Give The Gift Of Prestige Flowers

Don’t panic if you still have not found the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. I might be able to help you there because today I am going to share with you a website which delivers fresh flowers to your loved ones they are great because if you are like us and have loved ones who we do not see on the big occasions such as birthday’s, anniversaries and Christmas until after the occasion sometimes it can be weeks or months after when we see them. However, sending them flowers which will arrive on the special day or as close as you would like to is amazing they even deliver on a Sunday.

I was sent a medium bouquet of flowers from Prestige flowers they are the pure delight bouquet which you can find here. They are £30 for the size which I was sent and due to the fact that it is close to Christmas, they have sprayed the leaves gold which I think is an amazing touch to make it a little bit more festive and brighten up a home as it is something different to what you normally see. Within this bouquet, you get lilies which for me still arrived in bud and have later flowered meaning I got more pleasure from them they also have avalanche roses and yellow carnations with solidago and pistacia.

Once I unwrapped this amazing bunch of flowers which actually came with a glass vase which I know is an added extra, however, they are the perfect for the size of the bouquet which you get because for one I know there is nothing worse than having to spilt a bouquet into two different vases because of the fact that you do not have one large enough. It is recommended that you top up the water every single day which if you do like I have has seen me have these flowers for way over a couple of weeks now and some of them look still as new as the day we received them. Which is great if you are sending them for a present because you want them to last as long as possible. 
Another element which makes prestige flowers stand out is the fact instead of been a company which charge you extra for chocolates which is usually a price but nice extra. When you order from this company you do actually get them for free which is something which I like because of the fact I think this is a nice extra touch and this does mean it does look like you have spent more money than you actually have on the gift. 
The flowers come in with water wrapped around them which mean that they are not going to dry out while in transit to you or who you have sent the gift to. This means that they should be the same quality flowers when they leave the company as when you receive them which is always a bonus. 
This is for sure a company which I am going to be using in the future. What company do you use should you need to send flowers to a relative/friend who lives a fair distance from yourself?
Charlotte x
These flowers were sent to me in return for a review, however, all thoughts and words are my  own 

Experiences Create Precious Memories

At this time of year, everyone is looking for that perfect gift whether it is a beauty product, gadget or toy. Usually, when thinking about presents, we think about an actual physical gift which we had to someone so we can see the joy on their face when they receive it. I remember it must be getting on for 10 years now when a mobile phone used to be a gift you used to want this is before the days of everyone having contract phones.

The other day I was thinking about the perfect gifts and some which I have purchased for other people and also received myself. Since a young age every single year I have received a rugby season pass for Christmas this is something which gives me hours of pleasure throughout the year as well as hours of pain when we lose I am sure. This is something which gives me time to bond and spends quality time with my brother and Dad something which not many 22 years olds do when they have their own family. My brother and I  have been very lucky to receive them from our parents. I think there was one year that my brother had a cricket, rugby and football season pass not bad for someone who lives in Hull. The boys often can be found in other parts of the country attending sporting events such as horse racing meetings and away football matches.

Alongside this should the teams we support do well and reach finals we are lucky to attend these matches as well. A few years ago now it maybe around 4 years ago now I went to club Wembley for a rugby league international match with my Dad during the game he stated I will bring you back to club Wembley for the Challenge Cup Final one day. These are tickets that have never been available for the final until this year, and by a fate, you might say our team actually got to the final and because I was in charge of ordering tickets we actually ended up in that section. The day was terrific and I am not just saying that as a result of the outcome of the game.

These are memories which I am going to treasure forever, I have been lucky to attend 5 Challenge cup finals, several grand finals, an FA cup semi final, the grand national at least 5 times alongside countless amount of rugby away games and international games. I have attended concerts seeing bands such as Mcfly and Status Quo the which was a Christmas present to my mum 3 years ago along with comedians such as Sarah Millican. I have been even lucky enough to attend multiple shows on the west end and these are some of the greatest and most vivid memories I have of the last few years.
It doesn’t have to be sporting events which create memories as I know this is not something every single family are into. My family just have a deep passion for sports. It could be going on a spa day which is something that has been gifted to my mum in the past, and this is something which I would do again in the future as I know it is something which she enjoys and it is a way for her to create memories as she is not as into sport as the rest of the family.

Only last year I purchased Joe for his birthday an experience day which allowed him to go drive supercars and I am sure this is something which he will never forget. This proves that gifts do not have to be physical for them to be an excellent gift sometimes memories mean a hell of a lot more than a physical present or it does to me. Again this was not a sporting gift as this is not something which he would have got as much joy from.

This could be the rest why this year I have actually purchased a few experiences which are going to create memories as gifts for people this Christmas.

