Dear Dada- The week of Charity  

Dear Dada

So another we passes and we are now only 3 days away from your return. Not that we believe it till you actually get on that plane we are not actually getting our hopes up that you will be back on Wednesday. Even I keep saying it’s 10 days till your back so maybe I know something that you don’t.
This week has been a strange one mummy has the week off however that did not mean a week of lounging around in our Pyjamas and watching paw patrol or whatever else I can force her to watch on nick jr. Nope we headed off to York for 4 days so that mummy could smash some more of this work that she seems to have stacks of at the moment. I swear she must be miles ahead of anyone else
students are meant to be hungover and party animals right I don’t think mummy is that anymore.

This week saw me take a lot of things which we no longer wanted to nusury for the shoebox appeal. I know I am a very lucky girl to have so many toys and nice things and some children have nothing I donated some brand new tights, socks even hundreds of pencils so that they can draw pictures like me. I have been told if I keep doing nice things like this that if I am lucky I might get some Christmas presents.

Thursday was a day which I helped Mummy we stayed at home all day. I didn’t even get out of my pajamas and we cleaned the worst room in the house. A teenage boys room we uncovered so many gems even a peppa pig cuddly toy that mummy got for her 18th birthday which I have now claimed. While sorting out we managed to find a lot of things which we didn’t need anymore so we put them in a bag for for the charity shop and on Saturday took 3 bags full of donations to help raise even more funds. This included things such as DVDs and books but mummy still has about 200 books to read so don’t worry we will still be needing a good bookshelf when/if we get a house.

Friday saw me do something else charitable it was Children In Need. Of course, this is another excuse for me to dress up at nursery this year I rocked a pudsey Tshirt and dotty skirt which you saw in a haul a week ago and the pudsey bow. Of course I smashed it and nursery couldn’t believe how good I looked of course I couldn’t have done it without mummy we know she puts together my outfits.

This weekend we have had a pretty chilled one to be honest we took the charity items on Saturday which gave us a walk. On the evening I watched my first film on Netflix I watched the postman pat movie. I haven’t seen pat much before but I loved the film even though the cat is called Jess and is a boy what’s that all about. Sundays at the moment are a pretty chilled day of course I had my standard bath so I am clean for the start of the week. Mummy ordered a few more Christmas presents gosh she is smashing it not many more I think and she will be done even though she says she hasn’t bought me anything yet.

Anyway Daddy I better go before mummy catches me using her laptop. I love you and hopefully will see you very soon.

Love your princess Jess xxxxxxx

Dear Dada- I’m a devil 

Dear Dada

Wow, this week has flown past which means that it is not long till you are back now. We can actually say your back this month which is crazy to think it is nearly 6 whole months ago since you left. You will be glad to know that our luck has changed a little bit well mummy managed to explode a whole can of monster all over her uni bag on Tuesday. I know she wasn’t happy about that at all but lucky she didn’t blow her laptop or anything. Lucky she had a spare bag which she could use while she washed hers out.

This week also saw us celebrate Halloween I think we had 3 trick or treaters all night which of course means more sweets for our family which is always a bonus. I got home way too late to go and mummy doesn’t really agree with it anyway but I had so much fun dressed as a devil I actually wanted to go on Wednesdays with my horns on.

You might remember that mummy has been stupid and not submitted some work to uni and she thought she wouldn’t get feedback for a while. Well, the nice lecturer understands and he marked it and gave her feedback that it was a great job she only needs some small changes and as you know she will smash it because she is super awesome.

I think by the end of the week mummy was nearly as tired as me. So because we didn’t have many plans this weekend mummy chilled out a little bit on Friday night with a nice lush bath the first one for a long time and you know how addicted she used to be to bath bombs. This weekend the grandparents went on holiday which means that we hardly had any plans and I haven’t been to see any fireworks this weekend. Instead, we had a full-on pyjama day today which I think we all needed because we know that we will be busy again very soon and we need to recharge our batteries.

Mummy is already sorting out clothes and toys which I can get rid of before Christmas because I have been such a lucky girl I am hoping Santa will pay me a visit which means that I need to get rid of something. For example, we had sold some of my old coats which don’t fit on eBay and have put toys in bags ready for the charity shop. See I am learning that I don’t have to have so much stuff to make me happy and I know we don’t have the room to have too many things.

