Mask Your Skin’s Problems

This festive season can be hard for all of us and or skin cam really be on which struggles and we do not seem to take a lot of time to pamper it for some reason. A couple of months ago now soap and glory released a whole new collection of masks which are designed to target certain problems in the skin. I for one really need to treat my skin a lot more because of the fact at the moment with the cold weather, stress and late nights it is all taking its toll on my skin. This is the reason why I have pulled these products out of my stash which I am going to be able to use. 

The first one up is this declog mask which is going to help me all the rubbish out of my face including any breakouts which may be lingering under the skin which of cause we do not want to cause the blackout more in this festive season. I know that I will be seeing people who I have not seen in a long time which means that I really want my skin to look amazing. This is a peel-off mask so I know that when I come to use it I am going to have so much fun looking at the all of the gunk that will come out of my face. I think these are a complete bargain because you get two little pots of £4 which means you can do it twice or have some couples time and do the masks together. 

More sleep is something that I need for sure with looming university deadlines on top of early morning and late nights a toddler and getting ready for Christmas. I picked up a couple of these which are eye masks which are going to help firm, de-puff and brighten this area. This will help me look less tired and banish thoughts unwanted black circles and tired eyes which I am rocking all too much this season even concealer is struggling to cover this. I think these are something which I am going to repurchase is they work because tons of sleep is not something which I will be getting for a while because of how busy and crazy busy my life is.  These eye masks come in at £3.50 so I think they will only be used as a treat maybe once a week or something. 

 Moisture is something which my skin struggles within the winter because of the fact that the weather is so cold. So when I saw that Soap and Glory had created some moisture sheet masks I knew that I had to get that one.  This mask will help moistures the skin as well as recondition it meaning that it should not get as dry in the future because of the hyaluronic acid which helps lock in moisture. These masks do come in two which means that you can make it fit your face completely as this is something which I have struggled with in the past when using sheet masks.  I think this is one which I am going to end up having repurchasing in the future because I really end up losing a lot of moisture on my face in the winter. This mask again is £3.50 which I do not think is very expensive for the sake of your skin looking good. 

The final facemask which I have is the pore refining mask this is one which is going to help me with any breakouts which I have. This face mask again as a sheet mask which helps to smooth your skin and perfect your complexion; leaving it soft and hydrated too. Which sounds like something which I really need to be able to do have the best skin which I can have. From what I have heard this is a sheet mask which is soaked which means that your skin can get the most out of using a mask which is something which you really want when you are paying £3.50 for a once use mask. 

Have you tried any of the soap and glory facemasks if so what did you think of them?

Charlotte x

Lush Oxford Street Haul

Way back on the 26th August I managed to visit the holy grail shop for any lush fan’s which is Lush Oxford street a 3-floor store which sells just pure Lush. Which as I am sure you know because you’re on my blog is a kind of heaven to me. The store opened way back in April 2015 and it has taken me this long to visit. I was down in London for the challenge cup and found myself in a bar about 15 minutes walk away from the store so I had to pop quickly and due to the fact that I had to carry it so I only picked up the ones which were exclusive to the store.

Cherry Blossom reusable bubble bar is one of those items which I managed to pick up Cherries are one of my favourite scents however, it is not something which Lush do a lot of for some reason I don’t actually know why. This is not a scent which reminds me of cherries too much it reminds me more of cherry bakewells and the cherry boiled sweets. This for sure is going to be one which I would love to come to normal stores because for sure this is one which I would be repurchasing I have not actually tried it out yet but it is one which I will be using in the near future. 
Big Calm Jelly bath bomb is one of the first jelly bath bombs which Lush have done one is meant to help you sleep which at the moment is something which I am not having a problem with because I am so tired all of the time. The reason it is designed to send you to sleep is due to the tonka and chamomile I think this is one I purchase for when I have a lot of deadlines and need myself to be sent to sleep. I know these are not exclusive just to Oxford street there is around 10 stores nationwide which have them in. Unfortunately for me, my local one which has them is Leeds so if I do end up loving it I am going to have to purchase online. I think this is my favourite of the jelly ones which I picked up. 
Dark arts Jelly bath bomb which has now changed its name to I think secret arts is this lovely black bath bomb I am surprised it took lush this long to do something which turned you bath black because we all know Lush like to be a little bit different when it comes to their products. This bath bomb is cinnamon, orange and almond which gives it a very spicy cinnamon with a hint of orange scent. This is one which I have not used yet because I thought I would save it for the winter when the weather turns as this is one which I think would suit that time of year more than when I purchased it. I am unsure how much I am going to love this because it could be like bathing in a bath of tar but this is sure going to be an experience. I may do a post about my experience when I have used this and do a review on the product. 
One Eskimo is a bubble bar which I picked up out of session but there was no way I could leave it as it shares it’s scent with Christingle which is a very menthol/ mint body lotion. This is a bubble bar which is going to be part of the Christmas line if I am not mistaken. This has a hint of grapefruit, spearmint and peppermint. I feel like this is going to be one which is great should my muscles be sure because mint really seems to help me or if you have bad sunburn this may be a product which you want to try. This for sure is going to be one which I am going to be stocking up on in the coming months. As I think if this is part of the Christmas range it will be coming to all stores. 
Fidget spinners are something which was a huge trend this summer and of course Lush had to jump on the bandwagon and make their own fidget spinner bubble bar. This is one which I had to pick up because of the fact that I love anything novel and this is of course citrus so there was no way that I was not going to be picking this one up. I can not actually say what oils are in this because I can not find it online so I am sorry for this. This is a product which produces a ton of bubbles so is one which Jess adores as well. I do seem to think that you purchase this in all stores now throughout the UK. 