What’s, are some of the most memorable gifts you have received that have created precious moments for you?

Charlotte xx

Gift Guide- Men’s Stocking Edition

I am all for stockings I think sometimes the small useful presents mean a lot of more than huge items which for some people might think is very strange but that is just me. Today I am going to share with you a few ideas which I have on what you could stuff in guys stocking this festive season.

What would Christmas be without getting socks I am sure man gets socks over the festive period. These are a pair which I love and these are from heat warmers which have these grips on the bottom which means that you can grip to flooring such as laminate flooring because I know how easy it is to slide on that type of flooring. These are actually the Hulk one which would mean that they would be perfect for any kind of Marvel fan I know that they do actually do them in most of the Avenger’s characters. I think these would be great for people who have cold feet a lot because for sure these are thick. Of course, you could buy them socks which is their preference

Bath bombs might be something which you think of girls instead I know a number of males who do actually use them. Due to the rising trend of males actually using them they now do once a which are a lot masculine than those you used to be able to get. For example, the bomb cosmetics do this one which as you can see is the shape of a grenade and this one does actually smell like it is a scent which lynx could use it is that nice. I am so tempted to use this one very soon because I am sure I would get a lot more love out of it than the males I have in my life. I know lush do some amazing bath bombs as well and they start at £3.50 so do not have to break the bank however if you are wanting to save a little bit bomb cosmetics ones are usually a little bit cheaper.

A fragrance is something which does not have to be super expensive. Depending on what the man in your life your purchasing for likes, for example, I know some men do not likes ones could be classed as too Floral. Fragrance is not really something which I have purchased for many people in the past however, I have purchased a few this year due to the novelty element for example I know a few weeks back that Zara has some captain America fragrances and someone pretty close to me loves the Marvel films which meant that I could not resist purchasing. I had a quick sniff of it and I feel like it is one which could be used every single day and it was very cheap I feel like it was only a maximum of £5. Which means that it could be great for teenage boys as well it doesn’t have to be the adults always having the fun.

Cufflinks are something which I feel like every man needs to own a lovely pair of but due to the fact that people that most people do not actually wear them frequently. If you have a car nut in the family like I do you might want to check out gears cufflinks I feel like they are very stylish and are not super tacky. These ones which I found were only £4.99 which I feel like is a gift which could be great for a secret Santa as well. These ones are of great quality as well which means that they are not going to break when you used it at them the first time.

Other ideas which you could use for male stockings such as:
Accessories such as belts

What are you going to put in the male in your life in your stocking?

Charlotte xxxx

Gift Guide – Toddler Stocking Edition

Toddlers are one of the easiest people I have to purchase gifts for this Christmas, of course, I have a two-year girl, however, some of these you could use for different ages or girls boys as well. I have decided that this year I am going to only going to do stocking gift guides the reason behind it is because I prefer to purchase people smaller gifts which mean so much to them. I will say that Jess this Christmas is going to get a toy kitchen I think from us as her main present because this is something which she adores at nursery and she loves pretending to cook for us all of the time as well.

In this gift guide, they are items which Jess already owns nothing is actually her presents the reason behind this is she was with me when I was photographing and some of her presents are actually hidden already.

Toy ducks are something which we love in this house I think on last count we had 13 however, some of the ones which we have are starting to get all manky and horrible. They are something which Jess loves to play with in the bath and has a great amount of fun with. We have had it where we have been squirting each other while in the bath.  I think this is something which Daddy has taught her actually because I know she has the squirt ones at the grandparents as well as having some normal ones as you can tell we are a huge fan of ducks. I usually pick them up on Amazon or cheap shops because the quality does not matter as they still go mouldy after a period of time anyway. I think I might have to inspect Jess’s and see if she does need any more this year as I know this is something she loves playing with.

