Jess’s 2nd Birthday Haul

As you might know on the 15th September Jess turned two I know where had my baby girl gone now she is a grown-up little toddler who loves been super independent. On the run-up to her birthday, I have been reading up on what other people had been purchasing for their toddlers because as you might know, Jess is rarely at home because she is in full-time nursery and this means she does not actually get a lot of time spent at home to play with toys.  So I thought I would share with you what Jess actually got for her birthday.

I am not bragging about what she got because I know she is a very lucky little girl people did not have to spend any money on her however they did and I am sharing with you the lovely gifts she got.
First of all is the card which we actually got Jess usually I wouldn’t include cards in a post like this, however, I had it specially designed from the lovely handmade_by_bubblestorm on Instagram. Jess is paw patrol mad and I had been trying to find one which was paw patrol with daughter on with no much success so when I found this lovely lady I knew I had to purchase. I think either the crayon and colour of Skye it was £5 as part of an offer she was conducting one Friday. I would recommend checking her store out because she does amazing cards.

Jess was super lucky to that her grandparents purchased her some amazing toys which she loves to play with. The first one which she received was the my little pony slide and ramp. Jess has never seen the my little pony show however this does not mean that she does not love playing with this toy. We have had all sorts go down the ramp not only the ponies and car which are supposed to. Jess also likes to try and make them go even faster so that they crash and hit people wow that just tells you a lot about the kind of person my child is to be honest.

Books are something which recently Jess has really got into she loves having a bedtime story read to her most nights if we are not in too late. As a big paw patrol fan, these books are going to be perfect which she received because they are small enough so she can try and read them herself they are board books which means she shouldn’t be able to damage them as easy. They feature all of her favourite characters and are something which I had not seen prior to her birthday but since have seen multiple times I would recommend these for any paw patrol fan.

The next item which she received does have a story as such behind it last summer when we were on holiday with her grandparents we saw these hoodies however they did not go small enough I think they started at age 3-4 which would have buried her. This is a really nice pale blue shade which says totally awesome on the front and has a huge crab on the back this is something which I am sure Jess is going to wear a lot in these autumn mornings and the early spring ones when you need something on because it’s still chilly.

The final item which her grandparents purchased some wooden food, unfortunately, I can not show you a picture of this because Jess is currently busy playing with it. It is a meat and fish set which comes with a chopping board and knife. This will allow her to practice cutting up food as such and also learn what the item of food is this is something which she has not stopped playing with since she received it. Due to the fact it is wooden, it means that it is going to last a long time as well and shouldn’t be broken easily.

My auntie and uncle purchased this little mini kitchen which means that Jess, in theory, can cook the wooden food it did come with a frying pan and spatula, however, I think currently Jess has these bits. This is going to be interesting to see how much Jess uses this because we are planning on purchasing her a kitchen for Christmas. This one does actually have a hob which sizzles like you are cooking real food which makes a little bit more realistic. The only fault I have with this is the fact it doesn’t come with any food which means that you do have to purchase more food or they have to use their own imagination that you are cooking food.

The first item which we got Jess is Everest cuddly toy which is 27cm. The reason behind this purchase is because Jess did have 4 of the pups and it may just be me because I have an addictive nature I need to have the complete set so this was one of the reasons that Jess got this item. I knew that this would be something which she loved due to the fact that with the other pups which she had we have she actually sits and feeds them and even tries to put them to bed. It is so cute it is almost like what other children may do with dolls however Jess loves to do them with pups.

The other pup which Jess needed to complete the whole set was the Rocky pup. I am someone who is constantly watching paw patrol I knew we had to have this one as he was the main pup we had missing because Everest is only in the last couple of seasons. Again she will end up taking him to bed as well as putting him on the floor with a blanket over and telling us we have to be quiet because the pup is sleeping. She has not been home a lot which means that Jess has not actually been playing with them however I am sure this will change the more she spends time at home. We picked both the pups up on Amazon because we never can find the size we wanted to match the pups we already have I
know these are not cheap but they are something which Jess is going to get plenty of use out of these.