I miss you so much daddy don’t worry I will see you in not many nights of sleep now. I love you so much, Daddy.

Love from Jess xxx

Dear Dada- The Week Nothing Goes Right 

Dear Dada

A couple of weeks ago Mummy was telling me all about Friday 13th and how people claim everything goes wrong on that date and you have bad luck. Well, I think me and Mummy have had a couple of weeks of the bad luck I can’t wait for our luck to change.

It started last week when I got ill and mummy had to take time off which she really could have done without because I know how super busy she is. Then on Friday, the bus decided to break down on the way to nursery which meant that we were late and you know how much been late stress Mummy out. I think it was about half an hour late so that was never good. The train has been late a few times recently in the morning which and that she has been getting there 5-10 min late which doesn’t help. I keep telling her there is nothing that she can do about that.

We had to take my pram back so it could get sent off because the wheels have started to play their tricks again which is not something which pleased mummy as pushing me got even harder. We got a replacement pram while it is away and within 20 mins of pushing it the back wheel has come off great when you have a commute like us. We managed to cope and get back to the station after nursery and take it back to get it swapped for a new replacement, however, I think mummy is scared it is going to happen again.

This week mummy realised she didn’t send her ethics for her dissertation off when she thought she did instead she saved them which means that they are not going to be marked for another 3 weeks. Instead of being able to massage people she is going to have to continue reading around the topic. Then to top it off it took us 3 hours to get home on the bus on Friday this is one reason you need to get your bum home. I think mummy’s week was complete when you told her that you were not coming home for another 3 weeks. She might have actually cried even though she will never admit it. I think we need to do some serious cheering Mummy up when you are back.

This weekend because of all of this we had a pretty chilled on I don’t really think we left the house because mummy just wanted to catch up on some jobs which she needed to do. I know she went through some of my toys and clothing because I have so much and it is nearly Christmas again. So she needs to make room for all the new things which I am going to get if I am a good girl.

I hope I made your day when we Skype today and I was super cute at the end blowing you kisses and telling you I miss you. That is the truth Daddy I really miss you and can’t wait to see you now. Don’t worry this week will fly by because it’s Halloween I can’t wait to show you my outfit next week and if I am a good girl mummy might find somewhere to take me to see fireworks at the weekend for bonfire night.

I miss and love you so much Daddy

Love Jess xxx

Dear Dada- Oh No I’m Sick

Dear Dada

This week has not been the greatest I decided that I was going to pick up the winter bug which saw me throw up all over nursery on Monday. Of course this meant that I could not go back for the next 48 hours which is not ideal when mummy had lectures and nobody to look after me. So she had to miss them and work from home in order to look after me which is always fun. A bonus for her is that she got cuddles and I am not a cuddly person anymore and I think she missed that from me. Maybe it’s a hint we should get a puppy or a baby sister/brother to cuddle mummy.

I am finally feeling better I think I felt a bit better on Wednesday because all I did was watch peppa pig on mummy’s iPad. She has told me if I keep watching she might turn into a bacon sandwich I think I watched it that much mummy was fed up. I was that poorly that I had to put my duvet and pillow on the sofa so I could sleep and mummy could get on with work which she had to do.
I did manage to go back to nursery on Thursday and have a good couple of days without been sick. I still do have smelly nappies and I am sure your name is mud sometimes when mummy has to change them because of the fact that you are missing them. You might have to do a fair few when you get back because do the fact you have missed hundreds. It did take me till about Saturday to start wanting food again which as you know is not like me.

Saturday saw use celebrate Grandad’s birthday so we sent him to watch city and we headed into town so that mummy could get a new railcard. As well as take my pram back because it is back making silly noises and I know you wouldn’t like it if you came back home now. Don’t worry they have sent it off and hopefully it will be fixed before you get home.

Today has seen us have a chill day something which I think we need more than once a week. Mummy has really bad earache which means that I have to trying to make too much noise because it hurts for her. I demanded we had a tea party today so this is something which happen check our Instagram to see the picture. Mummy watched the f1 while I slept I think she enjoyed the race.

I can not believe how close we are to having you back. I love you and miss you Daddy.

Jess xxx

Dear Dada- All the fun of the fair 

Dear Dada

This week has been super crazy mummy has had two deadlines which means that she has been a little bit stressed but don’t worry she managed to smash them because she is super awesome as you keep telling her. Don’t worry I keep telling her how proud of her we are and I am been her little cheerleader like you told me to when things get hard and she is struggling.

