Dreaming of A Jet Plane

I am sure that I am not alone when I say I am sat dreaming of hotter climates while I spend a lot of time on the commute because as all know January is a month where most of us travel when it is dark in the morning and arrive home when it is again dark. Without factoring in the weather, we have had snow, ice and rain already this month. Some of us can not wait to have some sun on our backs in the summer in the UK is not guaranteed, and it seems months till people jet off on their summer holidays. Why should you have to wait that long when your children’s have a break from school next month in February or are you lucky like us and are not tied down to school holidays yet.

I am dreaming of jetting off on my a holiday soon because it is dark as I have mentioned when I am commuting it is always dark which never makes you feel amazing. I have a hell of a lot of work which is causing me stress because as some of you know, I am only around 4 months away from completing my degree. I feel like being able to spend a week with Jess and having a lot of quality time would make me feel less stressed and I could always work when she is sleeping on a night.  I also need to make sure I take a break because otherwise, I will become ill when I finish because the amount of stress will come down fast. This is something which happened at Christmas which is never good because it almost ruined quality family time which is never good and increase my mum guilt.
It was not until I actually thought about it we have not been on a family holiday as a family of 3. The first summer Jess was born we went to Norfolk with Joes’s parents so even though this was a holiday it was not a pure family holiday. Then last year because Joe was deployed we did not actually have a family holiday this is something which I really want to change very soon. I feel like we would have a lot of family time which would create some amazing memories which we could treasure for the rest of our lives.  Of course, this would be Jess’s first time on a plane and I have not been on a plane for over 5 years which is not great when you love to travel and explore new places.

Just because it is February does not mean that you have to travel hours on a plane to somewhere like the Carribean for hot weather which you might not want to if you have young children. This for sure is not something which I would want to do with Jess yet because I know she would not sit for that long.  You do not have to break the bank either February half term holidays deals can be found I found a holiday to Crete for only £123pp with the weather likely to be double the temperature of the of the UK. I think that travelling in February/March time is a good time to travel as it will not be as busy as in the summer which may night suit you should you have young children like Jess.  Also, it will not be too hot which could be a problem should you go in the height of the summer.

Have you ever travelled in a half term?

Charlotte xxx

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Days Out – Eureka National Children’s Museum


