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Way back in the middle of March I was lucky to be invited to an blogging event at Hull’s new indoor rock climbing center Rock Up. We were lucky to get to test the walls a few days before the centre opened Me, Joe and my brother Daniel attended the event. I have meant to get this review up before however, I have been super busy with University.

Hull Rock Up has 26 walls which are all 25ft high don’t worry you are attached to a automatic belay devices which takes the slack when you climb and then lower you gently back to the ground. It is suitable for those who are 4 years and older.

You have a 30 minute  safety brief which means that if you have not been rock climbing like I had not you know you will be safe and you can not go on the walls till you have done this and have had your harness checked multiple times by different members of staff. You then get 55 minutes to go climbing on the walls.

They have walls  have a couple of walls which are the same which means you can race against other as you can see from this picture Joe and Daniel were racing they had to do it a couple of times because they needed to now who was the best. This would be something I can see a lot of boys loving to do because they seem to be fearless.

If you do not fancy climbing a wall there is also one called the twister which is also like a Lego/Jenga as you can see this is me having a go I did managed to get to the top the second time I went on this wall. There are multiple paths which you can go up on which I did not know about. This one is easy if you know where to move your feet.

We also have a leap of faith which is like the pipes in Mario and from the one which you can see Daniel holding on this picture you have to jump. This is something which did not interest me due to the fact I am not as daring as him. I do not think I would have been able to get that high I might have slipped like Daniel did here I can tell you he had a great bruise for a couple of days after this.

I did not manage to get a picture of all of the walls because I was having so much fun on the walls as you can see from this picture this is me on the top of one of the walls this was one of the first ones I managed to get up.  There are challenges on the bottom of the walls which you can do if you want to make your climb harder when you have managed to do the walls with ease. Daniel and Joe actually enjoyed doing these.

If you have children who are under 8 there is a soft play area which looks like so much fun. I did not actually venture into this due to the fact that we did not have Jess and I thought I may have been a little bit too big to go in on my own. This is a place I think I will be visiting again in the future with Jess who is going to have so much fun. 
To find out more information about pricing and to book visit the Rock Up website 
Have you been to one of these centers, if so what did you think
Charlotte x
I was gifted the experience by Rock Up however, this does not influence my views.