This does mean that I have been spending more time in nursery this week so that’s he can smash her work out. You know this is not something I mind doing because it means I get more time to play with my little friends and of course this is always good. This week I have been spending time with my key worker and while she does work on the computer I have been sat next to her again claiming I am doing my work. Clearly, I see mummy spending too much time studying and working because I think I need to start now. Mummy got a report of the manager who said that I am a great 2 year old and everything is fine with me which always make mummy feel a little bit better because I know she hates the fact I am in nursery so much.

Due to the fact that I have been such a good girl this week mummy and grandma took me to the fair. I loved seeing all of the bright lights and even been able to have chips with curry which is a treat for me before I went on a couple of rides which I choose. I went on a  plane which you can see and I adored I was so focused on driving and smiling. I went on a horse as well because you know I adore them I loved it again and I kept smiling my head off. I can’t wait to be able to go to the fair with you again next year I will be a bigger girl which means that I will be able to go on, even more, things which will be so much fun.

This weekend mummy had to go to work on Saturday which meant that I spend a day with grandma which is always fun. I can’t believe it is the last grandma Jess day till Boxing Day I going to miss them because I always have so much fun with them.

Next week should be fun at nursery because of the fact that it is a baking week and we are going to be making things for parents buy every single day. So we raise money for children in need so this is going to be fun.

Hope you having a good time only 1 month and then you back don’t worry it will go fast I love and miss you

Jess xxx

Dear Dada- The Wheels On The Bus

Dear Dada 
Woo another week has past which of course means that it is another week closer to you return I think there are only about 5 more times that I have to borrow mummy laptop to write to you because very soon I am going to be able to just tell you what I have been up to when we have been apart. This week has been one of the most challenging because of the fact that we have had to deal with a train strike two days on the days which mummy has 9am lectures. This has meant that we have had to be getting the bus a 6.20am do you know how early that it. I must admit I have been taking a nap on the bus because it takes so long and I am a princess who needs her sleep after all. Roll on next week when I only have to take one bus and that is to make mummy’s life a little bit more simple. 
This has meant that I have been getting to nursery for about 8.20 in a morning which means that I do actually do get the breakfast which is nice for me because I am one who loves my food and when you are having breakfast at 5.30am and mummy bans me from drinking coffee I need to get my own source of energy somehow. I have had so much fun there this week I have been playing doctors in the new set up the kitchen has now gone and we have got a doctors area and I am always trying to make the dolls and some of my friends feel a lot better. See I am a caring person as well as being a little terror who is always on the crazy side of life. 
Yesterday saw me go into town because I needed my feet measured as you might remember my shoes were getting a little bit past it and I think my feet have grown some as well. We yes that is the case now I am the proud owner of a pair of 6 1/2  cheesy feet. Much to the delight of mummy I have now got rid of my smelly doodles however, I do not think that she is a fan that it cost her nearly £80 shoes which are never great. I am very thankful because I now have an amazing pair of silver trainers which flash so brightly when I walk and then I have beautiful pair of tan boots which are going to look amazing with some of my dresses. 
Sunday we did a lot of chilling out because of the fact that mummy has some uni work to do which is never fun and she did manage to sort out a lot of my old clothes because my feet have grown I need some more socks. 
I think this week I am going to be as busy as I have 5 days at nursery because I know that mummy has lots of work to do for university and this means that I really need to behave for her so that she does not get very stressed out. I think that if I behave this week she might actually take me to the fair which as you remember was pretty cool like last year. I am hopefully going to be able to go on some of the rides because you know how much I like this. 
I love and miss you so much, daddy 
Jess xxx

