Small Random Home Bargains Haul

Randomly a couple of weeks ago I was near a home bargains store so I decided that I was going to pop in it is not a store which I go in a lot because I never seem to be close to one which is annoying because I love it. If you have not see what Jess wore for Halloween that outfit was actually from home bargains if you have not seen what she wore it is on my Instagram that whole outfit only cost me £5 which is very impressive or I seem to think so. I will be checking out their seasonal items are because I forgot how nice some of their items are. Anyway on to some of the other items which I picked up.

The first item I picked up was these Aspire drinks if you remember at the start of the year I was sent some of these too review and have only seen them in shops such as Holland and Barrett so when I spied these for only 39p each I knew I had to purchase some. These are great when you want a cool drink but you do not want it to be too super fizzy I love these in the summer but I am sure they are going to be perfect when I am really warm and need something to cool me down. I hope that they have them in the summer as well because they are something which I will be stocking up on. I defiantly recommend these ones and they have both flavours which is always a bonus. 
The next couple of items which I picked up are for Jess and they are the Heinz biscuits which are peppa pig that are strawberry and peach and the paw patrol ones are peach and apricot. Jess sometimes does not have a snack in the afternoon at nursery which means that she needs a snack when she gets home to go with her milk.  These are perfect because they are very small biscuits which means that she can always have a few in a little bowl and they were only 69p for this pack which is great as they are resealable because you can save them for other nights. Jess does like them because in nearly a couple of week Jess has managed to eat a pack I recommend these if you have a toddler. I think I will be going back to see if they have any more of these because she adores them and it is always great to find something which she loves. 
Cotton pads are something which I do not love to spend a lot of money on at all so I picked up these amazing Johnson ones because at the moment I have an ear infection which means that I have to put cotton wool in my ear in order to get the junk out. I also love to remove my make up with make up remover and cotton wool and this pack was under £1 and I needed some of this so I thought I would pick these ones up. I would recommend them but I do not have a favourite brand or anything. 
The next item I picked up is some of these no kink hair bobbles. I have managed to break some of the ones which I have had previously however, I do not find that they do not leave my hair kink free so I thought I would try some of these cheap ones I think they were about 69p. I do not spend a lot on bubbles because I either snap them or end up losing them I am sure any girl has this problem. I will let you know how I get on with these bubbles. I do like it keeps my hair up and off my face which is something I want from a hair bobble. 
The next items some Heinz ready meals for Jess as I said sometimes she does not have snack at nursery or for some reason she is not eating with us and we need to fed her quickly so I picked up these for £1 each. I got the spaghetti bol, sweet and sour chicken and hot pot. Jess has had one and seemed to love it so I think I might stick up on these as they are handy to have in the cupboard when you have a busy life like us. They only take 1 min in the microwave and then this is ready to eat which is always great if you have a toddler screaming that she is hungry you do not want to be waiting a long time for food to be ready. 
I picked up this little lunch bag which comes with a plastic box this comes with an insulated bag which means that your food will keep cool which is not something I need at the moment as the weather is not very warm at the moment. This bag only cost me £3 I think it was I need a new one as I had left my old one in the library a couple of weeks ago which I know was stupid and from then on my sandwiches were getting squashed which is something which I was not loving. I have been using this and the only thing which annoys me is that the box takes up nearly all of the bag which is kind of annoying as you can’t put much in more than a couple of sandwiches. 
Any student will tell you that they need energy when it is coming up to this time of year some of the deadlines are coming up which means that we have to spend hours in front of a computer team this with late nights and early mornings like I have and Monster is your best friend. So when I saw these were only 89p when in stores they can be around £1.50 so I has to pick a few up because it means that I can save the pennies which is important because it is Christmas very soon.  They have a couple of different flavours like the no sugar one so if you like monster it might be worth a trip over to home bargains. 
 Yes I have not gone crazy I actually purchased 3 of these toothbrushes and they are the wisdom toothbrushes for the little people between the age of 0-2 years which Jess is still in. These are perfect because she can try and brush her own teeth because she is such an independent little lady. She brushes her own teeth and then I go over and do them again the reason we needed 3 is because they are so much cheaper at home bargains than we have found anywhere else she needed a new one for at home as hers needed changing the same could be said for the one which she has at Daddy’s house and I thought I would pick up a spare one because you never know when she is going to need one. I think these are something like 69p and I have only seen them for around £1.29 now and they are something which Jess loves so I decided to stock up and let her continue these toothbrushes. 
The final item I picked up was this travel mug because it is getting colder in the mornings and I need coffee to be able to function. I actually dropped my costa one in August and this means that I could not use it any longer I have been debating purchasing another one. I actually saw these when I was in the store and it was around £3 which is very cheap as the costa one is around £5. I have actually noticed that since I have been using it the rose gold dots have started to wash off and I have not been putting this in the dishwasher. I do think this does look a lot like something which you would have in Kate Spade I know that the quality is not as high as a Kate Spade one however, this was only £3 which is a fraction of the price. 
I think this is a store I need to visit more because you really do seem to be able to pick everything up in there and so much of it is so cheap but good quality which is always important to me. 
Have you had any bargains from Home Bargains recently?
Charlotte x