Days Out – Eureka National Children’s Museum


Eureka! National Children’s Museum is somewhere where I visited as a child and can still remember elements of so when we found ourselves with a spare free weekend with no plans. We decided that we would take Jess for an amazing day of hands-on fun there is always a lot to play with the look and of course, learn about. Just because it is a Children’s Museum, it does not mean that it is not suitable for toddlers at 2 Jess had so much fun as you can see from her face on some of the pictures.  Halifax is only around 1-1 ½ hours away from where we are based which means that there was not too much time spent in the car travelling to our day out.
When we arrived, there is a large car park which is next to the museum which we found pretty easy to park in, and I think it cost us around £4 for 4 hours this is something which we did not think was too expensive. The museum is opposite the train station, so if you are travelling in by train, this is something to be aware of. When we arrived, we went to the wrong way as we did not notice the building, so you really need to keep your eyes peeled. Outside of the museum, there is actually a large play area which has sand pits as well, however when we visited it was snowing which meant that Jess was unable to play outside. When we visit again, I am sure this is an area which she will have so much fun playing in.
It could have been due to the time of year when we visited it was the start of December it was pretty quiet we did not have to queue . One thing which does make me happy is that there offer annual pass tickets as part of their normal entry price which means you pay once and can visit as many times as you want within 12 months. This for sure is something which is going make us want to visit again we are already planning to go back when Jess is a little bit older maybe in March/April time.
The first area we saw was the all about me gallery which is one which is one of the areas which I would say is the most interactive. This is an area which I would say is great for all ages as there is so much to play with. Of course, because I went with a toddler it does mean there were some of the things which she was not interested in because it went over her head. However, there is so much that the under 5’s can do as you can see Jess was brushing her teeth like she would at home. There is an area which maternity area which you can scan a dolls tummy which shows you the baby in the tummy like a real scan. This would be a great area to visit should your child become an older sibling. Jess is just starting to like babies, and she is always playing with the dolls which we have now at home.
The areas which Jess loved the most had to be the living and working gallery this is on the bottom floor. This area is exploring pretending kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, a garage which even has petrol pimps and a working car wash. If this is not enough, there is also a Mark’s and Spencer’s which is just like the real shop. There is a post office, building suite and a Halifax bank as well which has a million pound chair as well as a bank volt and a cash machine which is available for the young ones to play with. Jess as you can see loved the shop I think we did the whole weekly shop in this little M&S as well as her pretending that she was so posh and could afford to sit on the million.
The rest of the areas is split into 6 areas which desert garden, town, ocean, jungle, country and ice garden. These are areas which Jess adored because there was a lot for her to do and this is an areas which is made for the under 5s so it did not go over her head at all like some of the other areas had done.  Desert was one which Jess loved so much because of the fact there was something which you put balls in turned the wheel and the ball came out the other side. I think we must have lost a fair amount of time in their for sure she was having the time of her life.
Downstairs there is a SoundSpace and Soundgarden this is an area which we did at the end, so we did not spend a lot of time in it due to the fact our car park was running out. I think this area was a little bit too old for her, but this is something which she might enjoy more in the future when she grows up. There is a soft play area in the corner I think it is meant to be for those who are under 5 and some of the areas is for those who do not walk yet. This area was very busy and full of children who were over 5, so Jess did not really want to play in this area as older children can scare her.
Eureka is for sure worth the money it is £12.95 for adults, and because Jess is under the ages of 3, it was only £5.25. Of course, you get the free annual pass for the end of the year because we found that Jess was very tired at the end of the day she I don’t think made it out of the car park before been asleep. I can see you been able to visit your child is at least 10 years old. Even though we visited on the weekend it was not too busy Jess still got to see everything which she wanted. I love how this is so child-friendly, and they change parts of the museum every 3 months which means that it could be very different when you visit.
For sure I would recommend visiting Eureka, and I know we will be back in the next 12 months. Have you visited Eureka if so what were your thought.