Books are something’s which Jess loves she loves to be able to have a bedtime story before bed on the nights when we do not get in too late and she is not too tired. The first book which we purchased is the very hungry caterpillar the reason I purchased this was because she is obsessed with dear zoo which is a book which she has been reading at nursery a lot. We have not read this book yet but I am sure she is going to adore it because she also loves fruit and this book might help her learn some of the fruit which she does not know the names of yet.

The next book we purchased is another cult classic and that is the tiger who came to tea I think this is a book which I actually remember reading in primary school.This is one which has an amazing storyline which I really can not wait to be able to read Jess in the future. I am sure she is going to love being able to look at the gorgeous pictures which this book has while I read this because of the fact she is not going to be able to read this yet. This for sure is going to be one which we are going to read at bedtime in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, this story is not going to disappoint and it is as good as I remember.

The next item which Jess got for her birthday is this book which is called where is the lighty faust the lion the reason behind this purchase is because I was in a bookstore looking for other books for her advent calendar. However, I spotted this book and because of the fact that it is a flap book a little bit like Dear Zoo which Jess adores I thought this is something which she might like because it is interactive when I am reading her a story which is amazing. I thought it might be nice for her to have a new story because I am starting to get a little bit bored of reading dear zoo sometimes I have to do it 3-4 times a night.

My brother knew that Jess recently had been getting into jigsaws because of the fact that she is growing up and sometimes like to spend a little bit of her quiet time doing jigsaws. He actually purchased her this one which has shapes around the edge which will help her learn her shapes because this is something which she is currently learning. It also has a clock face all over the front which would allow Jess to be able to learn the time when this is going to be perfect. Due to the fact it is wooden, it means that it is not going to break easily I am sure this is something which she is going to get a lot of use out of.

The next item which Jess got might seem a really random purchase to you because of the fact that she is only a 2 year old so why would she want bath bombs which change the colour of the water. These are the Crayola ones which you can use a couple of the bath bombs and they will go the colour as shown on the packet. I picked these up for Jess because of you read my bathtime post you will know that she loves being in the bath. I think that this is something different and it will blow her tiny little mind that you can mix these like you would paint. I actually saw these in Primark which that I do not know how long these are going to be available. I can not wait to see how these actually perform in the bath.

Another item which Jess got was a paw patrol etcher sketch I think they are called because recently something which Jess has loved to do is draw however, this can mean having a ton of her pictures and sometimes she gets bored so far though. This allows her to draw to her heart’s content and constantly this is something which already ha a had ton of use. This is not just because it is paw patrol which is her favourite thing. Jess loves using the stamps which it comes with and calls them her dabbers this is something which I picked up on groupon so is not the most sturdy and I can see her breaking it at some stage. This is something which would be great for traveling because Jess would be able to sit and draw for a long time and keep herself entertained

I think the final item which Jess received for her birthday was another item which she is busy playing with and that is a Mama’s and Papas Cruizer pram. We decided that we were going to purchase this for Jess was because she really likes to push her walker around when she is at home and when at the grandparents she seems to gravitate towards the pram. So we decided that it may be time to purchase one for Jess however, I  have a feeling that instead of actually having dolls in the pram it is going to have pups in. This pram is actually very sturdy this is something I was looking for because I did not want her to break it easy as she can be very rough with her toys.

If you would like any reviews on the items Jess got for her birthday let me know? Also, what did your two-year-old get for their birthday?

Charlotte x

Mum Guilt- Skipping Two Trimesters

You must have know you was pregnant? I thought it only happened in the films and TV shows where people did not know there were pregnant for a long period of time? No I can tell you that it doesn’t only happen in these settings I did not know that I was pregnant till 26 weeks. 