Eureka! National Children’s Museum is somewhere where I visited as a child and can still remember elements of so when we found ourselves with a spare free weekend with no plans. We decided that we would take Jess for an amazing day of hands-on fun there is always a lot to play with the look and of course, learn about. Just because it is a Children’s Museum, it does not mean that it is not suitable for toddlers at 2 Jess had so much fun as you can see from her face on some of the pictures.  Halifax is only around 1-1 ½ hours away from where we are based which means that there was not too much time spent in the car travelling to our day out.
When we arrived, there is a large car park which is next to the museum which we found pretty easy to park in, and I think it cost us around £4 for 4 hours this is something which we did not think was too expensive. The museum is opposite the train station, so if you are travelling in by train, this is something to be aware of. When we arrived, we went to the wrong way as we did not notice the building, so you really need to keep your eyes peeled. Outside of the museum, there is actually a large play area which has sand pits as well, however when we visited it was snowing which meant that Jess was unable to play outside. When we visit again, I am sure this is an area which she will have so much fun playing in.
It could have been due to the time of year when we visited it was the start of December it was pretty quiet we did not have to queue . One thing which does make me happy is that there offer annual pass tickets as part of their normal entry price which means you pay once and can visit as many times as you want within 12 months. This for sure is something which is going make us want to visit again we are already planning to go back when Jess is a little bit older maybe in March/April time.
The first area we saw was the all about me gallery which is one which is one of the areas which I would say is the most interactive. This is an area which I would say is great for all ages as there is so much to play with. Of course, because I went with a toddler it does mean there were some of the things which she was not interested in because it went over her head. However, there is so much that the under 5’s can do as you can see Jess was brushing her teeth like she would at home. There is an area which maternity area which you can scan a dolls tummy which shows you the baby in the tummy like a real scan. This would be a great area to visit should your child become an older sibling. Jess is just starting to like babies, and she is always playing with the dolls which we have now at home.
The areas which Jess loved the most had to be the living and working gallery this is on the bottom floor. This area is exploring pretending kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, a garage which even has petrol pimps and a working car wash. If this is not enough, there is also a Mark’s and Spencer’s which is just like the real shop. There is a post office, building suite and a Halifax bank as well which has a million pound chair as well as a bank volt and a cash machine which is available for the young ones to play with. Jess as you can see loved the shop I think we did the whole weekly shop in this little M&S as well as her pretending that she was so posh and could afford to sit on the million.
The rest of the areas is split into 6 areas which desert garden, town, ocean, jungle, country and ice garden. These are areas which Jess adored because there was a lot for her to do and this is an areas which is made for the under 5s so it did not go over her head at all like some of the other areas had done.  Desert was one which Jess loved so much because of the fact there was something which you put balls in turned the wheel and the ball came out the other side. I think we must have lost a fair amount of time in their for sure she was having the time of her life.
Downstairs there is a SoundSpace and Soundgarden this is an area which we did at the end, so we did not spend a lot of time in it due to the fact our car park was running out. I think this area was a little bit too old for her, but this is something which she might enjoy more in the future when she grows up. There is a soft play area in the corner I think it is meant to be for those who are under 5 and some of the areas is for those who do not walk yet. This area was very busy and full of children who were over 5, so Jess did not really want to play in this area as older children can scare her.
Eureka is for sure worth the money it is £12.95 for adults, and because Jess is under the ages of 3, it was only £5.25. Of course, you get the free annual pass for the end of the year because we found that Jess was very tired at the end of the day she I don’t think made it out of the car park before been asleep. I can see you been able to visit your child is at least 10 years old. Even though we visited on the weekend it was not too busy Jess still got to see everything which she wanted. I love how this is so child-friendly, and they change parts of the museum every 3 months which means that it could be very different when you visit.
For sure I would recommend visiting Eureka, and I know we will be back in the next 12 months. Have you visited Eureka if so what were your thought.


Charlotte xx

Blogging Goals 2018

How is it already 2018 it only seems like it was a couple of weeks ago when I was writing my goals post which I hoped to achieve within 2017. Today I am going to share with you the goals which I want to achieve within this year there are some which are blogging related. Then in the next few days, I am going to share with the lifestyle ones which I want to achieve this year.
I would love to work with some more brands this year I do have a list of brands which I would love to work with this year. This is not something which I am going to share for now but of course should I end up working with any brand this year I will share with you. Last year you may know I managed to work with some amazing brands and make some great contacts who I may connect and collaborate again with this year.
I would love to improve my photography skills because as the time goes on taking photos of Jess is something which I want to do even more. She is growing up so fast which is not something which I am actually loving at them moment. As you can imagine because she is an active toddler she does not want to stay still and pose for me. I do not want to force Jess to do things which she does not want to do.  I am sure looking back at pictures of herself is going to be something which Jess will love to do.
Growing my blog is something which I really want to be able to do this year because of the fact that if I am able to continue writing posts.Of course, even if it is just one more person reading my blog it will mean so much. I appreciate every single one of you that take the time out of your busy lives to read my little blog.
I also would love to be able to grow my social media because of the fact that I would love to be able to interact with more of you this then allows you to feel like you know me more on a personal level. It also allows you to tell me what you actually want to read on my blog because what is the point of creating content that nobody wants to see. I currently have around 1400 followers on twitter which is something which I would love to increase to around the 2000 mark by the end of the year. This is something which I could do should I actually interact a hell of a lot more this was my goal for the year of 2017 but I did not manage to achieve it.
I have decided that posting on Instagram stories a lot more is something which I want to do because of the fact that I would love to be able to create youtube videos however, I know I do not have the time to edit these videos at the moment so creating stories is something which I would love to do. I feel like this is a great way to be able to interact with people who follow me. I really would love to be able to achieve my goal of hitting 1000 followers this year and have found when I post more on my stories that the number of followers does actually increase. I think that I have not set this target too high and it is actually achieveable this year if you do not already follow me it is @cuposfcharlotte on both Instagram, facebook and twitter.
Do you have any blogging goals for the year?


