Joie Every Stage Car Seat Review

When you have a child one of the most used things which you will need is a car seat I think this is something which we used nearly every single day. Around 18 months ago we had to replace Jess’s baby car seat and I did a lot of research into finding the best car seat for us because of course, it has to be something which works for you all. Jess spends a bit of time when she is going around in the car.  We chose the Jolie every stages car seat in the black colour this is one which is going to last her until she is around 12 years old or 36kg which is scary because it is such a long time away.

One of the reasons why we chose this car seat was because it has 5 different reclining settings this allows you to reface until 18kg which is around 4 years old.  You do have to wait till your child is around 9kg to forward face which approximately is 9 months old.
We didn’t reface once we got this car seat because Jess was a nosy child and she actually wanted to look out of the window we actually let her do this even though we know the benefits of having your child refacing for a longer period of time. There are another 4 settings which allow you to forward face which is amazing because this means that once your child is kicking the back of the actual car seat and this could be annoying to others you may want to change the setting.
Due to the fact that this car seat can last till your child is 12 you are able to adjust the headrest, it has 10 different settings and this is something we have found is pretty easy to be able to do. The sides also can widen which allows your child the room they need within the car seat. Of course, this is not a full car seat when they become older it becomes a high backed booster which fits in the guidelines within the UK when this occurs the 5-point harness gets tooked away and you use the normal seat belt which means that it is not in the way. Currently, we have to use the actual seat belt in order to keep the car seat safe meaning that it does not move. 

This car seat can actually be stripped down and the covers thrown in the wash which is something which we have had to do in the past because Jess can struggle with car sickness. This is handy as well if you have a small child in the car who could do the same I have also had to wipe it and found it drys pretty quickly which is amazing because if you are like us you are always using it. This car seat is very easy to actually install into your car and can be done in only a couple of moments which is great if you are like me and you might need to take it in and out to either put it in someone else’s car or due to the fact that there has been a spillage. 

Jess must find this comfortable due to the fact that on more than one occasion we have found her sleeping in this for long periods of time while she has been travelling which proves this claim it even comes with thick padding on the shoulder straps and buckles meaning it is even more comfortable for the child. For sure this car seat is very well padded as well as being secure. 
I would recommend any parents who are looking at either purchasing their child’s first car seat and are not bothered about been able to click it onto a pushchair. Or patents like us who were looking to upgrade their original car seat to purchase this item. I know it does seem expensive at close to £200 however it will last your child a long time and you can not put a price on their safety.  If you are not interested in rear facing you could look into the Jolie elevate 123 car seat another car seat I own foe a different car which I will do a review on at a later date.
Do you own the Jolie ever every stage car seat if so what are your thought? 
Charlotte xx

Time To Potty Train Using Our Favourite Characters

Since Jess is approaching two I can not believe that only in less than a month she will be a two-year-old where did my little baby go. Jess has now decided that she is not a huge fan of wearing nappies and she now wants to start been potty trained it started a few weeks ago when she would tell us she needed a wee and I would have to hover her over the normal toilet. I knew that then I needed to pick some things up which would make potty training a hell of a lot easier for us. Not long after I purchased these items a lot of bloggers got sent some potty training items, however, I purchased these with my own money. 
The first item which we picked up was this paw patrol step which Jess is obsessed with it when we first purchased it would take it out of the bathroom and walk around the whole house with it. She used it as a seat and everything the reason why we purchased this was because it allows Jess to be able to climb up to the normal toilet and then it also helps her reach the sink which means that she can easily wash her hands after using the toilet because of course we still have to supervise her she isn’t big enough to do this alone yet. This step takes up to 100kg which means that should ever I need a small step I can use this which is always a bonus and I have seen Jess take her toy pups to the step to show themselves them on the step.