It is not something that I will ever forgot I knew I had been getting more tired but I put this down to working part time being in the last few weeks of the second year of my degree. Meaning a lot of late nights making sure that the deadlines were completed so I thought nothing about it is and just took more naps during the day which is normal for students to do anyway.

Due to the fact I had been working on a project instead of going on work experience it meant that I had not seen a couple of friends for a few weeks I think it was about 4 weeks. One of them when I saw them said oh wow when did that happen I knew I had gained a little bit of weight but it was only a small amount and I put that again down to the poor diet I had because I was so busy and too tired to cook. I thought she was referring to the weight that I had gained in the last couple of months and ignored it. It wasn’t until a few days later that I felt some almost like pops of air in the bottom of my stomach that I started to be concerned. I realised that this point that it had been about 2 months since I had a period TMI I know but because of stress I did not think anything of it.

I remember vividly going to superdrug purchasing a pregnancy test and then going to the university library because that was were my friends were at the time to do the test. I text one of my friends to come to the toilet with me to do the test because I was scared to do it alone. I purchased one of the the ones which tells you how many weeks I remember it saying 3+ weeks my first thoughts were OH SHIT.

I had been out partying only that week because I was a student who was enjoying been care free and having a few drinks and a few more was part of my life back then. It was a good way to socialise with friends. One of the first things which came into my head was like I am going to have to sort this I can’t have a baby I need to finish my degree and be more settled before I can have a child. As some of you might know if you have read my birth story I told Joe on his 21st Birthday which meant he got really drunk. We spoke about everything and decided that our best option was to try and have an abortion or have give the little one up for adoption

At the time we didn’t know how far along I was or anything so I booked in to see a doctor as soon as I could be cause of the situation I was in I wanted to have an abortion should it be possible. I didn’t think I would be past the 12 week cut off.  I booked my appointment with the abortion people and a lovely friend who I am so thankful for them through the whole of my pregnancy because  I don’t know if I could have done it without them. I went for a scan so that they could see how far gone I was I remember them saying are you sure you have not had any feelings of movements and I explained about the ones the popping of air. The lady I clearly remember saying well you can not have an abortion your over the legal limit you are around 26 weeks.

This is when we went down the route of speaking to the relevant people about adoption. I spent a lot of my pregnancy with social workers because I had to do all of the medial forms and everything ready for the when baby was born. There was a foster family ready so that there was people to look after her before a forever family was found.

This is where the mum guilt gets me because I didn’t want to be pregnant I wanted the baby to be born so I could go back to my own life as horrible as it sounds. I didn’t take pictures of my bump I don’t have any scan pictures because I made them turn the screen away from me. I feel guilty because of the fact that that I had been drinking I know how dangerous that could have been. I blame myself now when she is crazy it is because she know she has all ready been drunk.

I feel guilty that the majority of the clothes which she got when she was a baby were picked by other people. I only actually purchase her one outfit and then after we decided to not go through with the adoption my cousin went out and purchase everything. Don’t worry my family actually paid her to do it and it is something which I am forever grateful for.

One thing which eats me is that Jess is never going to be able to see the scans of her or what she was like as a bump. If we should go on to have another child I think I would take bump pictures and have scan pictures.
Has anyone else found out there where pregnant later than normal. If so do you have this mum guilt?
Charlotte x

Choosing The Right Nursery For Us

As I am sure many of you know if you have read my blog previously Jess goes to nursery full time and has done since September.  She was a year old when she actually went into childcare that she did not go earlier was the fact that I had to wait for the start of the next academic year to be able to continue my studies.

I made the choice after Jess was born that I wanted to return back to university to finish my degree at this stage I had already completed 2 years. I think I was 3 weeks of returning to complete my final year when Jess was born if you don’t know we were thinking about getting her adopted it was not until I saw her for the first time I realised that I could not longer do it.

It was about this time last year when I heard back from York St John telling me that I had a place there to complete the rest of my degree. I transferred from Chester as there was no way I could look after a one-year-old with no support from my family while I would be in the final year. Hull was the ideal option for me as I do not live that far from the campus told me I would have to start again completely and do all 3 years where York St John told me that I could just do two years and graduate.