Charlotte x

A Review of 2017

As we approach the end of 2017 I thought I would reflect on the year as a whole.This year has had something which has had a number of highs as well as a couple of lows which is not something which I have shared a lot of on my blog. This is not even a post I know that I am going to post for all I know I might bottle it and this ends up sitting in my drafts and this something which you never end up reading which is something I have done with a few posts recently.
At the start of the year, it saw us lose someone who meant so much to use as a family she has been ill for a short while. She had been unable to communicate with us for a few years now, however, she meant so much to use and I am glad that she meant to meet Jess. When Jess went to visit her face always lit up and she laughed which is something I took to heart.  I am glad to say that she did have a very long and happy life I hope she has found peace and is happy up there and is watching down on us and my little family.
Very early on in the year, I managed to smash my Facebook page target which I had set up only a couple of weeks before. This means so much to me because I did not know that, so many people would want to follow me. It still amazes me that people want to follow me and my really boring life. It does mean so much to me and I hope you all know how special you are to me.
When the weather became warmer we actually managed to explore and take trips to the park as a family which is something which I loved. For sure I  can not wait till the weather is a little bit nicer and we can do it again. It is currently a little bit cold to be at the park even if we end up wrapping up. For sure in the next few weeks, we will be heading to the park because it is something which Jess loves doing.  It burns so much energy which is amazing because she is a fireball of energy all of the time.
2017 saw us explore a few more places we went over to Chester for the first time since Jess was born.Of course, we had to take her to the zoo because she does love animals. It is amazing that she can get her fix by watching the show the secret live at the zoo which is something which she loves to do. The zoo is somewhere which I would love to take another trip too this year when the weather is a bit warmer than it currently is. I can’t wait till they are on summer opening times which means that we can spend the whole day there.
While on the trip to Chester we also managed to pop into Liverpool which is home to Mattel play which of course is somewhere which we had to make a trip to. This is something which I have done a blog post on if you want more information. This is a place where I might have to go to again because Jess has massively got more into Fireman Sam since our visit. I now need to research whether there is a paw patrol world or something similar as this is for sure something which she would love to go to.
Travelling on trains is something which has occurred a lot during 2017 as the fact I have been completing even more of my degree. Which is scary because I only have a couple of months left now which scares normal people let alone someone who has been studying for their degree since 2013.  I now need to be able to get some work experience which might help me be able to get on my masters. I actually want to continue my studies and do a master in physiotherapy this hopefully will be in York as well because it is a city which has my heart at the moment. This year has actually been special because it has meant I passed my sports massage course which meant that I am qualified which is something I am thinking of doing in the time between obtaining my degree and starting on my masters as there is a period of 6 months where I will still need to be earning.
This year has also seen us complete our first deployment as Daddy went away in May and did not return until November. Which of course was a challenge I am lucky that I had a lot of support from my family which meant that it went pretty easy. Jess was amazing throughout because you do not know how much it actually affected her because her Daddy was away it did make her very clingy because she was scared that I was going to leave her as well. Hopefully, this year does mean that it does see us been able to have a whole year as a family even though we know there is going to be some exercises hopefully there will not be a long deployment like last year.
Joe did manage to actually come home for Jess’s birthday which of course was special I think this might have meant more to her than actually getting her presents. We managed to get a day out for her actual birthday we went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park we adored it because there are animals and there is also Polar bears which is not something which you see a lot of within the UK.  I think this is going to be a place which we end up having to go to again within the next few months and it is not actually very far from where we live an hour ago from it.
We have managed to have a fair few normal days which is good because when you are constantly on the go like us you sometimes need to take a break because otherwise, I find this is when you actually become ill. I have found that during this Christmas break I have managed to become ill a couple of times which is never good I think this is one of the reasons why I need to take more breaks. Maybe I should start watching a series and then this may mean that I have something to binge watch.
Thank you for following our journey in 2017  I hope you follow along with us in 2018 as we have a lot of exciting things coming up which are already planned and I am sure there is going to be a lot more in the pipeline.
What did you do this year?


