Christmas Nostalgia

I find that December is all about looking back at the year more so once we are over Christmas and heading towards New Year. People never really seem to reflect on Christmas I found this tag last Christmas however I did not have time to publish it so I thought I would share it this […]

Lush- American Cream Conditioner Review

/ This conditioner is the only one I have been purchasing for over a years now I just keep repurchasing it you could say that it is a product which I could not live without. It does amazing things for my hair along with being one of my favouite scents which Lush do which is […]

September Favourites

I do not know about you but I can not believe that the whole month of September has gone I think that I blinked and this month went it has been one of my favourite months which we have has I am unsure if this was because of the fact that Joe came home so […]

Lush- Mask Of Magnaminty Review

Mask Of Magnaminty is a facemask which I am constantly repurchasing and have been since I first tried it over two years ago now. I have hormonal breakouts like any other girl more so around the time of the month and this is when I seem to be reaching for this product more and more. […]

August Favoruites

I know only a couple of weeks ago maybe it was not even that long at the moment time is passing very fast for me I shared the products which I class as my summer essentials however, this did not include any make up or anything else. Since it is close to the end of […]

Top 5 Summer Nail Polish

Painting my nails is something which I love to do as some of know I think I have tried to do project polish for the last couple of years and have ended up failing which I know is not very good. I might actually do it next year if I end up having enough time. […]

June Favourites

I have I have not shared a monthly favourites for a long time because I forget when it is the start of the month however this month I have a few beauty items and then a couple of lifestyle items.The first beauty item is maybelline colour show nail varnish in the couloir purple rain. This […]

Lush Big Shampoo- Review

Have you ever used a shampoo which comes out of  a tub well and feels like a body scrub well I hadn’t either until recently when I started using Big shampoo from Lush.  Big is a shampoo which has so much sea salt it would because it is a sea salt shampoo. Apart from sea […]

Lush- R&B Hair Mosituriser Review

Haircare is something which I love because I hate having to wash my hair which means that I want my hair to stay soft and in the best condition that I can so that I do not need to wash my hair as much, Currently I only wash my hair once a week and sometimes […]

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