Dear Dada- I need to rest

Dear Dada 
I can not believe that it has been a whole week since you had to leave, this means that it is getting a lot closer to be able to be able to get you back. I am missing you so much don’t you worry I am not going to forget about you I am just going look forward even more to the crazy memories which we are going to make when you are back. I think mummy has told me that it is only around 6 weeks till you are back so I am sure that it will go pretty fast because as you know we live our lives in the fast lane and nothing seems to be getting anything quieter. Mummy is making us even busier which is crazy I think someone needs to tell her that sometimes I need to play at home with my toys. 
Saying that on Monday Mummy let us have a day at home because of the fact that we had been so busy in the past week or so which you were at home. I think she needed some time to basically to do some jobs at home because she did manage to get some of my clothes sorted out and put away. She also managed to get the pictures of my coats and Halloween outfits took on because she wants to get them on eBay because this is something which people will be looking for in the next couple of weeks. This does mean she is going to have more money to spend on my amazing Halloween outfit because I already have coats for when it comes colder. 
Of course, because of the fact that Mummy is back at uni now, it does mean that I am having to go to nursery every single day. I know that sometimes it breaks mummy’s heart that I am crying when she does my drop off it is just I miss her and I also sometimes worry that she is not going to come back and pick me up even though I know this is been stupid. I have been playing with a lot of my friends I have continued to make more friends and now even play doctors with them because this is a new area which nursery now have and I am loving it. 
Grandma allows me to stay at home on Friday because as you know Mummy is only in university for a couple of hours and it is a very much a rush for her as you might remember because she has to go the middle of nowhere for the lecture. I had so much fun and she even treated me to a Lush bath because I have been such a good girl all week and I really needed a bath. Then Mummy came home after and only stayed a couple of hours because she headed to Leeds for the rugby, unfortunately, we did not win which means that she will not end up going to Manchester next weekend. 
This weekend has seen us have a little bit of a quiet one because we needed a little bit of a break and of course it meant that mummy has to do some university work because she had taken a chunk of the Friday off doing anything Uni related and it is only a couple of weeks she has to submit some basic work in which means she has to do a lot of reading and it does not look fun at all. 
This upcoming week we are going to be busy because of the fact that we have to get the bus a couple of times this week because of the train strike, if only you were in York it would not mean that we had to get up at 5.15am which sounds painful. If I am a good girl I think we are going to have to head into town to see if my feet have grown because Mummy thinks that my toes are getting closer to the end and more tight. 
I miss you so much Daddy
Jess xxxx

Dear Dada- Missing You Already

Dear Dada

I can not believe that the time has come for you to leave the UK again I guess as you kept telling Mummy today that it is only 6 weeks and then you are going to be back for a long time hopefully. I know we are going to have so many amazing memories when you get back because it will be November which means it will be getting colder and then we can go explore the new season. If you are lucky we might even have snow for us to play in but I do not know if this is a good thing at all.

I have had so much fun since you have been home and have adored spending a lot of time with you and Mummy. I do not think I have seen her that happy in such a long time because I know it must be hard for her to be both parents when you are away. I know that I am going to have to behave so much this time because Mummy is going to have so much to do because of the fact she is back at uni now instead of been on summer leave.

I am sure you are not going to miss having to listen to the wheels on the bus all of the time as well as ba ba black sheep and wind the bobin up because that is all I have been making you listen to whether that be on your phone or whether it be me singing it. I have loved being able to do some drawings for you I can not wait to be able to do even more at nursery for your return because you know how excited they get when they know you are coming home. I think they get more excited than Mummy or she is just really good at hiding how excited she is. Been able to see you every single day has been amazing I feel like I have really had my Daddy back and like we have been an actual family.

You been home for my birthday was amazing because it meant that I did end up we did end up having an amazing family day at the wildlife park because you know how much I love being able to see the animals. We have had some amazing meals out which has meant that I have had some super tasty food and I have managed to try some new kind of foods as well. I am so glad we have spent this time together because I think that it has just proved to mummy how much everything means because sometimes she gets down as you know but been able to do silly things with you has made her feel like she is not alone.

I love my new penguin teddy but I would really like a live one as a pet because I think it would be pretty cool, maybe we will have to go and see them at the deep at some stage or go up to the zoo in Edinburgh because mummy says they do an amazing parade. Hopefully, these next 6 weeks go super fast because I can not wait to be able to tell everyone Daddy’s Car and be your little princess again. I have even learned the phrase I miss you now so don’t worry I will be saying this a lot when you come back.

I have found out today that I am only doing  3 days at nursery this week which is a bonus because it means that I am going to be able to play with some them amazing toys which I actually got for my birthday because you know how much of a lucky girl I was.