Flannel’s might not seem like something you would think about when you are thinking of what to purchase for a toddler stocking, however, if it has their favourite tv show on I am sure it will be a hit. We have a sponge which used to have Marshall from Paw Patrol on and every time Jess is in the bath and doesn’t want to put her body wash on I say well should we put Marshall all over your body and she loves it. I remember when I was a child there was nothing that I love more than putting the flannel on my head when it was wet. I know there is a picture of this somewhere don’t worry Joe I will show you on it I look the double of Jess. Flannel’s can be great if your toddler wants to wash the other toys they may have in the bath or something like this. You can pick them up for around £1 and they are something which could bring a lot of fun to bath time. I know Jess will lose her tiny mind when she see’s this one. The glove ones are also good which they sell in Primark for around the £1 mark and would make a great gift as well. 
These are the gloves which Jess had last year so there is a chance that you will not be able to get these exact ones however, gloves are something if your toddler is like mine and loves to be outside is something which we could not do without. I know some people manage to lose gloves easy so it would be a good time to replace them I am lucky that my toddler at the moment does not seem to be one of these people. You can purchase some gorgeous gloves I seem to remember these ones being from H&M however, you can pick them up anywhere including places such as Primark and they can be pretty inexpensive. I know at the moment Jess for some reason is obsessed with gloves maybe it is because she travels a lot when it is cold, however, they would be a good present which she would love at the moment. 
Having a mum like me means that Jess is loves sniffing bath bombs and shower gel I think this could be the start of an expensive addiction like Lush for the little monkey. So for Jess receiving something which she could use in her favourite place the bath or the splashy splashy as she calls it would be great. I found this one in Home Bargains I think it is around 69p and of course, it has her favourite people on the front Paw Patrol which is something she loves. I recommend getting one which is going to be suitable for your child you do not have to get ones which have their favourite characters on you could purchase one which smells good I know Jess would like that as much as one with her favourite set of characters on. 
Bath crayons are another item which we seem to adore in this house this is because of the fact that we can draw on the bath while we are in the tub. Jess loves to draw this is not something which she only likes to do in the bath she likes to draw anywhere. Last Christmas I actually purchased her these bath crayons I think I purchased them from Amazon however, I have since sene them in cheap shops such as poundworld. These have lasted us all year and we have actually been using them moth bath times you get them in a pack of 6 ours are starting to run down so I think I might actually have to repurchase some for her stocking this year.  To find them on amazon all I did was search bath crayons I think they are around the £1.25 mark so they are not that expensive should your child not be that interested in them. 

Books are another thing which I think would make a great gift for your, child I have to choose Dear Zoo because this is a cult classic and one which Jess is still obsessed with, however, you can purchase books which are more appropriate for the age of your child.  I will not be putting any books well maybe a couple of books in Jess’s stocking the reason behind this is even though she loves to read I am making her an advent calendar which is a book one if you haven’t seen about it I have a post which went up a couple of weeks ago.  I have listed the books which I have purchased so if you are looking for a book gift for a child around the same age as Jess I would recommend checking it out. Reading before bed is something which we love to do because it gets her interested in books at a young age and it gets me back reading because this is something which I do not seem to have as much time for any longer and it is something which upsets me.

The final item might seem one which is a little bit strange however, it is a bobble hat again hats are something which Jess likes to keep her head warm as well as play peek-a-boo with. This is one which was actually hand knitted by her great nan and this is something I am very thankful for. If your toddler does a lot of playing outside this is something which they at adore because it means that they are still able to play outside even when the weather turns a little bit chilly. I have seen some beautiful ones from the like of Next and even Primark this year so there is a hat for every budget. 
These are just some ideas what you could fill your toddler’s stocking with. I have not fully thought about what Jess is going to get this year however, I am sure this is going to be something which will change during December once my assignments are handed in.
What are you putting in your toddler’s stocking this year?
Charlotte x

Supporting Small Business

Tomorrow is actually shopping small business Saturday I think it is a day which has come over from the US and it is always the first Saturday of December. If you have read my blog, previously you will know that I like to support smaller companies whether that should be companies who make bows or toddler clothing to beauty products and candles.

As Christmas approaches quickly and many of us are still yet to purchase gifts so those who we love why not have a look at some of the smaller companies. Today I am going to share with you 9 of my favourites who I have either used this festive period or have used in the past don’t forget some of these people run them as a hobby on top of the full-time job and the majority of them are also parents.  These companies can change people’s lives forever so please support them.

If you are looking for a blanket for a toddler or a baby this festive season I would recommend checking out gladragscustomcloths. This is a company who I used very recently and Jess adores her buggy blanket so much that she actually gets very annoyed if I do not pick it up when we go in the pram. She has a wide range of fabric so you can customise what you have it does not have to be Marvel like mine and the fleece on the back can be changed to be brushed cotton and the colours can be personalised as well. We have has so many compliments on our blanket in the few weeks we have been using it so if you want something a little bit different I would recommend checking them out I think this cost me £20 so it will not break the bank. 

 A company who I know I have mentioned previously is a bow come true I actually got some bows for the rugby final back in August and Jess’s Birthday bow from this company. Along with a handful of other bows, I have not actually purchased her Christmas ones yet however, there is a penguin one which I have my eye on and a few more so beware I am sure a bow haul will be coming up before Christmas. If you want your little girl to have something pretty in her hair these would make an amazing gift, they would be great in a stocking you do not just have to get festive ones she still is making normal ones which you can wear all year along and they are such a reasonable price of around £2.50. You do not have to be a toddler to rock a bow either.

