The Love Hate Tag

Hi Guys

Today I thought I would share with you a tag which I read a lot recently on blogs and one which looked very fun to take part in which is the the love/hate tag. I did this one on my old blog but seen as I have some new readers now I have decided to do it again.

1. Painting my nails
2. Caffeine I need it so much now been a new mum
3. Sims this is something I have got into playing again thanks boyfriend
4. Lush bath bombs there is something just nice about relaxing
5. Candles Yankee ones I seem to be loving right now
6. Candy crush this is something which I have got into recently again
7. Organising this is something which I have done more since getting my blog planner this is a reason you are seeing more and more posts now.
8.  Youtube I now watch more Youtube I think than I do normal TV this maybe because I can relate to Youtubers more than I can people on TV,
9. Instagram this is something which I am loving more and more and I must say I am now seeing the benefits of it. If you want to follow me I am @cupsofcharlotte. I share a lot of pictures of Jess over there.
10. Giving gifts there is something I don’t know what it is but recently I have loved giving presents to people and them really appreciate what they have received
1. Chipped nail varnish
2. Black pudding it is just wrong to me
3. People been late it is just a pet peeve of mine
4.Tea there is something about it
5. Rats they just full on give me the creeps
6. Follow for follow on social media if you want to follow me great but you don’t expect for me to follow back because I don’t always I am sorry about it.
7. Not sleeping I am someone who needs to sleep otherwise I am not good to function at the moment I am not getting a lot of sleep so by around 8pm I am needing my bed.
8. Low battery I hate been on charge it makes me feel like I am stuck because I have to be so close to the plug damm apple and their short wires.
9. Having to say goodbye for 2 weeks after an amazing week being a family being a long distance family really does suck sometimes,
10. Not thinking that I am good enough which makes me doubt a lot of things not just on my blog but also in relationships.

What do you love and hate let me know

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