Green coconut is another jelly bath bomb which does not sound a combination which most people would think of this bath bomb does not smell overly of the usual coconut smell which we have got used to with Lush instead it is almost a curry smell which I get when I have a whiff of this product. I know that this is something which could put a lot of people off because they may not almost like the thai green curry scent that this product is. However, to me, it not a spicy as a curry would be and have as many in it. This is going to be one which is going to be very interesting as I do not know how I feel about sharing my bath with green slime it may be an experience which I am not going to love. I think I will have to report my findings on this very soon. 
Green windmill is another one which I picked up purely because of the design I am a sucker for anything I guess you could say gimmicky. The scent on this is a really nice as well which is always a bonus it is a very fizzy kind of citrus smell with almost a hint of ginger I know it sounds like the stranges combination of product well scent ever but I promise you that it is one of the nicest that I have smelt from Lush and so different to anything which I have ever tried before. I am gutted I dropped mine which means some bits have come off but I am sure it is still going to make pretty bubbles in the bath. 
Guardians of the forest bath bomb is another one which I knew before I headed into the store is one which I needed because of the fact that it is the closest which we have to Lord of misrule all year long which is one of my favourite scents of the year. It is a very earthy scent which has a lot of Cyrpuss oil, rosewood and moss oil which means that it really smells of the forest as the name suggests. There is nothing better than the this when it is in the spring which is one of my favourite times to visit the forest.  This for sure is one which I would be purchasing more if I lived closer to oxford street I might have to purchase this one online because I know it is going to be a firm favourite. 
This is a product which I purchased because of the fact that one of the lovely members of staff used this product and demonstrated it on my arm. I have to say that my arm has never felt so smooth using this showder. This is a product which smells like lemon cheesecake which of course is something which just makes me want a product as well as the fact that it is a product which allows delicate but effective scrubbing. So it removes the dead skin cells before making the skin soft due to the fact that it has cornflour in the ingredients. It is a product which I am going to have to store in a black pot due to the fact that it comes in a cardboard box which is not going to be great for storing in the shower. This for sure is going to be awake me up product which I am looking forward to using in the colder darker mornings. 
Marmalade is the final jelly bath bomb which I picked up I thought that it was going to be a scent which is similar the famous condiment so I thought it was going to be a very juicy orange kind of smell. However, this is not the case at all to me it is a hell of a lot of powdery scents which is not something which I am a huge fan of. This for sure is not my favourite and I do not think it is one which I am going to be using for a long time because I have more which I love in my collection. I might even let Jess try instead and take photos that way because I am sure she would love jelly in her bath. I actually almost regret purchasing this one. 
The final item which I purchased was this plum rain body spray which of course is the same scent as the shower gel. This is one which I love because if you have ready my review of the shower gel you will knoe how I like the fact that this is a different scent to others which I have in my collection it is a fruity and fresh scent. This is going to be perfect for spraying on when I am going to university in a morning, The scent on this lasts for a fair amount of hours I know this is going to be one which I am going to get a hell of a lot of use out of. 
What exclusives have you tried from Oxford Street?
Charlotte xx

November Toddler Instagram Haul

As you know, I love shopping small business, and Instagram is a platform which allows me to do this more often. If you got onto my Instagram feed, you would see that half of it at least is a small business which is impressive because some of the ladies who run these companies do it on top of a full-time job which is crazy. They make these items on a night and weekends which shows that it is their hobby so if I can promote them all a little bit and support them I will.

The first company is actually one from Facebook and a company which is local to me, and it is B’s boutique this is a company which I actually purchased some bows from way back at Easter time. When I was aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, I saw that she was doing these amazing Children In Need bows which I knew I had to purchase as I knew that Jess would be doing something for the occasion at nursery.  I knew I wanted to get her something a little bit different like a bow rather than just getting something off the shelf from Asda. When I went further down on her page, I noticed that she was also doing these remembrance bows and of course Jess is too young to actually wear a poppy, so I thought that if I managed to get her something it still shows that she cares even though she doesn’t know what it fully means. I think both bows with postage only cost me £7 which is a steal when you think how long they will have taken to make and how much wear Jess is going to get out of them.

As you might remember way back in July I purchased a skirt with this same fabric, however, with the weather coming colder I knew that Jess needed a blanket which would keep her warm on cooler mornings when we are travelling. This is when I found Gladragscustomcloths which is a very small Instagram company with less than 200 followers. which has the exact fabric and offer to make buggy blankets which is the perfect size for what we wanted. The lovely lady actually purchased the fabric in as she had none in stock and in total it took less than two weeks I think for me to receive which is an amazing turn around for a small company. This cost me £20 however, I know that I am going to get plenty of use from this and Jess is not going to drag it along the floor like she used to with the bigger ones. I would recommend this company and if I require anything like this in the future I will return to this store.

I purchased again from prettypenguinclothing which is where I purchased the avengers skirt from in July. I still follow this amazing company so when they announced that they were doing to do Children in Need skirts I knew that I needed it because I think it is going be great for Jess as I knew nursury were going to do something for the occasion I think this skirt only cost me £8 with so much of the money going to the charity which is always amazing as this is what we are all raising money for. I picked this up in the size 12-18 and actually it is the same as the one which we had last year and it suited Jess so I know she is going to look super cute with this skirt this year. 

While I was looking on prettypenguinclothing I purchase another skirt I love Jess in black for some reason however, it is not a colour which you see a lot in toddler and baby clothing. So when I spied this skirt which is black with white and grey clouds on it I knew I had to purchase this. I can see this been teamed with a bright coloured tshirt and some tights. I did actually purchase this in 2-3 years which means that it is not going to fit Jess for a while but when it does I am sure she will look super cute and rock this outfit. I can not believe this skirt is only £8 and it is actually homemade. 
The final item which I picked up from prettypenguinclothing was this super awesome pink rainbow skirt which is in 18-24 months so I think it is going to fit Jess in the spring time at the rate she is going. I think this is actually one of my favourite fabrics which Jess has. It is something which I was going to get leggings in however, I decided to get it in a size up and be able to use it in the spring again this is going to be paired with tights. I think this is an item which is going to get plenty of wear out of. Again this skirt is only £8 and the company have a turn around of 2-3 weeks however, I actually got mine I think in around 1 week. This is a company which I would completely recommend. 