 Another, company that I have used a couple of times now and would recommend is Pretty penguin clothing. Recently, I purchase Jess a children in need skirt from this store and she has so many compliments on it when I took her to nursery. They are such good quality fabrics in a lot of different designs I think we currently own about 4 different skirts they also do bibs, leggings and rompers. I am unsure what size they actually go up to so this is going to have to be something which you might have to contact them about. I have my eye on a few more skirts for the future which after Christmas I think I am going to purchase. These skirts wash so well I could not be more impressed they are only £8 for the size which Jess needs which is crazy as that is cheaper than some of the high street stores.

Surviving Society is a company which allow you twin with your child because they do the same designs for adults as children. They are actually unisex as well so you could have the whole family matching which is very tempting. Twinning is not something which I have yet done with Jess however, it is something which I can see myself doing in the future. These are such high-quality t-shirts which would make a great gift for a child or adult I think they are a company which I will be purchasing off again in the future I might even have to get this top for myself and I have my eye on another one but who knows I might be lucky enough to receive it as a gift this Christmas. I think the children’s tees are around the £12 mark and the adult ones around £22. 
Cards a something which we all seem to send at this time of year, of course, the picture above is the one of Jess’s birthday card, however, Handmade by Bubblestorm is a company that I adore for cards. They have some beautiful ones which they have launched for Christmas which even can include a picture and a calendar inside of course this is something which I have had to order. The people have not seen them yet or I would have shared them. This is a company who I will be using more in the future I think they would be amazing at weddings and other big occasions where you want something perfect cards are £3.99 each so not the cheapest but I can tell you they are of such high quality and they do discount for orders over 2.
Dot Creates they do some of the most amazing stationary that you have ever seen. I technically could not show you it as it is part of my own Christmas present but it got delivered to my house. If you are a blogger you might want to check out the new blogger planners. I am someone who needs to be actually very organised I need to know when I have my posts going up and as well as knowing how I am actually growing on social media. Dot creates do actually some other items which you do not actually have to be a blogger to use they even do phone cases. These products are something which I would recommend I used the ultimate blog planner all of last year so I really can not wait to start using my new one. Everyone love stationary after all right? 
Hunter and the three bears is a company which I discovered this year and actually ordered a present for they do the most beautiful necklaces.Which you can have personalised with your children’s name or any other name you want to. I love the idea of been able to have personalised jewellery they also key rings which says things such as this daddy belongs to and then the name of the children. I have actually ordered one of these for Jess’s great nan as I think this is something which she will really enjoy don’t worry she will not read this post at all. They are super reasonable as well they are cheaper than I found them on Etsy with postage a necklace and keyring cost me I think less than £15. Making things personalised always means so much more right.
Happy place cosmetics is a brand which I have been looking at for a long period of time however, I have not purchased them before Christmas. One of the reason is that I have so much Lush things which I would love to use up. I have decided that some people who are on my Christmas shopping list would love to receive some of the items they do which include bath bomb, soaps and body and shower whips. I love receiving gifts which have has some effort put in them rather than the something which has just been picked up. This company do some different scents which I have not thought of in the future, I would love to receive some of these but they sell out so fast. They are the same price as Lush so not too expensive. 
Paiges sweet treat shop is another small business that I would recommend of course as the name suggests they sell a lot of sweet treats. They have items to make hot chocolate like the picture above, they also do wine glasses with your names with gummy bears in them. Of course, you can get a lot of pick n mix and chocolate treats I think that with sweets that it is nice to sometimes get things which the person may not purchase for themselves or something which they maybe have not seen for a long time. I have ordered something for Jess’s key worker from this store however, I can see me having to make a couple more orders from this site yet before Christmas shopping is over. 
Do you have any favourite small business if so let me know in the comments I always love checking them out?
Charlotte x

Top Alternative Father’s Day 5 Ideas 2017

This post is a reminder for some of you that it is Father’s Day this Sunday don’t worry I hear you all panic there is still time to get an awesome gift and get it delivered in time. Don’t worry there is a range of different items because I know not all Dad’s are the same because I know I could not get the same present for Joe as I would my own Dad.

The first item which I am going to share with you in this gift guide is are Panasonic Multi Room Speakers these are something which I am sure that Dad’s who are technical would actually like or those who are into music.  These clever speakers allow you to fill a whole room with the music which you want to listen to you can take them out into the garden as well use to a number of them including the SC-All05 having a 9-hour battery life. This allows your dad to have music playing while you all have a nice family summer BBQ this summer. They are also waterproof which means you can have the music playing in the rain should you continue to BBQ when the weather changes.