Due to the fact the Jess has a small bum and if we put her on the normal toilet we would have to holder hover her over which would be very hard and I am sure there would have been a stage where I would have ended up dropping her into the toilet which wouldn’t have been fun at the time but I am sure would have been looking back. So when I was to my mum she told me that I would need to invest in a toilet trainer seat which is something which you add to the main rim of your toilet and then it makes the seat smaller as your child sits on this and not the main toilet. I knew that when I saw Paw Patrol did this maybe I could get Jess to visit the toilet by asking her if she wanted to go and see the pups and so far she has been running to it when she needs the toilet. 
As someone who is rarely at home, I knew that we needed a potty which we would be able to take with us but would be discrete enough for people not to judge that we did, in fact, have a potty with us. I remember that when some of the YouTubers who I watched had a my carry potty when they were training their own children which made me have a look at them. They are very simple they are a potty which has a handle so can be transported around they are discrete so you wouldn’t know it was a potty which is a bonus they are small enough to be carried under the pram which is another positive. The potty is leak proof and you can lock into until you are able to empty the potty of the contents which for us good for because as you know Jess likes to be outside which means sometimes when she is playing she does not want to come inside so she can go on the potty outside and we can deal with it while she continues to play. 
Of course, when you are potty training your child you need them to be able to pull their nappies down easy. I have found that sometimes at the moment with Jess been in the early stages she does not tell me with a lot of time so it can mean that she does end up going in the nappy. However, I have found that since using pull ups with her I have been using the Little Angels one because this is the company which we have used since birth. I love how simple these are Jess can pull them up and down when she needs which is great because it means that it is quicker for Jess to get on the potty which means that there is less a chance of an accident. These are super absorbant so if she does manage to have an accident it is not as much as a problem as if she had an accident in a pair of pants. 
What did you use for your child when they were potty training?
Charlotte x

5 Beauty Mummy Summer Essentials

A few weeks ago now I did a post which was my toddler summer essentials post which went down pretty well thank you so much because your support means everything to me. Sometimes I do feel like nobody is reading my blog but so many of you at the moment have been sharing my post which is making me feel like I have my own little community so thank you so much  So today I have decided that I am going to share with you 5 of my beauty essentials to survive the rest of the summer.

The first product is one which you may not class as a beauty essential but it kind of fits in this catergory and that is a antibacterial hand gel this one is actually designed for kids and smells like strawberries which makes me just want to use the product even more. With having a little one it means that your hands always become messy and horrible because they like to pass you things like half eaten food and all sorts of other rubbish. Sometimes I don’t have wet wipes to hand so I use the hand gel I even have Jess using it and due to the fact it smells nice she is constantly wanting to use it. I do not have one brand which I love more than another I think currently I have 3 open and on the go all with fruity scents. I can not leave the house without some of this gel it is so handy all year long not just for the summer when you seem to eat outside more.

The next product which is an essential to me is a body spray because of the fact that when it is warmer you seem to sweat more and you always want to smell your best I find myself reaching for a body spray. The reason behind this is because I can reapply this more often than I would a perfume and it is one which can be stored in your handbag pretty easy and in some cases can cool you down a little bit. I love been able to change the scent that I am wearing throught the day which is not something which you can do if you are wearing perfume. I am loving this one which I picked up in superdrug for £3 a while ago but I do have my eyes on a couple of lush ones which I might have to get in the future.

Talking of Lush it could not be a favouites/essentials without one of their products now could it however, one of the products which I love in the summer is part of their Christmas collection and that means I have to stash it half of the year. Mr Standman is a dusting powder which means that it is a more natural version of talc powder and this one actually shares it’s scent with twilight which for me is amazing I think this is fast becoming one of my favourite scents. I use this powder to help with chub rub and it actually works it also helps take the excess oil off when you have used a body lotion it means that is is less sticky and you can put your clothes on straight away. This is great if you are a busy person like me and need to get ready quickly a bottle of this stuff lasts a long time so is well worth the money. I would keep an eye out for it when it comes out this year in fact I may do a full review closer to the time.

I find that I need something to help my make up stay on all day and I have found that if I use a couple of sprays of the Urban Decay stay all night setting spray my make up does not melt of my face as quick is a bonus when you are applying it for over 12 hours. I love how long a small bottle lasts I think I have had this one way over a year and it is only just starting to run out which makes me sad because I am going to have to repurchase this very soon. I have found that it makes my base stay on a lot longer when usually it would have been looking horrible and like it needed to be removed. Unfortunately this is not the cheapest but because it is effective it does mean I am more likely to repurchase.