Charlotte xx

Trailwalker- 100km Under 30 Hours

It’s the start of a new year which is always when people start the new year new me or plan a crazy challenge which they are going to do. This is something which I have decided to do this year well I have known about this challenge since September. On the weekend of the 13-15th July 2018 I am going to be tackling 100km within 30 hours along the South Downs.  I will be doing this with a team of girls from my University we will have finished our degree by then and it something which I wanted to do in order to mark the end of my studying for now.  This has been organised through my university and I know I am lucky to be able to take part in such an amazing challenge it is going to create amazing memories.
Trailwalker is the challenge of a lifetime with more than 400 teams taking on 100km of the South Downs Way, helping to end poverty with each step.  It on average takes a team 27 hour to complete this challenge however, it has been completed in as little as 9 hours 50 which is crazy.  In order to be able to complete this walk I have to raise at least £350 which is used by Oxfam and The Gurkha Welfare Trust to improve lives around the world.
If you have not heard of these charities Oxfam is a movement of millions of people, all working towards one goal – an end to poverty to everyone. In over 70 years they have become world leaders in emergency water and sanitation, and experts in providing shelter, food and protection.  The Gurkha Welfare Trust provide financial, medical and development aid to Gurkha veterans, their families and communities in Nepal as well as welfare advice to the UK Gurkha Community.
We will be in teams of 4 walkers which means that when the time is hard and we really want to give up we will be able to give each other so much support which is something which I think we are going to need. We have heard how hard it is off people who have already completed this in previously years so I know that is going to be physically challenging as well as mentally which is something which I am prepared for.
The walk starts in Peterfield and ends 30 hours later in Brighton I think it is at the racecourse I do not think that I will have actually been more grateful to see a racecourse in my life. This year is going to see me having to do more walking before July because I have decided that the more walking I do the easier and less harsh the blisters might be. So if any of you fancy coming for a walk between now and then let me know or if you have any recommendations for audiobooks or music because I know that a lot of my training is going to be me walking on my own.
I do have a just giving page which is linked below if you would like to donate this link is going to be on all of my posts till September when my fundraising is over. Thank you if you have taken the time to actually read this post.
What have you decided to do different in 2018?


Charlotte xx

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Dear Dada- It’s Over 

Dear Dada

Wow look how much I have changed in the last 6 months you have been away. I know you will feel guilty because you feel like you have been missing out on so much of my life but you really haven’t don’t worry. We can make a lot of memories now you have been back, and you have my weekly updates to look back on. Don’t worry now I will hand Mummy her laptop back after this update, and I can go back to colouring like a good girl.

The last 6 months have been so strange without you because I had got used to seeing you so much, and then I had to go an extended period of time without. The only contact we have really had in all of this time is skype once a week, and you know how sometimes I get too excited and do not want to talk to you. I love being crazy with you I am sure this is something which is going to happen which is going to happen more because we have a lot of making up to do. I know you love me so much and will not mind me been crazy. In the past 6 months, I have done a hell of a lot of fun things, I have had many dressing up days, a few family BBQs, I have had day’s out to the park and a couple of trips to see animals. I have been such a big girl and the dummy has now gone forever because I do not need it anymore, I have even moved upstairs at nursery.

I have been on hundreds of trains since you left shock horror I have been going on the bus a few times which is nice because I never seem to go on them. I have eaten a few meals out because I am a spoilt little princess and been such a good girl and I couldn’t have done it all without Mummy and my grandparents. They have allowed Mummy to have a break when she needs it because you know I can be a handful sometimes which is never good. Grandma had been like a second mummy to me because I know solo parenting must be super hard on top everything else she has to do which is never great.

I have had a couple of visits to see the other set of grandparents and spent two whole weeks with them which is nice and cause they remind me of you. I am sure we will be seeing them a little bit more now that you are home. Now Mummy does not have to be as strong because she has someone on hand to help parent with me when I am crazy, or I am throwing a tantrum. I am sure you can not wait, and because Mummy should be a lot less stressed now, we might get to explore more on the weekends no doubt after Christmas because we will be so busy. I have to start behaving because I know you will end up spoiling me even more if I do and Santa is coming very soon.

I can not wait to give you a huge hug and kiss when I see you tonight because I missed you so much it has been two whole months since I last saw you can you believe. I love you so much Daddy you are not going to be allowed out of my site for days don’t worry about it.

See you very soon Daddy.

Love from Jess xxxxxxxx

Dear Dada- I’m a devil 

Dear Dada

Wow, this week has flown past which means that it is not long till you are back now. We can actually say your back this month which is crazy to think it is nearly 6 whole months ago since you left. You will be glad to know that our luck has changed a little bit well mummy managed to explode a whole can of monster all over her uni bag on Tuesday. I know she wasn’t happy about that at all but lucky she didn’t blow her laptop or anything. Lucky she had a spare bag which she could use while she washed hers out.

