Coping With Children’s Colds

In the past couple of month’s Jess has had a fair few cold this could be due to the fact that she is always at Nursery where they seem to breed this could be because there are so many children around it is almost like school. On top of this Jess does have early mornings which I know are never the best we really don’t like them but it is necessary.

During this time it has meant I have come use to knowing what products actually help and I thought today I would share them because I always see people who are looking for advice of fellow parent’s so I thought if this helps just one person it would mean so much to me.

The first product which we reach for if she has a cough is just the simple Boots cough medicines do make sure that you pick the one which is suitable for children when you reach for it. It is actually just called cough syrup 3 months+. This is one which I have found to work and it is only £2.29 which is super cheap and will give your child some relief hopefully from a chesty cough. I have also tried a simple cough medicine which is from home bargains which again was from there own brand and this on has always really helped Jess.

Another product which I have used if Jess should get a chest kind of cold is the mild Boots own brand vapour this is what you could call a dupe of the actual Vicks vapour rub however, it is only a fraction of the price as it is £2. Previously when she has had these kinds of colds I have applied the rub to her chest and on the soles of her feet before bedtime and have found an improvement. I did this because of a recommendation of Joe’s Mum and this managed to help her sleep during a period when she really was struggling. I only applied this when she was going to sleep due to the fact that I am not a huge fan of the scent, however, if you really wanted you could actually apply it multiple times a day but make sure that you read the box so you do not apply it too often.

Snufflebabes Nasal drops are one of my holy grail products when Jess is struggling with a lot of running nose it helps it dry up and clear the nasal passage. It helps clean the nose out which is really important when you have such a horrible blocked nose. The only problem what I have with this item is that they can only be kept open for one month which kind be annoying if she manages to get another cold just after as I have to purchase another one but I understand why this occurs is is for hygiene reasons. These are a product which I wish they had for adults as this is something which I have never found that works. I should say that you have to put one to two drops up your child’s nose but for some people, I know this can be a problem because some children will not sit still. The first time Jess used this product I seem to remember we struggled.

Make sure that when your child has a cold that they consume a lot of fluid as we all know you can become dehydrated when they are ill and this is something which we all want to avoid. I make sure that I have something like supermarket own brand squash in. I have found that Jess really likes summer fruits and this is a good way to get some fluids into her I know that this will vary for every child but why not make sure that you have some of their favourites in at all times in case of emergencies.

Do you have any tips for coping with Children’s Colds?

Charlotte x