November 2018 Monthly Favourites

Today I am going to hare with you a range of products which I have been loving throughout the month of November. It is rare for me to do two of these posts in two consecutive months but there has been that many new products which I have loved this month I have the need. There is a mixed bag again this month it includes beauty, a couple of fashion and websites. No doubt I will end up adding some random favourite along the way.

Nescafe Gingerbread Latte

There is something about this time of year which gets me excited it is the fact that we have flavoured coffee. I now do not live as close as I did to the coffee shops which serve these liquid gold. So this year I have tried to replicate some of the Christmas drinks which I would normally be ordering at home. I purchased the Nescafe gingerbread latte and I did not have that high expectations because I know normally they are made with syrup when you order in a coffee shop. This is power of course but there is still so much gingerbread flavour which is what I actually wanted. I could not believe how cheap these actually where for the 8 which you get in a packet you actually only pay £1.50. This is so much cheaper than one latte in one of the chains. I have even been making then in my travel mug because this means that I can still take them out. This is also saving me money which is important when it is the festive season.


Ebay is a site which I have been using for a long time now anyway. I both purchase things which I need off it usually I am getting things for Jess that I do not want to end up paying full amount. I also sell a lot on there usually things which has clothing which still has plenty of wear left in it. I have even been know to sell some of my clothes which I either do not wear because they are too small for me or I have no need for them any longer. Unwanted gifts are something amazing to sell as well because if you do not want the gift you would be better off with the cash. I have done this a few times this month we have had presents which Jess still has in the box. You can always treat yourself with the cash that you have for unwanted items. Or if you are like me you can put the money towards Christmas this is one of the ways I have afforded some of the gifts which I have purchased this year. This month alone I have managed to make an extra £100. This is £100 which I would not have had if it had not been for eBay which I think is a bargain.

F&F Mustard Jumper

It has been getting a little bit cooler this month and of course this means that it is time to crack out the jumpers.Now this is actually a jumper which I did get this year however, it was at the start of October so this does not mean that they still have them.  This is so fluffy which is what I want because I want to feel cosy of course when I am wearing the jumper. This is one which is long enough as well to wear with a thick pair of leggings because of course you want to be able to go outside. With this been a mustard colour I feel like it is so practical to be teamed with other pieces things. This is a piece which can be kept for a few years as well because it goes well in that transition between autumn and winter when the temperature plummets. I have had so many compliments on the jumper from people who would not normally realise that you was wearing something new. This tells me that it is a really good jumper and must suit me. I seem to remember that this jumper did not break the bank and it was around the £16 mark but got it when they had 25% off clothing.  I might have to pop to Tesco and see if they do it in any other colours because I love it that much.

Treacle Moon- Raspberry Kisses bath and shower gel

This is a shower gel which I meant to include in last months favourites but it has been a favouite this month too. This is a bath and shower gel. I will admit I have only used it in the shower so could not comment on how many bubbles it would make. I have found when using it in the shower that it lathers really well like some of the Lush ones which I love. The scent is amazing I think this is what originally make me purchase this shower gel.  I am not the best at describing some of the scents however, this does smell like it is a not as sweet version of Lush snow fairy.  It is a really nice raspberry scent and of course this is available all year around which is always a bonus. For this huge 500ml bottle it is only £3 and it lasted me over 2 months. You really do not need a lot to able to feel clean. This is the first product which I have tried from Treacle Moon but for sure it is not going to be the last.  There products would be amazing for a Christmas present if you are thinking of doing your own hamper or something similar.

Zoo Tycoon

Some of you may if your as old as me may remember playing this on the PC when you finished school on a night. Recently when I was spending far too much time in game looking at pre owned games so that we could use the xbox one more I found Zoo Tycoon. Of course, I had to purchase this game because for the memories if nothing else but I have had hours of fun using this game. I have been forcing myself to have breaks from house work and blogging while Joe has been away by playing this game. The game did cost £14.99 which I do not think for a game is not too bad for this console. The game is not the same as the one which but me and Joe remember playing there is a lot more challenges. I managed to play an hour or so before it can become a bit repetitive but that always a good thing so I am not spending too much time on it at all. I have found that since playing it a lot Jess has learnt more animals names and she seems to be wanting to play with animals more.

