Tips For Dealing With Nappy Rash

It is horrible seeing your child have sore bum because you know how painful it would be if it were to happen to yourself. Today I am going to share with you some of the tips which I have done in order to help prevent her from suffering from a nappy rash and also what I do when she does actually get in because you can do everything to avoid it, however, sometimes this is not enough.
The first tip is to make sure that you change their nappy regular this might sound silly, but as they become older and closer to potty training when they are not filling nappy’s as often, this can become something which you can actually forget. It is recommended that you change either nappy every 3-4 hours which they are wake, of course, the last thing you want to do is to wake a small sleeping child.  Of course, should your child have a dirty nappy or have a full nappy you will need to change it and this could be more often than the recommended time. I will sometimes admit when I am busy whether it is commuting or on a busy day out I forget that she needs to be changed this often. At the moment we are potty training which means that she is not going in nappies as often which keeps them cleaner.
Make sure you get fragrance free baby wipes because adding too much fragrance to a babies bum can cause them irritation which is never good and can be a cause of nappy rash. It is recommended that you do not use too many baby wipes, however, keep their bum as clean and hygienic as possible. I use a mixture of brands ranging from Pampers, Huggies to ever supermarkets own brand and am yet to find a brand which has made her bum sore I would recommend all the ones which I have listed above.  I wipe at every change and of course when it is a dirty nappy I have to use more than one. It is recommended that you do use water and cotton wool but as we all know this is not convenient when you are on days out or change nappies where there may not be running water . For example I change Jess in the front room and would have to make trips to the kitchen while she would be laid on the changing mat.
I try and allow Jess to have some time when she is sore when she does not have to wear a nappy as this can make it worse. I know it is not always possible but letting her even 5-10 minutes per day when she has no nappy on can give her massive benefits when she is struggling with nappy rash,. Since we are doing potty training at the moment it does mean that we can actually give her a little bit longer because of the fact she usually tells us when we need to put her on the potty.

Finally I would recommend getting some kind of barrier cream such as sudacream or bepanthen  I have used both of these creams which have worked wonders when I think Jess if coming out with some nappy rash. I have been known to apply it when she is not even suffering with in order to keep her bum in the best condition which I can.  You can actually purchase everything you need in order to treat nappy rash from this section of Chemist4U- Nappy rash products
What are your top tips for avoiding nappy rash?
Charlotte xx
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Dear Dada- Oh No It Happened Again

Dear Dada

You know I was supposed to go back to Nursery this week well that didn’t happen I managed to get a get an ear infection and the nice doctor told me I was not allowed to go back because I would pass the infection to all of my friends. I ended up on antibiotics which mummy liked because do you remember we did not know if I was allergic to the medicine because I was very poorly last time and kept throwing it up but at least I know I am not allergic. Maybe if when I have my last viral infection if the doctor was allowed to give me the antibiotics it might have meant that I did not get this ear infection.  At least I am better now and this means that I can go back to nursery and this makes Mummy really happy because it picture day on Tuesday and it has been a while since we had them pictures done for my birthday.

Since I have had another week of nursery it means that we have watched a lot of TV because I have not been allowed to go outside because the weather has not been great. It has been windy and this really hurt my ear. So Mummy let me sit inside get lots of cuddles off her I think she is sick of paw patrol and Peppa pig because I have made her watch so much of it. I have promised her though that she doesn’t have to watch that much of it when I go back to nursery she can go back to watching youtube or love island which she is addicted to now.

On Friday I finally saw Auntie Emily it has been a while and you know how much I love my Ginger Auntie. It means that I got a trip to Costa because as you know it seems to be one of the only places which we end up meeting at for some reason.  I got so share some of mummy’s cookie which was super awesome and then after because the adults managed to spend over an hour talking in Costa I got treated to Chicken Nuggets from Burger King which you know is a hell of a lot nicer than the McDonald’s ones. Of course, because I am a princess me an Mummy shared 20 and don’t worry I had BBQ sauce because I am and addict now like you I could eat just the sauce.  While I was in town I started a secret project and you do not know what it is I be that is killing you because you hate surprises.