Then came the problem thatYork St John, unlike some university, did not have a nursery which Jess could attend which mean that I had to research where Jess would be going when I had lectures.
The first issue did I have her in a nursery in Hull or York. I could have had her at nursery in Hull which would have meant that Jess would not have to commute with me every single day, however, if I had a 9 am lecture it means I have to get the train at 7 am and nurseries do not open before 7 am. This would have meant my mum would have had to drop her off which would not have been fair.Also, should Jess become ill it meant that I would have to leave university and have to travel an hour home before I could pick her up this is not something I would have wanted. Looking back and seeing how many times she has been sent home since starting I think she has been sent home around 3 times which could have cause problems should she have been based in Hull.

When I decided that she was going to have to commute to York with me this means me googling nursery because I had no clue where the nursery where and I needed them in the city centre because I needed to be able to drop Jess off easy. I started emailing nursery and could not believe that some of them had huge waiting lists of around 6 months I think I was told.

I found two nurseries which would have been suitable locations I would recommend going to visit them because you can a feel of the nursery make sure go when the children are in as you can see how it is every single day.By visiting them we found that we liked one a lot more than the other due to the fact that in the nursery she is in the under 2’s are actually allowed to go and play in their outside session whereas at the other nursery they did not have an outdoor section which means they had to take them on walks to get fresh air and they were not available to play out.  Being able to go outside is something which Jess now loves as you know so this is a huge benefit she can play out.

Another thing which swung it for us it the fact that she actually gets her meals included in the price of a day which may sound really stupid to some people but when you are paying around the £45 mark and it does not include food it meant that it was going to be another £2 for food per day which we was in it means that it soon adds up. For us both of the nurseries which we looked are were going to include wipes however, we have to provide the nappies and any cream which we want to use on Jess. We also have to provide suncream in the summer months as well.

Another factor which put me off the other nursery which we did not choose was that the under 2’s would have been upstairs which for some of you may not seem a huge issue but when you do not have a lot of time in a morning.  The last thing you want to have to do is go to another room which is full of children. Also they did not have a separate sleep room which meant that when the nursery put them down to sleep it was basically like putting them on yoga mats which is something which did not please me massively. I love that Jess has a variety of rooms to play in and I always find her in a different one. The staff at the nursery are amazing and help so much like they even said to me that if I didn’t want her to make a Father’s Day card with Joe been away she could just do a picture.

Hopefully, this post is helped you if you are looking for nursery to send your little one. These are just some things which helped me decide which nursery we sent Jess to and I love our nursery so if your looking for one in the York area let me know and I will tell you which one it is

Do you have any tips for helping choose a nursery?

Charlotte x

Dear Dada- The House of Virus

Dear Dadda

Well, this week has been super eventful after having to run for the train from Nanny’s to York literally we got out the lift as the train was coming. Jess decided that she was going to throw up 3 times between Retford and York. I think she knew that she was going to be poorly though because she managed to lean forward avoiding her whole pram and herself and threw up all over the actual train. Sorry, Virgin I did not have anything that she could be sick into.

Due to the fact that Jess was not getting any better, it meant that we had to take a trip to the doctors because she did not want to eat a lot which as you know is not like Jess. She wanted a hell of a lot of cuddles which meant that we couldn’t get on with a lot because of fo the fact that I constantly had a Jess attached. During this week I think I watched enough Paw Patrol for a life time no joke I actually think I got sick of it.

Luckily she managed to perk up by the end of the week because at one stage I thought that she would not have been able to go on her holiday which would have been horrible because I know how much your parents no doubt have been looking forward to their time with her.  I really don’t know where this week has gone maybe it is because I have been at home all week and been keeping myself busy by doing jobs that I have not had time to do in months. I have even started listing some of Jess’s old clothes on eBay because of the fact that she has a lot of clothing which has started not to fit her so I want the room as well as some pennys for all these adventures we might go on this summer if Jess is lucky.