Panasonic do a range of different wireless multiroom speakers including the SC-All7CD which allow your dad to have the whole of his CD collection, itunes library or any online subscription such as Spotify on this one device. It allows the whole collection to be saved on the memory which the speakers have allowing you to stream that any time when requires meaning your house could always be connected. With the music you adore always playing out. Obviously the speakers may not be in everyone’s budget this fathers day as they range from £170 to £380  you could maybe chip in with other siblings and get this gift.  This is a gift I can imagine giving Joe and end up using a hell of a lot more because I love my music a lot more than he does I think.  

Raging Bull is a clothing brand that I was introduced to by David from DadVWorld if you haven’t checked him out you should do. Raging Bull is a company which is part owned ex-England Rugby Player Phil Vickery. They do some amazing clothing however, the items which I love the most are these polo shirts they remind me of Hollister if you think your dad would like the Hollister but you do not think that he is cool enough to rock them. These raging bull ones are amazing they look so smart you could wear them to events such as family meals when you need to look a little smarter than you may normally do.

They also do a huge range of different clothing some of the other items such as the rugby shirts remind me of the ones which you seen in stores such as cotton traders if you have ever visited that store.I personal think that they are something which I know a few of the males in my life would like.
You can purchase Raging Bull from their website they do a wide range of clothing so if polo shirts or rugby shirts are not something your Dad wears you might find something. These polo shirts are £45 however, from the reviews I have heard they sure are worth the money. I think they are going to be something which I may purchase Joe for Christmas hopefully he will forget about this post before. I would have purchase for my Dad however, I am unsure if he would like them due to been picky with styles.

This is a picture of something which we have done previously for the grand parents we have made them photo albums of Jess. Apoligises for the poor quality picture bit it is the only one which I have of the photo albums. Last year for Father’s Day I made Joe a memory stick full of pictures of Jess which he could load on his digital photo frame. So depending on the age of your Dad/ Grandad you could do either option. Personally, I love this idea should you be like us who have Grandparents who do not see their Grandchildren a lot because things like this mean more even to the men who may not admit it as often. You can use apps such as Freeprints which I have mentioned previously and you can purchase photo albums or even make your own scrapbook. You do not have to make them Winnie the Pooh theme like the ones in the picture I am sure if you look you can get some which are a little bit more masculine.

You could make a album full of memories which you have had with this person for example I have done scrapbooks as well of Jess’s first year of life as well as one which have been full of Jess’s cake smash which she did for her first birthday. We have done this so that people can remember the occasion and I am sure will love looking back at herself when she is older. This gift would not break the bank and sometimes the gifts which have had a lot of thought put into them are the ones which go down the best. This reminds me I need to update Joe’s memory stick when he comes back as all the pictures are at least a year old now.

Another idea for Father’s Day is to take your Dad out for a meal beware some places may make you actually book in advance if you want Sunday. Depending on what kind of food your family like there are a range of places you could go to eat. I back in February did a review of Wildwood which would be an amazing restaurant to eat and would not actually break the bank. They do some amazing Italian food as well as burgers this is a place that you could easy have just a main meal or have a three course meal. I seem to remember when I have been previously a 3 course meal for 2 people came to around the £50 mark. I know not every city has a Wildwood I am just lucky that we have one in York however, you could take your Dad to his favourite restaurant it could even be somewhere that does a nice carvery. 
This is an option which I would do with my own Dad however, we are both working on Sunday together which means that it could be very late and we will just want food as soon as we get home rather than having to wait in a restaurant which could be very busy. You do not have to take him for food on Sunday if you are like us and could be busy you could do it whenever it actually suits you. Another option is order a takeaway and maybe watch some tv or a film you both like as it will give you the quality time together which is sometimes what means more than spending £100’s on an physical gift. This is what I have found from my past experiences. 
The final item of this is on going in this round up which is these shave by touch shavers from EvoShave. These amazing shavers are designed for Men but I am not ashamed to admit that I used these. I was lucky to receive some just before Christmas and I have never had a problem with them I must admit. The have a touch strip which you rest your fingertips on and it gives you control and also it is meant to give you perfect precision,  These would be great for the Men in your life who love to actually maintain there beards as you could use these shavers to make sure everything looks neat. 
Instead of having multiple blades like a lot of the regular shavers which you see on the market do evoshave only have one blade which means that the blade gives you the ultimate sharpness, strength and durable. I have had one of mine which I have been using for 2 months however, I know that I will not use it as much as Men do because I don’t shave my legs till I need to benefits of not going on dates and tights hide your leg hair.  The top of the shaver has been personalised for father’s day they actually say super dad on the top where you put fingers they also say it underneath.  These shavers are so cheap they are only £4.99 and available on Amazon 
What do you plan on getting your Dad for Fathers’s Day 
Charlotte x
This post contains a paid for advert by Panosonic and also may feature a PR sample however, all views are my own 