Gel Nails

This is something which I have have been loving this month of course, November was the month of my graduation.  I knew I wanted to have painted nails but wanted to treat myself because of course I am going to end up smudging or chipping my nails. I found a lovely lady who was actually local to me and comes to your house which is a bonus because I was still solo parenting at the time.  She managed to match my dress to the colour even had the sparkles which matched. I would recommend her so if you are close to the Pontefract area let me know and I will actually send you her details. They managed to last for 3 weeks without chipping of course they did start growing out. I am going to get them done again in the new year because I have adored having very pretty nails.

Nars- Palas Royal Satin Lip Pencil

I have been wearing only one lip colour this month which is very rare for me because I loved this the Nars satin lip pencil in Palas Royal. It is such a pretty shade it is a deep raspberry colour it looks beautiful with anything. This is actually the shade which I wore when I graduate it managed to stay on all day and I did not have to reapply and it also was not uncomfortable like I have found some lip pencils to be. This is smart enough to be able to wear at interviews which is another place which I have been using this lipstick. For sure I know I am going to be getting even more use out of this in the upcoming months. I hacve had this lipstick for a fair few months now it may have even been last Christmas when I purchased it and there is still so much left. It is not going to break the bank it is £19 this would be an amazing gift.

What have you been loving in the month of November?

Charlotte xxx

Christmas Nostalgia

I find that December is all about looking back at the year more so once we are over Christmas and heading towards New Year. People never really seem to reflect on Christmas I found this tag last Christmas however I did not have time to publish it so I thought I would share it this festive season. 

What’s you favourite Christmas Movie?
I think I would have to say that it is the Muppet’s Christmas Carol as I have a feeling that this is one of the only ones I have seen, What can I say I am not a massive Christmas movie fan I just watch normal movies throughout the year. 

Have you ever had a white Christmas?
I can not remember one however, they may have been one when I was small which I do not remember. I think I would like one as it would feel very magical but this may just be me and wanting pictures of Jess playing in the snow and posing for Instagram. 

Where do you spend the big day?
I have always spent it at home with my parents for as long as I can remember. Since Jess came into the world it means that I have had to go down south between Christmas and New Year so that we can have another Christmas with Daddy and his family. I can only imagine how much easier it is going to be when we get our own house. 

What’s your favouite Christmas Song?
I feel like I would have to say Mariah Carey all I want for Christmas is you, however I do feel like we could do with some new Christmas songs as they are all getting a bit dated now but this may just be me the old ones are the best though. 

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?
No we have to wait till Christmas or after Christmas to be able to open presents. Even if we see people before the big day and get presents we have never been allowed to open them I feel like this may ruin part of Christmas for me if we could.

Can you name all of Santa’s Reindeers?
No I know I only know a few – Rudolph, Vixen, Cupid Dasher, Dancer, Prancer

What holiday tradition are you looking forward to this year?
Just been together as a family is the biggest tradition I am looking forward to because there is nothing better than been with family because I feel like we do not spend a lot of time together anymore not really good quality time. 

Is your tree real or fake? 
We have a fake one never have had a real one I doubt we will for a while because of the needles we don’t her to hurt herself on them. Maybe when she is more grown up and she knows she has to be careful.

What is your favoutite all time Christmas food?
I would have to say the twiglets which only seem  to come out at Christmas I refuse to entertain small bags or pigs in blankets which I really seem to enjoy as well. 

Be honest do you prefer receiving or giving gifts the best?
I am going to have to say giving because I enjoy seeing the look on other people’s faces when they get the gifts which I have purchased. I always find it pretty awkward when I am receiving gifts however we all know this could just be me

What is the best gift you have ever received?
I think back in the day it must have been when I got a new phone however, one Christmas that does standout it was around 6 years ago when I go a laptop without that none of this would have been possible. I only upgraded it around 18 months ago after a pretty good life it did start to die on me. Or last year when Joe paid for me to go to a log cabin in Yorkshire which was super beautiful. 