This week also saw us celebrate Halloween I think we had 3 trick or treaters all night which of course means more sweets for our family which is always a bonus. I got home way too late to go and mummy doesn’t really agree with it anyway but I had so much fun dressed as a devil I actually wanted to go on Wednesdays with my horns on.

You might remember that mummy has been stupid and not submitted some work to uni and she thought she wouldn’t get feedback for a while. Well, the nice lecturer understands and he marked it and gave her feedback that it was a great job she only needs some small changes and as you know she will smash it because she is super awesome.

I think by the end of the week mummy was nearly as tired as me. So because we didn’t have many plans this weekend mummy chilled out a little bit on Friday night with a nice lush bath the first one for a long time and you know how addicted she used to be to bath bombs. This weekend the grandparents went on holiday which means that we hardly had any plans and I haven’t been to see any fireworks this weekend. Instead, we had a full-on pyjama day today which I think we all needed because we know that we will be busy again very soon and we need to recharge our batteries.

Mummy is already sorting out clothes and toys which I can get rid of before Christmas because I have been such a lucky girl I am hoping Santa will pay me a visit which means that I need to get rid of something. For example, we had sold some of my old coats which don’t fit on eBay and have put toys in bags ready for the charity shop. See I am learning that I don’t have to have so much stuff to make me happy and I know we don’t have the room to have too many things.

I miss you so much daddy don’t worry I will see you in not many nights of sleep now. I love you so much, Daddy.

Love from Jess xxx

Dear Dada- The Week Nothing Goes Right 

Dear Dada

A couple of weeks ago Mummy was telling me all about Friday 13th and how people claim everything goes wrong on that date and you have bad luck. Well, I think me and Mummy have had a couple of weeks of the bad luck I can’t wait for our luck to change.

It started last week when I got ill and mummy had to take time off which she really could have done without because I know how super busy she is. Then on Friday, the bus decided to break down on the way to nursery which meant that we were late and you know how much been late stress Mummy out. I think it was about half an hour late so that was never good. The train has been late a few times recently in the morning which and that she has been getting there 5-10 min late which doesn’t help. I keep telling her there is nothing that she can do about that.

We had to take my pram back so it could get sent off because the wheels have started to play their tricks again which is not something which pleased mummy as pushing me got even harder. We got a replacement pram while it is away and within 20 mins of pushing it the back wheel has come off great when you have a commute like us. We managed to cope and get back to the station after nursery and take it back to get it swapped for a new replacement, however, I think mummy is scared it is going to happen again.

This week mummy realised she didn’t send her ethics for her dissertation off when she thought she did instead she saved them which means that they are not going to be marked for another 3 weeks. Instead of being able to massage people she is going to have to continue reading around the topic. Then to top it off it took us 3 hours to get home on the bus on Friday this is one reason you need to get your bum home. I think mummy’s week was complete when you told her that you were not coming home for another 3 weeks. She might have actually cried even though she will never admit it. I think we need to do some serious cheering Mummy up when you are back.

This weekend because of all of this we had a pretty chilled on I don’t really think we left the house because mummy just wanted to catch up on some jobs which she needed to do. I know she went through some of my toys and clothing because I have so much and it is nearly Christmas again. So she needs to make room for all the new things which I am going to get if I am a good girl.

I hope I made your day when we Skype today and I was super cute at the end blowing you kisses and telling you I miss you. That is the truth Daddy I really miss you and can’t wait to see you now. Don’t worry this week will fly by because it’s Halloween I can’t wait to show you my outfit next week and if I am a good girl mummy might find somewhere to take me to see fireworks at the weekend for bonfire night.

I miss and love you so much Daddy

Love Jess xxx

How I Juggle University, Blogging and Been A Mum

Recently I shared a posts about how I struggle with Mum guilt because of the fact that I am a 3rd year university student a Mum and obviously a blogger. I have also had a few conversations with other people fellow bloggers and people who I interact with on Instagram who have said they do not know how I manage to do all the things I do. To me because of the fact that I do it and have no choice otherwise things wouldn’t get done. Currently I have a help from my mum because as you will know if you have ready my blog for a while Joe is not here which means that I am doing it solo as such.

