Mask Your Skin’s Problems

This festive season can be hard for all of us and or skin cam really be on which struggles and we do not seem to take a lot of time to pamper it for some reason. A couple of months ago now soap and glory released a whole new collection of masks which are designed to target certain problems in the skin. I for one really need to treat my skin a lot more because of the fact at the moment with the cold weather, stress and late nights it is all taking its toll on my skin. This is the reason why I have pulled these products out of my stash which I am going to be able to use. 

The first one up is this declog mask which is going to help me all the rubbish out of my face including any breakouts which may be lingering under the skin which of cause we do not want to cause the blackout more in this festive season. I know that I will be seeing people who I have not seen in a long time which means that I really want my skin to look amazing. This is a peel-off mask so I know that when I come to use it I am going to have so much fun looking at the all of the gunk that will come out of my face. I think these are a complete bargain because you get two little pots of £4 which means you can do it twice or have some couples time and do the masks together. 

More sleep is something that I need for sure with looming university deadlines on top of early morning and late nights a toddler and getting ready for Christmas. I picked up a couple of these which are eye masks which are going to help firm, de-puff and brighten this area. This will help me look less tired and banish thoughts unwanted black circles and tired eyes which I am rocking all too much this season even concealer is struggling to cover this. I think these are something which I am going to repurchase is they work because tons of sleep is not something which I will be getting for a while because of how busy and crazy busy my life is.  These eye masks come in at £3.50 so I think they will only be used as a treat maybe once a week or something. 

 Moisture is something which my skin struggles within the winter because of the fact that the weather is so cold. So when I saw that Soap and Glory had created some moisture sheet masks I knew that I had to get that one.  This mask will help moistures the skin as well as recondition it meaning that it should not get as dry in the future because of the hyaluronic acid which helps lock in moisture. These masks do come in two which means that you can make it fit your face completely as this is something which I have struggled with in the past when using sheet masks.  I think this is one which I am going to end up having repurchasing in the future because I really end up losing a lot of moisture on my face in the winter. This mask again is £3.50 which I do not think is very expensive for the sake of your skin looking good. 

The final facemask which I have is the pore refining mask this is one which is going to help me with any breakouts which I have. This face mask again as a sheet mask which helps to smooth your skin and perfect your complexion; leaving it soft and hydrated too. Which sounds like something which I really need to be able to do have the best skin which I can have. From what I have heard this is a sheet mask which is soaked which means that your skin can get the most out of using a mask which is something which you really want when you are paying £3.50 for a once use mask. 

Have you tried any of the soap and glory facemasks if so what did you think of them?

Charlotte x

Lush- Mask Of Magnaminty Review

Mask Of Magnaminty is a facemask which I am constantly repurchasing and have been since I first tried it over two years ago now. I have hormonal breakouts like any other girl more so around the time of the month and this is when I seem to be reaching for this product more and more. Before I had tried this product I had actually managed to read the reviews now any of you who have done this will know it has really high reviews. 

This is not one of Lush’s fresh facemask however, it is self-preserving which means that it does last a bit longer meaning that you do not have to use it as quickly as a fresh one and this also does not have to be stored in the fridge. Which if you are anything like me is a good thing because I put them in the fridge and can actually forget to use them because I rarely go to the fridge before a shower. 

The main ingredient of this facemask is peppermint oil this is what makes it get for people who have acne or spot prone skin as it is actually a natural antiseptic which helps promote healing of scars and blemishes which can occur when skin there is breakouts. I have noticed when I have been used this the scars which I have from previous spots do seem to fade which is a bonus when you are very self conscious about scarring.  

This mask also can help tighten pore which is something which is not always a problem for me but this is always a bonus because having huge pores is not something which we all want. As well as this another benefit which helps soothe and protects the skin from break out as you may remember I said I use this more when I am breaking out. The ingredient which helps this is the bentonite gel and African marigold oil. 

I use this mask maybe only once a week on my whole face and then when I need it in specific areas I will use it more for example when I break out I will apply this maybe every day however, I have been known to use this overnight and it has the same benefits as washing it off after 30 minutes. 

You’ll find when you scoop some out of the little pot that it’s a really thick mask full of little scrubby bits because the mask is so thick and lumpy, you have to apply it to the skin in quite a thick layer to get even coverage. Be careful not to apply it too thickly however, so that it doesn’t dry onto the skin. This is just a waste of product and makes it harder to remove. Do be warned, the application can be super messy I have been known to get it in my hair at stages which can be super annoying. 

Once the mask is on your skin you get that immediate tingly, cold feeling all over your face that comes with peppermint oil this is a feeling which I have to admit I really like. This mask contains Kaolin clay, which whilst setting on your skin, pulls impurities like oil out from your pores, but without drying your skin out even though I do feel like I have to moisturise after but that is just me. 

When you wash the facemask off it is actually exfolicating as you rinse it off which is great because I love looking at how much dead skin cells I have removed as well as the extra oil which does not need to be in my face.

I love this facemask and it is one which I will repurchase time and time again I think I have already been through a couple of the larger pots of this facemask which shows that I really do love the product. I would recommend this product to others who may have blemish/spot prone skin. 

Have you tried mask of magnaminty if so what did you think?


Lush New Releases Haul

Recently I visited Lush which is not a rare occurrence for because I usually visit the store at least once a week, however, I have not been in that much since Joe left because I have had to purchase everything for Jess and I did not want to bankrupt myself as well as try and use some of the stash I have at the moment because the Halloween/ Christmas range are launched.

