18 Goals For 2018

January is a month when I like to start planning what I want to achieve in the upcoming year and it give me a complete year to be able to smash the goals which I have set. I do like sometimes changing and updating my goals throughout the year when I have managed to achieve them.
I was tagged by the lovely Sabrina from The Mummy Stylist to write my 18 goals for 2018. I have done them in no order these are just all random things which I would love to complete this year
1. Complete my undergrad degree
In the summer I finish my degree I think my final hand in will be around May time so at the moment I really need to put all of my effort in to completing my work to the highest standard. This is in order to come out with the classification I want to and then this may allow me to complete a masters.
2. Apply for a physio masters
Continuing my studies is something which I want to do I feel like my time of studying is not over yet and would love to get the grades and experience in order to be able to continue and study physiotherapy I would love to stay at York St John which is where I am currently studying. I would not be starting this till January 2019 because of how the academic year goes for this programme but I would love to be able to apply for it this year.
3.  Attempt Trailwalker 2018
If you have not seen my latest post you may not know about this I am taking part in trailwalker 2018 which is a challenge to walk 100km over a 30 hour period over the South Downs. I will be doing this the 13-15thJuly. I am not going to say that I want to finish it because I do not know if this is achievable for me but I am going to attempt to be able to do this.
4. Purchase a house
Living together as a family of 3 is something which we never have been able to do at them moment we are currently saving to purchase a house. We have enough money for a deposit on a house and have been to the banks to speak about mortgages however, it will not be till the summer months which we actually fully look and hopefully get the keys to our own place this is something which we have been dreaming of for a long time and it might become possible this year.
5. Improve my photography
I am happy how much I learnt using my Cannon G7X Mark II however, I would love to learn more and maybe actually not have to shoot everything on the manual mode I know there are classes which you can take. This is something which I may look into in the future when I have a bit more time as I love taking pictures.
6. Print more pictures
Printing off pictures is something which I need to do more of because of the fact that I know I actually do like looking back at pictures from my childhood however, I feel like this is going to be something which we will not be able to do with Jess if I keep not printing pictures. A couple of weeks ago I managed to get a beautiful photo album from Paperchase and would love to have one of every year of her life this is something which I could start now before she gets too old and it is too much work to start.
7. Be more organised blogging wise
There was a stage where I would be a couple of weeks ahead on my blog posts which meant that I had some posts in reserve should I become really busy and not have time to write however, this is something which tapered off towards the end of the year. I need to get back organised I now have a blogging planner which is from Dot Creates and I know that with my dissertation coming up on me I need to be more organised so that my blog does not go dead during my busy uni months.
8. Go out everyday
I will admit there is some days where I do not actually leave the house usually one day in the weekend I will have a day where I do not end up leaving. This is something which I want to change because I feel like I need to get my steps up in order to be able to do trailwalker as well as been in the outdoors does make me feel better even if it is only for a period of a half an hour I will feel better by been out.
9.  Drink more water
I need to drink more water because this is going to help me feel better as drinking is supposed to make you have more energy because of the fact you are not dehydrated this might mean that I do actually get more work done in a day which means that I will not have to work as much on a night and I can do blog things then. I have a hydrate8 from home bargains which was only £2.50 in order to improve my water intake.
10.  Make time for me
This may sound a really strange on to some people but I am constantly on the go I sometimes need to make sure that I do make enough time for myself. I am determined to give myself an hour a week at least where I do something just for me this could be something stupid like taking a bath or painting my nails which is something I love to do but rarely have the time to do at the moment.
11. Explore New Places
Whether it be days out with Jess to places that we have never been or whether it is weekends away exploring is something which I would love to do more of this year. For example despite living in Hull I have not been to The Deep and this is something which I would love to change this year there is also places like the Chocolate Story in York which I would love to visit this year.
12. Save Money
Saving is something which I am addicted to doing at the moment this could be due to the fact that I know that moving house is going to cost a hell of a lot on top of the deposit but saving as much money as I can and making sure that we have money for furniture and this like that is important to me because I want this house to be a home and somewhere where Jess is really happy because it is going to be the first time she has her own room.
13. Be more body confident
This is something which I have struggled with since having Jess for some reason I have not been very proud of my body and I love to keep it hidden within baggy clothing because I am ashamed of it for some reason. I have gained around 10kg in pregnancy and since having her this is something which I would love to lose but at the moment I will take just been more positive and actually liking my body
14. Read more books
I think in the whole of last year I actually only managed to complete 3-4 books which is something which makes me sad because reading is something which I used to do for pleasure however, in the last few years this is something which I have neglected. I am not going to put a number on the amount I want to finish this year however, I would like it to be more than the number I completed last year.
15. Work with more amazing brands
I would love to work with more amazing brands on my blog in the last couple of years I have been able to work with some pretty amazing brands of course there is plenty more who I would love to work with in the future as well as some who I have worked with in the past who I would love to work with again. I don’t have a number of brands I want to work with this year however, as long as the fit is right for both of us it could happen. I already have a few in the pipeline.
16. Gain Work Experience
In order to be able to apply for my masters is does mean that I have to gain work experience shadowing a physio this is something which I am going to have to do this year at the moment been able to find someone who is willing to do this is not easy however, I am sure if I set my mind to it I will find someone who will allow this.
17. Attend more blogging events
I think in the whole of 2017 I ended up attending 2 I would love to be able to attend more even though I get super nervous before attending I feel like they are a great way to meet fellow bloggers. There are a number who I would love to be able to meet this year maybe if I am in their area I should get the confidence to ask if they are free to meet up.
18. To be healthy
I am not going to say I want to lose any weight that would be nice however, I will say I want to feel a bit fitter than I already do because sometimes I feel like I am just fat so I want to cut down the amount of fizzy drinks that I consume because I know this is not doing me any good as well as I would love to up the amount of fruit I consume.
What are your 2018 goals?


