Dear Dada- All the fun of the fair 

Dear Dada

This week has been super crazy mummy has had two deadlines which means that she has been a little bit stressed but don’t worry she managed to smash them because she is super awesome as you keep telling her. Don’t worry I keep telling her how proud of her we are and I am been her little cheerleader like you told me to when things get hard and she is struggling.

This does mean that I have been spending more time in nursery this week so that’s he can smash her work out. You know this is not something I mind doing because it means I get more time to play with my little friends and of course this is always good. This week I have been spending time with my key worker and while she does work on the computer I have been sat next to her again claiming I am doing my work. Clearly, I see mummy spending too much time studying and working because I think I need to start now. Mummy got a report of the manager who said that I am a great 2 year old and everything is fine with me which always make mummy feel a little bit better because I know she hates the fact I am in nursery so much.

Due to the fact that I have been such a good girl this week mummy and grandma took me to the fair. I loved seeing all of the bright lights and even been able to have chips with curry which is a treat for me before I went on a couple of rides which I choose. I went on a  plane which you can see and I adored I was so focused on driving and smiling. I went on a horse as well because you know I adore them I loved it again and I kept smiling my head off. I can’t wait to be able to go to the fair with you again next year I will be a bigger girl which means that I will be able to go on, even more, things which will be so much fun.

This weekend mummy had to go to work on Saturday which meant that I spend a day with grandma which is always fun. I can’t believe it is the last grandma Jess day till Boxing Day I going to miss them because I always have so much fun with them.

Next week should be fun at nursery because of the fact that it is a baking week and we are going to be making things for parents buy every single day. So we raise money for children in need so this is going to be fun.

Hope you having a good time only 1 month and then you back don’t worry it will go fast I love and miss you

Jess xxx