Tips For Eating Out With A Toddler

This summer seems to be going very very fast would you believe that tomorrow is August. I for one can not believe how fast the year is actually going it is scary. Once the summer months approach more people seem to have more meals out this could be because you have had a lovely day out and a great way to finish the day by having a meal out. Eating out with Jess is something which we have done for a long period of time she has been used to eating out since before I think she could eat.
I have had questions by people who have been in the same restaurant as us on how I manage to cope eating out with a toddler and I have had multiple people come up and tell me that she is a huge credit to us because she is so well behaved while been out. I will admit I do not have the answers to everything these are just my tips and what I do to make sure that Jess is respectful to other guests who may be eating at the same place as us.

The first one is making sure that you are going to a restaurant which is suitable the last thing you want to do is get to a place and actually find out that your child is not going to want to eat anything on the menu. Most places do have a children’s menu which for the majority you can find online because there is nothing worse than forcing your child to eat something which they do not want to consume. For example, we love eating at all you can eat buffets such as Cosmo’s however, this is not a place we would go with Jess because she would not eat as much we would be more likely to hit a pizza hut.

If your child is as young as Jess is you might want to use a highchair which a lot of places have because this stops you worrying that they are going to be able to run around the whole restaurant and disrupt other diners. I have also found that making sure that she has something to play with always helps I have noticed that if Jess has something such as some colouring pencils and a menu which usually is the child menu she seems to be able to keep her entertained for a while which means that she is able to wait a little bit longer for her food.

Jess still used a bib when she is having food which means that when we eat out we make sure that we still take one because it helps catches the food which she may drop and this stops it been all over the floor. If there is one thing which makes me really embarrassed it is when I have to leave a messy table with food all over it and the floor so this is something which we have started doing and Jess seems to be fine with it because it is what she is used to we have a bib which folds up and lives in her changing bag so that we can just grab it when we eat out.

Another thing which you may notice if you have a young child who likes to use cutlery that when eating out it can be very heavy which means that Jess and other children her age may not be able to lift them. If you are like me you do not want to allow them to eat with their fingers when it suits you however, you do not want them to get into this routine and do it at home. I picked up a while ago in Jojo Maman Bebe this ladybird tum tum cutlery they are not to heavy for her at all they are the same weight as normal children’s cutlery. I have noticed that Jess eats really well with them and she will ask for them if she knows I have them and the cutlery in the place is going to be too heavy fot her I think this is because she knows she will be told off if she eats with her fingers.

Make sure that you are not eating out too late with children as well because sometimes if you make them eat too late they will be very grumpy which will end up stressing you all out and make the meal unpleasant. I try to make sure that Jess goes for meals close to the times when she would actually be eating because otherwise she can be horrible and it is not something I also do not like her going out too late because it means that she is more likely to go to bed on a full stomach which is not good for her at all.
The final tip which I have is to make sure that you have a beaker or cup which your child is used to drinking from with you. The amount of times we have found that we have been out and the place we are eating at only has glass or cups which have a large rim and are unsuitable for Jess to drink out of. We do purchase the drink from the place we’re we are eating and then just pour it into the cup which we have with us this means that Jess then can have a drink without it having to be a fruit shoot with a sports cap and does not end up with her drink all over herself.

What are your top tips for eating out with a toddler?

Charlotte x

Wildwood Peterborough

I thought I would share another idea of what you could do this Valentine’s day. Joe and I really like eating out sometimes this means that we will take Jess with us sometimes we do for meals without her usually it means we go out for meals when she is still in nursery and we have an afternoon off. New Years Eve we decided that we wanted to go hunt for Lush Christmas sale items and we decided we wanted some food while in Peterborough. We found a restaurant which we hadn’t previously heard of it was Wildwood since this I have researched them and found that they are a chain and they actually have one in York which we plan on going to very soon.

On first impression I could not believe how beautiful the restaurant the style reminded me of somewhere which was old but still was super stylish. As you can see the menu above is white/cream and has strands of gold. I feel like that the menu looked super stylish and there is a huge choice of food on the menu which is always good for me because I never know what I want to eat, I must admit I was super spoilt for choice but I am sure this would be the same for anyone. If you are a picky/fussy eat I am sure you would be able to find something which you would fancy.

There are a range of cocktails which you could consume but due to the fact that it was the middle of the day and Joe was driving I decided against it. To be honest I really don’t drink a lot anyway so this was not something which bothered me anyway. I decided that I would go for a pint of coke due to the fact I knew that we was going to be in there a while however, I did not expect it to come in such a beautiful glass I know its a beer glass but it was one which was like a wine glass. You do actually get charged for two cokes if you get them like this and they did give us the remainder in the glass coke bottle. I love the glass coke bottles because I feel like this is not something which you see a lot and the little touches mean so much.

Now I am going to share with you watch I actually consumed when I was in the restaurant. We decided that we was going to have starters because we prefer savory to sweet. I had the baked brie this was something which was beautiful I am a huge fan of cheese anyway but to have it baked is something which I would not have thought about having. It came with some amazing fresh bread which was toasted as you may know toast is one of my favourite foods. This did have some garlic in which I think really made the starter, As you can see you do not get a lot but because it is cheese it does mean that it is super filling.  I would totally recommend this Joe has a prawn cocktail and this looked amazing but I am not a huge fan of them for some reason I hate big prawns I don’t know why this is, I decided I was not going to be the super annoying girlfriend and make sure that I took pictures before he ate so I don’t have pictures of what he got sorry about that.

For main I decided that I was going to go for a pasta dish because this is something which I adore, The one which I went for was the Peri Peri Chicken Pasta this was one which was super full of flavour. Peri Peri usually is however, this pasta was not super spicy as you know I like spicy food but this was mild for me but because it was super tasty this did not bother me at all. Again the bowl was not super huge but it was one which was filling.While I am writing this post I wish I could consume it again because it was that amazing maybe I will have to have it when I go back.  Joe also choose a pasta dish which is not like him usually he will go for something proper meaty, I think what he actually went for was a spaghetti bol even though I may have be wrong. It did look beautiful though I have to see if he can recreate this for me in the future because he sure does love cooking which is always amazing as his food is beautiful.

I am not a huge desert fan as I have said in the past but we saw people who were close to use who had them and we could not resist the Raspberry Sundae. I will actually admit this is not something which I can remember what it is cold. This was amazing it has the right amount of everything because of the fact that usually they can be a little bit to sweet for me. This was not one which I found to be like this while writing this post I actually really crave I think it would be amazing if they could deliver one to me right now.

I will actually tell you I loved the restaurant it was so beautiful as you can see from the picture above it is in the bathroom which make me want something like this. It actually reminds me of the lights you see backstage in theatres I feel like this is what they are aiming to achieve and they do it so well as well. The Wildwood in Peterbough actually have a cinema in it which they have films in once a week and you can have a meal and go to the cinema in the same place which seems such a clever idea. I am unsure if this is the same at all of them the films which they show are all upto date as well from example I am sure they had sucide squad advertised when we went however, I could be wrong about this. The whole meal including drinks cost us around the £50 mark and we was stuffed for a long time which is always something that I love when I go for a nice meal because I do not want to be eating again after a few hours.

Have you eaten at Wildwood if do what did you think?

Charlotte x