Days Out – Eureka National Children’s Museum


Eureka! National Children’s Museum is somewhere where I visited as a child and can still remember elements of so when we found ourselves with a spare free weekend with no plans. We decided that we would take Jess for an amazing day of hands-on fun there is always a lot to play with the look and of course, learn about. Just because it is a Children’s Museum, it does not mean that it is not suitable for toddlers at 2 Jess had so much fun as you can see from her face on some of the pictures.  Halifax is only around 1-1 ½ hours away from where we are based which means that there was not too much time spent in the car travelling to our day out.
When we arrived, there is a large car park which is next to the museum which we found pretty easy to park in, and I think it cost us around £4 for 4 hours this is something which we did not think was too expensive. The museum is opposite the train station, so if you are travelling in by train, this is something to be aware of. When we arrived, we went to the wrong way as we did not notice the building, so you really need to keep your eyes peeled. Outside of the museum, there is actually a large play area which has sand pits as well, however when we visited it was snowing which meant that Jess was unable to play outside. When we visit again, I am sure this is an area which she will have so much fun playing in.
It could have been due to the time of year when we visited it was the start of December it was pretty quiet we did not have to queue . One thing which does make me happy is that there offer annual pass tickets as part of their normal entry price which means you pay once and can visit as many times as you want within 12 months. This for sure is something which is going make us want to visit again we are already planning to go back when Jess is a little bit older maybe in March/April time.
The first area we saw was the all about me gallery which is one which is one of the areas which I would say is the most interactive. This is an area which I would say is great for all ages as there is so much to play with. Of course, because I went with a toddler it does mean there were some of the things which she was not interested in because it went over her head. However, there is so much that the under 5’s can do as you can see Jess was brushing her teeth like she would at home. There is an area which maternity area which you can scan a dolls tummy which shows you the baby in the tummy like a real scan. This would be a great area to visit should your child become an older sibling. Jess is just starting to like babies, and she is always playing with the dolls which we have now at home.
The areas which Jess loved the most had to be the living and working gallery this is on the bottom floor. This area is exploring pretending kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, a garage which even has petrol pimps and a working car wash. If this is not enough, there is also a Mark’s and Spencer’s which is just like the real shop. There is a post office, building suite and a Halifax bank as well which has a million pound chair as well as a bank volt and a cash machine which is available for the young ones to play with. Jess as you can see loved the shop I think we did the whole weekly shop in this little M&S as well as her pretending that she was so posh and could afford to sit on the million.
The rest of the areas is split into 6 areas which desert garden, town, ocean, jungle, country and ice garden. These are areas which Jess adored because there was a lot for her to do and this is an areas which is made for the under 5s so it did not go over her head at all like some of the other areas had done.  Desert was one which Jess loved so much because of the fact there was something which you put balls in turned the wheel and the ball came out the other side. I think we must have lost a fair amount of time in their for sure she was having the time of her life.
Downstairs there is a SoundSpace and Soundgarden this is an area which we did at the end, so we did not spend a lot of time in it due to the fact our car park was running out. I think this area was a little bit too old for her, but this is something which she might enjoy more in the future when she grows up. There is a soft play area in the corner I think it is meant to be for those who are under 5 and some of the areas is for those who do not walk yet. This area was very busy and full of children who were over 5, so Jess did not really want to play in this area as older children can scare her.
Eureka is for sure worth the money it is £12.95 for adults, and because Jess is under the ages of 3, it was only £5.25. Of course, you get the free annual pass for the end of the year because we found that Jess was very tired at the end of the day she I don’t think made it out of the car park before been asleep. I can see you been able to visit your child is at least 10 years old. Even though we visited on the weekend it was not too busy Jess still got to see everything which she wanted. I love how this is so child-friendly, and they change parts of the museum every 3 months which means that it could be very different when you visit.
For sure I would recommend visiting Eureka, and I know we will be back in the next 12 months. Have you visited Eureka if so what were your thought.


Charlotte xx

Days Out- Yorkshire Wildlife Park Review

Recently we visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park for Jess’s second birthday because of the fact she loves animals and we wanted to do something special for her because it is not every day you turn two after all. The wildlife park, if you are not familiar with the wildlife park, is in Doncaster it is close to the airport actually which means that it is only about an hour from us. It has taken me till now to actually visit and it has been open 8 years. The park is home to around 400 animals which means there is plenty to see we spent around 6 hours at the park which is amazing because it was not very busy due to the fact we visited on a Friday in September. I feel like we got our monies worth because it only cost us £17 each and Jess was free because she is still under 3.