 The item item which I purchase is from a lovely company called Surviving Society which is ran by a lovely lady who I have made friends with over on there. When I saw that she had launched these tshirts I knew I had to have them because one this colour really suits Jess and you do not see a lot of this colour. The second reason was because tigers are something which are really love in the house it does not have anything to do with our local football team at all. The final reason I purchased this is because I really like to celebrate little companies where you purchase makes a huge different and of course if you have met Jess you will know that she is a fierce mini person I am even scared of her sometimes. 
Have you purchased anything from Instagram recently?  Also with it coming up to the festive season please leave me links to your favourite stores because I actually want to shop as local and small as possible this year. 
Charlotte xxx 

Small Random Home Bargains Haul

Randomly a couple of weeks ago I was near a home bargains store so I decided that I was going to pop in it is not a store which I go in a lot because I never seem to be close to one which is annoying because I love it. If you have not see what Jess wore for Halloween that outfit was actually from home bargains if you have not seen what she wore it is on my Instagram that whole outfit only cost me £5 which is very impressive or I seem to think so. I will be checking out their seasonal items are because I forgot how nice some of their items are. Anyway on to some of the other items which I picked up.

The first item I picked up was these Aspire drinks if you remember at the start of the year I was sent some of these too review and have only seen them in shops such as Holland and Barrett so when I spied these for only 39p each I knew I had to purchase some. These are great when you want a cool drink but you do not want it to be too super fizzy I love these in the summer but I am sure they are going to be perfect when I am really warm and need something to cool me down. I hope that they have them in the summer as well because they are something which I will be stocking up on. I defiantly recommend these ones and they have both flavours which is always a bonus. 
The next couple of items which I picked up are for Jess and they are the Heinz biscuits which are peppa pig that are strawberry and peach and the paw patrol ones are peach and apricot. Jess sometimes does not have a snack in the afternoon at nursery which means that she needs a snack when she gets home to go with her milk.  These are perfect because they are very small biscuits which means that she can always have a few in a little bowl and they were only 69p for this pack which is great as they are resealable because you can save them for other nights. Jess does like them because in nearly a couple of week Jess has managed to eat a pack I recommend these if you have a toddler. I think I will be going back to see if they have any more of these because she adores them and it is always great to find something which she loves. 
Cotton pads are something which I do not love to spend a lot of money on at all so I picked up these amazing Johnson ones because at the moment I have an ear infection which means that I have to put cotton wool in my ear in order to get the junk out. I also love to remove my make up with make up remover and cotton wool and this pack was under £1 and I needed some of this so I thought I would pick these ones up. I would recommend them but I do not have a favourite brand or anything. 
The next item I picked up is some of these no kink hair bobbles. I have managed to break some of the ones which I have had previously however, I do not find that they do not leave my hair kink free so I thought I would try some of these cheap ones I think they were about 69p. I do not spend a lot on bubbles because I either snap them or end up losing them I am sure any girl has this problem. I will let you know how I get on with these bubbles. I do like it keeps my hair up and off my face which is something I want from a hair bobble. 
The next items some Heinz ready meals for Jess as I said sometimes she does not have snack at nursery or for some reason she is not eating with us and we need to fed her quickly so I picked up these for £1 each. I got the spaghetti bol, sweet and sour chicken and hot pot. Jess has had one and seemed to love it so I think I might stick up on these as they are handy to have in the cupboard when you have a busy life like us. They only take 1 min in the microwave and then this is ready to eat which is always great if you have a toddler screaming that she is hungry you do not want to be waiting a long time for food to be ready. 
I picked up this little lunch bag which comes with a plastic box this comes with an insulated bag which means that your food will keep cool which is not something I need at the moment as the weather is not very warm at the moment. This bag only cost me £3 I think it was I need a new one as I had left my old one in the library a couple of weeks ago which I know was stupid and from then on my sandwiches were getting squashed which is something which I was not loving. I have been using this and the only thing which annoys me is that the box takes up nearly all of the bag which is kind of annoying as you can’t put much in more than a couple of sandwiches. 
Any student will tell you that they need energy when it is coming up to this time of year some of the deadlines are coming up which means that we have to spend hours in front of a computer team this with late nights and early mornings like I have and Monster is your best friend. So when I saw these were only 89p when in stores they can be around £1.50 so I has to pick a few up because it means that I can save the pennies which is important because it is Christmas very soon.  They have a couple of different flavours like the no sugar one so if you like monster it might be worth a trip over to home bargains. 
 Yes I have not gone crazy I actually purchased 3 of these toothbrushes and they are the wisdom toothbrushes for the little people between the age of 0-2 years which Jess is still in. These are perfect because she can try and brush her own teeth because she is such an independent little lady. She brushes her own teeth and then I go over and do them again the reason we needed 3 is because they are so much cheaper at home bargains than we have found anywhere else she needed a new one for at home as hers needed changing the same could be said for the one which she has at Daddy’s house and I thought I would pick up a spare one because you never know when she is going to need one. I think these are something like 69p and I have only seen them for around £1.29 now and they are something which Jess loves so I decided to stock up and let her continue these toothbrushes. 
The final item I picked up was this travel mug because it is getting colder in the mornings and I need coffee to be able to function. I actually dropped my costa one in August and this means that I could not use it any longer I have been debating purchasing another one. I actually saw these when I was in the store and it was around £3 which is very cheap as the costa one is around £5. I have actually noticed that since I have been using it the rose gold dots have started to wash off and I have not been putting this in the dishwasher. I do think this does look a lot like something which you would have in Kate Spade I know that the quality is not as high as a Kate Spade one however, this was only £3 which is a fraction of the price. 
I think this is a store I need to visit more because you really do seem to be able to pick everything up in there and so much of it is so cheap but good quality which is always important to me. 
Have you had any bargains from Home Bargains recently?
Charlotte x

Lush Halloween 2017 Haul

How has the time come around already for Lush to have released the Halloween collection this year it was late coming into stories it only launched last week, however, you have been able to get your hands on a lot of the products should you have ordered online. I have only picked up a few of the items this year as I picked some of them up previously when I visited Oxford street in August I promise I will share that haul with you in a couple of weeks time. I will apologise for the state of some of the bath bombs they fell off my pram on the way home and smashed which was not great. I know you can see ghost fairy in the main picture, however, I have since lost this product so I can tell you what it is like as I can not remember from when I purchased in store.