In terms of university work and I will not lie there is a ton of it reading, planning assignment and of course writing them on top of lectures. I try and set myself a goal ever single day so I will focus on one module a day and this helps me know what i need to do at the moment I am focusing on an assignment due in December however, I have done a rough plan and starting doing my reading around the subject to make it easier for myself. I go to uni on my days off because I find it so hard to work from home with a toddler who always wants your attention so if she is busy been entertaining at nursery it means I can crack on. I try and do the hours between 9-5 and keep it like a job however, sometimes I end up doing a bit of work at home when Jess is in bed on a night. This is a way I can try and keep my weekends free from university work which is something which you would do if you had a normal 9-5 typical job.

 If I am not in a great mood I can find it transferring to my private/ home life which is annoying because I do not like taking it out on Jess and anyone else who is close to me.  I purchased a personal planner which allows me to keep my eye on the date which work is due in and when I actually have class and important things. My timetable can change every single week this means that I need to make sure that Jess has childcare sorted as some of my lectures can finish after 6pm which is the latest when she can be picked up from nursery and I need to make sure that I do actually have childcare for her. This can range from my Dad coming to York and picking her up while I have a lecture and then take us home. Sometimes she gets picked up by her Daddy depending if he is around and then they have some quality time together.

In order of been a Mum I try and dedicate the whole of the weekend to Jess sometimes, this will see me do work on a Sunday afternoon when she spends a little bit of time with her Grandparents. This allows me to catch up on any work which I may not have been able to do during the week. We like to do something fun during the period of the weekend sometimes it may be something small but as long as she is having a lot of fun that is all that matters. I know that it is going to be easier to have a lot more family time when Joe is back even though I know my work load is going to get even larger I will not feel guilty if I know that I have work to do because she is going to be able to have some amazing special time with Joe. I think that they need some more time to be spent together because they have been away from each other for so long. Planning is key because we have now plans for most weekend’s in December and we have multiple plans for next year in the pipeline. Shopping online when I am commuting or when Jess is napping in order for her to get clothes and presents is something which we have to do. Currently me and Joe are constantly sending each other links for ideas of Christmas for everyone because soon we know this is going to be something which we need to deal with.

Blogging is something which can struggle when I am so busy I take my an hour of Sunday afternoon and dedicate this taking picture for the week ahead or the next week which I am planning content for. The reason I say this because sometimes I have posts scheduled for a couple of weeks this is something which I need to do again because I know work is going to be busy again. I write the ideas for my posts in my phone if I do not actually end up writing the post in a app called blog manager on the iphone. This helps me be able to get my words down while I am doing something else such as commuting and then unable to use my laptop. I will then go back when I get chance and add the pictures into a post this can be something like on a short period I have off between lectures on my lunch break. I have a Busy Bee diary which allows me to write when I have scheduled a post for because they can be a while ahead. For example I wrote a post on new years eve which is going to be  up in December. I try and schedule social media post for the whole week on a Sunday which means that my posts are always been promoted if I can not be active on social media my presence is still been felt and I am gaining new readers.

I currently am leaving my house around 6.45 am and getting home around 6.45pm which means that my days are very long and sometimes I do not want to be spending the time which I do have at home looking at a screen. When no doubt it is something which I have been doing for hours which is one of the reasons why I have not been blogging on a night however, taking part in the bloggers chats are something which I would love to be able to get back into.

How do you juggle everything you do? I would love to know

Charlotte x

Dear Dada- Missing You Already

Dear Dada

I can not believe that the time has come for you to leave the UK again I guess as you kept telling Mummy today that it is only 6 weeks and then you are going to be back for a long time hopefully. I know we are going to have so many amazing memories when you get back because it will be November which means it will be getting colder and then we can go explore the new season. If you are lucky we might even have snow for us to play in but I do not know if this is a good thing at all.

I have had so much fun since you have been home and have adored spending a lot of time with you and Mummy. I do not think I have seen her that happy in such a long time because I know it must be hard for her to be both parents when you are away. I know that I am going to have to behave so much this time because Mummy is going to have so much to do because of the fact she is back at uni now instead of been on summer leave.

I am sure you are not going to miss having to listen to the wheels on the bus all of the time as well as ba ba black sheep and wind the bobin up because that is all I have been making you listen to whether that be on your phone or whether it be me singing it. I have loved being able to do some drawings for you I can not wait to be able to do even more at nursery for your return because you know how excited they get when they know you are coming home. I think they get more excited than Mummy or she is just really good at hiding how excited she is. Been able to see you every single day has been amazing I feel like I have really had my Daddy back and like we have been an actual family.

