What We Did in January

I have decided that I am going to share with you hopefully every single month a reflection of the month and sharing with you what we have been up to. The reason behind doing this is because I love been able to look back and seeing what we were doing at a certain period of time. It also allows family who may not see Jess a lot to see what she has been up to as we can forget what we have been doing when we have not seen them for a long time.

January has not been the most exciting month even though I think we have done a lot this month the reason behind this is because I feel like everything seems to be a little bit dull after Christmas when everything seems to be all glitzy and bright.

We celebrated New Year with a meal on New Year’s Eve at Joe’s Uncle’s house we had a roast beef Christmas dinner if this makes any sense. We even had the crackers as you can see from the picture above I will state now Jess was actually laughing at this not crying she could have been from this picture.  I could not believe that she managed to eat all what she was given which was a lot and then she managed to polish off a desert as well. Over new year Jess made a new friend which is a dog called Dixie apparently they were friends at first but the next day they were best friends Jess wanted to play with her toys constantly and have her by her side at all times it got that bad she even wanted to eat dog treats what more can I say they must have become really good friends.

We had a few family walks this month which included around Rutland Water even though it was pretty cold when we visited for a quick family walk it was so beautiful. This may be a place which I will have to visit when the weather is warmer than it was when we actually visited. 
January saw Jess take so many baths she must have had a couple of Lush baths at least and they are supposed to be treats. I might limit this back to once a month again because otherwise, she will dent her mummy’s collection even though she has at least 15 in her own collection.  She has had so many baths this month because she is a huge fan of them even without Lush she seems to want to get super messy so she can have a bath. I think she must really love the new toys which she has in her bath and they are warm which I think is her favourite Jess for sure does not like been cold. 
This month also saw Jess spilt her month between our house and then her Nanny and Grandad’s house which is always nice when she gets time to spend with them because this is something which she does not get to do a lot. This meant that we spend one of the weekends travelling back to Yorkshire it does not take long to do but it is one which we never like doing. I think this is because we actually get so bored and this is the reason why we do not like doing this drive that often. 
We have had a lot of chill days this month because as some of you may know I have had a couple of exams and they may not have been the greatest but let’s hope I passed them. I found them so hard because of the fact that Christmas was not that long ago and we have too I found it hard to actually find time to revise for them but let’s hope I did well enough. Currently, I have had two assignments back both 2:2 but not that far off a 2:1 which I would need to apply for my masters. I had a week of which saw us declutter quite a lot I donated so much to the local charity shop however, I do have loads which I will be putting up for sale currently I have a small amount on Ebay but I am thinking about creating a second Instagram and selling some items there let me know if this is something which you would be interested in. 
The only other adventure we took this month was taking Jess’s Great Nan to York which as some of you may know is my University city and a place I spend more time in than I do my own city. We had a lovely walk around the city even though it was pretty cold we managed to have a good mooch around the shops. We took a trip to Lush because Lush York is my favourite and I have Jess addicted as well as Joe but I haven’t managed to get the future Grandma in Law I might have to buy her some at some stage so she will see how amazing lush is. We had a lunch at slug and lettuce which was not as amazing as when we had previously visited. We also visited the designer outlet and this meant that I got my first liquid lipstick from MAC which was super exciting. 
Currently, I do not know what we have planned for the month of February I think that we might have a few meals out because one it is actually Valentines.  We have grandma’s birthday which means that I get to do some shopping which is going to be super fun for me. We might even manage to get a trip down to see Joe’s family but this may not happen because university is going to get super busy again. We also have the start of the rugby season which is something very exciting for me because it’s a sport I adore and it’s a kind of escape from me.
What have you been up to in Janury? What do you have planned for February?
Charlotte x

Flamingo Candle- January Scent Melt Box

One of the most popular posts on my blog was when I shared my views on my uly Scent box from the amazing Flamingo candles. I meant to share with you my thoughts on the December one however, it arrived I got super busy with the festive period and never actually got them up. I aim to share my views on these most months because they are something I love being a candle addict. If you haven’t heard of it before it’s a subscription box which every month sends you 8 wax tarts and your first month you get a free tart burner. The subscription is £10 a month with free p&p.  The January box was all about Be Happy as January can be one of the most depressing and long months of the year.

The first scent which I pulled out of the box was Blueberry cheesecake which to me is a very fruity smell which also has a food element. Blueberry to me is a fruity which does not have a lot of scent but it is one which I don’t mind as the food element comes through this is one I could see myself burning and actually making myself hungry. This would be one which if you wanted your house to smell of fresh baking but do not have the time to do this. This is one which I will be burning in this spring when the weather is changing. 
Clean cotton is one which I really adore it reminds me of one from Yankee candle which I think is called either fluffy towels or baby powder I can not remember which one it is. This smells so clean like the fresh air outdoors this is one I think I would love to burn when it is cold and I am missing the warmer air when it allows you to go for a walk this one is one which will soon be burning. I might even have to have a look and see if they do it in a candle because this for sure is one which I would love to own. 
Coconut and Raspberry scent melt is the one which I really like I get a huge amount of coconut however I can not smell raspberry this may be due to the fact that raspberry is a very subtle fruit and is overpowered by the coconut. This is one which I think is more summery which makes me happy because summer is an amazing time of year because you can get out and do way more, This summer may not be but more on that at a later date.  This for sure is one which will not be in my collection for very long before it is in my burner. 
I will be honest with you here I do not actually know what Dewberry smells of however, the candle to me smells super berry like which is one of my favourite kind of scents. This is one which I am unsure what I think it smells of too much without saying that it is nice which is the worst kind of decription and I know this. I might have to review this one in the future when I burn it so that I can give a better review. 
Jasmine and Lime is not combination which I think of when I think of combinations which include Lime usually it is something else which is fruity however, this is a combination which actually works and goes together.  I get the floral element from the Jasmine however I do get a hint of lime which makes me like it more due to the fact I am not a huge floral fan this is something which I can deal with though it is not too floral for me. 
This orange and blackcurrant really is super citrus which is from the orange element as you may know citrus is one of my favourite things in the world when it comes to shower gel and candles as long as it does not smell like cleaning products.  Blackcurrant is very subtle when it comes to this melt but this is not something which I have minded. I really do like this product and again it is one which I can see myself burning pretty soon. 
Pomegrante Cider is one of those again which I can not work out what it actually smells like however it is one which I must say that I do actually like which makes a change because sometimes I can not work out if I love them if I do not know what they smell like. 
The final item which I have in this box is the unicorn dreams this is one which for no doubt I would be purchasing however you can not get this in candle form. This to me smells of Lush it think I pinpointed down to been the comforter which is one of my favourite scents. This is the first one which is going to go in my burner when I have some room as they currently have tarts in them. 

Overall I don’t think this box has been one of my favorites recently I can not wait to see what they do in the February’s box for some reason I can see it been a valentine’s day theme.
If you get this box what has been your favourite scent this month or which one would you like to try. if you do not?
Charlotte x