The first item which I knew I had to have was the monster’s ball bath bomb because it shares it’s scent with my favourite or one of my favouorite scents which is calacas. This makes such beautiful coloured water which is amazing for someone like me because it is purple and this is one of y favouote colours combined with the citrus smell which calacas has. This is one wish could be around all year long because of the fact I adore it that much. The reason this smells so amazing is due to it having the main ingredient of lime oil which always makes my mood increase and makes me feel uplifted it also has a ton of cocoa butter in which makes your skin feel soft which is something I am always needing at this time of year. For sure this is going to be one which I am going to be picking up more of before the end of the season.

Pumpkin bath bomb is not one which I picked up last year I do not think because of the fact that I was not a huge fan, however, this year I decided that I was going to give it a try. This is not one which I think smells of pumpkins not that I know what one smells like instead, I think it feels very much  vanilla and spicy scent which makes sense when I look at the main ingredient of this bath bomb which is citrus which I can not smell however, it does have vanilla so this might be a reason. This for sure I can imagine is going to make a very bright orange colour in the water and I have a feeling should I not like this Jess is going to love it and get used of the water. This is not one which I think I am going to purchase a lot of before it disappears.

Sparkly pumpkin bubble bar is one which has visited us for a fair number of years now, however, because of the fact that I am not a huge fan of the glitter it is the first time that I have ever purchased this. On dry sniff of this product it smells like it a cinnamon/ spicy product mixed with one which is a little bit fruity which is amazing as for me because I really love the spicy products which usually come out later in the year as part of the Christmas range and as you know I adore my fruity scents. I am sure this is going to be one which I am going to wonder why I have not picked up in the past I might have to try this before this product goes. I think the water is not going to be the prettiest but for sure it is one which I am going to enjoy trying.

Pink pumpkin is new this year and when I saw it online for some reason I thought it was going to share the scent with snow fairy, however, this is something which I was incorrect with instead it shares it scent more with rose jam however, it is not as strong as rose jam because of the fact it has jasmine in it which stops been too overpowering. This is something I can find occurs with rose jam often. I think this product is going to be one which is very relaxing and going to help me de-stress which is something I need to do a lot at the moment with the stress of third-year university. 

Lord of misrule shower creme is one of my favourite shower gels this is going to have to be repurchased a couple of times so I have enough of this to last me all year. It is a very strange scent to explain so I will recommend if you can pop into a lush store to have a sniff of this product I would. It is black pepper and patchouli with a hint of vanilla which gives it such a strange but beautiful scent. This is a thick shower creme which keeps your skin so soft and it does last for a long time which is something I love as this is one of my favourite scents and I look forward to every Halloween when this product comes out.  

This beautiful cat is called bewitched bubble bar this I am sure is going to bring one of the most amazing black water and everyone has to love black baths. On dry sniff this smells like blackberry which is a bath bomb which they have got rid of this year mixed with the comforter which is my favourite bubble bar. This is not a floral scent or too much of citrus this is a sweet scent which is a change in this collection this year. This for sure is going to be one which I need to check in the water and see if I like it before possibly purchasing some more of it. 

The final item which I picked up from the range was a lip tint in black rose. I will admit I don’t know if I ever have tried a lip tint from lush however, I had seen swatches of this and new I had to try it this it comes black in the tube and into a berry kind of pink which is one of my favourite colours to wear at this time of year. I will say it is pretty sheer which means that it is one which I could get away with wearing when I hardly have a lot of make up on and it would not look out of place which is always good. For sure I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this little beauty.

Have you picked up anything from this range yet of so what did you get? If not what do you have your eye on?

Charlotte x

GAP, TU & Mothercare Toddler Clothing Haul

Clothing is something which Jess needs more of at the moment because the seasons has changed and it is a little bit cold to wear some of the things which she has been wearing while the weather has not been that cold.To coincide with this Jess has actually gone up a size in clothing she is now in the 12-18 month section which means that of course, she needs more clothing.  The first item is something which we picked up when TU had their 25% off and this was these 5 long sleeved tops which are going to be great for teaming with leggings and jeans for nursery they seem to be of good quality which means that they are going to be able to withstand all the hammer which Jess will end up giving them. I love how they are so bright which means that they are going to be able to be teamed with some of her darker bottoms. I think in totally these cost me something like £8 which I thought was a bargain for such a staple. 

The next item is actually out of season and it is from Gap and it is these amazing looney tunes pajamas I saw these had had to pick them up because they remind me of something which I would have worn when I was little. I think that the grey makes the characters pop out even more which is something that I actually like. I have purchased these in 18-24 months which that they may fit her in the spring summer but I had to get them now because they were reduced to £3.99 something which I though was a bargain for this time of item. They are going to be something which Jess is going to get a lot of wear out of because she loves PJ’s and she can even wear it if it is cold outside because she has a duvet and the heating will be on as well.

The next item is something which I purchased from Sainsbury’s when they had their sale on and it was these fleecy pajamas which have Skye and Everest on the front. These are going to be perfect for when it is a little bit cooler than it is currently because they are going to keep Jess super snuggle and warm I almost which that they did them in my size because I would love a pair of these. I think she is going to love them because for one they are paw patrol and she still seems to be obsessed with the show. Anything at the moment which makes her want to put on pajamas is a bonus because she never seems to want to put them on for the fear of being sent to bed. I think I picked these up for around the £8 mark which does seem expensive however, I hope they are going to last very well and she is going to get plenty of wear out of them. 