Charlotte x

5 Areas to Declutter This Festive Season 

This time of year everybody seems to be trying to make more room because we know that most of us, if you are anything like us, do not have a lot of space for the impending gifts which will be received no doubt at Christmas by Jess. Over the last few weeks, it may even be months I have been trying to make more room by getting rid of items which she no longer wants or needs. I am not trying to be minimal at all because I know I could get rid of more and this is something which I plan on doing before the festive period is upon us.

The first thing which I have done is made sure that I completely emptied her toy box as you can see it is actually still pretty full and I wish it still looked as neat as it did this day. When I had all of her toys out I took out some items which I knew that she no longer played with and hadn’t do so for a period of a few months. I actually took them to the charity shop in order for someone else to get some more use and love out of them I think I removed at least 5 cuddly toys. In doing this it allows her to play with toys which she may not have seen for a while and also allows you to give toys a trail so if for example she does not reach for some of them in the next few weeks I will be removing them from her toy box and getting rid of them.

DVD’s are something which I had a fair few of, however, now in the age of being able to stream a film on sites such as Netflix and Amazon both which I have subscriptions too. I found myself no longer reaching for my physical copies. I am sure that there is many of you like this and complain that you do not have a lot of space. If you do not use them what is the point of having them. I did actually keep some like box sets and a couple of films which I may find hard to find online. However, I think I managed to get rid of something like 16 DVD’s all which were taking up space for no reason and have not been touched since before Jess was born. You could sell them on sites like Music Magpie I know this is what Joe did when he got rid of most of his collection.

Clothes are another area which no doubt if you are a little bit like my family an area which you can declutter. I still have things which I have not worn since having Jess which I now no longer like so I have bagged them up and sent them to the charity shop I know this is something which I should do more often because I have way too many clothes which I no longer wear and then wonder why I have no space at all. Since the weather has changed why not got through your winter clothing and get rid of bits which either no longer fit you or that you don’t like who knows you might earn something on Ebay for your troubles.

Decorations these are not something which we as a little family have a lot of but every year when my Mum gets the decorations out there are always a few which she is like oh gosh I do not know why we actually kept that one. Usually, the reason she is staying this is due to it been past its best so this year before you put the decorations back in the loft the ones which you are not using why not check if they are still in a good condition or if you still like them because if the answer is you do not like them why not declutter them and make some precious loft space again. I know this is something which I will be doing most years when we get our own house together.

Gifts you do not want that are still in the packaging I am sure there is a few of those sitting around in your house. Either ones which you have been gifted or ones which you have purchased for other people and then for some reason never ended up giving them. This is something which I have done in the past and it means that you can save some money which is something which I feel like people want to do this a lot if this time of year. I have once it with beauty products which I have not loved for it sample I have split them and given them to multiple people because I know that I would never actually use them. Make sure that you do not regift to the person who you gave you it because I feel like they might actually realise what you have done.

What areas are you looking to declutter before the festive season is completely upon us?

Charlotte xx. 

Cheesy Bacon & Mushroom Pasta Bake Recipe

A couple of weeks ago I actually was cooking for my brother and Jess one Saturday night and of course, they are both people who love pasta and cheese so of course I have to use these items so this when I decided to create a cheesy bacon mushroom pasta bake. This is something which would keep us warm on a cold autumnal night because after all it is something which felt super hearty and that is always something which you want at this time of year.  So today I thought I would share with you the recipe and pictures so that you can make it yourself. 
The ingredients for this recipe is:
5-6 White Mushrooms
6 Slices of Bacon
200g Pasta
A Jar of pasta bake source
A shallow ovenproof dish
The first step I did was cut the bacon and I had to cut the fat off the bacon because this is something which I can not stand. Of course, I had to make sure that the bacon chunks were not too big because I was feeding a toddler and sometimes she decided that she does not want to chew food up even though she really should. I fried it till it looked like it was all cooked it doesn’t matter if it not fully cooked as it will go in the oven later. 