Printing Off Photographs From Iphone

Taking pictures is something which I love to do since having Jess this is something which I have found myself doing more and more. However, they are all stored digitally either on my iphone or my computer but I find myself sometimes wishing I had more physical pictures of her which means that I can give them to people as gifts or as a reminder of times which people have spent with her. I will say now that this post is not sponsored this is just a company who I really love and wanted to share with you.
Not long after she was born I remember in a video by Emma  about an app which allowed you to print pictures which you get 45 free 6 x 4 pictures per month you only have to pay the postage which is something I can deal with. The app is called Free Prints I know it is available on Apple devices it maybe on android as well unfortunate I do not own one of these devices to have a look. The app notifies you at the end of the month that you have so many free pictures to use but you do not have to do it every month. I have done it a handful of times since Jess has been born. 
The photographs are of such high quality I must say that I have never been disappointed by any of the quality that I have received which for me is a really good thing as I hate bad quality. The app even tells you if the picture when you upload it is not of high enough quality I have found that it may tell me this if I have used snapchat or a poor camera to take the picture. So this is something to be aware of if you take a lot of pictures using these kind of apps or a really old less quality apple device. 
I have used this app and managed to fill a photo album which Jess got for her first christmas as well as make a couple of gifts including a scrapbook which I made for her Nanny for her birthday which I personalised of Jess’s first year of life. Let me know if you would like a post all about that in the future as this is something I could share with you. 
The photographs can be changed to an different size from 6 x 4 an the app does tell you how much it is to upgrade which means that there is no hidden costs. They come within a week which is pretty fast but again you have the option to upgrade in order for them to come faster when you do receive them they come in a photograph wallet like you used to receive them when you send the film off the processes. Who else remembers having to do that?
Do you print your photographs?
Charlotte x

Bakerdays Valentine’s Letterbox Cake Review + Giveaway

Recently I was contacted by the lovely people at Bakerdays asking if I wanted to review their Valentines day Review. If you know me I am not one to say no to trying food let alone cake this is just a dream. If you have not heard of the baker days company they are a letterbox cake which means you can get a cake in the post which always one of my favourite types of mail.

I really love the idea of getting cake or been able to send it in the post because of the fact that it can be a pain in the bum if the person you are sending it to is not in because nobody enjoys the red card of doom. I should know because I seem to get a hell of a lot of them at the moment because I am never in when the postman is in. I can vouch that they do come through the letterbox because this is something which I came home to last week.

Once the cake came I opened the box which contented a beautiful card as well as a plain but cute tin which is housing the cake and then a tiny pack of lovehearts which I gave to Joe because they remind me of heartburn. The reason behind this was the fact that I was told to consume them to make it go away when I was having Jess. I think they tin would be great to store bits and bobs in which is something which I think I will end up doing even if it is only like bobbles because I am always losing them which is never fun. I love the additional touches which the company have done

I am sure that if I did not have to take pictures of this cake for this review I am sure that Joe would have managed to eat most of the cake as soon as I received it. I was asked to review a 5″ cake which serves between three to four which would be perfect to share with each other look you always have to see the benefits of sharing. I choose the gaming cake because if any of you know my other half you will know that he is obbessed with gaming we joke he couldn’t ever cheat on me because he wouldn’t have time as that takes up the rest of it when he isn’t with me. I knew that this cake would go down a treat and get me in the good books.

Bakerdays have a huge selection of valentines day cakes most which can be personalised to have your name or your other halves. They also do a range of flavours, however, I choose just Vanilla. When I opened the box I couldn’t believe how vibrant the icing is with the colours for some reason this really shocked me. The cake is housed in a plastic bag which comes with instructions which tell you how to remove the cake without it becoming broken.

One critisim for the company would be that I thought the cake was slighly dry this may just be me and my tastes however I think I would like it to have been a bit more moist this could be due to the lack of jam.  I understand this could have be due to the fact the company state that these cakes can last up to 2 to 3 weeks. These cakes do have a number of E numbers in which could be something to be aware of if this bothers you maybe if you plan on sharing with little fingers.

Overall £14.99 for this size the cake is a little on the pricey side when compared to a cake in a shop more so when this can only be divided into four slices. On the plus side though it is a lot cheaper than purchasng other valentine’s gifts such as flowers and could be sent for either a guy or girl. The cake to me was not the best I have ever consumed but for me this is more of a novelty product and I cannot fault the concept at all rather than something I would consume all the time. 

