How To Handle Freshers

Hi Guys 
Today I have decided that I am going to share with my tips on how to handle freshers I shared this post on my old blog last year but I know that it is still relevant. I know it is the time of year when all students head back to uni or start for the very first time which can seem a daunting experience. I was a fresher three  years ago now so have done 2 freshers weeks. I will be going to a new university this week to finish the final two years of my degree after having Jess. Actual as you read this post it will be freshers for me but with a twist when you commute an hour and have a nearly one year old in tow it is going to be completely different but hey.  

I choose to embark on a journey which would see me move over 100 miles away from East Yorkshire to West Cheshire. Nobody I knew from my college or previous education had chosen the same university as me this is something I was glad about but also nervous about as it meant I would have to make a whole new bunch of friends. These are the tips which I have for making friends and surviving your first few weeks of uni life.
Use Facebook Groups– This is how I found some people who where going to be living with me in halls which meant that I knew people when I moved in I only lived in a small halls there was 13 of us all girls but it helped to know people. You can also ask what course people are planning on studying as this will help you meet people off your course which is always a bonus because then you know people for that first lecture or introduction session. 
Introductory Sessions– This is something which your course will hold in freshers week this allows you to meet people who are going to be on your course as well as the lectures who are going to be teaching you. It allows you to get rid of some of them nerves as well because you are expanding the amount of people you know. 
Have alcohol ready– If you are someone who likes to drink make sure that you have your alcohol ready for the first night. You don’t want to be the only one without it and lets face it we all know that it gives you confidence to speak to people who you may not have approached. 
Don’t blow all your loan straight away-  It may be tempting to blow the whole of your student loan on something which you have had at the top of your wishlist for a while but it has to last you till Christmas. I can’t imagining anything worse than being broke for the whole of the semester meaning you have to say no to people when they ask you to do things. 
Student Discount – Why not ask places if they take student discount after all those pennies all add up and it is something us students can’t afford not to use. 
Budget-  Make sure you don’t spend all your money on nights out because you do have to eat there is nothing worse than being hungover and having nothing to eat at all. The same goes for feeling homesick and not being able to travel home due to the fact you have no money. 
Explore-  It it is more than likely that you have moved to a new place so why not see what gems it has to offer sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised and this is always a good way to get to know them new friends.
Be yourself- 3 years is a long time to keep an act up and pretend that you are someone who you clearly are not. People will love you for who you are don’t worry about it at all. 
What tips would you have for anyone starting uni this year? Or maybe you are going to uni this year and are nervous let me know why?
Charlotte x