The end of this week was really challenging because as you know I love purchasing Jess clothes so it means that even at the tender age of 1 she has a better wardrobe than her mummy. I struggled to know what to pack for her because I currently don’t know what fits her as it has been a while since we have has some nice weather so I found some bits I could pass on to other people.  As well as the fact I do not know what Jess is going to get up to while she is away. Another thing which I struggled with was getting in around 11pm at night on Friday due to the fact we had rugby and then having to be dressed and ready for your parents coming at 9am which they end up turning up late and you know this is something which I hate.

Saturday I ended up chilling with a friend and staying over because why not when you haven’t got Jess you can go back to your old lifestyle. Meeting people having takeaway, drinks and late nights.
The next week is going to be hard because it is the longest time that I have gone away from Jess usually I get pictures when she is with you and we know that this is not going to happen.  Let’s hope Jess has an amazing holiday and makes some great memories with the grandparents

Love you Dada

From Charlotte & Jess xxxxxx

Dear Dada- I Don’t Know About You I’m Feeling 22

Anyone week without you has past woo this means we are another week closer to been able to see each other. Not much has happened this weeks but I am sure as soon as I start writing this loads will have come back to me.
This week has seen me pass 3 exams woo only my manual and exam to pass and I will be a qualified sports massage therapist. Meaning I can go massage at the big sporting events hopefully get to go to the marathon next year and earn some money.  I wish it was as smooth sailing but my client ended up in hospital so I had to massage someone who I had never met before who was high up in uni l.
Jess has been a superstar this week we haven’t had that many tantrums. We just get Dada a hell of a lot like Friday she wouldn’t believe me you as not hiding in bed when we got to your mums. I think she was dreaming about you as well as she kept crying in her dreams so I might have let her come into our bed. I didn’t like how huge that double bed feels without you  I soon regretted it when she was kicking me all night. Damm that girl can fidgit.
As if you wasn’t amazing enough buying me an brand new camera for my birthday. Which I told myself I couldn’t use till it was my birthday. For anyone who knows cameras he got me the Cannon G7X Mark II which is like gold dust. After a cheeky hint in last weeks post I didn’t get one birthday card nope I got two. Yes I did think you would forget loved the ps bit in Jess’s. As if that wasn’t enough the ballon you see in the picture he also bought me god knows how I’m going to get that back home.
Saturday Jess was convinced still you was in the house we might have had to hunt the whole house to try and find you. All I say is your bloody good at this hide and seek game. While I write this post I’m on the train to Newcastle well you have been gone a while now I need some eye candy it’s my birthday after all.  I shouldn’t have bothered the team didn’t bother to turn up but at least it was a fun day with some amazing cake. For someone who doesn’t like cake it was amazing.
Your little princess is off to the zoo near Lincoln today which we found at Easter. Don’t worry Nan is going so there will not be a murder sounds like it is going to be an amazing family day and some nice memories may be made. I am sure Jess will love it because we know how much she loves Chester.  Oh talking of our Nan I think she actually loves me I got a granddaughter card see the love is mutual she has adopted me.
I am unsure what we are going to end up doing tomorrow/ today as you read this. I must be crazy I am getting the train at like 9am on a Sunday.  Hopefully we will end up doing something because I have to keep busy now otherwise I might start to miss you.
Jess is only going to nursery 4 days this weeks we have now made Friday a mummy and Jess day. This week she managed a 3 hour morning nap I think this girl is starting to love her sleep again. Taking of that next Saturday sees her go away for a week with your Mum and Dad one whole week away for memories to be made. Saying that they could come later to pick her up they plan on arriving at 9am on a Saturday. Do they not know I like to be lazy one day a week. Gosh it’s going to be strange without either of you. Might have to keep even busier to not miss you both I think they are going to Chapel at least they are going somewhere new.
Hope your cold has started to go away. We both miss you so much looking forward to seeing you online soon.