I really like the idea of cake by post and I think most people would too! Not just for Valentine’s Day, but also for other occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, new babies, Easter etc. I think it is fantastic that you can choose a variety of cakes, personalise them, then have them at your door within a day or so. These cakes therefore make a great gift and I seriously doubt that anyone would complain about receiving a nicely decorated cake directly to their door when they weren’t expecting it. I’ll definitely consider getting another Bakerdays cake for some occasion in the near future. Even more so for when we have occasions and we can not make them due to other commitments I am sure people would not mind a cake been delivered. 
The lovely people at BakerDays have actually allowed me to let one of you lucky ones recieved one of their 5″ cakes in any design.I have to state that this compertiion is only open for the UK sorry.
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Charlotte x
This post contains a PR sample however, all views are still my own. 

What I Got For Christmas

I know this post is super late and I do not have pictures of all of the gifts because as some of you may know I have had two Christmas’s one with actually family and then one with my boyfriend which occurred a couple of days after. This means that I only actually have pictures of what I got from my secret Santa’s and my family because I was such a lucky girl it has meant that I have not been able to take pictures of them all.

The first gift which I am going to share with you is one of my secret Santa’s, unfortunately, one of the items which was an ornament which said Merry Christmas actually managed to break in transit.  Two of the other gifts arrived which were not smashed or damaged in any kind of way which is always nice. The first item is a Golden Wonder Lush bath gift set which is something which I am going to adore due to the fact that as you all know that I love baths and Lush is one of my favourite brands so this will be something which I will be using soon. The other item I received from the same secret Santa was a beautiful Salted Carmel Primark candle this is not something which I would have purchased myself due to the fact that Primark is not a shop that I really look at the homeware section in anymore.

Another secret Santa which I took part in choose these amazing gifts for me. Can you see the running theme which with the bath gifts I love Father Christmas from Lush and this was one which I never managed to get many of this year for some reason.  Another bath related products I received was the sweet snuggles bath crystals these are something which I can not wait to try as I am always using bath bomb or bubble bars so this will be a difference for me. I also received these glitter nail polish which would be perfect for a party or the festive season so |I am sure these will have some much use. A final couple of itemsI received are the these Yankee candle wax tarts as you all known I love to burn candles and I rarely purchase this kind due to having the flamingo candle scent box every month arrive.

My parents treated me to some amazing bath bombs which smell like strawberry and cream and also strawberry and champagne. I am unaware which brand they came from due to them purchasing these when they were away and there are no markings on the box which I received and somehow managed to forget to photograph them in all of the excitement of Christmas.

My brother also got me some retro sweets which you can imagine I have been a bad blogger and could not wait to tuck into them. I have had a few of them and I have managed to misplace them already maybe this is for the best because otherwise they would have been gone within no time. I will not be able to fit into the leggings which my parents purchased me from Next if I continued eating I have not managed to even try them on yet so this is another reason they have not been added. I hate having to have two Christmas’s sometimes as you end up leaving things and then when you go back it is back to normal life.

I was treated amazingly by another secret Santa I have these two amazing pairs of socks which for me is good due to the fact I never seem to have enough. Even though these are Christmassy they do not bother me because I will be able to use them all year around, I was treated to some chocolate which for me is always welcome I never seem to consume much because I have to share with people. This is one which I will not be sharing with other people. I received another Yankee candle which is a frosted cranberry this is one which I am going to really adore because it smells beautiful already. The book of mum is one which makes me laugh because I actually bought the book of dad to my boyfriend this is going to be a good one to read when I am having a nice coffee. The final item which I received in this package is a beautiful Rimmel Gold Polish I am unsure what shade it is due to Jess have got her hands on it and I currently cannot find it.

My amazing boyfriend managed to get me some items which I told him I wanted it was that bad I actually ordered one and then added the rest to his amazon basket. A little surprise did occur for me thought he decided that instead of having a new 64gb memory card for my camera he upgraded it to 128gb which means I may start doing Youtube when I get a better camera.  I actually also received the dot creates ultimate blogger planner which means I can be more organised and post more on my blog. These gifts may seem really random but he actually managed to purchase some Manfrotto tripods and the Manfrotto 6 bulb led lights which were amazing because for a while now I have said that I want to improve my lighting so this is what I have done. I even just before Christmas invested in a blogger background which you will have seen but there is going to be still some posts from before I got it as I take my pictures in bulk and I had it delivered to his house as another extra Christmas present from me to me. I realised that I have not even mentioned the weekend away which he treated to me as part of my Christmas present we went to an amazing log cabin at Kelby Forest the weekend before Christmas. This was amazing to be together and have so much chill time watching films, cooking and also taking the opportunity to go for a forest walk and use the hot tub. I have a feeling that it will not be the first trip we take to a log cabin or a weekend away just the two of us. Maybe we will get away somewhere at Easter.