You been home for my birthday was amazing because it meant that I did end up we did end up having an amazing family day at the wildlife park because you know how much I love being able to see the animals. We have had some amazing meals out which has meant that I have had some super tasty food and I have managed to try some new kind of foods as well. I am so glad we have spent this time together because I think that it has just proved to mummy how much everything means because sometimes she gets down as you know but been able to do silly things with you has made her feel like she is not alone.

I love my new penguin teddy but I would really like a live one as a pet because I think it would be pretty cool, maybe we will have to go and see them at the deep at some stage or go up to the zoo in Edinburgh because mummy says they do an amazing parade. Hopefully, these next 6 weeks go super fast because I can not wait to be able to tell everyone Daddy’s Car and be your little princess again. I have even learned the phrase I miss you now so don’t worry I will be saying this a lot when you come back.

I have found out today that I am only doing  3 days at nursery this week which is a bonus because it means that I am going to be able to play with some them amazing toys which I actually got for my birthday because you know how much of a lucky girl I was.

I hope you have an amazing flight back Daddy I love and miss you already

Jess xxx

Jess at 2 

Dear Jess

Wow time really flies when you are having a lot of fun. I can not believe that it has been two whole years since you came into our life’s or does not feel like it has been that long I now can not imagine life with you. You have grown so much since you were no bigger than Daddy’s forearm and now your own toddler who never stays still enough to measure you against Daddy.

In the past year you have grown up so much you have managed to master walking and now never want to stay still. You love even been able to hold our hand and be able to walk against us because you are growing up. You even love to hold our hand when you are crossing roads. You also love been to explore when on your reins and you think you are a big girl and you love being able to feel like this when you are exploring.

You really love the outdoors at the moment it is hard to keep you in because you are obsessed with been outdoors all of the time. You love being able to play on your scuttlebug and your rocker which you adore. I can not wait till you can get a balance bike next year and we can have so much more fun with you exploring. I am sure you are going to love putting on your wellies and coat on once the leaves start changing because you will be able to kick the leaves and have so much fun.

You adore been able to colour and draw pictures recently it is something that you have got in you seem to be able to doing more drawings. Which is amazing because one of the great things which mummy loves is been able to put your pictures on the fridge. You get excited when you see it and you always are making pictures for Daddy which he loves as he can take it away when he is not with us. I am sure he loves it because he can look at them when he is missing you.

Recently you have gained your own personality you are super stubborn if you do not want to do something you will just basically say no and have a tantrum stood where you are. This is something which can drive me insane because you can push my buttons. Hopefully is it is something which you are going to grow out of very soon because it’s so horrible.

You are still the daredevil which you have always been I dread it every single time you do something to yourself it only took you less than 18 months to get your first black eye. You managed to trip over a table and give yourself one. You wouldn’t be Jess my daughter without having a couple of bruises because you are always on the go and tripping over. I think it’s worse because of the fact your always on the go.

Your eating is still amazing we still get to find something which you do not eat which is amazing. You have tried a huge range of foods even including curry and fajitas you even have tried jalapeños and loved them which was shocking because I didn’t think you would like them. They burnt your mouth a little bit but not too much which is always a bonus. You usually drink a little bit of milk usually a cup before bed. It seems to be something which you really enjoy doing before doing bedtime.

Talking of sleep you go to bed between 7-8pm and then wake up at 5.45 so that we can make the train in the morning. However you have actually stopped going to sleep on the train but you actually have a nap at nusury and sometimes that can be a couple of hours which is always a bonus because it does mean that you are awake when it comes to the trip home which is great because it means we can have a little bit of time when we are travelling.

Talking is an element which you seem to have improved a lot now we can have a whole conversation with you. You do seem to be improving your vocabulary which is always great. Singing is another element which you are always trying to sing wind the bobbin up, the wheels on the bus and baa baa black sheep.

I can’t believe you are now 2 Jess where did the time go. Next time I write one of these you are going to be 3 which scares me you are growing up way to fast please can you slow down . I think we are going to have a lot of fun while you are 2 I can’t wait to see what adventures we are going to get up to.

