blogging as much as I am now.  I now have better lighting and a new background which I will be hopefully using props with so that my background as not as boring any longer.

Continue blogging not just parenting but also add elements of beauty and lifestyle because this is something which I am so passionate about and really enjoy and after all my blog is a reflection of my life. 

What are you goals for 2017?

Charlotte x

5 Christmas Traditions

Hey Guys

I thought today as part of blogmas I would share with you some of the traditions which we have a family some which I can see my little family adapting in the future when we get our own house. However, these are the traditions which I remember doing and some we still do.

A tradition which we still do is after Christmas so that we are not consuming turkey for the rest of the year we have a really nice turkey soups as you can image there is loads of it so we are eating it for a while.. My dad makes it and it seems to have so much in it from a large range of vegetables, pearl barley as well as turkey I am sure that there is more than that however, I can not recall this at the moment. Unfortunately due to me and Jess going away not long after Christmas we do not manage to have as much of this maybe we will have one day were we get to have some this year fingers crossed for me.

Opening our stockings on our parents bed on Christmas morning even at 21 years old I am not ashamed to stay that I have this tradition. We get to open the small presents which means that they are not forgotten about as your opening the big ones straight away. Me and my brother hang our stockings on our bedroom doors and the we grab them when we leave however. this year I am going to have to share my door with Jess as for the first time she has a little stocking. We will still be doing this and is a tradition which I can see continuing when we get our own house.

Leaving a treat out for Santa due having a brother who is 5 years younger than me this is one which I have done for a long time. With having Jess this is going to continue as a young child I remember always having a mug for Santa’s milk I found it again not so long ago leaving a carrot for Rudolph and a Mince Pie as long as we had some. I have seen the beautiful plates which you can get with your children’s names on however, this is not something I would really want to do till my family is complete who knows in the future there may be more than Jess.

We as kids were told that Santa saw us it meant that that he would take all of the presents back which has meant that we always lay in till between 8-9am which is late as I know some people who will be up at 4am. This is one which I am demanding that we teach Jess in the future because this Mamma likes her sleep. Even this year I don’t feel like we will have too much trouble sleeping I remember last year we actually had to wake Jess up and she was only 3 months old.

The final tradition which again kind of relates to Christmas day is that you must eat some food before you are allowed to open any of the presents which are downstairs. I have no clue why this is maybe it is as simple as so that we can have some food in our systems pretty early on in the day. Usually I will have something small like toast this year I know this is something which we will have to do as Jess loves her food and will not have a breakfast long after she has woken up. We also take it in turns to open presents I feel like this is so we know what each other got at as well as all gifts then feel special.

I would love to know what your Christmas traditions are leave me a comment and let me know

Charlotte x

What To Take To University

Hi Guys

This post was seen on my old blog last year however this is something which I still see as relvant and thought it may be of some us to you. So today I am going to share what you need to take to uni in general so that you do not forget anything these are some thing which people may forgot due to them not been on the lists. Let;s face it your room becomes your home away from home you spend a lot of time in it studying,sleeping and just generally chilling. There is nothing worse than the white walls and horrid carpets.  So anything you can do to make it feel more like home you are going to do it trust me.

If you are anything like me your bed will take up one of the biggest spaces in your room and it is where you will spend a lot of your time even if it is just sat on your bed catching up on tv or youtube in my case. Most of my bedding sets come from Primark because of the fact that they look so cute and they are available at student prices. Due to the fact that Primark don’t have a website I can not show you my favourites.  You can also get a from there I promise they are good quality because that’s what I have an they have never done me any harm.

Unfortunatly the time has come where you mum will no longer be doing your washing and it is something which you are going to have to do for yourself.  First your going to need a laundry basket to store all them dirty clothes so you don’t have to see them again Primark do cute ones for cheap, Primark is also a good place to get some clothes hangers so you don’t have to have a floorode all year. A clothes horse is also something which you need to invest in because of the fact it is easy to dry clothes this way I picked mine up pretty cheap in Argos I have this one. Washing powder is something else you will need but this can be purchased in your first food shop at uni.

Don’t forget your clothes you don’t want to have to be the one without enough clothes and constantly having to make trips to Primark to make sure you get by. However don’t over pack because space can be limited and you can always purchase them while at uni

You can always purchase them when you are at uni but don’t forget that you are going to need some to get you started.  

Towels- are something which you have to take yourself as well I have got mine from Tesco in the past and they have been so soft and amazing.  Toilet roll and soap is something which I have had to provide myself in the houses which I have lived in but this is something I would purchase when you move in.


A door stop you always want your door open if you want people to come in and see you more so if you are a fresher. I still love having my door open because I feel like it is more homely. I have a beautiful doorstop from Next which is a duck however they have a range of others including this beautiful pug. When I was looking for a new one after living in the attic last year I couldn’t find many places which sold door stops.

A bin not every uni room has one mine didn’t last year at all I just picked up a metal bin from Wilko which was about £1.50 and that did me last year. I have now taken it home because my room this year actually comes with a bin.

Fairylights I purchased two packets last year from Primark because I think that they looked adoreable. They also made the white walls pop a little bit which is something I wanted anything to inject some colour into my room and make it feel more homely.

Extension Lead there is never going to be enough plugs this is something you need to realise so just pick up a basic extension lead again these can be found in places such as Wilko or local supermarkets.

Posters to break up your walls this is something which I did in first year but since then I have accessorized with cute thing which I have found people selling on sites such as Ebay, Etsy and also sometime local shops.

Candles they are something which I am addicted to anyway so could not go to uni without. I have a wide selection you can always get some cheap amazing ones from brands such as Primark, B&M, Poundland, Wlko as well as companies such as Flamingo Candles, Busy Bee Candles and Yankee.

I have not included kitchen because I know this can vary from uni to uni.

If there is anything you think I have forgotten please let me know in the comments below?

Charlotte x