Love from Jess and Charlotte xxxxxx

Top Tips To Deal With Chicken Pox

If you follow me on social media just before Easter Jess got chicken pox.  This is something which she really suffered with as you can tell from the picture above she does not actually look like herself her eyes looks so dark and she looks so out of it. That is apart from been covered in really bad spots as you can see the one near her boob looks really angry I think this was one of the worse ones which she actually got.

During this period of time I when Jess was struggling I was given so much advice on what people to me would help get rid of the pox which is something I needed to do because of the fact that we were going away a few days after the pox came out .I think it was around a week after she got sent home from nursery. I am going to share with you what I found worked when she was struggling.

  • Bicarbonate Soda baths this is something which Jess had multiple of during this time. This is supposed to help the healing and stop itching I did not want to use body washes or anything during this time cause I did not want to irritate them you can pick this up down the baking isle in the supermarket.
  • Making sure that unless she needed to we kept her out of clothes she had her dressing gown on so that she did not get cold. The reason behind this is I did not want Jess to scratch the scabs as they form when they are healing. I didn’t want to prevent the healing stage because we wanted to get her back to full health as soon as possible. 
  • Pirition is something else which Jess used because we wanted to stop the itching because I am sure that if we had let her she would scratch them. I think she only got caught scratching a couple of times and I think that this could be a reason why because they were not itching as much.  Children who get chicken pox over the age of one can use this however, you might want to check with a pharmacy before you give your child this product. 
  • I was recommended to use calamine lotion but I found it so hard to apply to Jess because it was always cold and she did not want me touching her. Let alone stay still long enough for me to apply it. I actually was lucky to get sent a tube of Care Virasoothe which is a gel that provides cooling and soothing relief reducing the urge to scratch. It also claims that it helps prevent scarring. This is something we loved because Jess allowed us to apply it and actually I think she looked forward to the relief as some of the worst spots were around her nappy area. 
  •  Make sure that you have some calpol on hand we found that it was a godsend because it took any of the pain which she may have been in away. Due to the fact that Jess still had chicken pox when she was pretty young, it meant that she could not tell us we only knew she needed some relief when she was piercing screaming.
  • Make sure that your child is getting enough fluids because when you are ill it is easy to become dehydrated. Offer them juice more often than you may normally do because they may not want to eat a lot if they are anything like Jess was when she had them. For sure I had to make sure that she was really drinking a lot more than she would normally do in order to prevent her becoming really poorly

These are my top tips do you have any others to parents who may be dealing with chicken pox?

Charlotte x
This post contains a PR sample however, this does not affect my opinon 

Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappies Review

A little while ago I was contacted by the lovely PR team who look after Little Angels to see if I wanted to review some of their new comfort and protect nappies. Of course, I did as you may remember I reviewed some of their nappies way back in December, and Jess has also used them all of her life.

Little Angels Comfort and Protect are amazing nappies which provide up to 12 hours dryness which is something which I justify for because overnight Jess can have them on for around 12 hours and she never seems to leak which is amazing as I have heard other people say other brands leak after around 6 hours.

These nappies feel super soft as well which helps because as you may know if you follow me on Instagram Jess has had the chicken pox recently and they were that soft that they did not seem to irritate the pox which is great as I know the smallest thing can irritate them.

As you might see from the picture above there are elasticated leg cuffs which are meant to help prevent leaks as we have mega absorbent gel beads which apparently can absorb their own weight which is amazing because we do not want them to leak. Leaks can actually cause a lot of clothing changes which is not great. I have found that leaks are not common with these nappies they only occur if you let your child drink a lot of fluids or keep them on for longer than 12 hours.

As you know Jess spends a lot of time on the train and this means it can be hard to change her but we have found using these we only have to change them when she is getting soggy and when she has had a poo.

