Dear Dada- The House of Virus

Dear Dadda Well, this week has been super eventful after having to run for the train from Nanny’s to York literally we got out the lift as the train was coming. Jess decided that she was going to throw up 3 times between Retford and York. I think she knew that she was going to be […]

Dear Dada- Actually Been Sociable

The first week they say is always one of the hardest and we have managed to survive it don’t worry there haven’t been any murders yet. The closest to death we have had is when Mummy stupidly got bitten about 20 times by something well that must mean I am tasty right?. I am glad […]

Dear Dada – Saying Goodbye

Life is about to change again for us before you jump to conclusions no we are not expecting another bundle of joy.  Today life as we know it is about to change for 6 months Daddy is going to the Falklands. As you can imagine at the moment it is a super emotional time for […]

How To Healthy During Exam Season

As some of you may know I am a 2nd-year student which means I have had a lot of exam seasons, I have found that when I become stressed I can forget to look after myself as bad as it sounds it means that I can become poorly. This is something which I can not […]

The March Melt Box- Flamingo Candles ’17

One thing which I am always looking forward to when a new month started is that there is going to be a new melt box arriving as you know I am someone who loves burning candles and tarts. Of course today I am going to share with you March’s edition I know this is pretty late, […]

Living Arrows #12- Time To Explore

As some of you may know if you live in the UK the weather has become really nice and since we have such girl who wants to be outside all of the time it has seen us as a family be outside a couple of times this weekend. We took Jess to a park at […]

Printing Off Photographs From Iphone

Taking pictures is something which I love to do since having Jess this is something which I have found myself doing more and more. However, they are all stored digitally either on my iphone or my computer but I find myself sometimes wishing I had more physical pictures of her which means that I can […]

Living Arrows #11- Becoming Creative

For Christmas I purchased Jess these bath crayons but we have not used them until recently this means that you can drawn on the bath and even your skin as you can see she has some blue colour on her face. These have seen us have so draw some amazing pictures on the bath this […]

Jess at 18 months

Dear Jess It’s hard to believe that 18 months ago today you was still inside me now you are not a baby you are becoming such an independent little lady. I wish you would slow down because Mummy for one is not ready for all of this you are still my little girl. You have […]

Living Arrows #10 – Brum Brum

I don’t know about you guys but I can not believe how fast this year is going 10 weeks have already flown by and before we know it it will be Christmas. This week I have not been feeling the greatest it is for a couple of reasons but I think that I will share […]

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