I hope you have an amazing flight back Daddy I love and miss you already

Jess xxx

Dear Dada- See You Soon 

Dear Dada 
Wow can you believe it by the time your actual reading this you might be back in the UK I know that you will need some good things to read on the train up to see us so why not actual read some of my ramblings. I can not believe that on Wednesday that I will actual be able to see you I almost think it is a dream I do not think that until mummy tells me that you are in the UK I will not believe that you are going to be back and I can actually bully you. Ekk I am excited I think that I am going to look for your plane all day when I find out that your in the sky because I want to find your plane because then it might mean you come home so much faster. 
This week has been fun because we have been super productive because of the fact that I think mummy has so much to do before you return/ before she goes back to university. Monday she managed to picture the majority of my old clothing because of the fact that the she wants to put it on eBay which I am sure she would do to me if she could when I annoy her. Actually maybe etsy because of the fact that she made me and she might get more money there. I think that she is doing pretty well at selling it which is good because otherwise she would have stacks of clothes just in case I get a sibling who is a girl.
On the days which I have been at nursery painting pictures as well as my own body and shoes which I do not think that pleased mummy very much because she had to was them. She has done a lot of blogging which means that she has some posts ready for when she is going to be busy doing work for uni because this is going to be a priority rather than actually blogging even though this is something which she would rather do. I have been making sure that I mingle with other children now I have moved upstairs because of the fact there is more children who I can play with and they are not all babies who can not play. 
I even have managed to stop crying when I get dropped off at nursery because I have been crying every single day when I have been getting dropped off which is good because I know it was hard for mummy because of the fact that it pulls at her heart strings every single time because she feels bad that she actually has to leave because I am so upset. So hopefully this is something which I can keep up with and the staff upstairs are amazing and only have to ask me if I want to make a picture and I am happy. 
This weekend we went to town on the Saturday because Mummy need to pick up somethings for my birthday and as you know she is not the most super organised person which is not great. I think she had click and collected them and needed to order wrapping paper because you can not order that online which is not the greatest. I did managed to get some items which I could have now I managed to get some bows because of the fact one of our favouite bow ladies had a stall in the town which of course meant that I need to visit because mummy can not resist purchasing me bows because they look cute in my hair. 
I love you so much I can not wait to see you soon and give you the world’s biggest hug
From Jess xxxxxx 

Dear Dada- Time to Chill 

Dear Dada 
Another week has passed wow this time of you been away really does seem to be gone can you believe that it is going to be around 10 days time and you are actually going to see my little crazy face again. I bet you can not wait because I have grown up so much and have so much more to show you. You know that I am not going to leave your side because I think I am going to fear that you are going to leave again because you have been gone for such a long time. 
This week everything had got to us because we have been so busy for the whole time that you have been away and I think it has hit us both that we need to chill out a little bit because do not forget in a couple of weeks Mummy is going to be back at uni and life is going to get crazy again. I know she is going to be super busy and no doubt stressed because she will have so much work to do and it is important because it is her final year. 
Monday was bank holiday but as you know this does not mean that it is a day off for Mummy nope she ended up going up to Ripon and working there. This of course meant that I had a to have a grandma day which is something which I think I needed because it means that I can play with the toys which I have at home and no doubt I will find some toys which I have not had out for a long time because this seems to be something which I do everytime I have a grandma and Jess Day. 
This week I only had to go to nursery a couple of days because the car had to go to the car hospital this week which meant that I could not go to nursery so I had to stay at home and have another day at home which I was allowed to chill. I still have been loving the play kitchen and making pictures maybe if I am lucky I will be able to bring some of the pictures which I have made home for you to see and possible you can take one so when you are missing me you can just look at it and it will be like I am close to you. 
This week saw change my wardrobe size I have now finally gone into my 12-18 months clothing which is shocking seen as I am going to be 2 this month. Mummy is glad about this because apparently, I have some very nice pieces which I can wear now, however, it does make mummy sad because of the fact that she is going to have to sell some of her favourite pieces of on eBay but at least it does me that we will have some more pennies to spend on more clothing because you know we love purchasing clothing. 
This weekend we have had such a chill out because if we didn’t I think mummy might have actually burnt out which is something which we really do not want to happen. I think that she actually decided to nearly have two pj’s days which of course is her idea of an ideal weekend at the moment because as you know mummy never seems to stop which is not good for anyone let alone her. She did watch the F1 but it was not a great race and I do not think this pleased her because she wanted some excitement but this was not the case. 
Next week hopefully will be a productive but quieter week for mummy because it means that she may be less grumpy which means that she might actually want to play with me and that is something which I love doing. 
I love you and miss you so much Daddy
Love Jess xxxxx