What would your dream place to visit for the holiday season be?
I would love to visit a log cabin in the snow so maybe in one of the Scandinavian countries lots of good food and lovely log fire which would help to keep us all warm

Are you a pro present wrapper or fail miserably? 
I am not the greatest but not the worst I would say that I am somewhere in the middle. You would not find my wrapping on Instagram at all for either reason

Most memorable Christmas moment?
I would like to say Jess’s first Christmas however, this may be because I have been looking back at the photographs recently and this is why it seems to be really vivid for me. It was such a special time I will have to admit been able to get excited about Christmas again because you have someone small for the magic to be real again. 

What made you realise the truth about Santa? 
I honestly don’t have a clue

What makes the holidays special for you?
Family and spending time with them some who I do not see for a while but it is always nice to have a good catch up with them 

Have you done this tag if so leave the link below in the comments

Charlotte x 

Lush- American Cream Conditioner Review


This conditioner is the only one I have been purchasing for over a years now I just keep repurchasing it you could say that it is a product which I could not live without. It does amazing things for my hair along with being one of my favouite scents which Lush do which is always a bonus.  It smells like a creamy vanilla milkshake maybe with a hint of strawberries this is one which does smell that nice you might actually want to drink it but this is something which I would not recommend doing.

When I used this conditioner I have found that I do not have to apply as much which means that it lasts longer than your regular conditioner which makes up for the price difference because I seem to remember but I seem to think that this conditioner for a 250g bottle is around the £10 mark. It actually lasts me around 3-4 months which is a hell of a lot longer than the an normal bottle of conditioner. I should inform you though that I only wash my hair currently once a week which means yours may not last as long as mine.

The consistency of this conditioner is not too thick meaning you are unable to wash it out however, this is not to thin which means that you do not have to use a lot of this product. It leaves your hair super soft and does not actually weigh the hair down.

Even though you do not need more than one squeeze of the bottle it leaves your hair mositurised and really nourishes which is good for me because I have dry ends which need as much moisture as they can get. I also have hair which can become very frizzy which this conditioner does manage to sure out and I can smell the this for a few days after I have washed my hair. Even when you have got rained on and have used this product you can smell it which is amazing as it cheers up a dull day.

Have you tried this conditioner if so what did you think of it?

Charlotte x

September Favourites

I do not know about you but I can not believe that the whole month of September has gone I think that I blinked and this month went it has been one of my favourite months which we have has I am unsure if this was because of the fact that Joe came home so we spent some time with him and it also, of course, was Jess’s second birthday. I can not believe that I am now a mummy to a two-year-old I am not loving how fast my baby girl is growing up.

This month I have one of the most random collection of items which both me and Jess have been loving in the month of September.  The first item which Jess has loved is having this penguin cuddly toy I think that the reason that Jess loves it so much is that Daddy got this for Jess while he has been away so when she sleeps with it she now thinks of Daddy. I think every single night that she goes to be she will be cuddling it I have even seen her with this under her arm which is one of the cutest things I am sure this is going to be something which she loves more now that he has gone away. She loves that she can attack us with the penguin a little bit and I, of course, have seen her cook a meal for the penguin she tried to share breakfast with him the other day.

Another favourite of Jess’s has been the book Dear Zoo this is one which I think that I have read a couple of times at least a night when she wants a bedtime story no doubt one at least this book. I think she has made me read it that many times that I know all of the words and I think it has got to the stage that Jess is the same with this book. I love that she is loving reading because it is something which I love for her to do because reading is an important skill which she is going to have for life. I remember always reading before bed.

One of my own favourites this month has been my planners I do actually have two I have one which is just for university which is a personal planner. This has all of my deadlines in so that I know when my work has to be in and then I also see when I have to be in if I did not have this diary I think I would be lost because I would never know where I needed to be at all. I have that much on sometimes I think I need my own PA. I also would like to mention that I do use a busy bee diary as well which helps me get organised on my blog because I do not have that much time to blog so I am scheduling a lot of post I am planning Halloween at the moment and Christmas without my planner I do not think I would be able to blog at all.