The first animals which we saw on our trip was the baboons which had me in stitches because they were all been cheeky one kept shaking the house which you can see some of them sat on before another one decided that they wanted to mount and try and make babies with another one in front of the other baboons. The park seems to have a fair amount of them as this is only a selection of the species somewhere actually sat near the window just chilling as you can see there are some small ones which are either clinging onto their mum or dad which I think is adore able it is a shame I could not get a closer picture of them. 

The camels were one of the most unsociable animals when we visited they wanted to keep their distance from us, however, one of the reasons why this may have occurred could have because it was actually very windy and they wanted to shelter from this element. One of them, when we were watching them, has a constant itch and was scratching against the gate which made me think he was doing it so that we would stay and watch them. There was a number of camels as you can see around 5 in the picture here and there was more inside the barn. You can say for sure the camels are not going to get lonely at all. 
Giraffe’s if you have read my Chester Zoo review you will know are one of my favourite animals so when we saw them walk this close to us it was actually amazing. When I took this picture someone had paid to do the feed the animal experience and this Giraffe was walking towards them to get the food it was at this point that Jess said Mr Giraffe go get tea she didn’t want him to miss food which I thought was adorable. I am surprised that she was not scared by the size of them actually but this was not something which bothered her I think she loved seeing the 4 of them and they have a huge enclosure which they share with other animals such as Zebras and Emus all which can be found in similar parts of Africa so would share their habitat in the wild. 

The Lemur enclosure is one of those which is very special and different at the YWP because of the fact you are allowed to walk through their enclosure so you can see them swinging and jumping through the trees. This does mean that sometimes it can be hard to see the lemurs  because they do seem to be able to blend in with their background however, we were lucky I think they were just about to be fed when we walked through because as you can see they are all chilling on the roof so I would say they were waiting to be fed as there was a keeper close to them.  This is another species which YWP have a lot of.

Leopards apparently are an animal which you are not likely to see close up should the park be busy because they are shy animals which means that they are more likely to be hiding at the back of the enclosure, however, as I mentioned before it was pretty quiet the day we managed to visit which means that the leopard came up very close. This was one of the animals which Jess was very interested in we actually had to carry her away from it because of the fact we could see the giraffe’s getting fed just around the corner from this. I think one of the reasons why she liked it is because of the fact that you do not see a lot of Leopards and because of the colour she could see it pretty clearly. 
The lions have a huge enclosure I think it is something like 8 acres which is the the size of the complete zoo which they were rescued from in Romania. If you do not know the story of their rescue I suggest you google it but it is a sad one so you might have to have the tissues at the ready. I think if I remember correctly the wildlife park still have something like 8 lions we actually got to hear the male one roar which did actually scare Jess because of the fact that is was so loud so this is something to keep in mind if you are taking a young child. I love how their enclosure seems to have different areas so they do not have to be on top of each other as you can see these two males are chilling out having a nap in the yorkshire sun. 
I think one of the cutest pictures which I took on the day was this of the two giant otters having a cuddle and trying to nap because it is one of the natural things and I feel like we were very lucky to see this because it was so quiet. I think this is something which I would be like if I was an otter because of the fact that I am a chilled out animal. YWP only has two giant otters which are something which I would like to see an increase because these animals actually are very cute and one which I would like to see stay around for a while rather than become even more rare than they are currently. 
Another animal which the wildlife park is home to is the painted dogs which I did not realise had been renamed from wild fogs so that they were more PR friendly as a blogger this is something which amuses me because even animals want to be PR friendly. There was a hell of a lot of painted dogs at YWP I think they at the time we visited were split into male and females I guess this was something to do with breeding. We spend a short while watching them and actually could hear some sqeals from a hole which the males seem interested in so I am wondering whether they actually had some pups at the time and this is why they were been a little bit secretive. I might have to visit again soon to have a look and see if they do actually have pups. As you can see the animals do get pretty close as a fan of animals this is amazing because I love being able to see them close up as long as they have enough room and the enclosures are not too small I can promise you this is not a problem here. 

