Flamingo Candle- January Scent Melt Box

One of the most popular posts on my blog was when I shared my views on my uly Scent box from the amazing Flamingo candles. I meant to share with you my thoughts on the December one however, it arrived I got super busy with the festive period and never actually got them up. I aim to share my views on these most months because they are something I love being a candle addict. If you haven’t heard of it before it’s a subscription box which every month sends you 8 wax tarts and your first month you get a free tart burner. The subscription is £10 a month with free p&p.  The January box was all about Be Happy as January can be one of the most depressing and long months of the year.

The first scent which I pulled out of the box was Blueberry cheesecake which to me is a very fruity smell which also has a food element. Blueberry to me is a fruity which does not have a lot of scent but it is one which I don’t mind as the food element comes through this is one I could see myself burning and actually making myself hungry. This would be one which if you wanted your house to smell of fresh baking but do not have the time to do this. This is one which I will be burning in this spring when the weather is changing. 
Clean cotton is one which I really adore it reminds me of one from Yankee candle which I think is called either fluffy towels or baby powder I can not remember which one it is. This smells so clean like the fresh air outdoors this is one I think I would love to burn when it is cold and I am missing the warmer air when it allows you to go for a walk this one is one which will soon be burning. I might even have to have a look and see if they do it in a candle because this for sure is one which I would love to own. 
Coconut and Raspberry scent melt is the one which I really like I get a huge amount of coconut however I can not smell raspberry this may be due to the fact that raspberry is a very subtle fruit and is overpowered by the coconut. This is one which I think is more summery which makes me happy because summer is an amazing time of year because you can get out and do way more, This summer may not be but more on that at a later date.  This for sure is one which will not be in my collection for very long before it is in my burner. 
I will be honest with you here I do not actually know what Dewberry smells of however, the candle to me smells super berry like which is one of my favourite kind of scents. This is one which I am unsure what I think it smells of too much without saying that it is nice which is the worst kind of decription and I know this. I might have to review this one in the future when I burn it so that I can give a better review. 
Jasmine and Lime is not combination which I think of when I think of combinations which include Lime usually it is something else which is fruity however, this is a combination which actually works and goes together.  I get the floral element from the Jasmine however I do get a hint of lime which makes me like it more due to the fact I am not a huge floral fan this is something which I can deal with though it is not too floral for me. 
This orange and blackcurrant really is super citrus which is from the orange element as you may know citrus is one of my favourite things in the world when it comes to shower gel and candles as long as it does not smell like cleaning products.  Blackcurrant is very subtle when it comes to this melt but this is not something which I have minded. I really do like this product and again it is one which I can see myself burning pretty soon. 
Pomegrante Cider is one of those again which I can not work out what it actually smells like however it is one which I must say that I do actually like which makes a change because sometimes I can not work out if I love them if I do not know what they smell like. 
The final item which I have in this box is the unicorn dreams this is one which for no doubt I would be purchasing however you can not get this in candle form. This to me smells of Lush it think I pinpointed down to been the comforter which is one of my favourite scents. This is the first one which is going to go in my burner when I have some room as they currently have tarts in them. 

Overall I don’t think this box has been one of my favorites recently I can not wait to see what they do in the February’s box for some reason I can see it been a valentine’s day theme.
If you get this box what has been your favourite scent this month or which one would you like to try. if you do not?
Charlotte x

Lush Valentine’s 2017

Friday saw the launch of Lush’s Valentines day range as you may know if you have read this blog for a while I adore Lush. I have nearly the whole range one which is pictured above because I forgot #badblogger the couple of items which I did not purchase is the soap due to the fact I have purchased a lot of soap from the Christmas range and I need to use some of it before I purchase more, the other item which I didn’t get it the lip tint this again is because I am trying to use up lip products rather than actually add to my collect and it looked very sheer in store so I left it. I did not get any gift sets either because of the fact that there was no exclusives in them.

It would not be Valentine’s Day without Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar coming back into stores. This beauty is one of the most amazing and colourful bubble bar which have come out you would think that this would be a very sweet scent however, this is not the case. This bubble bar has a slight hint of lavender not as much as the Twilight range. This is one which I could get 3/4 baths out of it this would be a great one if you are looking for something to help you sleep or just relax. I actually have a one or two of these from last year so will not be picking any more of these up at the moment. 