Jess has been loving a youtube channel which is called little baby brum this is a channel I think I first found them for her on netflix which shows nursery rhythms and this is something which she loves because they have started been to sing them even more at nursery. At the moment she is really loving the wheels on the bus and wind the bobbin up because I think they may be something which they sing a lot. While she has been watching this is she has started to learn even songs we did not know and she has even started to learn colours because of other videos which she has found on youtube I think she watches things which are been dipped into paint and then they say the colours. This is something which I have found to enhance Jess’s learning and it is something which I am proud of her for.

The next couple of favouites I have to blame Joe for the first is the TV show shock I know I actually watched a normal tv show and that was the programme naked attraction. If you have not seen this is a show were you chose the person you want to take on a date and you see them fully naked. There are 6 people to start with and you whittle them down to one who you take on the date. I love watching this show because I feel like you can play along when you are watching it at home because you can say who you would get rid of. I think in a week we managed to watch something like 5 episodes I am sure this is going to be something which we end up watching more when Joe is back. I do not like watching it alone because it is not as half as fun.

The final item which I have been loving is the app fallout shelter this is something which I have had on my phone for a long period of time however, it was not until Joe came home and had been playing it I needed to play again. You have to build a shelter and make sure that you have enough power, water, and food you have to get weapons because there can be some attacks and you can not allow them to die. You can send them on some quests which allow you to get the weapons and the armor. This is an app which I will tell you it does actually drain your battery but it is one which I adore playing on the commute because I want a better valut when Joe comes back.

What have you been loving this month?

Charlotte x

Lush- Mask Of Magnaminty Review

Mask Of Magnaminty is a facemask which I am constantly repurchasing and have been since I first tried it over two years ago now. I have hormonal breakouts like any other girl more so around the time of the month and this is when I seem to be reaching for this product more and more. Before I had tried this product I had actually managed to read the reviews now any of you who have done this will know it has really high reviews. 

This is not one of Lush’s fresh facemask however, it is self-preserving which means that it does last a bit longer meaning that you do not have to use it as quickly as a fresh one and this also does not have to be stored in the fridge. Which if you are anything like me is a good thing because I put them in the fridge and can actually forget to use them because I rarely go to the fridge before a shower. 

The main ingredient of this facemask is peppermint oil this is what makes it get for people who have acne or spot prone skin as it is actually a natural antiseptic which helps promote healing of scars and blemishes which can occur when skin there is breakouts. I have noticed when I have been used this the scars which I have from previous spots do seem to fade which is a bonus when you are very self conscious about scarring.  

This mask also can help tighten pore which is something which is not always a problem for me but this is always a bonus because having huge pores is not something which we all want. As well as this another benefit which helps soothe and protects the skin from break out as you may remember I said I use this more when I am breaking out. The ingredient which helps this is the bentonite gel and African marigold oil. 

I use this mask maybe only once a week on my whole face and then when I need it in specific areas I will use it more for example when I break out I will apply this maybe every day however, I have been known to use this overnight and it has the same benefits as washing it off after 30 minutes. 

You’ll find when you scoop some out of the little pot that it’s a really thick mask full of little scrubby bits because the mask is so thick and lumpy, you have to apply it to the skin in quite a thick layer to get even coverage. Be careful not to apply it too thickly however, so that it doesn’t dry onto the skin. This is just a waste of product and makes it harder to remove. Do be warned, the application can be super messy I have been known to get it in my hair at stages which can be super annoying. 

Once the mask is on your skin you get that immediate tingly, cold feeling all over your face that comes with peppermint oil this is a feeling which I have to admit I really like. This mask contains Kaolin clay, which whilst setting on your skin, pulls impurities like oil out from your pores, but without drying your skin out even though I do feel like I have to moisturise after but that is just me. 

When you wash the facemask off it is actually exfolicating as you rinse it off which is great because I love looking at how much dead skin cells I have removed as well as the extra oil which does not need to be in my face.

