Phinexi Iphone Charging Case Review

A couple of weeks back I was contacted by the lovely people at Phinexi who are a new company who are a technology company who have just launched an iphone charging case. As someone who is constantly on my phone when I am commuting from either playing paw patrol to keep Jess quite, checking social media and also sending emails either academic or blogging wise. My phone is known to die a lot because of the amount I am on it which means I have to carry a charging cable all the time but sometimes am unable to actually use it as I am not near a power source.

This is where my phinexi iphone charging case comes in because I am now never either left without a phone because it’s dead or the fact I need the battery which I have later because I may need to make an important call.

A few years ago I had charging cases for my iphone however, it was before apple changed to lightening charging ports but the reason I stopped using them was due to the fact that I found that the product was way to chunky and heavy which meant it was impractical to use.  Phinexi claim to be the slimmest and thinnest charging case they only add a mere 73g to the weight of the iphone and is only 2mm longer when you have the case on which is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Gone of the days when we used to have to have very chunky and horrible cases in order to charge our phones.

Using the case couldn’t be more simple you have to charge you the case in order to use it which is something I will admit I nearly have forgotten to do. Then you merely have to tap the heart on the back of the case twice which will make it light up. The number of lights which are illuminated will indicate how much charge is left in the case when it has full charge it is 140% of an iphones battery which should mean that your phone is going to last for longer.

I will admit that I have stopped using any other portable charging device and have only been using this one since I received it. I would warn people however, to be careful with this device as if you are too rough the connector is going to become damaged and you will be unable to use the charging case.This is just a small something to take into consideration.

The Phinexi Iphone charging case is avaiable from their website which is linked here.

Have you got a charging case if so what do you think about this one?

Charlotte x
This post contains a PR sample. however all views are my own.