This beauty is Lover Lamp beware the bright pink colour is off another bath bomb which you will see in further along in the haul. This was one of my favouite bath bombs from the range last year due to the fact that it is so different to any other bath bomb which Lush have released. I get a huge scent of vanilla which is a very powdery vanilla scent this has a lot of Cocoa butter in which is very moisturising from what I remember it also has a slight hint of citrus orange.  The red hearts floating in the bath are actually so romantic there are only three of them but they are amazing.

Ladybird bubble bar is one which came out as part of the Mother’s Day range last years so this could mean it may be staying till Mother’s Day this year. This was one of the best parts of the range it has peppermint and geranium in, This reminds me of a mix between candy canes and snow fairy for the sweet elements and then you get the floral scent from the geranium this turns the water a beautiful vivid red colour. With this item been a bubble bar I am thinking I got 3/4 baths out of it maybe more last year I am unsure. This is one which I really do like to cocktail with if you have not heard of this it is when you use multiple lush bath products together. 
Massages are something which I adore and I have an amazing boyfriend who can work wonders on my back which I am always having trouble with dam having a trapped nerve in my shoulder/back. When I saw that Lush had released another massage bar I know that I needed to pick another one up because this may mean I get even more massages which can never be a bad thing. These bars can be used by either a partner or you can use it alone. I have managed to use one of these completely in the past and this gave me 5/6 full body massages, Love Spell has a slight rose scent but to me I get more of the Aloe Vera it also has tons of cocoa butter in which means that it is super moistening. This for sure is something which I would recommend if you love massages.

Shower Cream’s are one of my favourite items from Lush because they are super moistering which means that I do not have to use a body lotion which for a lazy girl like me is amazing. Who would not want to shower with prince charming when he smells of marshmallow vanilla and  pomegranate which means that it is sweet and fruity for me this is one of my favourite combinations. This is one which I may end up purchasing more of while this range is still out but I did find 500g of this shower cream the day before the was released there is no lustre that I can see in this years serving but this does still smell amazing no matter what.

I can not remember if I have mentioned on my blog yet that I adore lip scrubs from Lush currently I have 4 of them obsessive yes I know. This is meant to make your lips better and get rid of the layer of skin on the lips which is dead and this means that lipsticks can be applied much easier and they also look so much better. I will be using this in conjunction with the ones which I purchased over the Christmas period. This scent so unique however, it actually reminds me of the swizzles sweets which I used to have as a child. I love how this actually has red love hearts which you can eat if the truth be told I eat the whole scrub once I have used it on my lips it tastes amazing so how not do this. 7

Cupid bath bomb is brand new to the range this year which is suprising because of it’s shape it is one which you would think was been out previously as it screams valentine’s to me. This shares it’s scent with a bath melt which I love this is razzle dazzle to me this smells like fresh raspberries with a hint of something which I think is rose but this could just be me. To me this smells fruity with a hint of floral which is something that is so different this is one which I sure will be using in the bath very very soon incase I adore it and I can purchase more before they go out of stock.

Bath melts are not somethign I really tend to reach for there is no reason why but this just seems to be the case maybe it is because they do not do a show in the water and this is something which I really enjoy.  This bath melt is two hearts beating as one this bath melt is interlocking so could be used in to different bath should you want to, I feel like this is something which I am going to do. I like this scent however, this is one which I can not work out what it actually smells of its kind of sweety, slightly floral and fruity. I can tell this is going to be one which you know you have had in the bath it is going to be super mositering because of the cocoa butter. My mum described this scent as a reflection of my collection because it smells lush like.  I am unsure what scent it is actually meant to be if you have chance go and sniff this in store.

Emoji’s have been huge for the last couple of years and now lush have jumped on the bandwagon and created the lovestruck bubble bar. This to me smells like lemons and then something different something which is almost woody.  I can not work out if this is something which I adore I will admit I purchased it because of the design. This is something which I am going to have to use very soon to see if this is something which I actually like. If you have smelt it what do you think it smells like?