I love this facemask and it is one which I will repurchase time and time again I think I have already been through a couple of the larger pots of this facemask which shows that I really do love the product. I would recommend this product to others who may have blemish/spot prone skin. 

Have you tried mask of magnaminty if so what did you think?


August Favoruites

I know only a couple of weeks ago maybe it was not even that long at the moment time is passing very fast for me I shared the products which I class as my summer essentials however, this did not include any make up or anything else. Since it is close to the end of the month I though that I would share the make up which I have been loving this month.

The first product which I have been loving is this quad from Fleur De Force I think the name of it is actually called Cosmic Bronze. I purchased this at the start of the year because I thought I would get a bit of wear out of it and it was reduced. I am not a huge fan of the youtuber hype I would not purchase it just because a youtuber has brought out a range of new products. However, this pallete has an amazing pigmentation and I have noticed that it does last all day I can apply this early in the morning and then when I take my make up off at the day and then it is still on. I use every single shade out of the quad and then one which I used the most is the bottom left which I have found a shade like no other that I own. I would love to try other products the range because I have not been left disappointed by this product. I wish Fleur would bring out more quads as I know she only has two and they are so affordable. 
Another reason why I may have been loving the quad so much maybe because of the Urban Decay Primer Potion which helps your eyeshadow stay on and look as vivid as the moment you applied it. This is something which I have needed because of the fact that this month it has been warm which means that the make up is close to sweating off and when it has been raining this product also helps it stay on your face. I am also giving the stay all night setting spray a mention even though I have run out of it now it is something which I have been using every single time I have been wearing makeup. 

For a while I have not found a base which I have loved but recently I finished my colourstay and have been trailing a few bases since then and this is when I found my love again for the boujois healthy mix serum. This foundation gives me a healthy glow which is something which I look for it is not drying or too matte for me it almost gives you a dewy finish which means that it does look like you have a healthy glow in the summer this is something I am looking for. The coverage is a medium one which can be built up if you are looking for a higher coverage which I have done when I have been going out. This is one which I know that I am going to repurchase however, the fact that my lid does not stay on the foundation is one thing which really bugs me because I feel like I could lose so much of the foundation because of it pumping when it is in my makeup bag.

The final two items are lipsticks which I love this month. The first one is a blogging cult classic and it is the Rimmel 107 which is a staple autumn lipstick however, I have decided that I would crack it out this month because of the fact that we have had some dull days I and I decicided that I wanted to cheer myself up by wearing one of my favourite lipsticks. I even have cracked out my leather jacket out which I usually only have in the autumn months. This is an amazing berry shade and it seems to last a long time as well you can eat and drink and the lipstick can still be seen and it doesn’t have horrible wear line.

The final item which I have loved this month is a lipstick from Lush come on you did not think I could do a favouites without including a lush product did you. I know make up is not what we think of them doing however, Desire is one of their liquid lipsticks which I have worn for over 6 hours without reapplying and touching up and it has still been on my lips. Yes it does mean that you have a little bit of wear but it still looks amazing it keeps so bright as well. It is a classic red which you can pair with anything it does smudge a little bit if you touch it too much before you let it dry so this is something to be aware of. I love how easy it is to wear it is not too drying which is great you do not need to make sure that your lips are in amazing condition to pull of this lipstick unlike with other liquid lipsticks.

What have your favouites been this month?

Charlotte x

Top 5 Summer Nail Polish

Painting my nails is something which I love to do as some of know I think I have tried to do project polish for the last couple of years and have ended up failing which I know is not very good. I might actually do it next year if I end up having enough time. This month has seen me use my first ever full nail polish though so this is a huge achievement for me. When the summer comes around it just makes me want to pain my nails even more and I even start painting my toe nails which is something which I never end up doing in the winter months. Today I am going to share with you some of my favourite shades for the summer months.