Charlotte x

Blogging Goals 2018

How is it already 2018 it only seems like it was a couple of weeks ago when I was writing my goals post which I hoped to achieve within 2017. Today I am going to share with you the goals which I want to achieve within this year there are some which are blogging related. Then in the next few days, I am going to share with the lifestyle ones which I want to achieve this year.
I would love to work with some more brands this year I do have a list of brands which I would love to work with this year. This is not something which I am going to share for now but of course should I end up working with any brand this year I will share with you. Last year you may know I managed to work with some amazing brands and make some great contacts who I may connect and collaborate again with this year.
I would love to improve my photography skills because as the time goes on taking photos of Jess is something which I want to do even more. She is growing up so fast which is not something which I am actually loving at them moment. As you can imagine because she is an active toddler she does not want to stay still and pose for me. I do not want to force Jess to do things which she does not want to do.  I am sure looking back at pictures of herself is going to be something which Jess will love to do.
Growing my blog is something which I really want to be able to do this year because of the fact that if I am able to continue writing posts.Of course, even if it is just one more person reading my blog it will mean so much. I appreciate every single one of you that take the time out of your busy lives to read my little blog.
I also would love to be able to grow my social media because of the fact that I would love to be able to interact with more of you this then allows you to feel like you know me more on a personal level. It also allows you to tell me what you actually want to read on my blog because what is the point of creating content that nobody wants to see. I currently have around 1400 followers on twitter which is something which I would love to increase to around the 2000 mark by the end of the year. This is something which I could do should I actually interact a hell of a lot more this was my goal for the year of 2017 but I did not manage to achieve it.
I have decided that posting on Instagram stories a lot more is something which I want to do because of the fact that I would love to be able to create youtube videos however, I know I do not have the time to edit these videos at the moment so creating stories is something which I would love to do. I feel like this is a great way to be able to interact with people who follow me. I really would love to be able to achieve my goal of hitting 1000 followers this year and have found when I post more on my stories that the number of followers does actually increase. I think that I have not set this target too high and it is actually achieveable this year if you do not already follow me it is @cuposfcharlotte on both Instagram, facebook and twitter.
Do you have any blogging goals for the year?