What are your favourite recipes to cook in the autumn/winter months let me know. As cooking is something I want to do more.

Charlotte xxx

I then stir in and made sure that it all of the pasta was covered because this is what is going to give it the flavour. It is at this stage I added the mushrooms which have been washed and sliced you could actually purchase them this way if you wanted to. I think I added about 5-6 mushrooms into my recipe. I also added the bacon I forgot to take a picture when I had added the bacon but this is when I did this. I put it on gas mark 5 I think it is for 25 minutes


This is a picture of the pasta bake at halfway you need to remove this from the oven after 25 minutes this is the stage where you need to make sure that you stir it. Make sure that the pasta is all over covered in the sauce and if you want the cheese to add this to the top. Of course, I had to add a ton of cheese because these people are cheese fiends Jess would have it all the time if she could. You need to then put it back into the oven for another 20 minutes.

And this was the finished article I promise it did look a lot nicer than it actually it looked. This was something which I think Jess enjoyed because she asked for more and this must mean that she really enjoyed it. For sure this is something which I would cook again even though it takes 45 mins plus prep time. It might have to be something which I would cook when we were having a couple day at home.

What are your favourite items to cook in the autumn/winter months because cooking is something which I want to do more and hopefully get Jess involved in the future. Please leave your recipes links in the comments.

Charlotte xx

Dear Dada- It’s Over 

Dear Dada

Wow look how much I have changed in the last 6 months you have been away. I know you will feel guilty because you feel like you have been missing out on so much of my life but you really haven’t don’t worry. We can make a lot of memories now you have been back, and you have my weekly updates to look back on. Don’t worry now I will hand Mummy her laptop back after this update, and I can go back to colouring like a good girl.

The last 6 months have been so strange without you because I had got used to seeing you so much, and then I had to go an extended period of time without. The only contact we have really had in all of this time is skype once a week, and you know how sometimes I get too excited and do not want to talk to you. I love being crazy with you I am sure this is something which is going to happen which is going to happen more because we have a lot of making up to do. I know you love me so much and will not mind me been crazy. In the past 6 months, I have done a hell of a lot of fun things, I have had many dressing up days, a few family BBQs, I have had day’s out to the park and a couple of trips to see animals. I have been such a big girl and the dummy has now gone forever because I do not need it anymore, I have even moved upstairs at nursery.

I have been on hundreds of trains since you left shock horror I have been going on the bus a few times which is nice because I never seem to go on them. I have eaten a few meals out because I am a spoilt little princess and been such a good girl and I couldn’t have done it all without Mummy and my grandparents. They have allowed Mummy to have a break when she needs it because you know I can be a handful sometimes which is never good. Grandma had been like a second mummy to me because I know solo parenting must be super hard on top everything else she has to do which is never great.

I have had a couple of visits to see the other set of grandparents and spent two whole weeks with them which is nice and cause they remind me of you. I am sure we will be seeing them a little bit more now that you are home. Now Mummy does not have to be as strong because she has someone on hand to help parent with me when I am crazy, or I am throwing a tantrum. I am sure you can not wait, and because Mummy should be a lot less stressed now, we might get to explore more on the weekends no doubt after Christmas because we will be so busy. I have to start behaving because I know you will end up spoiling me even more if I do and Santa is coming very soon.

I can not wait to give you a huge hug and kiss when I see you tonight because I missed you so much it has been two whole months since I last saw you can you believe. I love you so much Daddy you are not going to be allowed out of my site for days don’t worry about it.

See you very soon Daddy.

Love from Jess xxxxxxxx

Dear Dada- Hurry Up Home

Dear Dada

I think you need to hurry up home because the as the weeks go on the bad things which keep happening to us keep growing. This week saw me break another replacement pram the back wheel came off again so I had to get a pram which I was way to big for really but lucky on Saturday I actually got mine back I have really missed it as it has been 3 weeks and there is nothing like your own comfy pram.