The first shade which I reach for is this Barry M shade in Coral it is one of their standard line nail polishes so can be picked up for around £3. This is not a full on orange colour but has a baseline orange colour however, it is one which looks amazing with a tan so this is one of the reasons why I gravate to this colour at this time of the year. It is one which looks amazing on either the finger nails or the toes and it can last for between 3-5 days with a top coat without a top coat I find the formula of this polish poor and I can chip it within 24 hours. 
The next shade is another one from Barry M which I think is around £4 because it is from the Gelly Hi shine range this polish is the shade I think Pink Punch however, I have used this so much that the the shade name has actually rubbed off . If anyone knows the shade of this can you please leave me a comment. This shade is another one which I can get between 3-5 days without fully on chipping however, this is not one which I end up putting a top coat over the top. I think I might have to have a look at the rest of the range and pick some more up because I love this so much.
When I originally started blogging Mint Candy Apple by Essie which you could not get for love nor money do this is when I picked up this shade my Model’s Own which is called Apple Pie and it is slightly scented which you can not really smell due to the polish smelling so chemically. This is one which I love to wear on my toes all year round but only seem to reach for this in the spring/summer months for my fingers. This again is one which I have to use with a top coat because otherwise I find can chip pretty easy but I feel like I can get between 3-5 days with a top coat before I either need to change the polish or reapply. This polish is £4.99 and is part of the model’s own scented collection. It may be an oldie but for me it is still a classic which I reach for.
I will admit this one you may class as cheating because of the fact that it is a little mini polish however, it is one of my favourites which is called Bond with whom ever from Essie. This for sure is going to be a shade which I am going to repurchase in full size should the shade still be available. I love this because it is not a vivid purple shade it is one which is very muted and its almost an amazing lilac colour so if you are someone who does not love vivid colours all summer and still love pastel colours it is one for you. Essie can be found cheap sometimes on websites such as fragrance direct. I love this shade and then it lasts for up to 5 days with a top coat which is amazing. I have been known to reapply this nail polish after having it on before. 
The final shade which I am going to share with you today is the Ruffle and Feather’s shade from Essie which is a shade which I find really hard to describe it is a beautiful Green kind of colour but not to dull which would make you think of the winter. I love this shade because we all need a bit of a change from the bright shades and the pastels every so often so this is one which I am reaching for. I love this and again I get between 4-5 days wear with this without chipping which is amazing I do but a top coat on but can manage 2-3 days without. 
What are your favourite summer nail polish shades?
Charlotte x

June Favourites

I have I have not shared a monthly favourites for a long time because I forget when it is the start of the month however this month I have a few beauty items and then a couple of lifestyle items.
The first beauty item is maybelline colour show nail varnish in the couloir purple rain. This is shade which I adore this summer I have had it on my nails and it did not chip for 7 days which is amazing because I am always using my nails and usually they chip so easy. This shade is one of my favourite because I love the colour purple maybe I think I love chocolate and it reminds me of the Cadbury packaging. This polish has not stained my nails which some of the colour show have done to me even when I have had a base coat on.

The next item which I have been loving is the soap and glory peaches and clean which is one of the cleansers which I used to love before I really got into lush products. I apply a thin amount of this to my face every single day and I have even used it as mask all I did was apply this a little bit thicker and I left it on for a longer period of time since I do not have sensitive skin. I do feel it tingling but this is good for me because I love it when I can feel a profit working.

I have also been liking the soap and glory vitamin c face wash which you may remember if you read my winter skincare post. This keeps my skin so clean and it has helped my skin so much stop breaking out because this is something which has been occurring a lot recently. I love how cool this feels because it has been a bonus while it’s being a heatwave. I apply a small amount of the product on my face while I am in the shower.

Lush christingle body conditioner is actually a Christmas item but I purchased a few of these and then I have used these it during the heatwave. The body conditioner is made up of peppermint oil you are supposed to apply this in the shower and then rinse it off. However due to how badly I got sunburnt it means that my skin needed all of the hydration so I actually have been applying it like a body lotion and not rinsing it off. I managed to use a small tub in a couple of weeks I still have two huge tubs which should last me all summer before hopefully it comes out in September when the Christmas range is released.