Love Mummy xxxx

Dear Dada- See You Soon 

Dear Dada 
Wow can you believe it by the time your actual reading this you might be back in the UK I know that you will need some good things to read on the train up to see us so why not actual read some of my ramblings. I can not believe that on Wednesday that I will actual be able to see you I almost think it is a dream I do not think that until mummy tells me that you are in the UK I will not believe that you are going to be back and I can actually bully you. Ekk I am excited I think that I am going to look for your plane all day when I find out that your in the sky because I want to find your plane because then it might mean you come home so much faster. 
This week has been fun because we have been super productive because of the fact that I think mummy has so much to do before you return/ before she goes back to university. Monday she managed to picture the majority of my old clothing because of the fact that the she wants to put it on eBay which I am sure she would do to me if she could when I annoy her. Actually maybe etsy because of the fact that she made me and she might get more money there. I think that she is doing pretty well at selling it which is good because otherwise she would have stacks of clothes just in case I get a sibling who is a girl.
On the days which I have been at nursery painting pictures as well as my own body and shoes which I do not think that pleased mummy very much because she had to was them. She has done a lot of blogging which means that she has some posts ready for when she is going to be busy doing work for uni because this is going to be a priority rather than actually blogging even though this is something which she would rather do. I have been making sure that I mingle with other children now I have moved upstairs because of the fact there is more children who I can play with and they are not all babies who can not play. 
I even have managed to stop crying when I get dropped off at nursery because I have been crying every single day when I have been getting dropped off which is good because I know it was hard for mummy because of the fact that it pulls at her heart strings every single time because she feels bad that she actually has to leave because I am so upset. So hopefully this is something which I can keep up with and the staff upstairs are amazing and only have to ask me if I want to make a picture and I am happy. 
This weekend we went to town on the Saturday because Mummy need to pick up somethings for my birthday and as you know she is not the most super organised person which is not great. I think she had click and collected them and needed to order wrapping paper because you can not order that online which is not the greatest. I did managed to get some items which I could have now I managed to get some bows because of the fact one of our favouite bow ladies had a stall in the town which of course meant that I need to visit because mummy can not resist purchasing me bows because they look cute in my hair. 
I love you so much I can not wait to see you soon and give you the world’s biggest hug
From Jess xxxxxx 

Dear Dada- Time to Chill 

Dear Dada 
Another week has passed wow this time of you been away really does seem to be gone can you believe that it is going to be around 10 days time and you are actually going to see my little crazy face again. I bet you can not wait because I have grown up so much and have so much more to show you. You know that I am not going to leave your side because I think I am going to fear that you are going to leave again because you have been gone for such a long time. 
This week everything had got to us because we have been so busy for the whole time that you have been away and I think it has hit us both that we need to chill out a little bit because do not forget in a couple of weeks Mummy is going to be back at uni and life is going to get crazy again. I know she is going to be super busy and no doubt stressed because she will have so much work to do and it is important because it is her final year. 
Monday was bank holiday but as you know this does not mean that it is a day off for Mummy nope she ended up going up to Ripon and working there. This of course meant that I had a to have a grandma day which is something which I think I needed because it means that I can play with the toys which I have at home and no doubt I will find some toys which I have not had out for a long time because this seems to be something which I do everytime I have a grandma and Jess Day. 
This week I only had to go to nursery a couple of days because the car had to go to the car hospital this week which meant that I could not go to nursery so I had to stay at home and have another day at home which I was allowed to chill. I still have been loving the play kitchen and making pictures maybe if I am lucky I will be able to bring some of the pictures which I have made home for you to see and possible you can take one so when you are missing me you can just look at it and it will be like I am close to you. 
This week saw change my wardrobe size I have now finally gone into my 12-18 months clothing which is shocking seen as I am going to be 2 this month. Mummy is glad about this because apparently, I have some very nice pieces which I can wear now, however, it does make mummy sad because of the fact that she is going to have to sell some of her favourite pieces of on eBay but at least it does me that we will have some more pennies to spend on more clothing because you know we love purchasing clothing. 
This weekend we have had such a chill out because if we didn’t I think mummy might have actually burnt out which is something which we really do not want to happen. I think that she actually decided to nearly have two pj’s days which of course is her idea of an ideal weekend at the moment because as you know mummy never seems to stop which is not good for anyone let alone her. She did watch the F1 but it was not a great race and I do not think this pleased her because she wanted some excitement but this was not the case. 
Next week hopefully will be a productive but quieter week for mummy because it means that she may be less grumpy which means that she might actually want to play with me and that is something which I love doing. 
I love you and miss you so much Daddy
Love Jess xxxxx