Dear Dada- The week of Charity  

Dear Dada So another we passes and we are now only 3 days away from your return. Not that we believe it till you actually get on that plane we are not actually getting our hopes up that you will be back on Wednesday. Even I keep saying it’s 10 days till your back so […]

Dear Dada- I’m a devil 

Dear Dada Wow, this week has flown past which means that it is not long till you are back now. We can actually say your back this month which is crazy to think it is nearly 6 whole months ago since you left. You will be glad to know that our luck has changed a […]

Dear Dada- The Week Nothing Goes Right 

Dear Dada A couple of weeks ago Mummy was telling me all about Friday 13th and how people claim everything goes wrong on that date and you have bad luck. Well, I think me and Mummy have had a couple of weeks of the bad luck I can’t wait for our luck to change. It […]

Dear Dada- Oh No I’m Sick

Dear Dada This week has not been the greatest I decided that I was going to pick up the winter bug which saw me throw up all over nursery on Monday. Of course this meant that I could not go back for the next 48 hours which is not ideal when mummy had lectures and […]

Dear Dada- All the fun of the fair 

Dear Dada This week has been super crazy mummy has had two deadlines which means that she has been a little bit stressed but don’t worry she managed to smash them because she is super awesome as you keep telling her. Don’t worry I keep telling her how proud of her we are and I […]

Dear Dada- The Wheels On The Bus

Dear Dada  Woo another week has past which of course means that it is another week closer to you return I think there are only about 5 more times that I have to borrow mummy laptop to write to you because very soon I am going to be able to just tell you what I […]

Dear Dada- I need to rest

Dear Dada  I can not believe that it has been a whole week since you had to leave, this means that it is getting a lot closer to be able to be able to get you back. I am missing you so much don’t you worry I am not going to forget about you I […]

Dear Dada- Missing You Already

Dear Dada I can not believe that the time has come for you to leave the UK again I guess as you kept telling Mummy today that it is only 6 weeks and then you are going to be back for a long time hopefully. I know we are going to have so many amazing […]

Dear Dada- See You Soon 

Dear Dada  Wow can you believe it by the time your actual reading this you might be back in the UK I know that you will need some good things to read on the train up to see us so why not actual read some of my ramblings. I can not believe that on Wednesday […]

Dear Dada- Time to Chill 

Dear Dada  Another week has passed wow this time of you been away really does seem to be gone can you believe that it is going to be around 10 days time and you are actually going to see my little crazy face again. I bet you can not wait because I have grown up […]

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