November Toddler Instagram Haul

As you know, I love shopping small business, and Instagram is a platform which allows me to do this more often. If you got onto my Instagram feed, you would see that half of it at least is a small business which is impressive because some of the ladies who run these companies do it on top of a full-time job which is crazy. They make these items on a night and weekends which shows that it is their hobby so if I can promote them all a little bit and support them I will.

The first company is actually one from Facebook and a company which is local to me, and it is B’s boutique this is a company which I actually purchased some bows from way back at Easter time. When I was aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, I saw that she was doing these amazing Children In Need bows which I knew I had to purchase as I knew that Jess would be doing something for the occasion at nursery.  I knew I wanted to get her something a little bit different like a bow rather than just getting something off the shelf from Asda. When I went further down on her page, I noticed that she was also doing these remembrance bows and of course Jess is too young to actually wear a poppy, so I thought that if I managed to get her something it still shows that she cares even though she doesn’t know what it fully means. I think both bows with postage only cost me £7 which is a steal when you think how long they will have taken to make and how much wear Jess is going to get out of them.

As you might remember way back in July I purchased a skirt with this same fabric, however, with the weather coming colder I knew that Jess needed a blanket which would keep her warm on cooler mornings when we are travelling. This is when I found Gladragscustomcloths which is a very small Instagram company with less than 200 followers. which has the exact fabric and offer to make buggy blankets which is the perfect size for what we wanted. The lovely lady actually purchased the fabric in as she had none in stock and in total it took less than two weeks I think for me to receive which is an amazing turn around for a small company. This cost me £20 however, I know that I am going to get plenty of use from this and Jess is not going to drag it along the floor like she used to with the bigger ones. I would recommend this company and if I require anything like this in the future I will return to this store.

I purchased again from prettypenguinclothing which is where I purchased the avengers skirt from in July. I still follow this amazing company so when they announced that they were doing to do Children in Need skirts I knew that I needed it because I think it is going be great for Jess as I knew nursury were going to do something for the occasion I think this skirt only cost me £8 with so much of the money going to the charity which is always amazing as this is what we are all raising money for. I picked this up in the size 12-18 and actually it is the same as the one which we had last year and it suited Jess so I know she is going to look super cute with this skirt this year. 

While I was looking on prettypenguinclothing I purchase another skirt I love Jess in black for some reason however, it is not a colour which you see a lot in toddler and baby clothing. So when I spied this skirt which is black with white and grey clouds on it I knew I had to purchase this. I can see this been teamed with a bright coloured tshirt and some tights. I did actually purchase this in 2-3 years which means that it is not going to fit Jess for a while but when it does I am sure she will look super cute and rock this outfit. I can not believe this skirt is only £8 and it is actually homemade. 
The final item which I picked up from prettypenguinclothing was this super awesome pink rainbow skirt which is in 18-24 months so I think it is going to fit Jess in the spring time at the rate she is going. I think this is actually one of my favourite fabrics which Jess has. It is something which I was going to get leggings in however, I decided to get it in a size up and be able to use it in the spring again this is going to be paired with tights. I think this is an item which is going to get plenty of wear out of. Again this skirt is only £8 and the company have a turn around of 2-3 weeks however, I actually got mine I think in around 1 week. This is a company which I would completely recommend. 

 The item item which I purchase is from a lovely company called Surviving Society which is ran by a lovely lady who I have made friends with over on there. When I saw that she had launched these tshirts I knew I had to have them because one this colour really suits Jess and you do not see a lot of this colour. The second reason was because tigers are something which are really love in the house it does not have anything to do with our local football team at all. The final reason I purchased this is because I really like to celebrate little companies where you purchase makes a huge different and of course if you have met Jess you will know that she is a fierce mini person I am even scared of her sometimes. 
Have you purchased anything from Instagram recently?  Also with it coming up to the festive season please leave me links to your favourite stores because I actually want to shop as local and small as possible this year. 
Charlotte xxx 

Instagram Clothing Haul – July 2017

As you may know, if you are a parent of a toddler they always seem to be growing which means that you are updating their wardrobe a lot. I am lucky that Jess even though she is pretty tall does not seem to grow very fast which means that I can get her some nicer clothes which may be a little more expensive than I would usually pay. I also like Jess to stand out a little bit which means that I regularly find myself looking on Instagram stores to see what cute clothing I can purchase for her. In the past couple of months, I have purchased a few items and thought that I would share them with you today.