They have just discontinued some of my favourites in their annual summer cult which annoyed me a lot because it means that I had to stock up and while I was in stores I noticed that they had some new products out which as a Lushie I knew I had to purchase. A couple of the items which I purchased have been available in Oxford Street for a number of weeks now but as you know I live in the North around 2 1/2 hours by train away from London.

The first bath bomb which I picked up is cheer up buttercup which is the small yellow circle bath bomb at the top of the picture. This bath bomb is like sunshine which is going to be great because it brings a touch of summer and sunshine which we are all going to need soon because we are fastly approaching the autumn months. This bath bomb for sure smells like Lemon it just smells like pure Lemon and almost like lemon sherbet if you have ever used the refresher shower jelly it is almost like that.

Yellow Submarine is one which I am sure which you have to sing the Beatles actual song when you hear of this bath bomb and its name. This is one of my favourite bath bombs of the whole regular line collection at the moment I think because of the fact that it smells of orange and lemongrass it does have coconut in it as well which means this bath bomb does smell tropical I guess it makes me think of actual summer and holidays for some reason I think of cocktails on the beach when I smell this scent.

Rocket Science is one of the cheapest bath bomb which is priced only at £2.95 however, do not make the price make you think that it is going to be a poor bath bomb at all. I think it is going to be one which you will want to pick up as well. It has bergamot oil and lemon oil which is a couple of scents which you know I like if you have read my blog before. I would say this is one which does make a pretty show in the bath so it could be one to use with the children and it is very cheap as well compared to some of the other products lush do.

As you know if you have seen that Lush has made Jelly Facemasks and of course I could not go in and not pick them up because of the fact that they are different and I love things which are a little bit strange but sometimes these are the best kind of products. I picked up 1000 millhelens this is a very apple scented mask which has witch hazel to soothe and relieve irritated skin, green tea to detox and purify the pores, and kaolin clay to remove unwanted grease and dirt. This is something which I need because at the moment my skin is terrible and it is breaking out to the high heavens if I could hide at the moment I would. 

The other jelly mask which I purchased was the was just to clarify is designed to brighten you skin and it also super rejuvenated and clean the skin which of course is something which I need while my skin is like this horrible and broken out The reason why you get these amazing results is due to the fact that there is enzymic papaya which is great for brightening, bamboo stems which exfoliate, grapefruit and bergamot which helps lift the mood as well as the fresh orange juice which is meant to help perk you up. The jelly facemasks are actually only £6.95 and I can imagine that they are going to last a while if I am honest I think I will get more use out of them that they fresh ones. 

A final couple of items were body spray which who does not want to smell like Lush all of the time if they can. I picked up twilight which of course helps me sleep but it also makes me relaxed which is really good because I can struggle to calm down and because I know I am going to get more stressed with uni this year I think this is one which I had to pick up because the scent does last all day and who doesn’t love that the reason it keeps you relaxed is because it has lavender and tonka in as the main ingredient. This for sure is going to be one which I wear when I am at uni as well as when I just want to chill out this whole body spray only cost £20 which make sound expensive but the scent does last all day long and I think the bottle is going to last a fair while. 

The other body spray which I picked up was Dirty which I know what you are thinking that sounds strange why would you want a body spray which is called dirty well I will tell you it is actually a mint scented product which is something that I adore because I do like nice fresh scents, however, the reason why I purchased this one was due to the fact that the Joe was using this shower gel just before he left and then this me and then this means when I am missing him it can spray this it does mean that I think that he is there and it means that I do not have to steal his hoodie because I am that annoying girlfriend who loves stealing the hoodies.

Have you tried any of the new releases in Lush?

Charlotte x

Lush Don’t Look At Me Facemask – Review

As some of you may know I am obsessed with Lush for me it is not only the bath products which I adore it is all the other products. Today I am sharing one of my favourite fresh face masks I love the fact that this is one of the most citrusy products which Lush do and ask you may know citrus is favourite kind of scent.  Don’t look at me face mask is such a pastal blue colour which may put a few of you off I know it did when I first saw this product because of the fact that it is like nothing on the market that I know of from any other brands and I know Lush do not do any facemasks in this colour.

The main ingredient for this product is actually Lemon and Grapefruit oil so this is why it could be so citrus like however, it does not smell like cleaning products to me which is always a great bonus. This reminds me of a product which is going to wake you up which is great for this time of year because my skin is terrible from all the cold weather we have been having it has taken such a beating.Murumuru butter and Kaolin are the ingredients which keep the skin feeling soft and clean which is one of the reasons why I have been using it so much in the past couple of weeks because my skin is terrible. I love it when I can feel a facemask doing something because I know I am getting the most out of my money.

I have found that as well as moisturising my skin it also exfoliates which is another benefit for me who can be way to lazy to exfoliate. The reason why this occurs is because Don’t look at me face mask actually has rice syrup, rice milk and ground white rice within it’s ingredient list. This should mean that my skin has had the dirt removed from it as well as the dead skin cells which may be lurking in my pores.

The texture of this product can only be described as grainy which it something to be aware of because you do not want to layer this product too much more so if you have sensitive skin because it could irritate it. The texture does remind me slightly of a body scrub so this is something to be aware of if you are purchasing this facemask.

Once the mask has been applied, you’re supposed to leave it on your face for a good 15 – 20 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. What you’re left with is a clean, clear and rather radiant looking complexion, that is smooth to touch and ready to face the day ahead. I loved how refreshed and uplifted it made my face feel after use.

I would recommend that you go and try this facemask because it has worked wonders for my skin. It is £7.95 a for a pot however, if you have 5 black pots from Lush you can take them back and recycle and receive a fresh face mask .

Have you tried a Lush facemask? If so which one is your favourite?

Charlotte x