Can you see a running theme here I have some amazing gummy bears from Haribo which are one of my favourite treats I feel like I may have to consume them when Jess is not around. Another item I received is this amazing foot cream which is going to be good for me due to the fact I am always on my feet and they are a part of my body which I never seem to treat.Slipper socks are something which I always think about purchasing and never seem to so these are going to be super handy for me because I then can go to sleep in them because I always seem to be able to sleep in my slippers. The final item is a diary which I have decided that I am going to use for my uni work due to the fact I have two others for blogging.

Enma managed to pick me up some amazing gifts for our secret Santa she sent it in one of the most beautiful boxes which I have already put items in.  The first item I opened was these amazing fluffy socks which are something which I adore because of the fact I get really cold feet when I am commuting to uni so these are going to be perfect in the winter months. I have another sweet treat which is these peanut butter M&M’s I have never tried them which is special because when I ever I have them I will think of this swap.  As you may have noticed in this chat I am obsessed with bath products and I managed to get even more in this swap I received the gingerbread and another bath bomb from the bomb cosmetics I can not remember what it was but I have already used it.  Tanya Burr is a brand which I have never really looked at for no reason maybe because I thought it was for younger people but the quality of this cheek palette is amazing I would love to try more of these products.  I have these amazing macaroon candles as well which are amazing I feel like they are way too cute to burn so you may be seeing them in the background of my photographs instead.  I also have this amazing Green tea facemask from Sephora I really don’t want to fall in love with them because of the fact I know I can not get them in the UK easy. The final couple of items which I received were lip products the first was a makeup revolution matte lipstick in the shade exposure I really do not own many nude lipsticks so this is something I feel like I may get a lot of use out of it. The final item was a colourpop satin lip in Magic wander again this is a nude lip I can see me layering the two items and getting a lot of use of them. I will tell you this I do not see it been the only colourpop item I own.

My boyfriends parents seem to be getting to know me to well they got me a virtual reality headset which is something which I would not have purchased for myself but it is something which I can see us having so much fun with in the future there may be some videos and pictures on Instagram so you should follow me over on there.  They also know that I adore twiglets and they managed to get me two tubs of them which I have nearly demolished one whole tub in a week and I have to keep having them to taken off me because I feel like could sit and eat a whole tub in one sitting. They also know that I am obsessed with Lush instead of getting me bath bombs they decided that they would get me 6 bottles of 100g shower gel these included Lord of Misrule, Snow Fairy, The comforter, Yuzu and Cocoa, Wash that man right out of my hair and finally Rose Jam. I plan on leaving them here because then I can use them throughout the year because some are Christmas exclusives. No joke I can not wait for Valentine’s Day Lush they may be a haul coming before the end of this month I love Lush that much.

The final item which I am going to include in this post is an electric toothbrush there is a funny kind of story behind this. Days before Christmas my brother somehow dropped my toothbrush on a solid floor and broke it. This meant that my parents thought that they would treat me to a new one I found a great deal on Amazon and managed to get a £120 toothbrush for around £50. I have used it and it is really powerful for me it feels like you are having a scale and polish at the dentists. It even beeps every 30 seconds to tell you to go to a different section of your mouth.  I feel like this is a product which I may do a review on soon.

I also received some other gifts but they were either smellies which I didn’t think you would want to see or personal gifts. If you would like to see reviews on anything please let me know

What did you get for Christmas this year?

Charlotte x

Gift Ideas For Secret Santa

Hi Guys

If you are anything like me you will love taking part in secret Santa’s this is a concept which has grown in the last few years people now do these at work and I have heard large friendship groups doing this even the blogger community have done this as well which includes posting the items. It can be really hard to know what to send due to the fact that some have very small budgets of between £10-15.

I have decided that I am going to share a list of items which would be good to be included I have only done these for women however, you could use these for males as well should you require. These include some items which I have received in the past and ones which I have sent.

  • Make Up Bags- Primark do some amazing ones they are so useful as well
  • Bath Bombs- They do not have to be from lush other brands such as bomb cosmetics do some beautiful ones
  • Candles- Again these do not have to be yankee as you know some of my favourite ones are so cheap 
  • Fluffy Socks- if you are anything like me they are your best friend over the colder months
  • Lipsticks- if you know that they are always wearing a colour why not by them a simular one 
  • Nail Varnish-  if they are someone who likes to pain there nails again this would be perfect
  • Face Masks – sheet masks have become such a huge thing this year so why not let you secret santa try some
  • Stationary- this is something which people are becoming more and more passionate about and this is something which I am adoring at the moment keeping organise and making lists. 
I will be sharing after the Christmas period with you what I have received in my secret santas don’t worry about it at all. 
What would you like to recieve or give to your secret santa if you are doing one at all?
Charlotte x