George – Character Tee Haul

Does anyone got to the supermarket notice that there is a sale on clothing for me it usually it children’s and then end up getting sucked in and having to purchase something if there is anything worth having.  Since having Jess in nursery we have noticed that she can go through sometimes 2/3 tops a day because she can end up getting so messy and then they end up changing her. As a result of this, it means we need a lot of basic and cheap more so because they end up painting multiple times a week now and this can ruin clothing. A couple of weeks ago I popped into Asda and noticed that they were having sale so I picked some up in 1-1/2 years because this is the next size which Jess will be going into one may be the size above this as well so she can grow into it more. 

The first t-shirt which we picked up was this busy paw patrol t-shirt it does have Marshall, Rubble and Chase. I actually think this was from the boy section but again this is not something which really bothers me as I don’t feel like it looks super male if anything styled correctly this could look unisex. I picked this up because of the fact that Jess loves Paw Patrol she goes mad when we put it on and when she sees any dog so for £3 I couldn’t resist. This is going to be one which I know she is going to wear a fair amount. 
Again this is another technically boys t-shirts but this mama really liked the dinosaur on the front. Daddy agreed that it really was more unisex as well which always makes me happy because he gets annoyed when I put her in things which apparently are too boy looking and make he look like a boy however, this may not happen as much now she has hair. This tshirt was actually £1 so it really doesn’t matter for some reason if this gets trashed and covered in paint and other dirty things which may not come out. 
This Mickey Mouse top is something which I saw and thought that it was really different it has the little characters from the comic books behind the actual large picture of mickey. I feel like that this would look amazing with some bright leggings but this may just be me. I think you could wear this on a girl or a boy because again it really looks unisex to me. For some reason I think this would look amazing if you was going to go to the Disney park with a young child hopefully Jess is going to like this because I know she likes her Minnie dress’s. Again this tshirt was only £3 instead of been £5 so I didn’t save a lot but I saved a little bit of money. 
I picked up another paw patrol t-shirt however this one is for a girl which might help some of you who may have a problem with girls wearing boys clothes as I know some people do actually have a problem. I love this one because if it did not say paw patrol you would just think that it was a couple of dogs, I do like how it is the two girl dogs because I have not seen a lot of merchandise which is just Skye and Everest, I know that Everest is new really so this is something may end up changing the more that she is in the show, This again was £3 which means that it is going to be perfect for nursery and she can wear it when she is doing normal things with me. 
The final item which I purchase is the princess t-shirt which is long sleeved and has gold stars on it the reason I purchased this is because of the fact that I call Jess Princess sometimes because she can act like one and then other times she can act like a devil. I know that this one is going to become a staple item because of the fact that it is coming up to spring when you still need something on your arms but you don’t need a coat. I know this item technically might be cheating in this haul because it is not a character tshirt but this is something I picked up in the same trip.
Do you love Character tee’s or hate them as I know they can be like Marmite?
Charlotte x

My Pandora Collection

Valentine’s Day is just over a week away I know that some of you do not actually do gifts but other of you do. This year I am unsure actually if we are going physical presents this is something I really should ask. If you partner is anything like mine he knows that I like jewellery and the company Pandora is one of the main one apart from Tiffany.  Tiffany might be out of your price range if you’re like us just for an occasion like Valentine’s.

Today I thought I would actually share with you,my Pandora collection I have a couple of rings and two bracelets. I have not actually photographed one of the rings due to the fact that you can you purchase it any longer it was available it is a huge black heart and then it is a silver ring which has some delicate sides. This is one which I was bought for my 18th birthday by my family which is so nice of them I currently can’t wear it as my fingers are still slightly swollen from pregnancy hopefully this is something which will change and I will be able to wear it again.