On top of having to travel home from York with a back wheel missing from the pram this week with the grandparents away, Mummy thought it would be the best time to become ill. I don’t think she actually planned it because she has to take 3 days off uni and spent them on the sofa with a blanket. She must have felt horrible as you know she doesn’t like to stop usually but she had to despite this she was still completing work and has managed to do the first draft of an assignment due in December. I am sure this is something which we should be proud of because a lot of people wouldn’t have done any work at all.

This meant that I have only been to nusury 2 days this week which means that have spent a lot of time watching tv. Just because it keeps me quiet and happy as I can’t really play outside when it is cold and mummy is unwell. I now love Peppa pig and Fireman Sam. I think Mummy is happy about that because she can watch Sam so easy and finds it a good easy watching programme.

On Saturday we had to go collected the pram so we took a trip to some bargain shops which saw us purchase a few more sneaky Christmas presents. Don’t worry I will not tell you who for or even what they were because I am an evil person like that I know secretly you love me. I finally managed to pick up a Children In Need top for Friday because it’s a dress up day at nusury and you know how I love to smash the occasions. Well I secretly think it’s mummy who loves to do it nearly as much as me.

On Sunday we was hunting out shoeboxes and small items which we did not need anymore because we are doing the shoebox appeal at nusury. I understand that I am a very lucky girl who has a lot of things whoever there are some people in the world who do not even have a toothbrush. I think we managed to get 6 shoeboxes and some things so we can help these people. I think nusury will be very happy about me been able to help them do something so special.

This week even saw me were my poppy bow which you might have seen mummy posted a picture on Facebook of the bow. I was such a good girl and managed to complete the minutes silence multiple times because we watch so much sport and that have been doing them for a couple of weeks. I even know why we do it and I am proud to have you as my Daddy because I know that without you we might not be here and safe.

I love you and miss you so much Daddy. Promise I will see you in only 10 days now.

Jess xxxxxx

Dear Dada- I Don’t Know About You I’m Feeling 22

Anyone week without you has past woo this means we are another week closer to been able to see each other. Not much has happened this weeks but I am sure as soon as I start writing this loads will have come back to me.
This week has seen me pass 3 exams woo only my manual and exam to pass and I will be a qualified sports massage therapist. Meaning I can go massage at the big sporting events hopefully get to go to the marathon next year and earn some money.  I wish it was as smooth sailing but my client ended up in hospital so I had to massage someone who I had never met before who was high up in uni l.
Jess has been a superstar this week we haven’t had that many tantrums. We just get Dada a hell of a lot like Friday she wouldn’t believe me you as not hiding in bed when we got to your mums. I think she was dreaming about you as well as she kept crying in her dreams so I might have let her come into our bed. I didn’t like how huge that double bed feels without you  I soon regretted it when she was kicking me all night. Damm that girl can fidgit.
As if you wasn’t amazing enough buying me an brand new camera for my birthday. Which I told myself I couldn’t use till it was my birthday. For anyone who knows cameras he got me the Cannon G7X Mark II which is like gold dust. After a cheeky hint in last weeks post I didn’t get one birthday card nope I got two. Yes I did think you would forget loved the ps bit in Jess’s. As if that wasn’t enough the ballon you see in the picture he also bought me god knows how I’m going to get that back home.
Saturday Jess was convinced still you was in the house we might have had to hunt the whole house to try and find you. All I say is your bloody good at this hide and seek game. While I write this post I’m on the train to Newcastle well you have been gone a while now I need some eye candy it’s my birthday after all.  I shouldn’t have bothered the team didn’t bother to turn up but at least it was a fun day with some amazing cake. For someone who doesn’t like cake it was amazing.
Your little princess is off to the zoo near Lincoln today which we found at Easter. Don’t worry Nan is going so there will not be a murder sounds like it is going to be an amazing family day and some nice memories may be made. I am sure Jess will love it because we know how much she loves Chester.  Oh talking of our Nan I think she actually loves me I got a granddaughter card see the love is mutual she has adopted me.
I am unsure what we are going to end up doing tomorrow/ today as you read this. I must be crazy I am getting the train at like 9am on a Sunday.  Hopefully we will end up doing something because I have to keep busy now otherwise I might start to miss you.
Jess is only going to nursery 4 days this weeks we have now made Friday a mummy and Jess day. This week she managed a 3 hour morning nap I think this girl is starting to love her sleep again. Taking of that next Saturday sees her go away for a week with your Mum and Dad one whole week away for memories to be made. Saying that they could come later to pick her up they plan on arriving at 9am on a Saturday. Do they not know I like to be lazy one day a week. Gosh it’s going to be strange without either of you. Might have to keep even busier to not miss you both I think they are going to Chapel at least they are going somewhere new.
Hope your cold has started to go away. We both miss you so much looking forward to seeing you online soon.