The final item which is a must have for me is dry shampoo as some of you may know I only wash my hair around once a week which means that once maybe twice a week I need to use dry shampoo. This is when it is starting to look a little bit greasy and I do not have time to wash my hair.  At the moment I am using the the Pixie Lott bapsite dry shampoo however, this is not my favoutite scent I do prefer the tropical one but I am just using up some which I have in my collection before I repurchase this one. If you rub it in a little bit you do not get the white streaks you do with other dry shampoos which is amazing when you need to be out the door about 5 mins ago.

What are your beauty summer essentials even if you are not a busy mummy?

Charlotte x

Toddler Summer Essentials

You can not have failed to notice how warm the UK has been in the past few weeks. As a person who doesn’t mind the heat this has not actually been bothering me too much, however, when you have a little person like Jess heat can become a problem. Living in the UK we are not used to having to protect them from such high temperatures unless we take them away abroad. I am going to share with you what I have been using to keep Jess cool and our summer essentials.

The first item which Jess has been using is a hat because she now does have a head full of fine hair which is getting thicker it would be easy for her to get her head burnt. This is not something which we want to have to deal with and because she is a little bit pale skinned she could burn fast. She has a number of hats one which says at nursery for when she goes out and plays there and then she has a couple at home which both are paw patrol because we can not get her to keep them on without having to involve them pups. Secretly I will do anything for a quiet life I didn’t actually purchase her them both sets of grandparents did I know one is from Morrisons and I am unsure where the other hat was from.

Making sure Jess does not burn means that I have had to apply sun cream to her. I have found that the rollerball applicators are the best when you have a small child who wants to be outside as soon as they can. I love this because you can see where you have applied the cream and where isn’t protected from the sun. The one which we have is the Nivea roll on however I know Superdrug do one from Solait because this is the ones which we have taken to nursery both are as good as each other.  I would recommend this should you need to purchase some suncream this summer.

Another item which I would recommend is Clark’s Doodles which are canvas shoes which can be washed which are amazing. In the summer you do not want to have to wear socks so your feet end up sweating which is not nice so been able to wash them is amazing because then they do not smell. It also means that you can et them wet so should you want to go to the beach and run to the sea you do not have to worry about them drying horrible I am sure that this is something which Jess is going to end up doing at some stage this summer. She has become really obsessed with water recently they are amazing for nursery as well because you do not have to worry about them become ruined.

Wet wipes are something which I wouldn’t be without with a number of ice creams and finger foods which Jess has over the summer months. They come in so handy to wipe her face or her hands because she is not really into washing her hands that much yet, however, I have got some amazing antibacterial hand wash which smells like strawberries. This is another essential for me because when you are going to places such as the park and they may not be a lot of running water it allows you to kill germs.  Meaning Jess may get less ill which is always something I want.

I would also recommend getting some outdoor toys since Jess has had her scutterbug and her rocking horse she always wants to be outdoors. I have found that if she has items which are designed for play outdoors it gives her a change from there normal toys. I have even purchased a bubble machine because another thing which Jess is obsessed with is bubbles. It all started with her playing with them in the bath.
The final item which I would say was essential for the summer is a twin bag Jess is currently the age where she wants to walk everywhere. However, she doesn’t always want to hold your hand all the time but if she has the bag on it means that you have control so that they do not run into the road or run away from you however the child does have some freedom. We have a couple of the rein bags and I could not be without them now we have one which lives at our house and another one which Daddy usually has in his car when he is home.

I will be doing a review a full review scuttlebug, rein bags in the future so keep your eyes open for that.

What are your summer essentials?

Charlotte x

Peppa Pig Mouldable Foam Soap Review

Hi Guys

Today I am going to share with you a product which I purchased on a whim from the Poundshop for Jess and we have both come to love it. She really need some body wash as she was about to run out so I decided to see what the Poundshop had on offer as I didn’t have a lot of money on me at the time.

