Easter Bow Haul

Bows are something which I adore for Jess now her hair has got longer because it helps to get the hair out of her face and since she had her first haircut a couple of weeks ago she loves to put the bows in her hair. With Easter coming up I knew that I would have to be able to get some bows for this period because I can not resist.

I was browsing Facebook and I found an amazing local company who are called Beau Beau. This is where I managed to get these amazing bows from but due to the fact that Jess ended up getting the chicken pox she has not actually used these yet but I am sure she can get some use out of them throughout the year.

The first couple I got were these beautiful Chicken bows which are handmade and you can tell that they are however, the quality of these product bows are amazing, I chose these colours because I feel like I will be able to match a lot of the outfits that Jess wears, They have some amazing crocodile clips on which mean that they do not fall off that easy which means that Jess is not going to lose them.  These are the smallest one the brand do however,  I think that they are around 3inches which means that they do not look too big on her head.

Glitter is something which attracts Jess so when I saw this lovely Yellow which seems to be one of her favourite colours at the moment well maybe because this is one of the only colours she can say at the moment, This is going to go with some of the summer dresses which she has because it has a mixture of coloured glitter which means it is going to match I think this bow was around the £2 mark as well which is a bargain for bows as they can be so expensive when they are homemade to such a high standard,.

The final bow which we have is this super cute rabbit ears glitter bow. I love rabbits they are a such a cute animal which always make me think of the easter period. With the colour of Jess’s hair I am sure that this is going to look super cute.  This again is one which we use when it is not the easter period and we can always save to use next year because I am sure that they are going to last for a long time. This again was around the £2 mark and the company do post which means you do not have to be local in order to have the amazing bows.

Beau- Beau can be found here beaubeaubows

Which is one is your favourite?

Charlotte x

Lush Easter 2017

Can you believe that it is time for lush to launch their Easter range already to me it does not seem like it was long ago that they were having their annual boxing day sale. I have only actually picked up 5 items from the Easter range because some of the items were not attracting me that much so I did not bother picking them up. The other item which I picked up was a charity bath bomb.

The charity bath bomb  which is the buy one set one free bath to bomb this to free Andy Tsege who is on death row in Nigeria he was kidnapped in June 2014 due to a crackdown on the political opponents and civil right activist he was captured by the Ethiopian government and held in solitary confinement for over a year. He is still held under a death sentence given to him by a trail which violated basic fair trail standards. The UK government has not asked for him to be released. While this campaign in on it seen Andy spend his 1000th day like this. If you still can get your hands on one of these bath bombs please do as it helps such an amazing cause. I am unsure what this bath bomb smells the only thing which it does smell amazing.  All the profits from this bath bomb apart from the VAT goes to help the cost of freeing Andy this bath bomb is £3.95 each.

The first item from the Easter which I purchased was the Which came first? Stripe edition of this bath bomb the stripe and the dots one both have the same scent which is the reason why I only purchased one of them. More so due to the fact that this bath bomb is £6.95 but I think that I might be able to get 3 baths out of this bath bomb. This one has a lot of citrus in with a hint of vanilla which means that it has to be one of my favourites because I love the citrus ranges. This smells of grapefruit as well as the lemon. I have had this in previous years but I always forget how much I love this bath bomb I am sure I will be picking up a few more of these before the range disappear.

Easter was one of the only ranges which did not have a shower gel however, this year this is something which has changed. We have wash behind your ears which is a shower gel which I can not make my mind up about at all because I smell floral carrots which do not sound right at all. This is something which I have tried a number of times but this means that it was just something which was on my nose previously. I will be using this up however, this is not one which I will be purchasing a lot of this season because I am not sure it is one of my favourites.

Bunch of Carrots reusable bubble bar yes they are carrots which are pink, purple and orange they all share the same scent so it does not matter which one you use. These do actually smell amazing they have the scent of sherbet with a mix of tropical which is something which for me is completely different. at first, I thought that these would smell more of the carrot sent like wash behind your ears, These bubble bars are £5.95 which are not that expensive when you think there are at least 6 baths in this product. When you have used these make sure that you store them correctly and allow them to dry because otherwise, they may go mouldy. I store these in a cup when I have used them and this is how I get them to dry I pat them down first as well. Oh, by the way, I make sure that I swirl the carrots around using the hay which is on top of the carrots and I do this till I have enough bubbles for me.

Chick’N’Mix is actually the only new bath bomb which has never been released. This is the most expensive bath bomb of the range as well it comes up at £6.95. This bath bomb has three parts two which are the shell of the egg which comes apart very easily in the middle of it is a small little egg. I am sure that I am going to be able to use this in 2 baths because the one in the middle may be a little bit too small to use it on it’s own.  I will say now that it is a brittle bath bomb and it known to break easy, some people have reported that it fizzes fast in the bath, however, I have not tried using this bath bomb yet.  The scent of this bath bomb is very rich and for me, I want it in a shower gel or a perfume because I feel like it smells amazing. This is my favourite from this range and I know for sure I will be picking up a couple before these disappear.

 The final item which I have in this haul is Flopsy which is a face wash jelly. As you know I am a fan of the shower jellies but this product is one which I am not a huge fan of I am ashamed to say. Flopsy smells like the snowman shower jelly which is out at Christmas as well as the bunch of carrots, This is the size of your face and bigger it is huge it would love amazing as the selfie. I have used this a couple of times whole but I am thinking that I am going to have to rip a small bit off and use it like this. I think it will be a product which I end up using all of but not repurchasing before the end of the season because of the fact I love the other cleansers I have more. Currently, I am using one from the kitchen which is spring cleanser and ultrabalm which is a regular line I think I might have to use this in the next few months.

Have you picked anything up this Easter from Lush? Do you give gifts?

Charlotte x