Mothercare is not a store which I visit a lot for clothing for Jess however, we popped in to get her feet measured and this was when I picked up this shower raincoat. I did actually purchase it in the size 2-3 years which means that it is not going to fit her for a while however, this is something which she is always needing because living in the North of England you never know when it is going to rain. I love how this is not too thin because it means it is going to protect her from the wind as well. Jess is not a child who owns a lot of pink at the moment I thought this wouild be perfect for her. This was reduced from £17 to £11 and is going to be something which Jess gets plenty of wear from. 

The next item which I purchased for Jess was this beautiful swing dress from Sainsbury’s which is a grey dress covered in Skye from Paw Patrol. Jess’s favourite character is Skye so when I saw this online I knew I had to pick it up you may have actually seen Jess wearing this because of the fact she wore it on her birthday. This is one which we adore because it looks amazing on her it has long sleeves which means that her arms do not get cold and it can be paired with tights and boots and look like an amazing outfit that we have thought about it. This is something which she is going to get a lot of wear out of and when it becomes a little bit too short for her we can put leggings under and she will still be able to wear it. I think I picked this up for around £5 which is amazing because it is going to be one of our favourites dress we have in this age.

These leggings are again from GAP I saw them in the window and had to go in and find them if you can not tell they are snow white leggings. I adore the print that there is all over them I wish they did them in pajamas bottoms for adults because they are sure something which I would purchase. I adore these they are in a white/beige colour I think that these are going to be able to be teamed with a bright top or something plain. This is going to be something which she is going to get a lot of wear out of these on a weekend because Jess would ruin them in a nursury way to quickly which is not fun. These were on 30% off which means that there wear around £7. It reminds me that Gap is another shop which I need to visit more because they do some amazing toddler clothing.

These are another bargain which I picked up off in Mothercare and there were these 3 pairs of leggings I actually got them in 18-24 months because Jess has so many in 12-18 so she can grow into these. They were only £6 which means that she is going to be able to wear them for nursery because of the fact that I am not that bothered should they get ruined. I love the white pair which is very floral and butterfly they would look amazing with some of her plainer tops. The other two pairs are very plain a light blue pair and a pink which she is going to be able to wear with some of her busier tops. I am sure we will be getting a hell of a lot of wear out of these when they fit her which could be the springtime. I would recommend looking in mothercare as you can get some amazing bargains like we have I must visit more often because I forget how nice some of their clothing is. 

The final item which I picked up in Mothercare is these wintery pajamas which are very soft and have an almost fleecy bottom which makes me want them in my size as well. I think that these are going to be great for around the Christmas period because of the fact that they look so wintery. I can see Jess wearing these a lot in December and hopefully we will be allowed some pajama days which means that she can get even more wear out of them. I think it is essential to have some nice pajamas it is something you want to be comfy in as it helps you have a better nights sleep I have found. I think these were reduced to around £5 because of the fact they are from last Christmas rather than this season which is great because we would never know and it is such a bargain.

Have you picked up any nice toddler clothes recently?

Charlotte x

Jess’s 2nd Birthday Haul

As you might know on the 15th September Jess turned two I know where had my baby girl gone now she is a grown-up little toddler who loves been super independent. On the run-up to her birthday, I have been reading up on what other people had been purchasing for their toddlers because as you might know, Jess is rarely at home because she is in full-time nursery and this means she does not actually get a lot of time spent at home to play with toys.  So I thought I would share with you what Jess actually got for her birthday.

I am not bragging about what she got because I know she is a very lucky little girl people did not have to spend any money on her however they did and I am sharing with you the lovely gifts she got.
First of all is the card which we actually got Jess usually I wouldn’t include cards in a post like this, however, I had it specially designed from the lovely handmade_by_bubblestorm on Instagram. Jess is paw patrol mad and I had been trying to find one which was paw patrol with daughter on with no much success so when I found this lovely lady I knew I had to purchase. I think either the crayon and colour of Skye it was £5 as part of an offer she was conducting one Friday. I would recommend checking her store out because she does amazing cards.

Jess was super lucky to that her grandparents purchased her some amazing toys which she loves to play with. The first one which she received was the my little pony slide and ramp. Jess has never seen the my little pony show however this does not mean that she does not love playing with this toy. We have had all sorts go down the ramp not only the ponies and car which are supposed to. Jess also likes to try and make them go even faster so that they crash and hit people wow that just tells you a lot about the kind of person my child is to be honest.

Books are something which recently Jess has really got into she loves having a bedtime story read to her most nights if we are not in too late. As a big paw patrol fan, these books are going to be perfect which she received because they are small enough so she can try and read them herself they are board books which means she shouldn’t be able to damage them as easy. They feature all of her favourite characters and are something which I had not seen prior to her birthday but since have seen multiple times I would recommend these for any paw patrol fan.

The next item which she received does have a story as such behind it last summer when we were on holiday with her grandparents we saw these hoodies however they did not go small enough I think they started at age 3-4 which would have buried her. This is a really nice pale blue shade which says totally awesome on the front and has a huge crab on the back this is something which I am sure Jess is going to wear a lot in these autumn mornings and the early spring ones when you need something on because it’s still chilly.

The final item which her grandparents purchased some wooden food, unfortunately, I can not show you a picture of this because Jess is currently busy playing with it. It is a meat and fish set which comes with a chopping board and knife. This will allow her to practice cutting up food as such and also learn what the item of food is this is something which she has not stopped playing with since she received it. Due to the fact it is wooden, it means that it is going to last a long time as well and shouldn’t be broken easily.

My auntie and uncle purchased this little mini kitchen which means that Jess, in theory, can cook the wooden food it did come with a frying pan and spatula, however, I think currently Jess has these bits. This is going to be interesting to see how much Jess uses this because we are planning on purchasing her a kitchen for Christmas. This one does actually have a hob which sizzles like you are cooking real food which makes a little bit more realistic. The only fault I have with this is the fact it doesn’t come with any food which means that you do have to purchase more food or they have to use their own imagination that you are cooking food.