Charlotte x

2017 Goals Reviewed

 I am going to review my blogging goals of 2017 because this year is coming to an end now and I thought that today would be a good time to reflect on the year which has been 2017 in a blogging capacity. I have not managed to hit many I think only one of my social media goals, however, I have actually been able to do a lot of things which I could not have imagined. This year did actually see me get a better camera I now have the Cannon G7X Mark II this is something which I was luckily gifted to from Joe.  This was so that I would be able to capture some of the memories which he would of Jess when he was away.
I think that my photography has actually come on a lot this year, however, of course this is something which I want to improve more. I think that I will be able to actually use Jess more because this camera does have a screen she can actually see herself and as long as Jess can see herself she is very happy to be photographed.  This year has also seen me work with some amazing brands who I could have only dreamt about for example I have worked with Prestige Flowers, Bakerdays, Rock Up Hull & Toddlerbike 2. I could not work these amazing brands without you all following me and actually reading my posts.  So, thank you so much because I enjoy and apricated every single one of you.
On to my social media goals which I set at the start of the year
As you can see I was 600 followers away from my goal which is fine with me because I actually grew by 500 followers this year. I have not been that active on twitter for some reason however, this is something which I would like to change. I know this is something which I could do on the commute and hopefully, I could take part in more chats which occur on there.
Currently- 800
Instagram is one of the social media which I find really hard to grow but this is something which speaking to other bloggers find. It is something which I think I need to be able to post more often on there because I think I only posted around 40 times. Instagram stories I have found a great way to interact with my followers. They are something which I love watching and are something which I think that I could do a fair more of them this year.
Currently– 205
Goal- 250
Bloglovin in a platform which a lot of bloggers came of this year and this is because of the way that it changed their terms and conditions. This could be one of the reasons why I may not have actually achieved my goal. I am proud that I have managed to grow a little bit but as long as I know that people are still reading my posts and I feel like I am creating content which I love and would want to read. This is a goal which I might actually set for 2018 because I do think that it could be achievable.
Goal- 50
Facebook was the only platform which I managed to achieve my goal on this year which is shocking because it is not the platform which I do not use that often I think I actually might have to use it more because it is something which you are all loving at the moment. I manage to nearly triple my likes on the page which is amazing I will be looking to post more videos and share them over there.
Thank you for actually allowing me to achieve some of my goals this year and without you, I could not have reached these crazy numbers. It sometimes shocks me that people out there actually want to read the content which I product.


Charlotte x

Half Year Goals

As some of you may remember at the start of the year I set some goals of what I wanted to achieve on my blog in 2017. Now we are nearly half way through the year, yes I know it has gone super fast I almost can not believe how fast it has gone.  I have managed to achieve one of my goals which means that I think that I am going to make my target a little bit higher so that I have something to aim for the rest of the 6 months.

Without any further, ado I am going to start

Start 2017: 998
Now: 1260
Target: 2000

As you can see I have managed to gain almost 300 followers in 6 months and I have had huge periods where I have not been using Twitter for some reason I actually fell out of love with it and it used to be my favourite social media. I am sure that if I take part in more chats and actually use my Twitter more I may be able to gain the just over 700 followers which and achieve the goal this year I can tell this one may take a little bit of work but I love interacting with you guys.

Start 2017: 498
Now: 743

This is has overtaken Twitter for me as my favouite social media I have found myself using the stories more which I think is a great way to interact with other people I know I have followed people because of it. I am sure that this is a goal which I am going to achieve because I am only 250 off this target and I have some fun things planned which I will be sharing on Instagram. This is a platform which I struggled to grow on but in the past six months, it is one which I have managed to do pretty well on.

Start 2017:180
Now: 198

After all of the drama with bloglovin I have found it hard to grow because of the fact that so many people have quit the platform which has meant that I have lost some followers even though you may be unable to tell because of the fact that the numbers have actually managed to grow.  I am unsure if I will get 250 followers by the end of the year but we can only hope.

Start 2017:8

This is one platform which I had only just started at the start of the year which is the reason why I only had 8 followers as you can see I have managed already to double my target which is something I am so proud of. As personally Facebook is something which I rarely use. I am going to up my goal to 200 because this looks like something which at the current rate could be achievable.

I also had some non follower related goals which were getting pinterest for my blog this is still something which I have not looked into this is something which I may look into over the summer as I have heard people say it is a great way of getting more traffic to your blog.  So keep your eyes peeled for that I will share on social media if this is something which I do.

I have just got my new camera which I got for my birthday it is not something which I have had out of the box and played with yet so my photography will not have improved that much yet but I am loving been able to use natural light instead of articial with all of the nice weather we have been having.

Do you have any goals for the rest of the year?

Charlotte x

2017 Blogging Goals

I have decided that 2017 is the year which I am going to be consistent on my blog. I was doing blogmas however, life got very manic for me there have been some amazing highs this month and I am glad that so many of you have stuck around with me even though I have not been an amazing blogger.

I am one of those people who love to set goals it gives me something to I don’t want to set my goals way above what I’ll ever reach I want them to be realistic and ones which I can reach. 


Currently 998
I really need to start taking part in more of the chats again because this is the way I met so many of my amazing friends. I also feel like it does feel as lonely blogging when you are part of a community. Who knows if I will be able to double and more my following in a year. 

I really want to start posting more on my Instagram at the moment I can see my following going up but there are a lot of people who are playing to follow unfollow game which is really annoying. This year I have gone from around 100 followers to this so I think this is actually possible. 

Currently :180
I really want this to grow my blog a little bit even though I know not many people are currently using bloglovin this is something which I have seen my following slowly grow on this year. I would love it to see more of you following my small section of the internet. 