This body wash is different to anything we have every had before maybe due to the fact that it is a mouldable foam soap which is meant to be used in the bath however we do use it every morning when Jess gets washed.  One pump of this lovely soap and it foams up so much a disadvantage to this however is the fact that you never seem to be able to get the same amount some mornings we have had way to much and had to wash it away.

The consistency of this can only be described as shaving foam this is really what this product reminds me of maybe this is due to the colour of the soap as well as it coming in similar packaging and dispensing in the way it does. The product smells super fruity however I can not put my finger on what it actually smells of it is a strange one but one which Jess seems to be enjoying.

We have been using this product daily and we can see no sign of it getting empty which is good after using it for 6 weeks. The only thing which I can say is you really do need to shake it up before you use the product because then it works more effectively.

Jess has started to clean herself using this product as well she gets a little bit of me and then cleans her tummy so this product as well as cleaning her is also teaching her how to clean her body. This is something which amazes me at one year she want to be so dependent and do everything for herself.

I know that this product is still available online it is £2 I have found it on Amazon and also Tesco. I feel like I was so lucky to find such an amazing product which is different in the poundshop. This would make a nice stocking filler for a little one this christmas.

What is your child’s faviourite body wash or your’s for that matter?


Emergency Travel Sickness Bag


Hi Guys

Today I thought I would share with you a bag which I have created an named emergency car sickness bag. This bag is all the essentials minus nappies and clothes due to them always been in my handbag. We have found that Jess can be sick if the car is too hot or if she has had too much juice or food before travelling.  We plan on doing a bit of travelling in the next few months  as I am sure some of you will be due to school holidays.

Once there was a time we had to let her travel in a dirty dress because she has managed to throw up everywhere and we had nothing to clean it with on us in the car. This made me and my boyfriend realise we needed the essentials with us so I created this kit. 

The first item we have is a Muslim cloth from Boots this means that we can mop up any mess there may be and just not have to use baby wipes. These can just be thrown in the wash if they get dirty. This will also be useful if any drinks get spilt we can mop them up so this cloth is in there for a number of reasons. You can pick a pack of 3 of these up for around £10 in Boots. This is one Jess has had since she was born so it has been washed a fair few times. 
 The next item in the bag is a handful of nappy bags these are in there be user it means we can put dirty clothes into them so they don’t ruin other clothes. They also means we can keep thing seperate if we need to as well as using them as normal nappy bags. I picked up this huge box of 250 for about 69p in home bargains so I recommend having a look in there if your after some. 
The next item is some nappy cream I decided this could be used for any number of reasons. If Jess manages to make an area look sore while she is is in the car or something I could just pop this on. More so in the summer if she manages to get sunburn which she really shouldn’t she can use this. Again this is from home bargains and was around 69p it might have even been less. 

Baby wipes well these are a staple I don’t think I go anywhere without a packet of these on hand. These can be used to mop up any sick which occur. Clean her hands and face before we pop to see some one so she doesn’t look as dirty. Also mummy can use these for anything like wiping off makeup that looks horrible that she only notices when in the car. These were around the 75p mark in home bargains but you can already find them on some kind of offer. 
I picked up from primark some hand gel because after dealing with sick or other horrible things I want to wash my hands. However not all the time am I near a sink where I can so picked this up so it means I can actually clean my hands and feel better about myself. It has a pretty nice scent and it was only £1 I think from primark as it is one of there exclusives.
I also decided that I was going to add some calpol into the bag because if for some reason Jess managed to get a fever or something while traveling we can give her a little bit of pain relief and hopefully she will be fine. At the moment because she is still teething she may need it more because of the pain which that seems to be giving her and it’s not always easy to give her the sachets of teething granules when on the go. 
We have decided to purchase a large black and white spot primark makeup bag to store it all in so it stays all together in the car and we don’t have to go searching for things when we need them . 
Is there anything we have missed out of this bag you think we need we have nappies and a spare change of clothing in my handbag. 
Charlotte X