The first item which we got Jess is Everest cuddly toy which is 27cm. The reason behind this purchase is because Jess did have 4 of the pups and it may just be me because I have an addictive nature I need to have the complete set so this was one of the reasons that Jess got this item. I knew that this would be something which she loved due to the fact that with the other pups which she had we have she actually sits and feeds them and even tries to put them to bed. It is so cute it is almost like what other children may do with dolls however Jess loves to do them with pups.

The other pup which Jess needed to complete the whole set was the Rocky pup. I am someone who is constantly watching paw patrol I knew we had to have this one as he was the main pup we had missing because Everest is only in the last couple of seasons. Again she will end up taking him to bed as well as putting him on the floor with a blanket over and telling us we have to be quiet because the pup is sleeping. She has not been home a lot which means that Jess has not actually been playing with them however I am sure this will change the more she spends time at home. We picked both the pups up on Amazon because we never can find the size we wanted to match the pups we already have I
know these are not cheap but they are something which Jess is going to get plenty of use out of these.

Books are something’s which Jess loves she loves to be able to have a bedtime story before bed on the nights when we do not get in too late and she is not too tired. The first book which we purchased is the very hungry caterpillar the reason I purchased this was because she is obsessed with dear zoo which is a book which she has been reading at nursery a lot. We have not read this book yet but I am sure she is going to adore it because she also loves fruit and this book might help her learn some of the fruit which she does not know the names of yet.

The next book we purchased is another cult classic and that is the tiger who came to tea I think this is a book which I actually remember reading in primary school.This is one which has an amazing storyline which I really can not wait to be able to read Jess in the future. I am sure she is going to love being able to look at the gorgeous pictures which this book has while I read this because of the fact she is not going to be able to read this yet. This for sure is going to be one which we are going to read at bedtime in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, this story is not going to disappoint and it is as good as I remember.

The next item which Jess got for her birthday is this book which is called where is the lighty faust the lion the reason behind this purchase is because I was in a bookstore looking for other books for her advent calendar. However, I spotted this book and because of the fact that it is a flap book a little bit like Dear Zoo which Jess adores I thought this is something which she might like because it is interactive when I am reading her a story which is amazing. I thought it might be nice for her to have a new story because I am starting to get a little bit bored of reading dear zoo sometimes I have to do it 3-4 times a night.

My brother knew that Jess recently had been getting into jigsaws because of the fact that she is growing up and sometimes like to spend a little bit of her quiet time doing jigsaws. He actually purchased her this one which has shapes around the edge which will help her learn her shapes because this is something which she is currently learning. It also has a clock face all over the front which would allow Jess to be able to learn the time when this is going to be perfect. Due to the fact it is wooden, it means that it is not going to break easily I am sure this is something which she is going to get a lot of use out of.

The next item which Jess got might seem a really random purchase to you because of the fact that she is only a 2 year old so why would she want bath bombs which change the colour of the water. These are the Crayola ones which you can use a couple of the bath bombs and they will go the colour as shown on the packet. I picked these up for Jess because of you read my bathtime post you will know that she loves being in the bath. I think that this is something different and it will blow her tiny little mind that you can mix these like you would paint. I actually saw these in Primark which that I do not know how long these are going to be available. I can not wait to see how these actually perform in the bath.

Another item which Jess got was a paw patrol etcher sketch I think they are called because recently something which Jess has loved to do is draw however, this can mean having a ton of her pictures and sometimes she gets bored so far though. This allows her to draw to her heart’s content and constantly this is something which already ha a had ton of use. This is not just because it is paw patrol which is her favourite thing. Jess loves using the stamps which it comes with and calls them her dabbers this is something which I picked up on groupon so is not the most sturdy and I can see her breaking it at some stage. This is something which would be great for traveling because Jess would be able to sit and draw for a long time and keep herself entertained

I think the final item which Jess received for her birthday was another item which she is busy playing with and that is a Mama’s and Papas Cruizer pram. We decided that we were going to purchase this for Jess was because she really likes to push her walker around when she is at home and when at the grandparents she seems to gravitate towards the pram. So we decided that it may be time to purchase one for Jess however, I  have a feeling that instead of actually having dolls in the pram it is going to have pups in. This pram is actually very sturdy this is something I was looking for because I did not want her to break it easy as she can be very rough with her toys.

If you would like any reviews on the items Jess got for her birthday let me know? Also, what did your two-year-old get for their birthday?

Charlotte x

Lush New Releases Haul

Recently I visited Lush which is not a rare occurrence for because I usually visit the store at least once a week, however, I have not been in that much since Joe left because I have had to purchase everything for Jess and I did not want to bankrupt myself as well as try and use some of the stash I have at the moment because the Halloween/ Christmas range are launched.

They have just discontinued some of my favourites in their annual summer cult which annoyed me a lot because it means that I had to stock up and while I was in stores I noticed that they had some new products out which as a Lushie I knew I had to purchase. A couple of the items which I purchased have been available in Oxford Street for a number of weeks now but as you know I live in the North around 2 1/2 hours by train away from London.

The first bath bomb which I picked up is cheer up buttercup which is the small yellow circle bath bomb at the top of the picture. This bath bomb is like sunshine which is going to be great because it brings a touch of summer and sunshine which we are all going to need soon because we are fastly approaching the autumn months. This bath bomb for sure smells like Lemon it just smells like pure Lemon and almost like lemon sherbet if you have ever used the refresher shower jelly it is almost like that.

Yellow Submarine is one which I am sure which you have to sing the Beatles actual song when you hear of this bath bomb and its name. This is one of my favourite bath bombs of the whole regular line collection at the moment I think because of the fact that it smells of orange and lemongrass it does have coconut in it as well which means this bath bomb does smell tropical I guess it makes me think of actual summer and holidays for some reason I think of cocktails on the beach when I smell this scent.