Polar Bears are something which you can only see at YWP I do not think there is anywhere else in the UK where you can see polar bears which meant that this trip was even more special because it was doing something which you can not usually do at any other zoo/wildlife park. WPD is home to 4 polar bears as you can see two of them they are pretty chilled out animals however, they did end up play fighting I did manage to capture this if you visit my facebook page you can watch it as well. There was actually a lady who said that she would love to have one as a pet but I think they are a little bit fierce for that and soon would eat you out of house and home because for Tea they eat 40KG of Beef as well as eggs and carrots on the side. They are currently expanding their enclosure which hopefully will mean in the future there may be more polar bears for us to visit 
Rhinos if you remember from my post of Chester was one of Jess’s favouite animals when we visited this time she was shouting Rhino all the way around the park because we had been telling her that we were going to take her to see them for her birthday if she was a lucky girl.  The wildlife park is home to two rhinos which if I seem to be remembering correctly were actually white rhinos however, I could be wrong. I found it funny how they had the tyres as well as traffic cones in their enclosure so it means that they could have a lot of fun. Due to the fact that this is one of Jess’s favouite animal we did spend a little bit of time watching them because of the fact she did not want to leave them.
When you visit the wildlife park you do actually get a leaflet which tells you when the keepers are going to do a talk so we was near the tigers when they was meant to be one however, the keeper arrived and we did not realise that you had to ask them questions unlike Chester where they speak to the people around so this is something to note if you are planning a visit. There were 3 tigers I think it was at the wildlife park and we again were lucky that they had just been fed so it meant that they were pretty chilled and actually wanted to pose for pictures for us. They have a beautiful enclosure which you are on a platform looking over them which means that it feels more natural as there is not a lot of steel fences so you feel like they are less caged if you know what I mean. 
Jess wanted a break from seeing the animals because it does get hard work so we did visit one of the outdoor play parks and had a lot of fun. My favouite element of the play part was this bit with the sand which you got in a scooper and then had to winch up and they pour down steel slides and this one had a windmill which is spun. This is not something which I have seen before and for sure was a hit with Jess as she was on it for a fair amount of time. I think even Daddy was enjoying it just look at the concentration on his face. This is something which when it is warm I could see a child playing at for a long period of time because I know for sure we all enjoyed it. 
I will say if you are going to visit the wildlife when it is not peak season like we did be aware some of the cafe’s and food outlets will be close. I think when we went there was only around two or three food outlets open. We did choose to eat because when you have a toddler they cannot last all day without been fed so we stopped and made her a meal box which she got 5 items for £5 this included a sandwich, drink ,jelly, fruit and sweets. This did see a little bit expensive however, this was something which we was willing to pay because we did not want a grumpy Jess on her birthday. Me and Joe managed to get a panini, bag of crisps and a drink which actually was around the £7 mark I think it was so if it is a nice day you might want to take some food with you are it is pricey more so if there is a few of you. However, as a treat, this is not something which bothered us too much. 
Overall we had a great day at Yorkshire wildlife park I sure that this is a place which I will end up visiting again in the future because of the fact that it is not that far for us to travel. It is actually our local wildlife park I think and I want to see the polar bears again because they were super cute I really hope maybe in the future they can get more and maybe breed some because they would be super cute. I would recommend visiting if you are not looking for somewhere huge like a zoo but somewhere which still has rare animals. 
Have you visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park?
Charlotte x

Mattel Play!- Liverpool Review 

I know this post has been a long time coming ever single time I see the pictures I think about that fact I that I need to do a review however, I have not got around to it. That is the reason why Jess may look young in the pictures because they were actually taken back at Easter time when we visited Mattel Play! which is on the Albert dock in Liverpool.

The only reason I actually knew it was there was because I had seen the lovely Hayley from stretchmarks and sparkles visit with her boys. Mattel is a 3 floored building which is designed for under 5’s. The top floor is dedicated to Thomas the tank engine which has you may know because Jess goes on a lot of trains she likes to watch Thomas.

On the Thomas floor there is as signalling box which allows your child to feel like they are in control of the whole network. As you can see Jess is playing with part of it here and I think we had to wait a while for her to actually come of because she was having so much fun. Also on the floor there is a little trains which the children can get on a be pushed around on it is almost like a ride on Thomas. There is a farm which allows the child to grow the fruit and veg before picking them which allows you to help your child learn their fruit and veg. 

There also was the colaeorks which has foam bricks in which you could build the areas was a little dark and this was not something which actually interested Jess. You could even drive a stationary Thomas which of course Jess spent a fair amount of time on. However I think Jess’s favourite part of the floor was the ball pit which has Harold the helicopter in because she could with help get in a slide out the back into his ball pool. For sure this was the bit which she spent the longest in it was so nice to heard her laugh so much.