Little angels also have a unique colour coded waistband which allows us, parents, when to move them up as size. When the tab goes to the white area you need to move them up a size which is amazing because I have found without this I would not know when Jess really needed to move up a size so this does help me.

If you used the Little Angels Comfort Dry and Supreme protection nappies these are the ones which are going to replace them so you will need to purchase these instead.

The new Little Angels Comfort & Protect range is available in sizes 3, 4, 4+, 5, 5+, 6, and 6+ and are priced from £3.50 per pack. I love that Jess who is in size 4/4+ she can purchase packs which are 84 which means that I do not have to purchase packs as often and do not have to take them to nursery as often which is great because I am always forgetting them.

Have you tried the Little Angels Nappies?

Charlotte x
This post includes a PR sample however, all views are my own as always 

Tesco Spring/Summer Clothing Haul

I have decided that I am going to share with you today some bits which I got a while ago but I know that these items are still available because they are part of their spring/summer ranges. I hardly ever actually go to Tesco to have a look at their clothing because it now is not somewhere we go to shop if this makes sense.

The first item which I picked up is this pack of 5 trainer socks in these lovely pastel socks which are going to go with some of the other items which are included in this haul. I remembered when I was in Tesco that Jess has some normal socks some of which are getting tight on her feet because she is always growing and then she doesn’t own trainer socks when she does actually own a pair of trainers. I love the colours because they remind me of the spring/summer period which we are going into and these were a bargain as I managed to get this pack of 5 for only £3. I am sure that she will be getting plenty of wear out of these in the coming months.

Leggings are something which she owns a fair amount of the reason behind this is because I find them so easy to put on when she is going to nursery as all you need is a nice top. She does have a few pairs in the next size up which is 12-18 months but I saw these pastel ones and was drawn to them for some reason I know that they will go well with some tops which she has in 12-18 months. I am sure that these will get plenty of wear because as I said you can use them for nursery when it is sunny or even when it is raining which is more likely in the UK, In this three pack you got a pair of pink and white stripped ones, a pair of white and a pair of mint ones. For these 3 I only managed to get these for £6 which means that it is only £2 a pair. This means that it does not matter to me as much should these get ruined with paint or something at nursery,

With summer coming up I decided that I would pick up these plain denim shorts I think these are going to be teamed with tights and a top. I can style her like this for both nursery and when we go on family days out. They have elastic in the waist which means that they are going to have room for when she grows without digging in and becoming tight. These shorts were only £6 I have seen similar ones in Gap for £20. Jess already has a couple of pairs of shorts in 9-12 months the size which she is currently in and she seems to love them so I am sure that they are going to get plenty of wear out of these.

The next item I picked was this 3 pack of vest tips which have flowers on the top half I choose these because I found that they are simple enough to wear with leggings which could be classed as busy yet they look amazing even with plain leggings. I love the mint green colour because it is not a colour which you see a lot of girls clothing in. Within this pack there is also a white which is the same design as the mint one on the front. The one on the back is actually a really busy flowery print however, this is going to be one which is amazing with some plain leggings so that it does not clash. This 3 pack was only £7 if it does not get warm enough this summer for short sleeves these can always be teamed with a cardigan.

Can you tell a team when I was shopping I wanted it to be the summer I decided that Jess needed some more of the vest tops these ones are ribbed and they have some amazing lace details on the arms however, apart from that it is plain. I was drawn to the pink and the yellow because these are colours which are not found commonly in Jess’s wardrobe.  I will be teaming these with leggings and shorts depending on the temperature again if it is not that warm she can always put a cardigan over these. I could not leave them behind because for the pack of 3 it was only £4 which is a bargain so again I am not bothered should they become ruined at nursery.

