Living Arrows #12- Time To Explore

As some of you may know if you live in the UK the weather has become really nice and since we have such girl who wants to be outside all of the time it has seen us as a family be outside a couple of times this weekend. We took Jess to a park at the other side of the the city and it is a large park which means that she can roam free, We picked up another rein bag this one is a ladybird one and this is going to stay in the car so that we can use it if we need it and do not have the other one. This bag was only £8.99 from Argos and it was Treprass as well. As you can tell she from the photograph she is having such a great time and when I looked on my phone she has walked around 2 miles that day and that’s a lot for little legs.

During our time in the park we have had an ice cream Jess decided that she wanted a milky moo I think they are called and this is her face when it has all gone, We still had ours but Jess had finished and it meant that she ended up sharing half of mine because she is such a cheeky monkey but she deserves it don’t worry she did not have way to much. I love this picture because I think that she looked really a little girl but I do forget that she is 18 months now and she is not a little baby anymore. I think that it is one of the first times I have put her in light denim properly and she has tights under them.

The final image I am going to share with you is this one of Jess in our back garden and this was her face when she had a found a plant pot. I think she had great fun because she was always trying to get them and the pegs which have been dropped on the grass during the winter and we have not managed to pick them up. I love this picture however something which I am not a huge fan of is how super ginger she looks om this picture but I am not bother if she fully turns out like this, I am sure looking forward to more summery days because it means that we can be outside more.

How have you been spending this warm weekend?

Charlotte x

Living Arrows #11- Becoming Creative

For Christmas I purchased Jess these bath crayons but we have not used them until recently this means that you can drawn on the bath and even your skin as you can see she has some blue colour on her face. These have seen us have so draw some amazing pictures on the bath this is something which we have has so much fun doing because of the fact that the it allows us to be creative without having to make too much mess which is good because of the fact that I am not a huge fan of mess. When Jess is in the bath she is having so much fun with these I think I might have to purchase more when these break. I think that they are only are around £3 of amazon so it is worth checking out if your looking for these.

This week has been one of the longest for Jess for some reason as you can see this picture is taken of her on the train. She was so tired and usually goes for a nap as you can see she has her really comfy blanket which makes her sleep because of the fact at the moment it means that it gives her some comfort she seems like she is now getting into the teddy bear stage as well because on a night when I go to bed and check on her I have noticed that she is always cuddling her build a bear.  This weekend she has managed to sleep more which means that she is not as tired.

The final picture which I am going to share with you is this one where Jess looks really grumpy I think this she was so grumpy due to the fact that she was so tired and she needed to nap. I love some of the pictures where she actually looks grumpy because it shows to me that I don’t only take pictures when she is happy and wanting to remember the amazing times I want to remember all of the times,
Have you done anything amazing this week
Charlotte x

Living Arrow #9- Time to Dress Up

This week saw us celebrate work book day and due to the fact that Jess goes to nursery we had to get an outfit. With her name been Jess we decided that we was going to send her as Jessie from Toy Story I am unsure if it is actually a book now.  The picture above was taken on the way home from nursery because she was becoming very bored on the train so I had to detract her by using snapchat. So Jessie turned into a bunny which I think is adorable I love how you can see the nose on her ear as well from the filter.

I thought I would share a picture of her with her outfit in full we actually managed to pick this up in a sale at the start of December and we knew that it would come in, I can believe how grown up she looks and she adored been dressed up I am sure that this will not the only time we see Jess in fancy dress this year, I am sure it is going to be a trend. The facial impression which she has is one which cracks me up this is something which she is constantly pulling at the moment. I also can’t believe looking at this picture how much her hair has grown I will admit soon I am going to have to invest in some hair clips so it is not in her way.

 The final picture which we I am going to share is this picture where she looks so cheeky for some reason I think it was due to the fact that she was laughing at me because she has just managed to splash me seconds before this and drench me. I think she is going to be such a water baby because I can never get her out of the bath when I want to she always seems to be in there over an hour. I can’t wait till I have some time off which will mean that I can take her swimming even more.

What have you done this week?

