Dreaming of Winter Sun 

This week I have been lucky enough to have a week of university so you would think that I have been doing fantastic days out maybe even taken a trip on a plane to somewhere warm. No instead I have been cooped up in the library trying to get ahead on assignments to take a little bit of a break for Christmas to enjoy it with friends and family and not be as stressed out as usual. I hopefully will be able to study a little bit less when Joe comes home next week you have him to thank for the amazing picture in this post. I am not jealous at all he got to meet penguins. My parents have also just returned from a week away in Lanzarote, and they have come back so suntanned I look like I don’t belong in their family. It’s hard to believe as a child who travelled abroad so much every single year I was lucky to be jetting off to a warmer climate it had been 7 years I think now since I left the UK.

This is something for sure I want to change next year I would love to be able to take Jess on her first holiday abroad and feel some of the  Sun on our backs. I am sure she would enjoy the pools because she really does seem to be such a water baby.  That reminds me we should take her swimming a lot more when Daddy is back, so she gets used to it again. Recently as my stress levels have risen and the temperature has plummeted, I have found myself dreaming of warmer climates. It is so tempting to take a week of uni and just go let’s forget I don’t have a valid passport at the moment.

The best thing about being able to go on holiday is that I could have so much fun in the pool with Jess and actually spend some quality time with her something I feel like I haven’t done since September.  I might actually be able to read something which is not academic and do it for pleasure I think I have around 200 books to read and I plan on moving house hopefully next year, and that’s going to be a lot of transporting.

Places such as Tenerife, Lanzarote are places which I would love to visit. I have been to Tenerife multiple times as a child and had so much fun over there. Visiting places such as Loro park and Siam park is something which I would love to do as it is something I haven’t done in the past. I think I would be tempted to only travel a maximum of around 4 hours at the moment on a plane because it is a whole new venture for Jess.

I can keep dreaming about the winter sun because currently, I have no time to pack my bags and jet off. Fortunately, I do have a weekend away break coming up in around a month, and it will be amazing to escape everyday life for a few days.

Many 2018 will be the year I get a new passport and one for Jess and explore the world again. For now, I am going to stay focusing on my studies and exploring places a little bit closer to home.
Have you got any winter sun breaks planned if so where? Or are you super organised and already booked your summer getaway for next year?

Charlotte xx

Dear Dada- I’m on Holiday Again

Dear Dada 
Another week has gone racing by woo not long now and you will be home don’t forget when you come home it is going to be close to my birthday so that’s just an excuse for you to spoil me even though I know mummy will go mad at you.  This week has gone super fast due to the fact that I have been at Nanny and Grandad’s house which means there has been no nursery just fun all day of course I have loved it because it means playing when I want no having to get up early in the morning to get a train nothing like that. They spoil em and let me eat whatever I want which of course is another bonus. 
Don’t worry about Mummy she has been a super busy girl because as you know she has to keep herself busy so that she does not actually miss us to much because we do not want her to ever get down. The day I went away she went out with a few friends and checked out a couple of new burger places in town which one of them she might make you try because she thinks you might actually like it because we all know you like your food. Mummy also had work this week which was one of the reasons why she couldn’t come with me which is always gutting but I know she has to work because it means that I get treated. It was Ladies day which means that mummy actually wore a dress which is a shock for anyone who knows her but I bet she looked stunning because she is my mummy. Again she went out with friends went for a nice drive it loved just trying to forget the world and all the worries which she has because as you know she worries for England even if we tell her not to. 
Mummy has been trying to use some of that huge lush stash that she has while I have been away because it means that she can have a long bath in peace without me trying to get in which is always a bonus. I think she even managed to read a book which as you know is super rare because she is always on the go. Even though I have been a way it did not stop her looking for some more clothes for me she blames the fact that there was a sale and the weather has become colder which means that I am going to need some warmer clothes. Don’t worry you will be able to see them soon because I will make sure that she hauls them. 
The weekend saw Mummy work again which is never a good thing but at least I was at home when she came home so I think that is a huge bonus because who doesn’t want to see me after a long day at work when I am hyper. Nanny and Grandad managed to get me Marshall and Zuma which means that I had to attack her with them. I think I only need Everest and Rocky and I will have them all. I will be seeing Nanny and Grandad again next week because Mummy is going to Wembley which means that I get some time spent with them. 
I miss you so much Daddy 
Jess xxxx

Dear Dada-  No More Boys 

Dear Dada

Now it August only one more month to get through and then this you should be home even if it is only for a short period of time. This week has gone super fast because it has been a whole week at home for me and mummy no nursery no nothing. I think it is what we both needed some time to actually sleep well I did a fair bit of that because mummy doesn’t seem to be the best at sleeping any more.

