Dear Dada – Saying Goodbye

Life is about to change again for us before you jump to conclusions no we are not expecting another bundle of joy.  Today life as we know it is about to change for 6 months Daddy is going to the Falklands. As you can imagine at the moment it is a super emotional time for me and Jess. Although we are not sure how much Jess does understand but one thing we do know that she is going to miss him a hell of a lot. She is one major Daddy’s girl I can tell you that for sure.

As you may know, I have been trying to do Living Arrows posts on a Sunday sharing my favourite pictures of the week. I have decided that I am going to rename these Sunday post Dear Dada which is going to be similar but it is going to be a snapshot of what we have been doing that week the reason behind this is we do not know how much we are going to be able to speak to Dada due to the time difference and we are such busy people. If we manage to able to write more posts it means that Dada will be able to catch up and not feel like he is actually missing on Jess growing up. He will actually miss so much which I know is going to suck including her birthday but hopefully, he may actually get home for this.

This week has been on which has been super emotional it has involved been with Joe when he has has been saying bye to so many people. This has included him getting an amazing little book of artwork which Jess had made at nursery I must admit when I read some of the things in it I cried because it was so cute. I am sure this is going to be something which he really enjoys looking at when he is missing us both because he is going to miss us nearly as much as we are going to miss him.

We have had a family day out to the beach at Bridlington where we let Jess go on the sand for the first time since she has been able to walk which was amazing because she had so much fun and was so independent.  She really loves digging I think the next time we go to the beach we may have to get her a bucket and spade so she can make sandcastles to share with you all.

Due to having a lot of university work due in this week, it has meant we have had a lot of short family meetings because Jess loves even if it is just seeing Daddy for an hour before we go home. This is one of the reasons I can not wait for our own house because then we never will have to say goodbye unless it is actually because of work,

On Friday due to the nice weather, we decided that we were going to pick her up early and go to a local park to me. This saw Jess go on the swings which meant that she was laughing her head off so much is a sound I always love to hear. She has so much fun I am sure if we didn’t tell her that we were going for food she would not have left the park,

This week is going to see us travelling to nursery a lot because I have one final assignment due in this week which I need to complete and I have a practical massage exam. Please wish me luck because I know I am going to get nervous. We are also going to York on Saturday because we have an event where I am sure we are going to get to meet some other blogging mummies. We will be sharing this with you next week don’t worry.

We hope you have a great first week out there Daddy

Charlotte & Jess xxxx