Rocket Science is one of the cheapest bath bomb which is priced only at £2.95 however, do not make the price make you think that it is going to be a poor bath bomb at all. I think it is going to be one which you will want to pick up as well. It has bergamot oil and lemon oil which is a couple of scents which you know I like if you have read my blog before. I would say this is one which does make a pretty show in the bath so it could be one to use with the children and it is very cheap as well compared to some of the other products lush do.

As you know if you have seen that Lush has made Jelly Facemasks and of course I could not go in and not pick them up because of the fact that they are different and I love things which are a little bit strange but sometimes these are the best kind of products. I picked up 1000 millhelens this is a very apple scented mask which has witch hazel to soothe and relieve irritated skin, green tea to detox and purify the pores, and kaolin clay to remove unwanted grease and dirt. This is something which I need because at the moment my skin is terrible and it is breaking out to the high heavens if I could hide at the moment I would. 

The other jelly mask which I purchased was the was just to clarify is designed to brighten you skin and it also super rejuvenated and clean the skin which of course is something which I need while my skin is like this horrible and broken out The reason why you get these amazing results is due to the fact that there is enzymic papaya which is great for brightening, bamboo stems which exfoliate, grapefruit and bergamot which helps lift the mood as well as the fresh orange juice which is meant to help perk you up. The jelly facemasks are actually only £6.95 and I can imagine that they are going to last a while if I am honest I think I will get more use out of them that they fresh ones. 

A final couple of items were body spray which who does not want to smell like Lush all of the time if they can. I picked up twilight which of course helps me sleep but it also makes me relaxed which is really good because I can struggle to calm down and because I know I am going to get more stressed with uni this year I think this is one which I had to pick up because the scent does last all day and who doesn’t love that the reason it keeps you relaxed is because it has lavender and tonka in as the main ingredient. This for sure is going to be one which I wear when I am at uni as well as when I just want to chill out this whole body spray only cost £20 which make sound expensive but the scent does last all day long and I think the bottle is going to last a fair while. 

The other body spray which I picked up was Dirty which I know what you are thinking that sounds strange why would you want a body spray which is called dirty well I will tell you it is actually a mint scented product which is something that I adore because I do like nice fresh scents, however, the reason why I purchased this one was due to the fact that the Joe was using this shower gel just before he left and then this me and then this means when I am missing him it can spray this it does mean that I think that he is there and it means that I do not have to steal his hoodie because I am that annoying girlfriend who loves stealing the hoodies.

Have you tried any of the new releases in Lush?

Charlotte x

Zara Sale Toddler Haul

A few weeks ago now it maybe longer, however, I am unsure because as we all know this year is zooming past us at a rate of knots. Zara in my local town actually closed down which is very gutting because it is a place which I love to get things like leggings from for myself when I visited, however, the women’s section was like a jumble sale and was so unpleasant I did not look. The toddler section, however, did do some damage to my bank balance because there was a great sale and their bits are amazing so I had to treat Jess to some stylish till bits in a range of sizes.

The first item which I picked up was this Minnie Mouse Hawaiian style tshirt in a beautiful Lemon colour the colour was actually one of the reasons why I picked it up because Jess really suits the colour and it is rare that you actually find something in this colour. I love how it is not your typical Mickey mouse it is a little bit different and who can resist a little bit of Disney and the work Aloha just makes me think of the summer and we all love that even if this top going to fit her in the winter months. This will look great teamed with the either jeans or some leggings this top was reduced to only £2.99.

I did say that I pick them up a couple of weeks ago which I meant that there was a little bit of the summer weather left so when I saw that there were these denim shorts reduced to only £5.99 I knew I had to pick them up. I adore shorts with tights on myself ad this is something which Jess looks adorable I think because they are not a really dark wash it does mean that you can team them with a range of coloured tights. They can be used both in the summer and in the autumn because as you know in the UK we can have warm autumn months. For some reason, I have an image of Jess with some boots wearing these I think these are something which you are going to be seeing a lot. These are in the size which Jess currently in but I think they do them up to 4 years.  

Light coloured jeans are something which Jess has never owned she seems to have a couple of pairs which are darker maybe this is because she is a toddler and they seem to get messy and I think the darker wash does not show the muck as much. However, when I spied this beautiful pair I could not resist these are going to fit her I would think in the back end of the autumn and winter months if she keeps growing like she is. Due to the fact that she has a lot of dark t-shirts I thought that she would need some lighter bottoms so that she doesn’t always look so dull and these were only £7.99 and seem like they could with stand the hammer a toddler is going to give them.

The next item which I picked up was this in 2-3 years I seem to remember and it is more of a coral than the camera actually picked up this again is another colour which I think suits Jess the reason behind this is it compliments the colour of her hair. When I saw this I new I had to pick it up for this reason and I actually thought that it was something different you don’t seem to get a lot of tops which say things like love me without it having a parent on it either mummy or daddy so when I spied this for sure it was one going in my basket. It was reduced to £2.99 and I know this is going to be one which I can pair with leggings and send her to nursery in because at the moment she is so into colouring which means she can easy ruining outfits which is never good and because this was so cheap it will not bother me as much.

While browsing I also noticed this light pink t-shirt which says love you on it and has I think it is a cat it might actually be a dog again the reason it I actually purchased it was due to the fact that it says, love, you and as I have said previously usually they say that they love a family member. I am trying to get Jess to say love you a lot more and be a nice well-mannered child so I think things like this are always going to help. I think the colour is actually really nice and is not too in your face like you can find with others so this is going to be able to be teamed with either dark or bright leggings depending on my mood. This again was only £2.99 which means that it can be used for nursery because of the fact that I am not as bothered should it get ruined.

Yes I purchased a top which was technically in the boys section but after all I am trying to teach my child that it does not matter which gender she is she can wear what ever the hell she likes. Disney is something which we really like in this house Jess at the moment seems to be really into Minnie mouse however, when I saw this I and all the bright colours which it has in it I knew that Jess would go crazy for this mickey print. I love how it is not just the typical mickey are doing some amazing poses which makes it seem so fun and this is the element I love. This is going to be one which she is going to be wearing a lot I am sure when Jess fits into this. This was only £5.99 which is not that expensive seen as it is actually a Disney piece and this can be worn with leggings jeans and maybe a plain skirt and tights we will just have to see it depends on the weather.