I really don’t use my facebook page very much however, 2017 is going to be the year this changes I have seen so many people state that they get some grteat interaction from people on there that I now want a piece of the action as well.  I am setting my goal small because I really don’t know how long this one will last.

There are also some things which I would love to do which are not follower related 

I would love to get Pinterest for my blog and really get it going this is one of the elements of social media which I do not use and this is something I really want to change. I have heard that they can bring a lot of traffic to your blog which is something which I would like to experience as well. 

Improve my photography this is an area which I know I really lack in and over the Christmas period have done something about. Currently, I can not justify having a new camera even though I really would love a Cannon G7X but I feel like this is something which I may invest in during the summer months if I am still enjoying blogging as much as I am now.  I now have better lighting and a new background which I will be hopefully using props with so that my background as not as boring any longer.

Continue blogging not just parenting but also add elements of beauty and lifestyle because this is something which I am so passionate about and really enjoy and after all my blog is a reflection of my life. 

What are you goals for 2017?

Charlotte x

2016 Reflection Tag

The end of another year has approached we have had some amazing highs and lows this year. Memories which will be treasured for a long time to come with some people who we hope are going to be around for a long time. Let’s hope the curse of ill health does not follow us into 2017. I was tagged by the lovely Lorna to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the upcoming one. 

What was your highlight of 2016?
Personal I would say it was been accepting into York St John after my year out because I was doubting if I would ever be able to finish my degree, I might have had to go back a year so am in my second instead of the third year but this is something I am so thankful for. Being a mummy I would say my other highlight is spending more time with Jess and watching her grow up with some amazing people around us.

Name one thing you are likely to remember about 2016 if asked in five years time?

I will never forget my rugby team winning at Wembley for the very first time. I had started to believe that we would never do it telling people that Warrington was going to win the challenge cup, not Hull FC. The last 4 minutes of that game I thought I was going to have a heart attack I was crying and couldn’t watch because I thought we would ruin it but we didn’t shock I wish I could relive that day again. 

Sum up 2016 in one word

Name one word of wisdom from 2016 you will carry throughout 2017
Live life to the fullest you never know when it is going to come to an end

Do you have any new years resolutions?
Not really to make sure I take time for myself as well as make as many memories as I can both with Jess and with others. 

How are you seeing the new year in?
Joe and I are going to order a Chinese, maybe take a lush bath each and chill watching some shitty tv, We both are not really big drinkers anymore and would rather spend some quality time with each other as this is not something we get a lot of.  

What would you like to do most in 2017?
Again I would love to make memories and travel to at least one new place next year even if it is only in the UK there is some much I have not explored yet. 

What are your main goals for 2017?
I am going to say as well as making memories I am going to try and work super hard at university and on my blog. I would love to grow a bit and who knows what is going to happen in the future. 
What are your highlights of 2016 and goals for 2017?
Charlotte x

November Goals

Hi Guys

I have a confession to make I did a post about a month a goal which was my October goals. I have to admit now I failed at them some I managed to get closer to which makes me happy. However I managed to neglect my blog for the whole month of October as well as a lot of my social media. This is due to the fact that University started to get busier for me and I have not had as much time to dedicate over here. I have had some amazing opportunities which I will be sharing with you none which would have been possible without you guys.

On to my November Goals:

Take more photographs– Make sure that I take at least a couple a week because I really do love documenting how much Jess has changed personal not just for my blog also it will help me have some Instagram content

Post more often- I want to get back to posting 3 times a week this is also depends on how much work I have to do from Uni but hopefully I can get scheduling which means that you will have new content going up.

Be more active on social media-  I want to talk to you people more because I feel like this is something which I have not done recently and I hope to take part in more chats which will mean that I can expand and meet even more people

Watch a film a week- I love watching films but I rarely do anymore and they are something which I love. I might have to start watching them on a night as they help me relax even if I don’t watch it all in a night I can watch it over a couple of nights and I will class this as a success. I might even post some reviews on here if I manage to do this.

Make sure have me time– I really need to make sure that I am not constantly doing work commuting or sleeping because this seems to be all I am doing at them moment. I really need to give myself sometime to me. The reason behind this is if I am not careful I am going to make myself poorly for been too ran down so maybe if I aim to give myself just one bath a week as a bit of relaxing. I want to see if this helps me.

What are your November goals

Charlotte x

October Goals

Hi Guys
I know that this post is going up on a Saturday and I usually post on a Friday but with it been the start of the month today I wanted to put it up today so that is what I have done. Since been back at university I have found myself setting myself more goals again not just academically but also on my blog and this has made me a hell of a lot more productive well I feel I have.