Charlotte x

Living Arrows #6 – zzzzz Sleeping

This week ended again with Jess been poorly she managed to get her first sickness bug which again resulted in a day off nursery she has only managed to do one full week this year. Jess decided that she wanted a lot of cuddles when she was poorly and this meant that we did no do a lot this weekend because it is what she wanted so the weekend consisted of cuddles and naps. This did mean that we have had to scrap the plans which we kind of made for valentine’s however, I am sure that we will end up doing something else at a later date.

The picture which I have used at the top of this post is one which I took on Friday when all she wanted to do was get under a blanket and cuddle me. If you have a child around the same age as Jess you will know that they would rather be on their feet on the move constantly so this was another way I knew she was poorly. I think she actually end up napping on me for a couple of hours. I will admit it was really nice to have cuddles like we did when she was baby.

I love this picture so much this was taken not long after she had woken up for milk because she had ended up going to bed without having any tea. She was way too tired this bug which she has been suffering must really have knocked her. I love the eyes on this I captured this as she was giving me her dummy which I had hardly seen her this day because I had been at rugby if your a league fan you will know the new season has started I am so excited about it. I think this shows that it doesn’t matter what you are doing it is amazing to capture even some of the smallest moments and remember them.

The final one which I am going to share this week is one which I took in the middle of the night when she decided she need settling and then the cheeky monkey took over my bed. As some of you may know I don’t know if I have mentioned it on her that I have a single bed I couldn’t actually get in my bed when she did this because of how she had laid. Looking back on this she may have actually been starting to get the sickness bug and that is why she was not feeling herself. I will tell you this that she better not get used to it because this Mummy needs her sleep a lot at the moment.

What have you been up to this week?

Charlotte x

Living Arrows #4 – First Week Back

As you may remember this was Jess’s first week back at nursery for a whole month because she has not been used to the 5.45am get-ups and then she is always on the go at nursery because she does not like to nap as she feels like she will miss something. This site of her napping is something which I have seen a lot either it been on our train ride home or when she has been at home. This Saturday she actually went for a 6-hour nap in the afternoon this shows how tired she had been and how worn out she is hopefully this is something which will be changing once she gets back into her routine. As nice as it is to see her sleeping I do want some time to bond with her because otherwise, I am sure she will forget who we are.

Another thing which has occurred this week is the fact Jess has been super hungry I am sure this girl could easy eat me out of house and home. She loves her food as you can see she is munching on Pasta here even nursery said they have never known someone who enjoys food so much. I am actually glad that she is not a fusty eater because I feel like this would be one of my worst nightmares she even likes foods such I don’t like black pudding.  I hope this is something which continues in the future as I know this can change as they grow up.

This is one of my favouite photo’s of the week which is Jess and her Grandad walking around the supermarket. This picture proves to me that she is not a baby anymore she sure is a toddler which is not something I am loving I miss my baby.  I am looking forward to some the achievements which are to come such as her speaking coming on and other amazing things we have to come. All which I will be sharing with you on this blog I am sure you will enjoy the ride.

What have you been up to this week?


Living Arrows

Living Arrow #3 – Final Week Of Freedom

I really can’t believe that my Christmas holiday’s have finally come to an end tomorrows sees me back at university since the 9th December which seems like forever I have only been back three times since then for exams and a course. This weekend has felt like the last week of freedom and we have had a busy week of decluttering but also we have had so much fun been together all week.

This picture sums up our week very very cheeky with lots of climbing and playing with toys, We have managed to play with a lot of the toys which she was lucky to recieve for Christmas because she went away quickly after it means she has hardly played with them. This meant she had nearly forgot about them so was so super excited to play with them again. We even took some of her old toys to the charity shop which she has outgrown and saved some like this rubber ring for if there ever is baby number 2.

If you have not realised by now Jess really loves to have her picture taken so when she decided that she would try her Grandad’s hat on she had to adjust it so that she looked her best for when a photograph was taken. I love that it is so easy to get photographs of Jess because it is going to be a lot easier with look back that the changes and all the progress she has made this year. I love how this shows her cheeky streak which she currently has going on.