Talking about my 18th birthday this is when I got my first bracelet which I can not believe was nearly 4 whole years ago again this is one which my family purchased for me. This is something which I was so grateful because it has allowed me to add to my collection. The bracelets are not the cheapest I was lucky to get the original band I think this is around £75. The first thing which you may notice on this bracelet is the stoppers I do have different ones because this is the way I decided I actually wanted it I think both of these were around £35 each these are ones which I actually purchased for myself. The reason behind having these was to stop the charms going around the bracelet and I  so actually love hearts for some reason there is no normal reason behind this. The next charm which is a dangly 18th charm this is one which my family purchased again due to the fact they wanted me to remember that I got this on my 18th I think it is one which is pretty sentimental to me I think this one is around the £35 mark as well which is one of the cheapest Pandora do. I also have the heart charm which has a little key on a chain this was purchased again for my 18th by my Dad because I knew I still had the key to my own heart and I had not shared it with anyone at the time as you know I now have shared my heart with someone but I still love this charm. The final one which I got for my 18th was the dangly charm which was the shoe which looked like converse because if you know I am more about the flat shoes and trainers than I am heels and this is something which my Dad knew and this is why I was given this.

I also purchased the next charm myself which is the Kangaroo this is because of the fact that before university I wanted to move to Australia when I finished my degree, however, I know my situation has changed and this is something which may not happen anymore but I know that I will visit in the future. For some reason, the country has really interested me maybe because they play so much Rugby over there. The next charm which you can see on my first bracelet is the is a baby hand print and it actually has a pink jewel on it and on the other side it actually has it’s a girl on the other side this was bought for me from Jess for my first mothers day this is because of the fact that she is a girl and this is something I want to celebrate. This is also a reminder of my first Mother’s day which is always nice when I look at the bracelet I will always remember this period of time. The final one which is not my stopper is the 21 dangly charm which my parents purchased me for my 21st birthday this is something which I would like to continue in the future to get the number ones when it is my birthday because I feel like it makes a great gift and helps you remember the birthday and the occasion.

The second ring which I have is a very simple ring which is just a silver heart which very small jewels which are on top of the heart. This is a piece to me which looks so simple but is so beautiful as well. It is actually the only piece of Pandora which I wear on a daily basis there again is a reason behind purchasing this ring. The reason I purchased was I knew I had met someone I really liked however, they were going away for a while but I knew I wanted to get close to this person when they returned it is almost like I had my own heart on my finger ready for them to take when they returned after a few months away. I am not going to tell you who that person is but they know who they are if they are reading this.

Joe very kindly treated me when we went on our first family holiday I was having a really rough time and to top it all off I managed to smash my phone screen which did not make me a very happy girl so this treat was so appreciated. I also want to say that I only wanted to look in Pandora I didn’t ask him to purchase anything he was going to just get me one charm but I needed a new bracelet which I was willing to pay for. The bracelet which I have is the silver classic bracelet with a heart clasp which is sparkly and it is very diamante like. I wanted something different to the classic one and this is something which I fell in love with. The first item which I was gifted was the silver safety chain and then they small gold hearts on which is always a nice to mix metals but is very subtle I love the idea of safety chains because I do not want to lose it more so when it has sentimental value.I know you can not really see this very well but I promise it does actually look amazing, I again have stoppers on this bracelet so that my charms do not go missing because there is nothing worse than when they start rolling. I let Joe design the whole bracelet because this is something which he loves to do every time when he pops into Pandora. The stoppers which he choose are the silver stoppers which have the lovely white flowers because this means that he bought me flowers and they are not going to die so you could say this is romantic.

The next charm which you can see is a Septemeber birthstone which as you may know is not my own birthstone however, it is actually Jess’s birthstone and this is something which I wanted to celebrate and remember because having her is one of the best things which has happened to me even though she can test me sometimes. I am sure this is a normal part of parenting. Again the next charm is Jess related well you could also say Joe related as well as you can see it is one of the dangling J this is because of the fact the two love of my lives share this initial and if you are like me you like cute things like this. In the future, if baby number 2 comes means that I could always add their first letter initial I feel like that this is so subtle and you wouldn’t know it is for my boyfriend as well as my little princess. Then the final charm which I have on my bracelet is the May birthstone which is actually my own birthstone I love how pretty this is and of course I want to celebrate my own birth month because it is one of my favourite months. I will admit I would have purchased the June one however, both me and Joe admitted that it was not the most pretty so this is the reason why I do not have this one if anyone was wondering, I would say that this bracelet to me is my family one and one which I am so proud of and I am sure will be expanding as our family age.

Do you have a pandora collection if so what does it consist of?

Charlotte x

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