Lush- American Cream Conditioner Review


This conditioner is the only one I have been purchasing for over a years now I just keep repurchasing it you could say that it is a product which I could not live without. It does amazing things for my hair along with being one of my favouite scents which Lush do which is always a bonus.  It smells like a creamy vanilla milkshake maybe with a hint of strawberries this is one which does smell that nice you might actually want to drink it but this is something which I would not recommend doing.

When I used this conditioner I have found that I do not have to apply as much which means that it lasts longer than your regular conditioner which makes up for the price difference because I seem to remember but I seem to think that this conditioner for a 250g bottle is around the £10 mark. It actually lasts me around 3-4 months which is a hell of a lot longer than the an normal bottle of conditioner. I should inform you though that I only wash my hair currently once a week which means yours may not last as long as mine.

The consistency of this conditioner is not too thick meaning you are unable to wash it out however, this is not to thin which means that you do not have to use a lot of this product. It leaves your hair super soft and does not actually weigh the hair down.

Even though you do not need more than one squeeze of the bottle it leaves your hair mositurised and really nourishes which is good for me because I have dry ends which need as much moisture as they can get. I also have hair which can become very frizzy which this conditioner does manage to sure out and I can smell the this for a few days after I have washed my hair. Even when you have got rained on and have used this product you can smell it which is amazing as it cheers up a dull day.

Have you tried this conditioner if so what did you think of it?

Charlotte x

Lush Big Shampoo- Review

Have you ever used a shampoo which comes out of  a tub well and feels like a body scrub well I hadn’t either until recently when I started using Big shampoo from Lush.  Big is a shampoo which has so much sea salt it would because it is a sea salt shampoo. Apart from sea salt it has seaweed, lemons, limes and coconut this gives you soft and shiny hair which we all want. To me this smells like one of the most amazing shampoo I have ever used and I used to use Aussie before they reformulated their products when it smelt like bubblegum.

I never have suffered with dandruff the only time I seem to get it is when I burn my head when I have been abroad however, it would be a great shampoo to try if you do because of the fact the sea salt cleanses the hair and scalp.  The main purpose of this shampoo however, is to give volume to thin and lifeless hair, I would not say that my hair is actually thin however it sometimes does lack volume. This is the reason why I picked up this shampoo.

This shampoo leaves my hair silky soft and shiny that much I can tell when I am not using this shampoo. I really need to get another pot of this because I have actually finished it between taking the picture and writing this review. However, this is going to be one which I am going to repurchase this amazing shampoo.

This is my favourite shampoo which is not in solid form which I have tried from Lush. I have heard that it is amazing if you mix Daddyo with it as well however, currently I can not use Daddyo because it reminds me of Joe because it is one of the products that I have got him using.

Have you tried any of the lush shampoos?

Charlotte x

Lush- R&B Hair Mosituriser Review

Haircare is something which I love because I hate having to wash my hair which means that I want my hair to stay soft and in the best condition that I can so that I do not need to wash my hair as much, Currently I only wash my hair once a week and sometimes have to use dry shampoo once a week. 

R & B Hair Moisturiser is a leave-in hair treatment that is supposed to revive the hair and balance the scalp. Packed full of many different butters and oils, including avocado butter, olive oil, coconut oil and cupuacu butter, this product is an extremely rich moisturiser.

I use the smallest amount of this on the ends of my throughout my hair however, I do avoid the roots because this could make my hair very greasy which is not something I want. I apply this after conditioning my hair but before I towel/air dry my hair.  

R&B smells a little bit like cleaning products but it is one which I actually love because it makes me think that my hair is clean. I have a feeling that this is due to the fact that it has Lemon and Jasmine as two of the main components. 

I have been using this product since around last summer when I had really dry hair and over the period of time I have been using it I have found that my hair is so much smoother and can look silkier in the first couple of days that I have been using the product.  In this period of time I have only had two tubs of one which I have completed and then used the smallest amount of the new one. This just shows that you really do need the smallest amount of products. 

I used this when I had been in a hot tub this was back in December and because of all of the chemicals which were in it I thought my hair would be in horrible condition due to the amount of time I had been in it. This was true and I doubt that I would have been able to brush my hair if it has not been for this moisturiser making my hair less dry.

Have you tried a hair mosituriser if so what do you think?

Charlotte x