Saturday saw me do stage two of my secret project and it is now over don’t worry I might tell you what it is next update. I also walked on my reins to the post office a lot this week because Mummy keeps selling a lot of my old clothing off on eBay. This is good for me because I get walks and then I also get more new clothes and you know how much I love clothes. Don’t tell mummy but I think I have a better wardrobe than her.

Today I have gone on an adventure with Grandma, Grandad and Uncle Daniel to see the Gee Gee’s little do I know Marshall and Chase from Paw Patrol are going to be there.  This week will see us have a couple of days at home which will allow Mummy do a bit around the house and then a few days in York which will allow her to blog and do some other adult things. Mummy is working all next weekend which means that I get Grandma looking after me so I am sure that I am going to have lots of fun.

Miss you Dada

Love from Jess xxxx

Dear Dada- The House of Virus

Dear Dadda

Well, this week has been super eventful after having to run for the train from Nanny’s to York literally we got out the lift as the train was coming. Jess decided that she was going to throw up 3 times between Retford and York. I think she knew that she was going to be poorly though because she managed to lean forward avoiding her whole pram and herself and threw up all over the actual train. Sorry, Virgin I did not have anything that she could be sick into.

Due to the fact that Jess was not getting any better, it meant that we had to take a trip to the doctors because she did not want to eat a lot which as you know is not like Jess. She wanted a hell of a lot of cuddles which meant that we couldn’t get on with a lot because of fo the fact that I constantly had a Jess attached. During this week I think I watched enough Paw Patrol for a life time no joke I actually think I got sick of it.

Luckily she managed to perk up by the end of the week because at one stage I thought that she would not have been able to go on her holiday which would have been horrible because I know how much your parents no doubt have been looking forward to their time with her.  I really don’t know where this week has gone maybe it is because I have been at home all week and been keeping myself busy by doing jobs that I have not had time to do in months. I have even started listing some of Jess’s old clothes on eBay because of the fact that she has a lot of clothing which has started not to fit her so I want the room as well as some pennys for all these adventures we might go on this summer if Jess is lucky.

The end of this week was really challenging because as you know I love purchasing Jess clothes so it means that even at the tender age of 1 she has a better wardrobe than her mummy. I struggled to know what to pack for her because I currently don’t know what fits her as it has been a while since we have has some nice weather so I found some bits I could pass on to other people.  As well as the fact I do not know what Jess is going to get up to while she is away. Another thing which I struggled with was getting in around 11pm at night on Friday due to the fact we had rugby and then having to be dressed and ready for your parents coming at 9am which they end up turning up late and you know this is something which I hate.

Saturday I ended up chilling with a friend and staying over because why not when you haven’t got Jess you can go back to your old lifestyle. Meeting people having takeaway, drinks and late nights.
The next week is going to be hard because it is the longest time that I have gone away from Jess usually I get pictures when she is with you and we know that this is not going to happen.  Let’s hope Jess has an amazing holiday and makes some great memories with the grandparents

Love you Dada

From Charlotte & Jess xxxxxx

Top Tips To Deal With Chicken Pox

If you follow me on social media just before Easter Jess got chicken pox.  This is something which she really suffered with as you can tell from the picture above she does not actually look like herself her eyes looks so dark and she looks so out of it. That is apart from been covered in really bad spots as you can see the one near her boob looks really angry I think this was one of the worse ones which she actually got.

During this period of time I when Jess was struggling I was given so much advice on what people to me would help get rid of the pox which is something I needed to do because of the fact that we were going away a few days after the pox came out .I think it was around a week after she got sent home from nursery. I am going to share with you what I found worked when she was struggling.