I think there is a theme going on here and I actually have a Disney obsession going on for Jess I picked up this yellow/mustard stripes which have Minnie on the front who looks like she is posing. I love this because I think you could use it for the summer and also the autumn Jess is one who really likes Minnie Mouse. I think these could be teamed with something simple on the bottom half which is always a bonus. Again I love it because it is not your typical Minnie Mouse t-shirt she is doing something different and has a different outfit on as well I think which is always a bonus for me because I like things which are different and I think this was £5.99 which was more expensive. 
Yes, another Disney t-shirt anyone would think that we were planning a trip to Disney which is not something we are planning at the moment I just love Disney and this is something which was in the boy’s section but I know Jess is going to rock it. I love how summer like this looks which makes me think that it would go well with the shorts which I have picked up in this haul as well. It is a white t-shirt which has stars all over the actual t-shirt which you just see. I love how Mickey is actually smiling because I think that you do not see him smiling that much actually love this does scream summer for me and was only £3.99 so a bargain for a Disney t-shirt. 
This pinafore dress is something which I thought was very different because of the fact that it included stripes and stars which are not a pattern you usually see. I love how the straps are actually ribbon like and it has little pockets which for me is very adorable. I can see Jess wearing this when it is warm with bare legs and as a dress. Then when it colder she can team it with a long-sleeved top and tights and I am sure this is going to look amazing but it might be something which does not end up suiting her and I might have to sell it we never know. This was reduced to £9.99 but I did not want to leave it behind because it looks so comfortable and something which would be great when she is playing. 
Socks are something which is essential because otherwise, she ends up with the world’s smelliest feet which are never nice. She has managed to grow out of some of the socks so it was time to replace them and when I spied these I couldn’t leave them because the pop socks will be amazing when she is actually still wearing her sandals while we have some of the nice weather still in the UK and the other socks I picked because we love dinosaurs in this house and you do not see a lot with a dinosaur print on. The swallow ones I got because I adore them and I think I might have a pair similar so we could actually match which would be fun. 
I am a sucker for things which are retro and of course, this tshirt is one of those who else remembers watching tweetie pie in the past. So when I saw this in an amazing colour blue which means that you are going to be able to pair this very easy with the tshirt because it could be teamed with leggings which are very dark in the winter months so that you do not look like you are too summery. This was actually only £3.99 as well which means that it could be used for nusury because if she does manage to paint I will not be too annoyed. I think this may be a tshirt which Daddy likes because I am sure this is something which he would have watched growing up. 
I am gutted Zara has closed here and then one in York I don’t think stocks children’s which means that I will have to order online. I adore the pieces which I picked up and will be keeping an eye out for other bits when she grows because they are so affordable even full price. 
What was your favourite item from this haul?
Charlotte x

Primark August Sale Haul

Primark is a store which we all think of been cheap anyway which as I have said in the past means that it is great for toddler clothing because you do not really mind should it become ruined by something such as paint which will not end up washing out. This month actually see’s Jess move upstairs at nursury which means she will be painting more and there is more chance of her ruining outfits. With this in mind and the fact that the weather currently is pretty hit and miss I popped into primark little did I know they had a sale on. I picked these two tshirts which are long sleeved great for the colder weather we will be having for only £2. I love the cat print on this because Jess really likes animals so this cat will really suit her. The other one which came in the set was this my daddy says I am really really awsome which I am sure he would say. These are going to be great teamed with leggings on a cooler day and then for £2 I do not mind if Jess hardly wears them. 

The next item which I picked up may seem really random for a haul in August all I can say is they must have been selling some of there old stock off because it is this sweatshirt in grey which says Daddy’s Girl. It is pretty thick meaning it is going to be great when you need just something on to keep your arms warm but something easy to remove when it becomes warmer. I think this was only £1. I can imagining teaming this with some bright leggings due to the fact that the sweatshirt is not a very bright colour. For sure nobody can deny that Jess is a Daddy’s Girl she still shouts for him at least daily and he has now been gone 3 whole months it is safe to say she has not forgotten about him one bit. I think she is actually proud to be a little daddy’s girl.

The next item I picked up was thse twin pack of dress’s as you might know I think I have spoken about them in the past Jess has some amazing Minnie mouse swing dress’s which were from Primark however, they are now starting to get a little bit small for her but they have washed amazing. So when I saw that these two were reduced to £3 I coud not leave them. The pink one has like a navy heart pattern all over and the navy one has a pink pattern all over it. .These are going to be great for nursury because she can at the moment wear them bare legged and then when it becomes a little bit colder they can be paired with tights. I hope that these are going to get as much love as the Minnie ones. 
Stop the press I managed to pick this tshirt up for only 50p so this for sure is one which I do not mind if it gets ruined about the first time that she wears it. I know that this one for sure is going to be used for nursury no doubt with some patterned leggings because I seem to love them. This top is a really nice shade of pik and in the heart it says I love Daddy which I know she is going to love because of the fact that she really does love him. I think he might actually get a big head if he reads this post because it shows how much she does love him. Does anyone else wish that they could get a tshirt for this price in their own size?

The final item in this little sale haul is this black/navy summer dress which for some reason was reduced to only £3 and it still is the height of summer. If you didn’t know I don’t think you would know it was from Primark I think it looks a little bit more expensive. I can see Jess wearing this should there be any family occasion coming up and I don’t want her to ruin a dress which may have cost a lot more than this. In the summer she can wear it bare legged of course and then when the weather starts to changed and it becomes a bit colder it is one which I could team with a cardigan and tights and then she will still be able to get plenty of wear out of it. 
Have you picked up any bargin’s recently?
Charlotte x