This month has seen me fall in love with the with the new costa ice drink which is the cherry and orange cooler. I could drink this all year long because I am one of those who drinks the ice drinks in the winter months they refresh me so much. All I can taste in this is the cherry rather then the orange I actually love cherry but I do not think you get enough cherry flavoured drinks. I have been having one of these every single day when Jess has been in nursery I think I need to learn to make them myself.

Shock hold the press I have been watching a tv show because I don’t really watch that much. I have actually fallen in love with love island I have watched every single episode of every single series I remember discovering it when I was pregnant with Jess. This year I do not think it is as good as previous years but that might because people know what the show is. I think I prefer some of the friendships rather than the couples at the moment I love Chris, Montana and Camilla.

The final item which I have been loving is Instagram live I have not actually been live myself yet. However I have become part of a lovely family who go live every single night they are all other parents who either blog or vlog. They have me laughing every single night  and they make the time go fast because nights can be the worse for me when I have time to miss someone. I would tag them all now but I know I will forget one of them and I will feel bad so check out my Instagram if you do not follow me I am @cupsofcharlotte please come over I am nearly at 800 followers.

What have you been loving this month?

Charlotte x

Lush Big Shampoo- Review

Have you ever used a shampoo which comes out of  a tub well and feels like a body scrub well I hadn’t either until recently when I started using Big shampoo from Lush.  Big is a shampoo which has so much sea salt it would because it is a sea salt shampoo. Apart from sea salt it has seaweed, lemons, limes and coconut this gives you soft and shiny hair which we all want. To me this smells like one of the most amazing shampoo I have ever used and I used to use Aussie before they reformulated their products when it smelt like bubblegum.

I never have suffered with dandruff the only time I seem to get it is when I burn my head when I have been abroad however, it would be a great shampoo to try if you do because of the fact the sea salt cleanses the hair and scalp.  The main purpose of this shampoo however, is to give volume to thin and lifeless hair, I would not say that my hair is actually thin however it sometimes does lack volume. This is the reason why I picked up this shampoo.

This shampoo leaves my hair silky soft and shiny that much I can tell when I am not using this shampoo. I really need to get another pot of this because I have actually finished it between taking the picture and writing this review. However, this is going to be one which I am going to repurchase this amazing shampoo.

This is my favourite shampoo which is not in solid form which I have tried from Lush. I have heard that it is amazing if you mix Daddyo with it as well however, currently I can not use Daddyo because it reminds me of Joe because it is one of the products that I have got him using.

Have you tried any of the lush shampoos?

Charlotte x

Lush- R&B Hair Mosituriser Review

Haircare is something which I love because I hate having to wash my hair which means that I want my hair to stay soft and in the best condition that I can so that I do not need to wash my hair as much, Currently I only wash my hair once a week and sometimes have to use dry shampoo once a week. 

R & B Hair Moisturiser is a leave-in hair treatment that is supposed to revive the hair and balance the scalp. Packed full of many different butters and oils, including avocado butter, olive oil, coconut oil and cupuacu butter, this product is an extremely rich moisturiser.

I use the smallest amount of this on the ends of my throughout my hair however, I do avoid the roots because this could make my hair very greasy which is not something I want. I apply this after conditioning my hair but before I towel/air dry my hair.  

R&B smells a little bit like cleaning products but it is one which I actually love because it makes me think that my hair is clean. I have a feeling that this is due to the fact that it has Lemon and Jasmine as two of the main components. 

I have been using this product since around last summer when I had really dry hair and over the period of time I have been using it I have found that my hair is so much smoother and can look silkier in the first couple of days that I have been using the product.  In this period of time I have only had two tubs of one which I have completed and then used the smallest amount of the new one. This just shows that you really do need the smallest amount of products. 

I used this when I had been in a hot tub this was back in December and because of all of the chemicals which were in it I thought my hair would be in horrible condition due to the amount of time I had been in it. This was true and I doubt that I would have been able to brush my hair if it has not been for this moisturiser making my hair less dry.

Have you tried a hair mosituriser if so what do you think?

Charlotte x