  • Bicarbonate Soda baths this is something which Jess had multiple of during this time. This is supposed to help the healing and stop itching I did not want to use body washes or anything during this time cause I did not want to irritate them you can pick this up down the baking isle in the supermarket.
  • Making sure that unless she needed to we kept her out of clothes she had her dressing gown on so that she did not get cold. The reason behind this is I did not want Jess to scratch the scabs as they form when they are healing. I didn’t want to prevent the healing stage because we wanted to get her back to full health as soon as possible. 
  • Pirition is something else which Jess used because we wanted to stop the itching because I am sure that if we had let her she would scratch them. I think she only got caught scratching a couple of times and I think that this could be a reason why because they were not itching as much.  Children who get chicken pox over the age of one can use this however, you might want to check with a pharmacy before you give your child this product. 
  • I was recommended to use calamine lotion but I found it so hard to apply to Jess because it was always cold and she did not want me touching her. Let alone stay still long enough for me to apply it. I actually was lucky to get sent a tube of Care Virasoothe which is a gel that provides cooling and soothing relief reducing the urge to scratch. It also claims that it helps prevent scarring. This is something we loved because Jess allowed us to apply it and actually I think she looked forward to the relief as some of the worst spots were around her nappy area. 
  •  Make sure that you have some calpol on hand we found that it was a godsend because it took any of the pain which she may have been in away. Due to the fact that Jess still had chicken pox when she was pretty young, it meant that she could not tell us we only knew she needed some relief when she was piercing screaming.
  • Make sure that your child is getting enough fluids because when you are ill it is easy to become dehydrated. Offer them juice more often than you may normally do because they may not want to eat a lot if they are anything like Jess was when she had them. For sure I had to make sure that she was really drinking a lot more than she would normally do in order to prevent her becoming really poorly

These are my top tips do you have any others to parents who may be dealing with chicken pox?

Charlotte x
This post contains a PR sample however, this does not affect my opinon 

Coping With Children’s Colds

In the past couple of month’s Jess has had a fair few cold this could be due to the fact that she is always at Nursery where they seem to breed this could be because there are so many children around it is almost like school. On top of this Jess does have early mornings which I know are never the best we really don’t like them but it is necessary.

During this time it has meant I have come use to knowing what products actually help and I thought today I would share them because I always see people who are looking for advice of fellow parent’s so I thought if this helps just one person it would mean so much to me.

The first product which we reach for if she has a cough is just the simple Boots cough medicines do make sure that you pick the one which is suitable for children when you reach for it. It is actually just called cough syrup 3 months+. This is one which I have found to work and it is only £2.29 which is super cheap and will give your child some relief hopefully from a chesty cough. I have also tried a simple cough medicine which is from home bargains which again was from there own brand and this on has always really helped Jess.

Another product which I have used if Jess should get a chest kind of cold is the mild Boots own brand vapour this is what you could call a dupe of the actual Vicks vapour rub however, it is only a fraction of the price as it is £2. Previously when she has had these kinds of colds I have applied the rub to her chest and on the soles of her feet before bedtime and have found an improvement. I did this because of a recommendation of Joe’s Mum and this managed to help her sleep during a period when she really was struggling. I only applied this when she was going to sleep due to the fact that I am not a huge fan of the scent, however, if you really wanted you could actually apply it multiple times a day but make sure that you read the box so you do not apply it too often.

Snufflebabes Nasal drops are one of my holy grail products when Jess is struggling with a lot of running nose it helps it dry up and clear the nasal passage. It helps clean the nose out which is really important when you have such a horrible blocked nose. The only problem what I have with this item is that they can only be kept open for one month which kind be annoying if she manages to get another cold just after as I have to purchase another one but I understand why this occurs is is for hygiene reasons. These are a product which I wish they had for adults as this is something which I have never found that works. I should say that you have to put one to two drops up your child’s nose but for some people, I know this can be a problem because some children will not sit still. The first time Jess used this product I seem to remember we struggled.

Make sure that when your child has a cold that they consume a lot of fluid as we all know you can become dehydrated when they are ill and this is something which we all want to avoid. I make sure that I have something like supermarket own brand squash in. I have found that Jess really likes summer fruits and this is a good way to get some fluids into her I know that this will vary for every child but why not make sure that you have some of their favourites in at all times in case of emergencies.

Do you have any tips for coping with Children’s Colds?

Charlotte x