The second floor is dedicated to bob the builder which I will admit is a show which Jess has not seen a lot of. I think since the visit it is one which she has seen more of. On this floor they have beanbags which allow you to sit and watch episodes of the show however, only been one Jess wanted to play rather than sit. They have a kitchen which allows you to make food and drink for the famous builder making his lunch before he departs for the job I know this is an area which Jess would love so much more now as she is obsessed with play food.  They also have an area where you mend pipes and stop a water leak as well as build a new wall for a house. These are area which Jess spent some time at. The other activity  on the is a tracing your favourite character from the show however, Jess was still a little bit young to want to do this. I on the other hand had a great time trying to do it.

The third and bottom floor is an area dedicated to Fireman Sam. So as you can imagine as you enter you can put on fireman’s helmets these were to big for Jess which is a huge shame. But when you got into the main room Thai was the smallest of all three levels you have little slide area which Jess loved walking up the stairs and sliding down. A speedboat which you could drive and use the hoses to put the fire out which was on a wall. This floor also has a little grocery store which Jess decides she would fill her trolley up and pretend to be a shoplifter. Mmm might have to keep my eyes on this little one. There was also a huge fire engine in there which you could play inside but this is not something we did.

When Mattel is busy you get a period of 2 hours from entrance however, we did everything we wanted and spent around an hour and half and we was all shattered after it. Overall we had an amazing time I seem to remember that it was not very expensive for how much you actually got I would revisit maybe in a years time when Jess may get more out of it. Anyway that’s just an excuse to visit Liverpool again.

Have you visited Mattel Play If so what did you think? 7

Charlotte x

Jess’s 1st Birthday

Hi Guys

I thought to day I would share with you what we did for Jess’s first birthday due to the fact that I know it can be hard to know what to do for you little ones first birthday because they don’t remember so you don’t want to spend to much money but then you do not want it to go past unmarked.

The weekend before Jess’s actual birthday we went to see Daddy’s family so they could celebrate her birthday with her which was nice for them to be able to see her. The day started with them giving her cards and some presents which we let her open early so they felt part of her birthday celebration. Them we went for a nice walk by the canal to go to the a pub for a lunch however they were only serving Sunday lunch when we got there and we did not fancy it so we walked back and then we had tea when we got back .

On her actual birthday I had to pop into university so it meant that she had to spend the morning in nursery which is something I am sure she did not mind due to the fact that she seems to have settled in so well she even cries when I go and pick her up now.  She might have only been at her nursery for a week but they did actually make her a birthday card which had a picture of her in it this was something which I found super cute.

 In the morning it was really foggy however around lunchtime in York the sun had decided that it was going to break through which mean that we could take Jess to the beach like we had actually promised. We decided that we would jump in the car and drive an hour to Scarborough were we would go on the beach have a walk and then we would go and get some tea. However when we ended up getting to Scarborough it was really misty there and really cold we had to put jackets on. We did end up going on the beach however you could only just see the sea. However this did not stop Jess walking and playing on the sand this girl at the moment doesn’t seem to be able to get enough of sand after she played with it at nursery the other day. It was not super warm so it meant we only spent around 15 minutes on the beach before we all became cold and needed to come off.  This is when we went in the amusements to kill a little bit of time however Mummy decided to leave her purse in the car so this meant this was very short lived as well. Due to the fact that it was so cold we decided we needed to go to Costa and get a hot chocolate to warm up this was when we decided we had enough of the cold and then drove closer to home for a pub tea which would have been so nice if I had not been so ill. Then we open her present with her when we finally got home. I am going to post what she got for her birthday on Friday hopefully.

Then on Sunday Jess had a cake smash which we had done at a local photographers study which was really fun. They provided the cake and the outfit so this meant that I did not have to worry about having to source a big cupcake. I choose pink for the colour of the cake and then she had a white tutu outfit which was adoreable. Jess was posing before the shoot because she really does love the camera then when she got the cake she was not too sure of it at the start due to the fact it was so big. Once she started playing with the icing she ended up covered in it as well as eating parts of the cake which was amazing because she did eat as well as play. The cake smash was supposed to be an hour long but the photographer really loved taking shots of Jess and she kept getting second wind when we thought that she has finished.  I really can not wait to see all the pictures on the disk when I get them in  3/4 weeks time. If you are thinking about doing a cake smash this is something which I would really recommend.

What did you do for your child’s first birthday?

Charlotte x/