Rose bombshell bath bomb is one which was part of the mother’s day range last years so this could again be the same as ladybird and be part of mother’s day but just been released early. This actually reminds me of rose jam which is like Turkish delight, This is one of those product which I do actually like but I prefer them in the spring months so I will be saving mine for a while and then using it I know this is strange. If you love rose jam this for sure is one for you to pick up. I will not be picking up any more of these as I am not the biggest fan of this and I have around 3 of them anyway so I have plenty to see me through.
This is kiss me quick wash card I know this is something which many of you may be unfamiliar with you tear a little bit off and use it like soap this is super mositering as well it is made of a fruit pulp but I can not remember which one the member of staff told me. This scent is 29 high street which is meant to smell like it does when you walk into a lush shop this is one of my favourite scents because my room actually smells like this it is so comforting for me. This is one which I will be purchasing a couple more of before this range is over,

Meet over and over bath bomb which is maybe what I would claim is my favouite abth bomb in this whole haul it is citrus for anyone know really knows me well knows I adore Calcas which smells of sour gummy worms sweets. This bath bomb is super orange I challenge anyone not to adore this bath bomb it smells like you are actually bathing in an a orange rather than a bath. This is one which I wish I could stock up loads on but because it has a melt on the top they crack and then it starts eating the bath bomb after a few months I have been told. This is also the same for roller which is an oxford street and online exclusive.

Lush also are doing some amazing gifts but there is no exclusives as I stated above if you are thinking about treating a lush fan this valentine’s day it may be worth looking at the Lush Spa if you have one close to you because it sounds amazing. This is something which I have not actually tried and when speaking to a member of staff we worked out if I do not buy lush for a month I could actually afford one so maybe after the easter range has gone I will save up and have a lush spa treatment

Have you purchased anything from the valentine’s range or what would you like to recieve?

Charlotte x

November Flamingo Candle Scent Box- First Impressions

Hi Guys

Today I have another subscription box but this one is for the parents. This is one from Flamingo Candle which is where you get 8 wax tart melts every month for only £9.99 which is such a bargain including the postage as well as getting 20% for been a member of there scent box. Without any further a do I will share my first impressions with this months box

The first tart I put my hands on this month was the Hot Fudge which to me smells very sweet however I feel like it is not something which is too sweet for me as some of them can be. This is something which I can imagine burning when I come home from uni and it is cold and this will warm my house up and make it smell amazing.

Rhubarb and Pear is one which I really adore out of this box and I think it could be one of my favourites to me I can smell the rhubarb. It makes me think of the crumbles which people bake this is something which is very warming and brings back so many memories of my mums rhubarb crumbles.

The next one is one which I will admit I am not a massive fan of and it is popcorn. I think this is due to the fact that it is a little bit too sweet for me however sometimes you have to burn them then make an opinion on them. I am hoping that this is going to be one which surprises me and becomes one which I actually like. I will let you know when I am burning it my opinion.

Chai Tea Latte was the next one which I found in the box now I will admit I really don’t know what a Chai tea latte smells like. So this is going to be one which I am going to have to burn in order to be able to decide if I like it or not however this is not something which offended me straight away when I gave it a sniff.

Black Raspberry and Vanilla is one of those which if I had to choose a favouite out of the whole box it would be this one it smells amazing. I really get the scent of raspberry first then a slight hint of vanilla this is going to be one which I will be burning as soon as I can and have a tart burner free to do this hopefully this is not going to be very long.

The next one which I found in the box was Banana pancakes this is one which I would never have purchased because banana is not one of my favouite. This smells really a lot of banana as the name suggests however hopefully when I go to burn this it is not going to be overpowering and I can stand to burn it. I guess time will tell.

Strawberry and geranium this is one which is an usually scent for me due to the fact that it is floral as well as been fruity however I get more of the floral scents which is something I actually like. This is one which is growing on me the more time time I smell it. This is not one which I would have purchased however it is one which is welcomed in this house hold.

The final tart which I received in this cranberry, orange and cinnamon this is one which I would have purchased myself because it smells like christmas in a candle to me. The reason I think this is due to the fact that it has scents which I think of when I think of christmas. This is one which I can not wait to burn very soon before it becomes past christmas.

Which one of these is your favourite from this box

Charlotte x