Grey is a colour which I love to see Jess in for some reason and I love these skater kind of dresses. I find them so easy because all you need to do is put some tights should it be cold or bare legs if the summer ever come and then you look stylish. Every size Jess has been in I have had to have a couple of these style of dresses they are similar to the ones which you can get from Next. I love the rabbits as I feel like they are grown up because an issue I have found as because she is 1 1/2 she is still in the baby section and they can make her look stupid.  This dress was only £4 as you can see from the picture and I am sure it is going to be one which gets a ton of wear out of. I might have to go back and see if they have anymore like this.

Talking of similar dressed I managed to find this dress which is the same style as the one which I just showed however, this one is pink and floral. As you may know if you know me pink and floral is not something which I would wear myself but it is something which I think suits Jess so well her hair just really goes with light colours of pink. I am hoping these dresses are going to be ones which wash really well because I am sure they are going to be ones which she is constantly wearing as soon as they are out of the wash.

Do you shop in Tesco’s for clothing?

Charlotte x


Living Arrows #11- Becoming Creative

For Christmas I purchased Jess these bath crayons but we have not used them until recently this means that you can drawn on the bath and even your skin as you can see she has some blue colour on her face. These have seen us have so draw some amazing pictures on the bath this is something which we have has so much fun doing because of the fact that the it allows us to be creative without having to make too much mess which is good because of the fact that I am not a huge fan of mess. When Jess is in the bath she is having so much fun with these I think I might have to purchase more when these break. I think that they are only are around £3 of amazon so it is worth checking out if your looking for these.

This week has been one of the longest for Jess for some reason as you can see this picture is taken of her on the train. She was so tired and usually goes for a nap as you can see she has her really comfy blanket which makes her sleep because of the fact at the moment it means that it gives her some comfort she seems like she is now getting into the teddy bear stage as well because on a night when I go to bed and check on her I have noticed that she is always cuddling her build a bear.  This weekend she has managed to sleep more which means that she is not as tired.

The final picture which I am going to share with you is this one where Jess looks really grumpy I think this she was so grumpy due to the fact that she was so tired and she needed to nap. I love some of the pictures where she actually looks grumpy because it shows to me that I don’t only take pictures when she is happy and wanting to remember the amazing times I want to remember all of the times,
Have you done anything amazing this week
Charlotte x

Jess at 18 months

Dear Jess

It’s hard to believe that 18 months ago today you was still inside me now you are not a baby you are becoming such an independent little lady. I wish you would slow down because Mummy for one is not ready for all of this you are still my little girl. You have become such a friendly and confident little girl strangers always seem to come up to you which makes you laugh and you want to play peek-a-boo with them,.

You have no trouble when it comes to eating you always manage to steal food off other people and call it sharing. I think we are still yet to find something you don’t like there is no calling you a fussy eater.  Banana’s, Yogurts, Ice cream and Strawberries seem to be some of your favourite foods at the moment I am sure that it is because it is the spring/summer and these foods are always available.  You are still using your highchair like a big girl and now have mastered using cutlery which shows your growing up even though sometimes you do need reminders.

You are doing so well with your sleep as well you go to bed between 6-7pm later if we are not home yet from York.  You have set this time yourself which is something I wanted you to. You sleep all through the night and then  I have to get to you up at like 5.45am in order to get everything done so we can get on the train.

You have really come on with your speech we have a fair few words now and you have become such a chatterbox. The words you’re always saying are:

Stuck- When you have got trapped somewhere and you want someone to rescue you

Dada/ Daddy- Constantly do I hear this when you want Daddy even when he is not there

Shoes-  This occurs when you want to put your shoes on or when you want them off

Jess- Your often caught saying your own name

Mama- That’s what you seem to be calling me at the moment

Ook – This is what you say when you see a book

Uck-  This is currently a duck

Yes- I always hear this

Woof Woof- this is when you see a dog and you really do love them,

I am sure these words will develop as you grow we have a fun few weeks planned with a lot of adventures I am sure which we will be sharing with you. I am sure we are going to have an amazing and busy summer. I can not wait for you to watch you grow up.

That’s all for now Jess I will write back when your 2

Love From

Mummy x