The reason I haven’t been at usury was because the boys have ditched us for the nice warm sun in Tenerife. They even had the cheek to buy a paw patrol ball to play with while they were away I hope they bring it back so I can play with it. Since we have been a home a lot this week mummy has been decluttering areas I think it makes her feel like she is achieving something and you would not believe the amount of rubbish she has gotten rid of and managed to find new homes for things. Not that it will last been tidy and decluttering with me and the boys in the house we are always causing mess.

Since they have not been at home and I have had to have tea at home I haven’t been eating in my high chair I have been sat on my booster chair which makes me the right height for the table. If only they was room for me on it all of the time because I enjoy been a big girl maybe I will if we finally get a house together.

I have enjoyed been able to play outside a little bit I am loving my scuttlebug I warn you I am dangerous on it so your going to have to watch your toes when your back and I am on it. I love you really do I promise to not cause that much damage. I have also been playing with the pups at the moment I love pretending to feed them and putting them to bed like they are real animals.

Next week I am going back to nursury and I can’t wait to see all of my friends that I have missed because I have so much fun with them. Time passes faster when I am there even though I am still not loving been dropped off because I am scared mummy will not return.

Love you so much Daddy

Jess xxxxxx

Gift Ideas For Secret Santa

Hi Guys

If you are anything like me you will love taking part in secret Santa’s this is a concept which has grown in the last few years people now do these at work and I have heard large friendship groups doing this even the blogger community have done this as well which includes posting the items. It can be really hard to know what to send due to the fact that some have very small budgets of between £10-15.

I have decided that I am going to share a list of items which would be good to be included I have only done these for women however, you could use these for males as well should you require. These include some items which I have received in the past and ones which I have sent.

  • Make Up Bags- Primark do some amazing ones they are so useful as well
  • Bath Bombs- They do not have to be from lush other brands such as bomb cosmetics do some beautiful ones
  • Candles- Again these do not have to be yankee as you know some of my favourite ones are so cheap 
  • Fluffy Socks- if you are anything like me they are your best friend over the colder months
  • Lipsticks- if you know that they are always wearing a colour why not by them a simular one 
  • Nail Varnish-  if they are someone who likes to pain there nails again this would be perfect
  • Face Masks – sheet masks have become such a huge thing this year so why not let you secret santa try some
  • Stationary- this is something which people are becoming more and more passionate about and this is something which I am adoring at the moment keeping organise and making lists. 
I will be sharing after the Christmas period with you what I have received in my secret santas don’t worry about it at all. 
What would you like to recieve or give to your secret santa if you are doing one at all?
Charlotte x

What We Did In June

Hi Guys 
Sorry we have not posted much recently but you will see why if you continue reading this post we have both been busy and we have had illness as well. 
The first weekend of this month we made the long trip to North Wales. Jess finally got to meet her great grandad and his wife it has only took her nearly 9 months however the drive is around 4 hours and we have been busy since she has been born. This meant Jess had her first stay in a hotel which she didnt like there travel cot it’s not as padded as Daddy’s so she slept with me she adored the breakfast though. The next day we drove back and went to catch up with some other family members including her great great nana who loves her so much even though she has lost the ability to speak following a stroke. Jess also went to see her great great auntie who she has walking with her and making her laugh .

The following weekend it was Daddy’s birthday so we went with him down to Grantham were he is from. We managed a trip to the park on the Saturday before having a meal with family and a couple of friends. Grandma and Grandad managed to look after Jess so me and Joe could have a good night out which is always a bonus because we really don’t get many of them at all we don’t have much time together maybe that’s why. We bought him a supercar day so hopefully he will enjoy that when he gets to go on it. 
We then took a trip on the train to York the day before Father’s Day so that Joe and Jess could spend there first Father’s Day together even though it was early. We went for a walk around and managed to have a beautiful pasty and ended up having a play in a park close to the railway station which fun. Jess decided that because Daddy doesn’t have many pictures of her bought him a digtal photo frame with a memory stick with all the pictures of her on it. I managed to spend the following day with my dad in Castleford watching our rugby team. 

The following week saw me, Jess, Grandma and my brother go on a Monday to Friday break at Blue Dolphin. Jess took it upon herself to make us go to soft play which she adores it wears her out then she has to have 2 hour naps after it. I don’t think I have known her sleep as much as she did in that week. On the Thursday night Daddy came up and then we had a spontaneous trip to Bridlington on the way home. We enjoyed a lovely walk along the front Jess was a little bit too small to go on the beach this time. We had an lovely pub lunch while Jess chilled out in her pram. 

As you can tell we have had a busy month in June. Follow us on Instagram to see pictures of what we get up to we post daily @cupsofcharlotte we would love to see you over there.