The first item which I purchased was these amazing leggings from Lamb and BearThe first item which I purchased was these amazing leggings from Lamb and Bear. The company is actually owned by an amazing mummy blogger. There is a number of reasons why I purchased these the first was because Jess keeps saying that Daddy is with the Penguins so when I saw these I knew I had to have them because they have penguins on and you do not see a lot with this pattern. I also purchased them because I purchased some leggings second hand from this brand and these prints were on sale. I have a feeling that they were £11.20 I know that might seem expensive but they are such good quality. 
The next couple of items are from a brand which I can not remember I am really sorry about this. If I do actually end up remembering them I will link them up. The first Tshirt which I purchased is this plain white one with arrows which says, mini teenager. As you might know, if you know Jess sometimes she can act like a teenager with her little mood swings and attitude if she does not get her own way. When I saw this I knew I had to get it because I would be able to style them with either patterned leggings or some bright coloured ones because it is such a nice plain Tshirt. 
Another Tshirt which I purchased from the company whose name that I can not remember is this one which says carbs,cars, and cuddles. Yes, this is one which was technically made for boys but come on it’s 2017. Jess adores carbs and because she is such little foodie I swear she could eat constantly because she loves her food that much. Cuddles are something which she loves as well because of the fact that who doesn’t love being cuddled when they are feeling down and sometimes at the moment because she is missing daddy so much she is needing more cuddles. Cars are one thing Jess adores I am blaming Joe for this she is going to love guys who have fast cars if she keeps on like this. 
The best item which we have purchased off Instagram is this lovely top from Lauren Dwyer. It actually says I am on the run from the Mamarazzi flash her a smile if she can catch me. As a blogger, I always find that I take more pictures of Jess which means sometimes as soon as she smiles I sometimes get my camera out and snap it because I want to remember the whole of her childhood because it is going super fast as it is. I picked this up in pink because of the Jess hardly owns any of this colour in t-shirts. This cost me only about £7 because I had a discount code. 
This item is something which you might have seen because I got it around Father’s Day. It is this lovely top which is from t&c collection. It says I have a hero I call him my daddy. This did have happy Father’s Day under it but I asked them if it would be possible to have one without so that Jess would get more wear out of it.  You may have actually seen Jess in because she wore it when she sent her parcel to Daddy. I love how this top looks on Jess it is not too plain however it is still not busy. It looks amazing teamed with leggings I am sure this is one that Daddy is going to love as well because it will be able to make his ego even larger. 
The final item which I purchased was this amazing skirt which came with the bow. It is an avengers themed skirt it is handmade from a lovely lady and company called prettypenguinclothing. I adore this because the Avengers are something which I adore so does Joe and I have noticed that Jess is getting into it because she keeps learning the characters of my mugs. One day soon I might show her the films but I am sure that she might be a little bit scared of them for now. This skirt cost around £11 and I thought that was super cheap when it is homemade so you expect to pay more. The lovely lady has also started doing blankets so I am tempted to get one for Jess when the weather comes a bit cooler for her pram because it can be cold in the mornings when she travels to nursery in the autumn/winter months. 
Do you have any favourite Instagram shops? I am always on the hunt for more 
Charlotte x 

Favourite 5 Instagrammers


Hi Guys

Instagram is something which I have found a great love for on the past few months. I have started to post daily over on there and this has seen me find and interact with more lovely people. Family Instagrams always seem to get me sucked in and I must follow them and see what they are doing. So today I thought I would share my favourite 5 Instagrammers this month beware these are in no order.

Lyndsey is one of my favourite Instagrammers she has a beautiful daughter who she didn’t even know she was pregnant with. I adore her daughter Isabelle she is just so beautiful she is 15 months so it shows me something I can look forward to doing with Jess. Maybe one day in the future our girls can meet and have a day of fun together. Lyndsey also has a blog which you can see the link in her bio. 
Jess is the lovely lady who runs Lilypodandsweetpea. I love her on YouTube as well as her blog which I am sure you all know but if not the link is in her bio as you can see. I love seeing pictures of Japser and Rhys I can’t wait till we see baby boy. She always seems to be able to capture the best moments and has such beautiful pictures. I wish I lived closer to her so I could visit some of the amazing places that she does.
Sarah is another Instagrammer I have loved this month she has an amazing youtube and does the cutest weekend vlogs currently dear dada. I think the reason I love Sarah so much is because she is down to earth currently pregnant without partner not at home and this so something I can relate to. She also has a beautiful girl Isla who I just want to cuddle not in a strange way and she has the best style ever as well. I can’t wait for the new baby to arrive and see if it is a girl or a boy hopefully it’s healthy no matter what it is. She runs a blog as well as her YouTube channel and you can see the link in her bio. 
Hayley is one of the first mummy youtubers/bloggers I ever came across. I have been following her blog since just after Tyne was born so for 3 whole years now. She is one of the most down to earth and tells it how it is people. She shares the most adoreable pictures of her beautiful boys I love seeing how they develop into the most amazing little boys. Hayley is one of my inspirations and reasons I decided to start this blog instead of continue on my other blog because I wanted to share my family and memories. If you don’t follower her her blog is sparkles and stretchmarks and Hayley McLean on YouTube. 
My final Instagrammer who I have been loving this month is Claire from heyclairebear.x. She has one of the cutest baby boys I have been Logan. Her Instagram reminds me of how small Jess used to because Logan is 4 months. I just adore the style of photographs she takes and they are so simple but so beautiful she should be proud of them. Claire also blogs as you can see the link is in her bio. 
I recommend that you follow all these lovely ladies on Instagram so can see there beautiful children grow up to be the best. Please also take time to check out there blogs and youtube if this is something you are intrested in to see more mummy posts. 
I also post daily if you would love to see more of Jess my Instagram is @cupsofcharlotte. I have gained so many followers recently so thank you all for following me on not just Instagram but everywhere. 
Charlotte X