The final picture I am going to share with you this week is one which was only taken because it is a momentous occasion. This was Jess having her very first subway this is a place which I like to eat at if looking for a quick healthy lunch. As you may noticed yes Jess does open her sandwich up and eat the contents then the bread. I can’t believe that she is now old enough to have one where has my little girl gone can you please bring her back I don’t like having a grown toddler. This week marked her turning 16 months which is crazy when it doesn’t seem long since she was born.

What have you been up to this week?

Charlotte x

Living Arrows #2- A Week With Daddy

This week does with a massive shout out to Daddy who has taken these pictures for me because I have had exams which meant Daddy was in charge of looking after Jess for 4 whole days on his own I am so grateful and I know he will not mind me saying this he was scared that something would happen. He is an amazing Dad so I had all faith in him and I feel like Jess has had one of the most amazing weeks of her life. This means that most of the pictures have been taken by him because he knows how much I want to do this challenge he also posts pictures of Jess which you may not have seen on his Instagram which is Gijoe689.

This picture is one which shows me how much she has grown up she is sat in a big chair all by herself holding a drink and looking so pleased with herself. I think this picture was one of the first time which made me realise that actually my little one is nearly a year and a half and she is no longer a baby no matter how much I want her to be. This picture was just before we went on a trip to bring me back up north before my exams. 
Daddy is a huge gamer which has now rubbed off on Jess as you can see he has managed to even get her smiling and happy while wearing his headphones. I find it amazing because it proves that girls can be into gaming and it is something which they both enjoy. Jess is always wanting to sit on his knee while he is gaming. This sure is something which is melting my heart I have always had a close relationship with my Dad and this is something which I hope Jess can have with her own Dad. 
The final picture which I am going to share this one where Jess decided that she was going to get into our bed with her blanket. She decided she really wanted to watch spiderman which was on tv that night. I adore how she wanted to watch a film with us because it is one of mine and Joe’s favourite things to do. I will say she did not watch the whole film she managed to fall asleep.We could have another Marvel fan on our hands this would be amazing if we could take her to the cinema the future to go and see the latest Marvel release.

What have you been up to this week?

Charlotte x

Living Arrows

Living Arrows #1 – New Year

This is the year where I am going to take more pictures of Jess because I have realised that since she went to nursery I rarely take pictures of her which mean I have so many gaps in my albums when I look back on her life. This is for sure something which I really want to change because I can not stand it she is growing up so fast and I want to be able to remember it for as long as possible. We all know that time does not stand still and in the future when she is all grown up I want to be able to look back on them.

Each week I have decided that I am going to take apart in the living arrows which was created by the lovely Donna. The idea is to share one or more pictures which you have taken of your child/children that week and share them some which otherwise would go forgotten. Sometimes these pictures may be ones which I have not had time to share to my Instagram yet other times they may be ones which you have seen who knows. 

Family means so much to me I feel like everyone says this just after Christmas however, personal things which have occurred makes me realise how we should cherish every moment and make sure we tell love ones how much we love them. This photo is of Jess and her amazing Daddy on New Year’s Day after food that’s what is around Jess’s mouth if you wondered. I love this photo so much because it looks like Jess is taking a selfie and also it is one of the only pictures I have which I actually love of her and Daddy. This just made me realise we have not had a family picture in over a year I feel like this needs to change at some stage soon. 
Can you tell my Daughter loves looking in the mirror this picture was not actually even staged we gave her a mirror and this is what happened. I am glad even at her young age she loves what she looks like because I know I do not always and we should all remember we are beautiful the way we are. This picture actually made me realise how much of a little poser she is. 
We have been having a lot of baths while at Nanny and Grandad’s house mainly because Jess is getting super dirty and it sometimes is so much easier to give her a bath. Something we have started doing is giving her lush baths as a treat. This weekend she had one as she was not feeling amazing so we thought we would give her one and hopefully it may help her sleep. As you can see she has lots of toys in the bath to play with and in this actual bath she has a little bit of Sunnyside bubble bar and Intergalactic so it was one super glittery bath. This bath sure wore her out and I think we on for the best sleep of the whole time we have been down as I said she has not been sleeping great.  

Living Arrows

Do you wish you took more photographs to document your life?
Charlotte x