September is a month that has gone so fast for me since starting back at university I really don’t know were my time goes well. I do it is either commuting, at uni or playing with Jess on a weekend because I feel guilty about not seeing her all week well not as much as I used to do.  I have decided that I really like been busy all the time but sometimes I could do with a little bit more me time. 
Anyway on to Octobers goals
  1. Reach 800 followers on Twitter- I targeted 700 for the year so now I want to see if I can get 1k before new year,
  2. Reach 375 followers on Instagram– Again I targeted 500 for the year so I really need to post more and up my game.
  3. Keep track of my spending– I don’t have as much money now I am back at uni so I need to make sure I know were my money has gone.
  4. Take more photographs – I used to always be taking them of Jess and things but I think I have only taken about 2 since her birthday a couple of weeks ago. This is something which makes me annoyed with myself
  5. Read two books for pleasure– I have found that on my commute I could either sit on my phone and run out of data in about 2 weeks. However I want to start reading again due to the fact I have hundreds of books that are on my to be read pile and I want to get it down.
I hope to be able to do one of these every month were I will update you on how I got on and set new targets, Hopefully this is something that is going to keep me motivated and focused on a working on my blog and having a bit of me time because this is something I am struggling with at the moment finding the correct balance. 
What are your goals for the month of October?
Charlotte x

Second Half Year Blogging Goals

Hey Guys

I am really sorry that I have been lost in action. The is I have found it so hard to have the time or the motivation to blog when I have had free time I have been catching up on Youtube, I really want to start blogging more because after I completed the #TTLmaymamachallenge which was ran by the lovely Sophia.

This challenge saw me posting on Instagram every single day and I loved I have decided that I am going to use it even more in June and possibly post more than once a day. Jess loves all the lovely comments and likes she gets and I have seen the number of you who follow me rise by around 50 in one month. This has prompted me to set some goals for my other social media and my blog so that I use them more often and get the most out of them.

My goals are the following:

Twitter- I currently have 511 followers something which has been so constant for a while but I have noticed I used to be super active over there and in the last few months have hardly used it. I used to take part in chats which is something which I would love to start doing again so I can speak to more of you. I want to start chatting more to people and hopefully it 750 followers by the end of the year.

Instagram- I currently have 249 followers and I have noticed a huge rise in it this year because I have started been more active. I would really love to hit 500 followers which is something that might happen if I post as often as I have been recently. I would love to do baby outfit of the days over there and maybe share my monthly favourites with you guys.

Bloglovin – I currently have 145 followers of there which is something which has only gone down in the last few months. I am fully aware of why this is because of the fact that I have not been posting so I can not expect you guys to stay around and follow me. I would love to make 200 followers and start posting more regularly I would ideally love to post 3 times a week. I would love to incorporate Jess more onto my blog because of the fact that she is a huge part of my life now.

I have realised that if I am maybe more active on my social media and promote my blog more maybe people will come over and read what I have to say. This blog hopefully is going to be a lifestyle, beauty and mummy blog but who knows what direction it will go in only the future will tell and I am looking forward to this.

Thank you for all your support

2016 Goals

Hi Guys
It’s hard to believe that another year has passed one in which had so many great occasions for me. 2015 saw me move house 3 times, become a mum and meet some amazing friends and family well people I class as family now.
In 2016 I want to have even more amazing times some with family such as celebrating my 21st birthday as well as Jess’s 1st as well as possibly having her christened in the summer time. I also want to go back to university to finish my degree which I have a year left doing alongside this I want to start saving more money so that I can start saving for our house which scares me because it seems such a grown up thing to do.

I also want to improve my blog over the course of this year starting with posting more often I know that when I started this blog I planned on posting regular however I celebrated Christmas twice so it meant been really busy with both sides of Jess’s family and we finally got a family photo we love. I really want to start posting 3 times a week, however, I am not going to make it set days yet but I think it will be Monday, Wednesday’s and Fridays.
I want to also create more friends this year because since finishing uni for a year I feel like I have lost so many friends. I would love to create more blogger friends even if it is just online so if you want a blogger friend to let me know.
I would love to reach 100 followers currently, I only have 5 but if this does not happen this is not something that I am too bothered about because at the end of the day it is not all about followers.
Finally, my last goal is to use some of my products out of my stash so this means going on a low buy while I get using some of them up. This is going to see me hopefully do some project pan challenges on the blog and also project polish but more on that next week when I launch that even though I have started that already.
What are your goals for this year?