Love from Jess and Charlotte xxxxxx

Dear Dada- Actually Been Sociable

The first week they say is always one of the hardest and we have managed to survive it don’t worry there haven’t been any murders yet. The closest to death we have had is when Mummy stupidly got bitten about 20 times by something well that must mean I am tasty right?. I am glad that the itching and swelling have finally gone because it was horrible. I am sure you would have been laughing at me though.

I have submitted my final written assignment of this year which is amazing because it means that my stress levels have gone down. This is something which you would be amazed at because I think I have been pretty stressed out for the longest time. I think you’re going to dread it when you come home and I am in the middle of the third year. Just one more massage and an exam to go and then it is me done for a couple of months.  This week sees Jess drop one of her days at nursery no more having to go to York on a Friday for a few weeks woo I might actually get more sleep.

Driving home on Friday night all we got from Jess was Dada dada dada I don’t know if this is because it was a Friday or because she knew it’s the road we drive all the time together and she wondered where you was.  Another cute thing which you might love is now when she shouts for you I say is he with the penguins and she replies yes, I am sure she thinks you are a penguin now least it shows she is not forgetting all about you. She even knows when she gives me a hug or a kiss I need two now because I can send them to you when she is fast asleep dreaming about when she is going to see you next.

I promise I have been keeping busy apart from doing assignments as you might have seen I have actually been writing posts which is amazing for me. It keeps my mind active and it is something I am passionate about doing now. I am so glad you told me I had to do something like this again when you went otherwise I might still be emotional and crying. I haven’t cried since early Monday morning when I read your final message but I am sure that’s allowed.

Even though you are not here I even have bought you a present from Lush Father’s Day range because of course, I had to get it the first day it came out. I think that has become a tradition now can’t believe the next launch will be Christmas and it means I can get some snow fairy for you. Don’t worry I will have a lush haul up for you this week.

Saturday saw us head back to York to meet some of our blogging friends the amazing Claire and Lisa along with Logan and Imogen. It was great to meet some other bloggers because I feel sometimes like I am the only one who is going this and it can be a lonely place. Jess has some much fun because she got to go on the reins which you know how much she loves doing it.  We met some amazing brands who I might have to work with and purchase more items for Jess from. The pasty shop in the train station do amazing smoothies I am glad we went in there last weekend I may or may not have had two of them this week.

Sunday saw us have a chill day which is always good because when was the last time I had one of those. I might have gone to Asda and spent a small fortune on clothing for the princess all because I realised that she might need some new swimming costumes for when she goes away with your parents in a couple of weeks. Oh and we needed nappies as well because someone has decided to use them all at nursery.  I will be doing a haul as well so you can see what we have been buying don’t worry I haven’t spent all your wages yet.

Next week we go and see Nanny and Grandad this could be fun to see how Jess is down there without you. I for one think it is going to be strange I am kind of glad that I am only staying two nights because I am going to watch them sexy rugby players in Newcastle.

Hope your cold goes soon

Love Jess & Charlotte xxxx

Ps. Daddy don’t forget it’s Mummy’s birthday on Sunday 😉